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my little notebook 2 9 Years, 9 Months ago Karma: 13  
20. There are realities of religion that must be discussed, a consequence of their relationship with the people that are led to believe whatever they are told/ regardless of what that is.
The first level of truth is: that you cannot make something that is perfect/ out of something that is not perfect. Therefore no “book or religion” is perfect/ each and every one is distinctly written in the words of men (not perfect)/ written down after the hearing of men (not perfect)/ a discussion about the lives of men (not perfect)/ about the needs of men and their decisions (not perfect)/ and interpreted as to their meaning by men (NOT perfect at all). The end result is, although every religion has some things of value to say about the disciplines we need to comprehend past what is simply “an animal instinct or mental grasp of life”: none of these can be considered “the word of GOD “. RATHER, they are stories used by men to convey what they believe is important to our understanding, as we try to conceive of how and why we are alive/ and what to do, from that moment on. Each story has a lesson hidden within, that has value, if you understand it within the truth and reality of the time that it was written. Since people are little or no different today, than when these writings took place thousands of years ago; the lessons are the same, therein what was true back then, is still true today {to a limited degree, these lessons are then considered to be what humanity has decided is valued or to be valued by men, in their own search for GOD }. A good place to start, but still in real terms of a relationship with our Creator/ each religion is little more than a seed planted in you.
As to the constant claims “we are better than you”/ little exists to prove that. However it is clear and certain in me, that the teachings of JESUS Are far more important in terms of learning, lessons, life, and eternity than are any other. That is my testimony to you, regarding my personal faith/ it need not be yours, that is your decision not mine. JESUS IS MY TEACHER, simple as that. Those of the Christian religion who insist on declaring themselves saved “through Jesus”/ border on the consequence of judgment, as they decide for GOD , if they are worthy of eternal life. These are wrong, simply because we are not GOD , we cannot declare for HIM ; who is or is not going to inherit eternal life, and that is our reality/ whether you like it or not. What is true, and loving, and a purpose or desire of your heart and soul; will decide if mercy will be granted to you, or me.
There are constants in religion; we are the best/ therefore you must be going to hell: cause you sure can’t come where we are going. Is a constant judgment of men/ clearly deciding for GOD , by judging the others for GOD. A fact that We are all told in every function of life and living, is untrue/ we are not GOD, and we cannot choose for HIM. End of the story, simple as that. As to eternity, it is only fair to assert that there are many different levels of distance, between “us and GOD” . ONLY THOSE whose level of truth, love, and life that is acceptable to HIM, Will ever meet OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN. That does not mean, the rest cannot come/ it simply means there will be a distance between those who are true to life, love, hope, respect, courage, strength, and discipline in truth; and those who are not as clean, or ready. There is not a return to life on earth in a different body/ but there is a level of life in eternity than allows you to “be a pet”, instead of sent to hell or prison or simply dissipated into nothing. Valued, but you were not true, to anything critical for life.
Every religion should understand, that it plants a seed, or is a seed that then becomes a plant if that person takes this seed to heart, and learns to be disciplined enough; to accept the journey into life. Destiny is a term defended by your desire to live within the purposes of your own heart and soul. The journey is how you accomplish this for and within yourself. Everyday is a distance that demands your decision for life or in more simple terms: everyday brings three separate realities upon which you must decide. These are survival, the desire to live and acceptance of what that price must be. And the freedom to decide what is love or hate within every purpose established by what you do in your relationship with life and environment. Everything that requires a decision, is also a demand to respect or disrespect our world and its life, or a decision of interacting with people, and your ways, your moments within their lives will affect the outcome of whether they believe in your love or your hate. Because everything that affects another life, has a consequence/ and beyond simple survival, that consequence is either as love, or as hate. It is a choice. This is growing up past the point of religion, to take control of your own destiny, and journey towards life and GOD . This is a lesson of JESUS, learned when the reality of HIS WORDS, that we are not abandoned as life on earth/ BUT LOVED by GOD. Begin to take new meaning, and create life inside of you, in a search beyond the simple truth of time, and beyond yourself. It is a blessed (blessed means taught truth) journey/ BUT NOT an easy one. What grows beyond that, is your own truth.

21. Our future reality as life (death is irrelevant/ only life is important), is a development of society that gives to each person a right and a responsibility to share equally in the work, the risks, and the freedoms of life itself. That means simply: that we will all work according to what needs to be done/ if that is 80 hours a week, or 10 hours a week, that is what must be done by all: its called life first/ NOT money first. A shared experience, a reality of us/ not just me or you. What is beneficial to all life will be chosen, because if you do not choose to care about everything/ you will lose it all. We are too many people, with too many needs for any other solution. Therefore society will be governed by a reality of discipline that demands: we have rights and needs too. BUT IS ALSO governed by the consequence of your freedom, and your body is your own; no one else has a right to say no: unless you are deliberately harming or gambling with their lives in a substantial way. This is absolutely essential, because if not free/ then NOT happy with life shared in society. Others will demand, if they are free to do anything they like/ then they will make me unhappy, and that is not their right to do; so we WILL have rules/ and we WILL make these others do what we say; the current reality of life in society. But let us review: the more rules you have/ the more rules people apply to you; thereby leading all of society on a one way trip to anger and resentment: because we are not free to live our lives. That tears societies apart, more than irritations to the rich do. It is the rich that make rules, and have them enforced with your own money, by hiring police and courts to do what they are told to do. NOT what the law commands us all to respect in the life or world of society among each other. The simple truth of it is this: that we cannot choose for another, what their life should be/ unless they too can choose for us, what our lives should be, its called fair play & equal rights. That simple reality means to me, that I DON’T desire anyone else to tell me what to do with my life/ and as a consequence unless violence or hatred has occurred I will not tell you what to do with your life. We all get one life to live/ let it be ours. That is a beginning view of justice in society. To accommodate the variations of what people desire/ some limits defined by distance should occur. In other words, you can be free in these sections of the city by vote; to do most anything. But in these other sections of the city, you will do as they desire.
There must be some inclusions (anything that is not specifically detrimental: such as nudity in the daylight hours: with the simple rules, NO hiding or being apart from the rest/ NO sex, no hugs or close personal contact so we know if someone is hurting you/ and NO caring clothes or anything that can become clothes, “either naked or not: so no one can hide, pretend, or sneak up on you or sneak away in the crowd”. These can be done: IF no great cause for criminal concerns exist. We are all a naked body/ there is no room for a perverse understanding of what is real. Its just a freedom, for those who believe they want it. In a world that is badly damaged, and where other real freedoms are somewhat limited, because of that damage ) for traversing pedestrian or public ways and places; as the independent cities decide. No great fines/ just simple and plain; not here; over there. And no, I do not seek a naked world/ yes I understand there will be a lot, NO one wants to see: but the truth is either free as best we can/ or not free, and that builds hate and resentment. Consequently, with some allowance for simple truth/ with the demand to accept responsibilities for your own actions; we must be free.
Hatred is the only base criminal act that forms the boundary between what is free to do/ and what is not free to do. Hatred can be identified, and thereby hatred can be removed/ and must because love and peace, harmony and hope, truth and honor are all a part of love/ and an enemy of hate. Enemies cannot live together, take a look at Israel and Palestine; nothing good can come of it: it’s a decision/ and hate is what leaves/ gets imprisoned/ or dies.
There are the long lists of criminal behavior that intervene and disrupt life and living in society. The people who want more, and will steal to get it, etc. The fundamental is “its your fault, that I do this/ because you didn’t treat me right”. Take that away with justice, equality, and fair play, alongside honest freedoms, and the majority of criminal activity disappears. There will always be some/ because people are always going to be susceptible to temptations, manipulations, and selfishness. Therefore power will not leave/ and that results in the requirement of society to meet power, whenever it is found, and defeat it. More simply: extortion is based upon a threat that can be carried out. Thereby every single individual is obligated to tell the others, if they are threatened in any severe way. There can be no more hiding/ and if the need is to run away, once you have confronted the criminal properly with the help of justice/ we will help you with your needs as well. It is A NEED OF SOCIETY, to remove all who threaten. If that threat is death or bodily harm/ then the power of society is to carry that threat out against you, the criminal. Whatever you threaten will be applied to your personal existence/ your personal body, as no family shall be involved: this is between you and us/ and when facts are literally obvious and known. “We don’t need you anymore”. There can be mercy/ but there is no room for negotiations that remove murderers from jail or death; some negotiations over time is possible for the least offenders. At periodic times, census shall be taken/ and in that census there shall be opportunities to explain what and who is a threat to your community. There will be online opportunities to develop investigations and cause to investigate criminal or potential criminal behaviors. There will be community block parties, and more to establish communication between members of society, that they may function as a network of caring individuals, who will share in “our safety, as a community”. And so on.

22. The elemental truth of this world, in this time on earth today is: that massive amounts of trouble can come, and if we don’t stop the destruction and rebuild/ will come. The foundation that works for stability and for life is: WE MUST TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES/ then our community/ then our state /then our nation/ and then our world. In that order. That means instead of running away from everything/ YOU GET TO STAY AND WORK for your community; no more moving around just to make excuses for yourself. Build where you are/ or accept the reality that you will be placed at the “bottom of the list”. In other words, those people who have been long term residents will get favors in work, in positions, in community participation such as loans; and so on.
In terms of world trade, this fact of our coming time means literally NO MORE trade from places that are not fully capable of taking care of themselves. In other words, you cannot grow a crop to sell here/ UNLESS you have taken care of every growing need that your nation has. More simply: you cannot sell cotton here for instance/ if your nation needs food crops to be grown instead. You will grow the food/ cotton will not be traded here, nor will its products. Every nation MUST take care of its own first/ only then in products that have proven a benefit for the nation from which it comes, shall there be trade from these products; that do not take from the people of another nation. Grow your own. To alter and improve that reality, there will be crops, machinery, or knowledge according to what is needed; provided by long term loans, to those who must build, to provide for themselves. NO MORE “GLOBALIZATION” / life first means, take care of yourself/ take care of your own future. Then and only then can we trade.
To understand better, the base elements of what makes a difference in every society, we return to the concept of an island nation/ as these did exist a hundred years and more ago. Population control is essential/ if nature provides, then the problem is want, NOT Reality. In america, three things made a difference to the wealth that has been spent now/ but the lesson is still the same. Great natural resources for the taking did exist, not anymore, the future has needs too. Capitalism or more simply the law of supply and demand/ committed to a public which had the freedom to make their own decisions, allowed resources to be plundered, changing that to money. That ended when efficiency became a need for fewer workers/ and the reality of resource depletion did not allow absolute disregard anymore: so the government employee stepped in and erected blockades to supply and demand, by making “phony money/ with endless credit, and no regard for the future”. All done/ bill is due. Capitalism as was america; Does not exist anymore, the resources are gone. Because the common cry of today among the entire nation is save us from this capitalism: cause we lost/ and the rich man controls our world. The entire government, legal, business, and university structures of men are working on plots and plans so the rich men can keep their money, “so I don’t lose NOTHING”/ while the poor men works hard to survive, as a slave: NECESSARY, so they DON’T revolt in war. It will fail, because you cannot fix bankruptcy with more debt/ and your economy is nothing but lies and theft. USA Claimed 14 trillion dollars GNP/ Go looking, and you will find only about 5 trillion dollars in real work and products/ THE REST IS, fake numbers/ swindles/ con jobs/ theft/ and just plain lies and stealing; don’t need no damn reason, we are taking it. THE REALITY does not exist/ therefore nothing more than lies.
The third part of what made america rich for a time, was the great depression, industrialization,/ and the Roosevelt era of building infrastructure, that then allowed the ransacking of every resource that could be found. It was a failure to the economic future of america/ BUT THEN came war. And because the people had been hard pressed to have a job, they were willing to work as hard as they did. The uniting moment in that work, was death at Pearl Harbor HI. But with an entire world in need, America supplied, and as a consequence became rich. Like all spoiled little children, they then threw it away.

23. I should mention, that because I understand how you view images/ how you translate moments when you believe you are observing without being noticed/ and the rest: that I can manipulate you, to believe what I wish for you to believe. But I do not, without “fair cause”. It is fair warning/ but it is also to be understood, that you are not being manipulated in any cause with regard to the need to stop this earth, and its life from dying. There are threats, and realities about to make you extinct. This simply warning from me, is about making judgments about me. In other words don’t. Believe what is simple and true/ or ask questions so that you may understand: I do not lie, although it is not necessary to tell everything, at all times. Sometimes it is better to just let this be.
One of those times is all matters regarding what is female in me, and my own battle to remain male: but I too have realities that can change my world too. I feel like a glacier in some sense, every day, more of male is gone/ falling off in pieces. I have given up, trying to understand breasts, they have beaten me/ and it is clear will do anything they desire; I just have to live with it. What is the benefit of telling you that? As with other similar details, it pushes you away/ it eliminates the need to expect you, to make demands of me, and more. But it is also simply true, and the consequence of “female inside as did begin with Revelation 12, I simply have no choice in this matter. She is in charge of it”. You can read how it started at www.complexdestiny.info if you wish/ and are willing to look.
The end result is: you have your problems/ I have mine.

24. One of the critical realities of freedoms and ownership of your own body, is the demand to make choices that ends in pregnancy. But someone has to pay, don’t they. In critical terms, the average single mother cannot/ therefore they make men pay, regardless if the men were lied to, trapped, the actual contributor of sperm, or they were lying, trapping, raping, etc. The issue here is the child, is innocent of these decisions by one or both. In the reality of living here in america today, what I see is that white men are particularly singled out to pay for children/ and at the other end of that scale is black men are not singled out to pay for children they contributed sperm to. It seems the rest are roughly equal to each other. That is unfair, as a substantial number of white men have become skeptical and even scared to have sex, because of financial and legal concerns/ and it seems to me, a substantial number of black men have simply skipped their duty and gotten away with it. Many because of their own financial difficulties/ but welfare is not an excuse.
It would be BEST, if all women would simply NOT get pregnant until they have found the right man, who participates on their behalf well. But that is certainly not, the reality of this moment. Because of the inequality in all aspects of this primary relationship to life that we all have with babies/ it is necessary to establish what can be done. That would be a very simple reality of: by the percentages of racial births, there will be a tax on that population that is contributing the most children as a percentage. An additional tax on the racial contributor of sperm; if there are indeed more black children being born as a percentage of the population greater than what is black/ then your contribution to over population is also greater, and all those who are then black shall pay a greater tax than the rest for the preservation of babies. Or if the white population finds their increase in birth count is higher then they shall pay the additional tax/ same is true of latino, asian, etc. This is a tax dedicated to a specific number corresponding to births/ and that means, those who are not paying, will be paid for by those who are working. No excuses, but you may ask of your brethren to do community service or whatever seems fair.
The end result is quite simple: if someone must pay for a baby, those who create the child are going to pay. The reality for women is very simple: if you have a child, the nation will pay/ because the child must be cared for/ but if you do not have a husband to help you, then you will accept “serious birth control”, to get this money. Two children and you are done. TRY to find a man who will be a dad to his children, or at least a dad to your children, and respect him. In that way, more leniency can be granted to you. No exceptions to the rule/ because over population is about to kill us all. It is that simple.
This is a racial statement/ BUT IT IS NOT about skin color: it is about duty, discipline, and responsibilities. And the same type of reality applies to the gay community in regard to HIV OR AIDS and probably a large portion of sexually transmitted diseases. In other words, you bring the problem here/ WE EXPECT YOU TO PAY, and intend to make you pay your share, and more. By the percentages, if your group is creating the trouble/ then as a part of that group, either make the rest be as disciplined as the rest in terms of avoiding trouble25. It should already be listed somewhere, but I cannot find it/ so I will write it in summary again. I have an economic plan for you: instead of giving one trillion dollars and more to a few rich men and begging them to give credit, or hire workers. Take that twenty thousand dollars $20,000.00 and give it to each of the fifty million workers who are expected to pay this debt. I guarantee, no more problems for a while with the auto industry/ no more mortgage collapse for a while/ economy all fixed. EXCEPT for that one little problem, someone expects to get paid. I say, instead of letting the rich expect to get paid/ we just give this amount to the worker, and let the rich pay instead./ or you get the bill.

25. My life is a little different than yours, a reality hard to understand/ but the basic lessons that come forth from my spiritual relationship with woman, are simple enough. The question here, begins as a simple “happy, just working”/ when hit with what distinctly resembles a high voltage shock (touching an : electric fence, you didn’t know was there); cannot be ignored, demands attention/ because if you don’t respond correctly it happens again, until you do: no guessing allowed. The end result of this particular process “we will call learning”/ is an identification with the terrible tragedy that are females taken by force, and turned into sex slaves, it is a question of justice, hope, and truth. This is a mimicry of the reality/ but an attack, force, use, and endurance are not illusions, and they do represent a reality, where the fundamentals are known. I have really never given this sufficient investigation or understanding, an intellectual reference is not enough/ but in real terms, it is as bad as murder, many times ending a life/ it is always, consuming a life. Because these women are held hostage/ stripped of their rights/ and used, sold, abused, if pregnant but valuable forced to have abortions, and without relief, until they die or get old (thrown out, with nothing). It is a horrific thing, and although I had never thought otherwise, “I have been enlightened”, it is worse than considered as a man. The constant with all spiritual reality is: “instruction lasts”, until I understand, as is consistent with any other kind of spiritual teaching. I am granted mercy, in the truth, I understand these lessons relatively quickly. I am granted understanding, in the primary fact that I have become “defenseless”. What is not consistent with any other kind of spiritual quest, is the “electrical shock”/ my life is very different than it was, in many ways; I used to choose, now I am required to learn. I used to live strictly as male, which means a battleground would have ensued/ live or die. It is no longer an option, my life has been changed.
Although I have always desired any type of sexual slavery should end: it is pointed out to me, that I have never in fact done much of significance to stop it. Nor have you! These women around the world NEED HELP, way more than simple intellect can understand. To that end, the issue of inventions, will be dedicated primarily to these endeavors should they produce money. Other things will be assessed as time goes on. You NEED to help as well. That help requires the use of law/ the containment of prostitution by making it strictly for women (NO men, and rules enforced by society)/ the opportunities of a BETTER job, and a means of support to create their own lives, a safe place to live; and some respect, so they can rebuild. In other words, give them back their life. And if prostitution has ruined it, at least let them keep most of the money, if not all. Life is not what you want/ life is doing the best you can with what you got/ doing the best you can for life.
Reality also reminds me, that again your lives are about to change: the simple truth of over population, a food source responsible for feeding a billion people (the ocean) is ending, and threats of every kind will bring insanity: and that means women will become targets, unless they intervene. Consider China, when forced to choose/ the girls were left to die, until they began to be adopted worldwide.

26. In a world of so many problems, there are a few that should be noted, just because they exist as an example for the rest. Such as the tyranny of illegal information gathering when you get a warranty card: they ask a lot of information that has nothing to do with warranty, it is shopping for information on you to sell/ packaged as if it were necessary to reply, to get your warranty/ it ain’t. The endless offers on television, that don’t tell you the full price, or the facts of shipping and handling. Products that don’t work, and so on.
Since its up front and center, at inauguration; the Tuskegee airmen; are honorable men/ however their accomplishments in ww2 are not as stellar as they appear, for the sake of “same”, it is pointed out/ because of bigotry and prejudice, they were separated from the rest in an area without confrontation for the entire first part of the war. When they came for the last part of the bombing of Berlin/ all the other seasoned pilots from both sides were already killed; leaving only children and amateurs left to fly against them. The Tuskegee airmen were seasoned pilots, well trained, and ready. This is not a statement diminishing their accomplishments, it’s a statement of fact, for clarity; so that all forces, are can be viewed with equal understanding. They are to be congratulated/ but recognized as equals, not superior. Fair is fair. In the Madoff swindle, there are those who made a lot of money/ prior to finding their gain was entirely financed with stolen money. It is illegal to “personally gain from stolen goods”/ therefore the past should be scrutinized, and the money made by individuals where criminal actions provided the income: SHALL return their winnings, just like any other, who gains from the sale of stolen property. A crime is a crime, and some made money from that crime, while it was in progress/ that is illegal. Any judge who refuses to accept his responsibility to incarcerate a person with such notable evidence against them as is madoff: “Has his hand in, where it don’t belong: in other words, a thorough investigation is warranted on the judge”. The endless media con: that something is being done, by the government or any other/ but is in fact simply being covered up, by using the media to mislead the public as is the case in the recent Mississippi river, oil spill from a barge; one person in coveralls, soaking up oil with a rag, where hundreds of thousands of gallons were spilled, is NO cleanup! That is what they professed to be doing, and they lied: this, the endless delusion of a media that can simply be trusted, MUST stop. Not an isolated case. They are owned by the power brokers/ bought and traded for money and pride; because they are independent no more. It is a pitiful thing, a pit of liars and thieves. A case in point, things that affect the entire nation are on these web sites, yet not a word from the media. If however, there was money to be made/ NOT lives to be saved. If there was pride to be had, a university to praise and claim “listen only to us”. If there was want to be served, make me some damn money, consume and destroy instead of grow up, wake up, and remain alive: there would be media sales across the world. But this is about reality and truth, things the media can’t sell, because there are realities that would remove their power, pride, and wealth here: for the sake of the world/ but who the hell cares about this world, ain’t that right: “Its show me the money, pride, power, or hate (to sell)/ or nothing”. Its lets ridicule or create mass hypnosis, by finding someone to be superior too. The public is just as responsible, ten seconds, “and you know all about it”/ what a perfect system; be a lazy damn ass, and blame it on the expert.

27. Back when you were rich, nobody cared what healthcare cost; cause the insurance companies paid it all/ not only didn’t anyone care, they nearly all searched out the very most expensive care: “playing rich man/ didn’t matter what it cost, so long as the poor couldn’t come”. Today with the results of stupidity and arrogance, utter pride and worthless power: reality is now different, and will continue to move away from anyone that is not wealthy. Soon, there will be no doctors, and the competition for those remaining will be intense, “its life or death is it not”? Foreign doctors will be leaving/ because they ALL came for money, and when reality proves “nothing left, but worthless dollars”/ they will be leaving.
So now, reality asks you: what will you do? The answer is most will get angry, some will turn violent, and the rest will panic or go insane to some degree. Therefore it is critically necessary that some minimum realities be undertaken before this crisis hits. Such as: the machines for testing the human body will belong to the nation/ and the people hired to use them shall be paid an hourly scale; thereby opening the door to simple and quick testing for what is wrong, as best you can. The second participation is: for mamogram examinations those pictures used for diagnosing cancer can be done by computer and the internet; making this a job, for those who can do it, and prove a ninety percent or higher correct diagnosis will be paid for their time: work out the details, but many people looking/ are better than just one. As is true of all trades, doctors being not really different; what is needed is rarely more than a minimum of training, in specific “trade secrets”. The use of the internet or more correctly the computer to aid in diagnosis/ the tracking of illnesses in the area (as do doctors already)/ and the necessary reference of a more qualified professional in any critical matter, will be enough to aid and protect the public. The primary lesson is in: HOW to be observant, HOW to actually listen to the patient, not just hear the words, but listen, HOW to recognize specific traits and complications, and WHEN to seek help. A suitable computer program: specific and to the point/ does most of the diagnosis.

28. The tragedy of greed, is constant in every human society: the simple truth is “one WANTS more/ and simply doesn’t care, what it will cost you or something else”. That is the simple truth of it “take yours too”. Today, as is seen by the numbers, the wealthy have inflated their dollars, taking everything they could by refusing to identify and declare exactly what they were doing. It is and was a criminal behavior, a simple act of theft, by omission: if you don’t know, I am stealing from you/ THEN I don’t have to tell you! And they did not, even though all knew it was stealing/ but the public didn’t care, back when you thought “you were going to be rich too”. And so it went on, until now, when the entire nation cannot afford to pay even the little things, not even the interest: BECAUSE the primary group of thieves is coming to collect the rest of their stolen loot. The “baby boomers”/ were primarily responsible; or more correctly, the baby boomer college graduates were primarily responsible for creating inflation for the rich/ and subsequent failure for all the rest. The game was, take all the numbers that could be found in the game/ and don’t tell the others, that they would become slaves: working for numbers, that in no way reflected the actual proportionate value of their work. Not even a little bit. Winners/ and losers: all dependent upon how much they could steal. Every life that works, is about the time and effort and labor it takes to do that work: the numbers called money represent the cost to your life, because time is life/ and my time is just as valuable as yours: because my life is just as valuable as yours. But greed says NO/ because greed recognizes we all will die, and these WANT everything they can get before that day comes: so they are willing to make you pay, to steal your life, and to hell with eternity. They will change their mind, because eternity is not a game/ but that is their decision isn’t it. Regardless of their own tragedy, the question is what do we do about greed, here and now?
The answer is establish penalties in the law, and use them against the rich too. The answer is, just like black men are sometimes profiled/ people who dress in a certain way/ arabs, muslims, jews, and many more/ people with bad teeth: let the rich be profiled. If they exhibit the will or desire to steal, cheat, swindle, etc: then they lose everything. If they are “sufficiently moderate” in their attempts to make you pay for their want/ then it is to prison; but upon getting out, they may not own or operate any business for at least 7 years. The politician that sells his or her position, to power instead of protecting the people: goes directly to prison, as the traitor he or she is. And so on. An interesting footnote: the passion Obama has generated is not about him, but rather the simple truth that he represents a step beyond profiling for us all. The simple response, what is possible/ what is acceptable to be, among us all has increased. The fundamental conclusion is then, very many people feel profiled, defeated, and devalued by society.
The wealthy and educated will all declare “can’t be done, businesses will fail”. But the reality is: where there is money to be made/ someone will come forward, and if the public offers to support that interest and work with the necessary tools for a while/ there will be more than enough people to take care of business. The simple truth of this moment is: the wealthy have already attempted to destroy business/ and nearly succeeded: with greed. We need them not, in a nation of 300 million people, there are plenty to replace these few, that put the burden of their greed on very many others. NOT money first/ LIFE FIRST.

29. Greed and want also work at the other end of the scale: “welfare is NOT your business”/ work, is business. To that end a percentage too large in the black community especially will be required to understand: “game over”. They had major help from the white community, wherein low pay and hard work/ made it easy to opt out, and laugh at the white men who were made to pay the bills. But then, reality came and a life without taking responsibility for yourself took away honor/ and the consequence became abandoning marriage and children, just to get more money/ having children just to get more money. And the need to pretend “I am somebody, with violence” seeped into these welfare populations/ took away schooling, and became a disease for some. The only thing you get with violence is hate, hate is a disease, that kills every good thing it can.
The critical reality here is not a lack of will to work/ but a community that lost is way, when the trades and disciplines of those who were going to work, became lost; leaving the people without example or help. The black community rejoices this day, “equal, a black man as president of this USA”/ and so they should, regardless of the outcome: this is clear proof, that you are indeed treated equally, and if you work, can attain anything possible for you. That means literally NO MORE EXCUSES! No more claims of discrimination/ no more claims of a right to hate, or hide in welfare, or any other common excuse of the black community that says “we can’t, because of the color of our skin”. That is over: and fundamentally changed/ and MUST changed and accepted among the communities. Obama is elected because he represents an educated and hopefully peaceful man: who cannot be the same? The options available are: a demand to STOP profiling black skinned people/ but you have to grow up as well. The reality is: YOU are responsible for your education/ and any that make it impossible for the others to be so, shall literally be removed. Not into the community, into the desert or mountains or whatever remote reality there is, to prove to you: life is not a game/ and you will not survive without a “different attitude”. Not among us. That means take responsibility, and understand among other things, that jobs don’t come looking for you/ YOU must go looking for them. Not “picking on you/ simply insisting on responsibility for your life, IS YOUR duty”. BUT do understand that criminal behaviors, are consistent, and therefore deserve to be profiled as criminal intent: but the police can easily “get carried away”/ or frightened when they feel threatened with death. Instead of marching in the street, go to court and defend each other, hiring lawyers for your purpose/ or raising lawyers from your community: you are equal/ there is no excuse. There are many well mannered hard working black people, they are equal/ which means for those stuck in welfare, training is required: but more than that, a job is needed when the training is done. But a job is not a game either, and in a bankrupt nation, the welfare ride is over. Being paid to have children is over/ if you have more than one child, and cannot support him or her, will we find you guilty of abuse and neglect and put you in jail/ unless you become sterile instead. Only then will you get assistance/ not money, but assistance for work. The same can be held true of any felon male or female, if proven fact/ then you lose the right to have children. Critical to all efforts to improve your own quality of life is the fact, that work comes first/ proving you can do the job, comes second/ proving you will do the job, and can be counted upon, comes third. The credible reality of people willing to work and accept responsibility, is their respect, and yours: fail to respect them, and they will do poorly/ if they fail to respect you, there will be no chance for friendship which means “we are in this together”. Beyond that, the elements of competition pervade and destroy most segments of social life and living with the introduction of aggression and the intent to win the game. Life is not a game/ people make living a game, because they are either bored, or they hate you. Neither is pleasant or acceptable company in life. Stopping the degenerate competition is as simple as ending money first/ and establishing LIFE FIRST, whereby we are living as friends with life, the earth, and this humanity as one. The blessing of a crowded world, is that there are so many of us, this is a reality we can enforced, “eyes everywhere”. The purposes of respect are simple as well: stop believing in arrogance, pride, power, and hate/ and the world becomes a different place.

30. Of the many needs required to be filled for LIFE FIRST, the elemental reality of “man and woman in romance and love” are fundamental to the happiness and sanctity of society. There is no other option, this is necessary, or there will be no peace. Because there is no greater living than truly being in love, there is no fundamental of life that functions to create a will or a need or a desire to live, that exceeds love. Therefore we must have love, and to achieve the elemental presence of love: WE MUST have respect between the sexes, and between each other. To understand, is to choose what you believe the truth says to you. To know, the relationships that extend beyond an action and a reaction, and expand the possibilities of what wisdom can do for us, is a blessing/ unless you corrupt that knowledge. There need be very little control between the sexes/ instead, the sanctity of my life and yours expands the dimensions within which we live, to give us life, beyond ourselves. We can then take that life, and search where the spirit leads, and life itself yearns to be eternal. There is no desire for eternity apart from love, where there is no love, there is no search to continue on. Therefrom we know the passage between man and woman, establishes more than just a life based upon love/ it opens the door, to realities beyond our self, elements chosen to reveal what is within our soul.
I was married for two years, one of the elemental problems that existed was her desire for me to say, “I need you”/ I never did, because need represents survival to me, not an element of love, just a reality of living here in time. And as life has proved, “I did not need her, nor do I hope, that she need me to survive”: I know not what happened in her life. But the question established for you, is perhaps an understanding, that women no doubt view needs differently than men. It would have been “ok”, to express a need for her/ and left survival out of that expression. To need someone in terms of romance, is to believe they are such a significant part of life and living, that true tears will come, if they leave. Those did come/ therefore in a sense, I did need her. Be less strict with your terms, be less confined with your life, and add the blessing of another life. Complete Trust however, IS an absolute necessity, for “the kind of love, that you die for”.

31. The foundations for healthy and whole relationships between men and women are critical to every life. These start in preschool, and continue on until you die. Therefore the lessons must start in preschool: with simple instructions in how to talk and act around girls and boys. With simple dance lessons or whatever you have available to you, that fundamentally challenge and require a functioning relationship between boys an girls. No one gets to remain shy/ all shall be forced away “from the closet”/ that they may know, and not feel or be left out. In other words the sewer of disgrace that is the school system in america is to be disassembled and redone for life first/ NOT the current anything, but let them be competition to power and pride. You teach nothing of life, merely “babysitters, with the doctrine: teach them enough so they can obey our commands/ as slaves”. The primary lesson of teenagers is simply this: SLOW DOWN, because time doesn’t do some things over. Stop being afraid, life has a way of evening things out. Then understand, both boys an girls: that forever is a long time/ how can you be sure of a lifetime together, potentially 60 years together/ when you haven’t shared but weeks or months? Always remember when asking for marriage, you expect a lifetime: with all the wants, needs, hopes, and dreams of each to be fulfilled or destroyed. EXPECT this to take time. There are many good relationships that start in high school/ but there are also many people who get married and wished for a little more freedom/ for things that didn’t happen, that now they believe would have been valued. Children are not “friends for you/ YOU are parents to them”. The difference is, YOU have responsibilities and if you cannot meet them, someone else must: it is not fair/ be patient, be happy, and understand until you are happy, it is impossible for you to make your child happy too. Just how it is. As to young adults (you decide), the fundamental at work is a right to live life by the terms you set. A life that will accept what you believe is necessary, or important/ or a life that simply wants whatever it wants, and doesn’t care about the cost. Respect is necessary and important, and respect requires that you shall care and accept the responsibility to share as love desires it in you. But love and a heart allow for your own decisions too/ and if the timing is not “today”/ then you must go on, even if it is only a little while, and then return. It is a harsh thing, to love someone, who then walks away; but life is not simple, and love is not free/ choices must be made. Those who don’t care about anything but themselves will lie to you/ use you/ abuse you/ and more. In the later years of life, as time and trouble instruct each of us in a more elaborate fabric of living, that requires the surrender of “expectations that no longer matter”/ the possibility of new relationships do form. People that at first seemed less desirable, for whatever reason, are found to be friends, and friends are hard to come by; because competition creates enemies, and games ruin relationships. Sexuality is a friend, IF YOU respect it for what it is/ an escape for some, a simple I love you enough, to aid you in your need “this much, but no farther”. Where love is greater than this, a “key to your heart has formed/ but that means you are vulnerable, and someone else will determine if your heart is going to break for a while.” Where sex is not respected, they will use you as a tool, and throw the experience away/ unless it becomes a weapon to threaten you with. Where there is no love/ there is no true happiness in sex: simple as that, because without love, the only thing that can be done is a chemical release, or a “trophy collected and displayed”. Many, Religions commonly abuse sex with endless rhetoric on how
“Sex is evil”/ but that is simply not true. GOD created it for us, and it is a wonderful thing, where love lives between you. It is humanity that is evil, when sex becomes a weapon, a control or manipulation, or temptation, and a hate: therefrom as many religions “hate sex”/ they need to look at themselves, and repent. Always remember survival requires your participation, life is not a game. And understand this: that you do marry into families and their needs, and they will participate in your life, or you will potentially lose your family instead. If the one you marry does not get along with your family or theirs/ it means, this WILL be a problem, unless you abandon them too. It matters, just like understanding each others needs sexually and otherwise is very important to the other one/ and if you are lucky enough to have someone who shares their life and living with you, do remember to think in terms of what they wish half the time: NOT just your own selfish wants.. Life passes, and time ends: what you have done, what you have believed, is your life. The search for a companion is up to you/ the price you are willing to pay, determines your reality. If you are female, the search for male means you must leave the women behind for a time, and in some ways for good. If you are male the search for female means you will allow her, whatever it is that makes life seem “safe and warm/ at peace because you are there”. What you wanted, either leads you astray, or it is a lie that you continue to tell yourself; stop it. Pride simply added enemies, to your life/ including you. Is it worth that possession or praise, in the garbage just a few moments later?

32. Upon reflection of my own life, and its history; what stands out as a memory, is the need for more knowledge/ more understanding/ and more wisdom. When my nephew died a horrible death: I found an even greater need to be prepared/ to search for what is not seen, to anticipate what the future must hold, {it is this, that led to opening the spiritual door of female}. To that end, I chose to search and have accomplished; according to the words these sites develop for you. Doesn’t mean free for me, the price was high, but with blessings/ no one learns to think in a group, isolation is required, for the foundations to be developed. To which people add ridicule and gossip; not always, but as the years go by, decisions are demanded, and people expect you “to be like them”. The price was high in many ways/ but the choice to just let this world die, completely inconceivable. The reality of today is: I can help you with your life, so that your needs can be readily met, and the price that you must pay is “more friendly to you”. IF you will listen to reality and accept that truth must decide what will be, or will not be. If not, time was wasted on you, because you chose not to be worthy of it. There are many who will call me “without sense”/ because of the issues involved with teeth, they will say can’t and won’t, because of it. But I say to you this is a matter of faith, when you cannot know, because there is no path for you to search/ therefore where the spirit asks, there is only trust. My spiritual life is different than yours/ and I have never asked you to believe in me, only the reality of the evidence you can search. The only real difference between us however is, I am more determined/ and I follow truth wherever it goes; apart from hate. I follow JESUS, as teacher/ because HE is true; that is not a religious statement, rather in the words of his life, heard as if he were a man simply talking to you; there are realities that can be found of great value to the search for life.
Lately it feels to me, that I have inherited you “as children”/ because I simply do not desire that you should die. Children because, these things are realities that you can understand, or at least investigate; but refuse to. Terrible and real threats exist, to take your lives away, critical realities must be dealt with or you will die. But like “a mother”, it is fair to say: I can only help you with your lives as best I can/ from here, it is entirely up to you. To make the decisions required, for a life worth living, a happiness defined by your care and willingness to share with each other, a hope or destiny determined by whether you respect your life, life on earth, or even CREATION itself. All of these and more are up to you, they are your decisions/ your future, and without change, you will die. So then, what are the words that seek out an understanding in you? Only you can know them, only you can say: I will, do my own best, for life! This is a choice, and you will make it, one way or the other.

33. It finally occurs to me, that I must make changes too. My reality is different/ not going to win any battles, therefore confrontation is not real, in terms of “fight or change”. The consequence of that is perhaps a more proper method of talking to you, is from a different perspective as well.
You know as men and women, that if there is no food for more children someone is going to die, or all will. Not a game, where there is no food for all/ some must die, or all will. This is usually accomplished by the weak perish first/ therefore the strong then survive, but if all conditions are extreme, the strong can die too. If you take the rate of yearly change in population growth as is published in various places, and divide by 52 weeks per year/ that rate of population growth, added to the lag in statistics, gives us a birth rate of about 2 million more mouths to feed each week, over deaths. Been going on a long time, and this is the literal cause of most war/ instead of us dying, lets kill them. You know, that when it is serious and food has run out/ people do turn to cannibalism. The weak first “children”, the women next/ because the men can; and as this goes on, insanity will overtake the rest who simply tried to survive, and chaos through fear will reign over this entire world. So the question is: ARE WE ABOUT TO RUN OUT OF FOOD? The answer is: If you divide the current population of about 7 billion people onto the available green earth (the places that can grow food for several), we stand on about one acre apiece: its been years since I did this calculation, and don’t remember exactly/ do your own, but understand mountains, deserts, cities & roads buried under concrete and buildings, areas’ so polluted they are destroyed, mines and other areas not capable of growing food, and lakes/ etc; don’t count here. You can understand, that if one acre of ground must produce enough food for every life on earth, for an ENTIRE YEAR/ then we are critically and truly in trouble. That means as a population here on earth we do survive as we are, because the ocean, and lakes, feed so many people. But today, with thousands of fishing trawlers searching every area of the ocean/ with marine biologists having provided clues to every location of every creature (they were lied to/ but does it matter now)/ with fishing factory ships that take every last one, causing entire sea communities to collapse, because they can: damn tired of staying out here/ BUT GOT to fill this ship, or can’t go home. With a fishing industry that claimed sales of 11 billion tons a few years ago: if american tons=22 trillion pounds of fish sales/ and that doesn’t include what was lost. Or the fish taken by people who do not count in worldwide fish sales. The information is now gone, too much fuel for the fire “stop”! You can understand, even though you cannot count the fish in the sea, YOU CAN demand the figures of seafood sales and compare them through the years/ and they compare the fishing fleets, size of nets, type of fishing, and hours or fuel spent at sea: and come up with a good evaluation of what is really happening in the sea. It is dying, and near collapse. Therefore we can understand the scenario above, where there is no food/ and cannibalism is all that will be left. The solution is to feed the fish immediately and stop all fishing until recovery takes place. You have nothing to feed them with/ but dead human bodies; get over it, or die yourself: make a choice. The solution is to STOP, the people who are now taking all the creel and plankton, etc: baseline food for an entire ocean/ and are using it for poultry feed, etc. Can’t feed an ocean without it/ stop them, or they cause extinction; because it matters. Think before you act/ understand before you say it doesn’t matter. Do you not see your responsibility and choices. Do you not understand, throwing away food in any manner/ IS EXTREMELY SELFISH and vile? The days of gluttony will soon be over/ the days of war will come, unless there is pronounced and real change quickly. It is as plain as your nose.
I will add in that regard, the reality that is occurring in much of Africa today: genocide, terrors and rape, because there are too many people on the land/ and someone has to die. Can you stand alone against thousands? NO, that means the minority or the weak will die/ and be rampaged through and made slaves. The news reports, sex slavery affects millions of women already/ this is just a trickle: THE FLOOD comes, unless you hurry and work within the law and your reality now. Not a game/ not a guess, proven fact in history. The tragedy is worsened because the righteous thought to “save the children”/ by feeding them: creating millions more adults. But the problem was not solved/ but only worsened, because it was too many people that caused the trouble: and the only real solution is “POPULATION CONTROLS”. You cannot bring your problems to us/ fix your own problems, and then we can share the world: BUT FIX your own problems first, or with help. It is unfortunate but real, this is a woman’s problem/ and women must find their own solution: or men will come with theirs, and the world will die/ because GOD will NOT allow this to occur, you will be abandoned, and lost to extinction.
You understand with some recognition of truth, that it takes oxygen to have a fire. You understand with some recognition of truth that it takes “the green earth” to produce oxygen. You understand the validity of a statement: a plant produces only so much oxygen per year/ and if we use more than that, the oxygen content of our own air will fall. You understand the reality: no oxygen to breathe, and we die. You can recognize, that will we cannot know a lot of things/ WE DO KNOW (because we have sales reports), how much fuel we burn in all manner and methods. We know how much oxygen it takes to burn these things/ and we know how many forests are burned, with some truth how much wood products are burned around the world, and how many people are living and how much oxygen they need, as well as cattle: we have numbers for this. What we don’t know, is exactly how much oxygen is produced/ but we do know, the “spaceship earth/ greenhouse enclosure in the american southwest”: DIDN’T produce nearly enough oxygen for a few people to remain in it. We do know that billions of board feet of tree wood is sold every year/ FAR MORE than can be sustained, and most of our oxygen comes from these. We do know that excess oxygen has been stored in the ozone layer/ has been released, and is now nearly depleted. Which leaves us with the question: HOW WILL YOU BREATHE?
WE DO know the answer to all these problems in men is WAR! We do know, that enough weapons of mass destruction are stockpiled and ready to exterminate this world completely, at least a thousand times: YOUR CHOICE. “You have twenty minutes, from the moment of first ignition/ until its too late for you, and life on earth”. You do know, that every one of these things is a choice. And it is honest to say, this is only a small part of the list. You waste every resource you can touch/ laughing and ridiculing the children telling them “your garbage is their gold mine”: SHAME ON YOU! YOUR Science is ready to make you extinct, in just a few more months. YOUR Genetic mutilation will soon make you cry, and no one will be able to stop when all their horrific tragedies come to light/ none are safe, genetic discipline is nature/ it is our home, our life, our bodies, and our time: and human devils play with it everyday, without respect or anything resembling life as value and soul. YOU cannot even control your own money or want or pride. SHAME ON YOU AND THEM. You are pitiful.
You will change, or you will die; the game is over.

34. Your relationship with want and pride causes you to fail in countless ways; instead of truth and reality, delusion and fantasy rule common human society: as much as they can. Therefore it is absolutely necessary to understand the basic environment of what causes want and pride. The fundamental is simple: want is the demand to become more than you believe you are/ pride is the escalator ride by which you step on other people in order to feel superior to them. By descending into power, you increase the burden of life and living on everyone else in like comparison. Therefrom they become angry, and trouble erupts throughout. All want, is about becoming superior to someone else/ thereby inflicting them with the burden to equal you, or admit defeat. The complete failure of credit cards in relation to debt, is a prime example of how this tragedy infects so many people. From this basic environment we ask, WHY do so many people want to be superior to the others/ and HOW are so many people made to feel inferior, that they are willing to jeopardize and ruin what is otherwise a happy life for them?
The base line ingredient here, is a truth that friends are hard to come by/ but those willing to be enemies are a hundred for a penny. Therefore the proper question is why don’t you care, or share? The common complaint is: they did something to me, that I won’t forgive! And the second part is, even if I did forgive them, they would just do it over. Asked why the common participant in want acts that way, they will reply: cause I would rather ridicule and lead/ than be the object of ridicule or gossip and left behind. So, we see in this very simple example, that the primary element of want and pride, is led by a basic decision: to have friends, or to lead the pack by inflicting pain and suffering on someone else. In these last years particularly, the elements of want and pride turn also to possession/ wherein life became a game, and people became winners or losers; by the end example of how many trophies could you collect. Sex became a trophy/ MANY, MANY things became a trophy to prove superiority and the demand “I need you not, as a friend”.
Added to that is the constant called air conditioning, whereby entire neighborhoods are “locked up” through the summer/ and no one talks without a possession in their hand.
So the real question is, how does life return to friendship, rather than the competition to be “rich and powerful?” The answer is, the nation goes bankrupt/ because you worship the money, and your trophy collections; thereby increasing the competition for the disease called hate/ to make enemies rather than friends. From this, the opportunity to remove “rich and powerful exists”/ by controlling as a society with law, what any person can or cannot do to the others with wealth, manipulation, or personal control. Be aware that pride is very strong: it required of me more humiliation than I could nearly stand/ because nothing else could kill it off, I tried. The same will be true of you. Having killed pride, little is more rewarding to life. Love is not a reward, love is an honest and open desire in truth. It is noted, that the end of pride at its most base level, is the end of influence allowed by others on your life/ it means, none shall affect me on my path of living, because I will not be swayed by what is said. This is fundamental to the environments beyond what is simple and plain/ where complexity requires the isolation necessary to become part of the field of knowledge. Where understanding expands, because it contains the essence of you.
Pride is itself the elemental departure from life, by accepting the consequence and elimination of the game. Pride establishes winner/ loser/ and trophy; thereby becoming the essence of a demand that life does not matter/ only the game. The foundation is a need for people to participate in your life, or you in theirs; but the game eliminates friends by pursuing the trophies/ causing isolation of a different kind, whereby people are conceived of as the essence of why you lose/ or how they can be manipulated/ or what plan is best conceived to control them/ and so on. Pride is the purpose of a fool/ the road to want, wherein the trophy has become everything, and friend has become an enemy; because it eliminates some trophies. Friends require a heart/ pride kills it.
Want and pride also invades every other aspect of life and living on this earth; you believe you are superior to every other concern or cause/ therefore you can take any trophy you like, and do. But the reality of a population pressure increase that is about to go insane, is the fact that nothing is free to you anymore, something or someone else needs it too/ the future, the creatures, the plants; you have competed with nature and won/ NOW you must decide deliberately to keep nature alive, or you die, because you made nature an enemy that could not now survive, without your decision.
Religion will ask, or demand: “where is satan in all of this”? Because they blame his image for everything they do. In reality, the simple truth of time and life is, that our presence as life demands that we continue ever forward, always determined to survive, as is time itself. In this world, for every action there is a reaction/ which means that for every attempt to establish the energy required of life; the possibility of looking back as if time could be changed in the past exists. It cannot be changed, only covered up. But nonetheless “the price you assign to others, by believing they are the cause of what you are today in hate;” forms the basis of an influence that extends past hate to become violence and revenge.

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