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CREDIT IS A FAILURE 9 Years, 9 Months ago Karma: 13  
CREDIT IS A FAILURE, or a friend.

BECAUSE CREDIT is the elemental human decision to chain ourselves together, and give someone else control. It is a risk for both/ but where the “bank”/ like the casino can control the numbers, they hold an extremely superior hand to yours. Credit is a gamble/ and you are at risk, when you choose it.
There is only one use for credit, as an attachment to business/ financing makes it possible for new businesses to compete with old businesses, by applying the possibility of attaining tools or resources that would otherwise be denied. Therefore credit is an acceptable method of creating wealth: IF THAT CREDIT is taken out, when the contract for a job is completed, so that the money to pay back the credit is critically real and going to be paid back/ unless something drastic occurs. In other words, if in business and a loan will get you a job/ that will fundamentally pay for the loan, whether you get paid or not, and you are willing to wait for your money because that’s why you needed the loan, “TO BUY THE TOOL, OR RESOURCE”. NOW, that you have the tool or resource/ money is expected to be made for you, on the next job. Its not free/ that is the basic price you must pay. Make a mistake, or fail to accomplish the job in question/ and you risk everything you worked for to get this opportunity.

The endless temptations/ all the fundamental and real manipulations that are seen in the media every single day. All the drama of people who want things, and demand you to get them: Are realities that you must avoid, to share in the honesty of an earned right, to have choices for yourself. Keep it in mind/ why be a slave! The issues of a house, are similar/ because it is a business in the sense that you must pay to live somewhere. But that is a very simple fact, which is often NOT a good deal for you. Buying a house does not guarantee you money/ as a large number of people are clearly finding out today. Finding a house to buy, REQUIRES an investigation that is often unpleasant but necessary. Understanding the neighborhood, the schools, the situation with work, the reality of a drive to your job, the construction characteristics that are serious matters, or not. Are all fundamentally necessary, and you need to be educated/ so that you are not dependent upon what people tell you. Learn yourself, ASK QUESTIONS! And like hiring a lawyer/ if they cannot convince you they do know what is going on/ what is fair and legitimate/ have the right questions and answers for you: THEN FIND SOMEONE ELSE.
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