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PLANS AND PEOPLE 9 Years, 9 Months ago Karma: 13  

WE ARE A SOCIETY OF PEOPLE, and we cannot escape that fact unless you live very isolated from everyone. Even then, the consequence of science, population, military purposes, government failure, disease, and a list of others all dictate the simple truth: NO MATTER WHERE YOU GO/ PEOPLE CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Even attack you/ because that is literally happening in this very day. There is no choice, WE ARE IN THIS LIFE, HERE ON EARTH: TOGETHER, whether you like it or not.
That means very simply, what we decide to do/ or not do, by the will of WE THE PEOPLE; shall construct or destruct our world. We are so very many people, there is no option at all. The simple truth however is: that a VERY FEW PEOPLE, have our lives and our planet, and our needs in their hands. And we need to take this back! WHY IN HELL, would you fail and let them control your life? It is insane.

A few thousand talkers, have flooded the propaganda machinery with ideas that fusion is a good thing ( it is atomic fire/ which means everything atomic is fuel: which means this fire like the sun, literally cannot be put out. THINK ABOUT THAT DUMB ASS). A few thousand talkers, have flooded the propaganda machinery with ideas that weapons of mass destruction are actually your saviors ( and you believe them/ did you burn your brain, with all that greed and pride: cause you sure ainít using it.) A few thousand talkers, have flooded the propaganda machinery with ideas that recreating ďthe big bang/ the single most destructive event in the entire history of THIS UNIVERSE: is a good idea. WHAT KIND OF IDIOT, do you have to be, to buy this trash, failure, disease of stupidity, simple evil or whatever you wish to call it. WHAT DONíT YOU UNDERSTAND, about an explosion so massive, that in an instant, ANYTHING which approximates this kind of energy, would turn this entire planet into dust. DO YOU REALLY WANT THESE MAGGOTS, TO GAMBLE WITH YOUR LIFE? REALLY? Why not just shoot yourself with a gun instead/ that way you wonít take the rest of us with you! Not to worry though, the university will clamor for time to manipulate you/ cause they have so much pride/ want so much power; That it is truly unlikely they will admit to ABSOLUTE DYSENTERY, and the spreading of shit over this entire earth. Hell, it would upset the balance of power/ or more correctly, you might not let them rule your life, as if you were so stupid: that you might do something so bizarre and evil/ so insane and ignorant as to build and support their own/ your own suicide. What a failure, they are/ and what an absolute ass, you are for not recognizing such an obvious reality as these few things. Hidden away, there are plenty more. All threats to life/ all simply a time bomb, that WILL make you extinct. But hey, listen to the propaganda; what could possibly go wrong/ its not like they arenít college graduates. Hell, they know everything; that crawls out of a maggots ass.

Donít worry, they nearly got the ocean extinct. Donít worry, they have nearly cracked the code to make genetics undisciplined/ and life mutilated into extermination. Just have fun/ believe your propaganda machines; after all, ďwhatís life without a little risk/ HELL YOUR PLAYERS, ARENíT YOU? You gamble, and love it/ right. Well technically your slaves here, without any rights but to die if your lucky/ but who cares. Monies all gone anyway: WONDER WHO SPENT IT? Might as well die/ or take someone elseís life for revenge. Isnít that so. You are a pitiful generation/ WAKE UP, or die. Itís a choice currently/ but very soon, it is a judgment and the law will exterminate you. Because when truth takes over/ mercy ends.
If you cannot choose better than this/ you do deserve to die. If you cannot find in your heart and soul, a reason, a purpose, or a desire that is fundamental to supporting life/ without gambling it away: then you do not deserve to live. If you cannot make decisions for love, that reach outside yourself, and help the children, the people who have no say or option to help find a way: then you have no honor. If you refuse your duty to defend this world, and at least call for a courtroom that will decide as WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD, to make these decisions for ourselves: then life has no meaning to you. Why are you here/ if so worthless as this, then why should you not die? Really, why should you not die. Answer the question yourself! Stop looking to the others/ YOU DO SOMETHING OF VALUE FOR YOUR LIFE, AND THIS WORLD. TODAY! DO SOMETHING OF VALUE, Choose it, and begin.
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