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TOPIC: Fundamental economics
James Osterbur (Admin)
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Fundamental economics

WHY DOES THIS WORK, OR NOT? Is a relationship created by the simple tools: I can do this/ I did do this/ but I needed help for that! Therefore the difference between fundamental economics and credit default: is whether you chose what you can and will do/ and you did your best, without being lazy. Sounds simple does it not.
It is simple, until want and pride intervene to “charge, I am better than this/ I will take more”. That is the dividing line, between those who establish themselves in reality, and those who become lost because fantasy and delusion carried them into disgrace. What is fundamentally without an ability to predict, such as medical trouble/ plant closing & other troubles that simply cannot be predicted by you: are a different matter/ than what you deliberately chose for yourself. Temptation, manipulation, greed, or whatever/ it was still a choice that you made. Those who choose well, get to rule society/ even if they stole it. Because unless you can prove the money was stolen/ they get to keep it, and will use it for or against society itself.
Therefore it is fundamentally clear, that those who control themselves with discipline and the intent of honor through responsibility; become leaders, because they prove an ability to make society move. Where there is justice and law/ the thief will be found, and punished as is appropriate for his time. NO cutting off members, or any such thing, or religious demand. ONLY, What reality dictates as is necessary and real.

One of the most fundamental of all that is wrong with this world, is the human element called want. Want is a decision/ NOT to obey your own truth, and choose to take what is otherwise unwise, or unfair to the rest. Want is an enemy because it allows, what should never be done/ as in cutting down the very last tree, and making the species extinct/ or any such reality or concern that is fundamentally the same for society or life on this planet. Want is an enemy, because it rules over you, if allowed/ and you become what want will make of you, if you choose it. Sounds simple, and it is: letting the mind have its way, choose its destiny/ WITHOUT the slightest consideration to consequence for others. Want controls, because people believe “it is their right”. Yet want is not a right/ it is a violation of what is basic and fair to all: therefore an illegal act of theft and subversion. Want is the assumption, that I am more important than what I do/ more critical than the decisions that I make which affect the others; because “its what I want”. But that is simply not true, want assumes it lives in isolation/ but that is simply not true. Want suggests, that selfishness is MY RIGHT, because this is my life and I won’t care about yours/ NOT a good thing, a blight and a disease on society itself. Want illuminates the action of a predator: to isolate and attack something that is considered prey. Want identifies the reaction called a wound/ applying to society, the costs and burdens that will be paid, because you lied.
Every truth is built upon a deliberate search for participation and relationships that do or do not work. Therefore every truth requires work, or it shall not be found. This is not hard to understand. Every truth is a bridge to the future you decide to live/ or the reality which you must survive to stay alive. Every reality understood, is a foundation for that bridge to exist upon.

Lies and liars misdirect society into the consequence known as “ a pit”/ the place where you suddenly recognize WE ARE IN TROUBLE, and there is no easy way out of here. Truth will build you a stairway/ but only if the lies are destroyed.
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