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TOPIC: Pride and peace
James Osterbur (Admin)
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Pride and peace 9 Years, 9 Months ago Karma: 13  

EVERYTHING LIVING, represents an opportunity that will be supported in truth/ or will fail.
That means in simple terms, that if you do not work for the sake of your life, then you do not deserve to have it. Regardless if someone else does it for you. That means YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU/ and no one else can accept this debt or burden for you without damaging your own reality or truth. We need to work for ourselves, because we must build what can survive/ or when that moment arrives that we need ourselves to survive, we will fail instead. Regardless of how you view eternity, it is fundamental and real to understand that death brings with it an absolute need to make the decision that will become “the last thing you ever do”. That simple truth applies elemental reality to the singular question IS THIS, the most important decision that you will ever make?
Regardless of eternity, is this the most important decision you will ever make? It is actually a hard question to answer/ because it defines the existence of your life, the choices that you did make/ and the meaning that you chose to accept for life itself. But it does not ask, which of these prior choices had a greater influence on your own outcome. Therefore it requires judgment to assess this as the most important question/ and it is plain and simple, that anyone who desires eternity would only ask for mercy instead of judgment. So separated from life, by the envelope that is body, the demand for what has been most important in time/ should be dwarfed in you, by the honesty of what is life, RIGHT NOW; in your soul!

Here we divide, as the people who choose to believe in life/ beyond the existence called time. And the people who believe in “nothing, we were an accident”/ a one in 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 and here we are, from nothing to nothing, it didn’t matter. I am not one of those. But if you are/ then in death the reality of who you have been will come searching for your soul, “the identity of existence, that allowed you to be present in your body”. And it WILL ask you, if your pride was worth, your eternal life. Mercy is unlikely.
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