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Thursday, 30 April 2009

The mind, part 3

Examining the basis and reality of bad choices, requires the elevation of what becomes hypnosis: the opportunity for others to suggest, and thereby control the possibilities of your own living.  Consequently such a discussion is dangerous/ because it gives to those who understand and study, a potentially greater edge to alter someone else’s living and experience of choice.
The reality then is, a careful development that leaves some of the basics out.  Basis means: the elemental extremes, and the distance between these/ that determine the type and kinds of decisions that will be made.

We begin with sex, as it is a true driving force in human existence. The extremes are: those who “devote their lives” to little else, falling into the tragedies of a life that has built nothing; because physical sex merely uses chemicals to extract an opportunity to “feel the body”.   And those who “live within the meaning of a shared soul”/ giving to each other both time and love to create what becomes their life. The middle ground here, is occupied by religion/ which seeks to control sex as a means of controlling people.  To assist in this, sex is vilified and degraded/ and people are led to believe sexual existence “is bad”. On the other side of this line, are the people who insist that being free means;   giving up your body to those who ask; no price/ just free.  But of course life, particularly for women who can then become pregnant is not so simple.  Add in sexually transmitted diseases, and the purposes of religion are found less severe.  As the distance is extended out, from either side of this line: people look for answers/ that will give them peace, by allowing rules to be their guide.  But rules are all made by men, and many men are unable to control their sexual existence/ so they lie.  Women on the other side of sexuality also lie/ deciding “all is fair in love and war”, which then leads to the insolvency of every relationship they achieve.  The extremes are committed to themselves/ and will always be, what they have truly chosen to be.  It is the “middle ground” that seeks a decision, and knows not what it may be.  Therein all further discussion is about this group/ divided by the line: sex is either good/ or it is bad, but can be contained with rules. 
We begin by identifying sex as it honestly exists.  That means simply:   that sexuality for both men and women are born into us, as an intended specific part of our experience and expressions of life.  Sex itself is neither good or bad/ but exists as the medium within which we are able to share with a human being of the opposite sex, an opportunity that exists no where else:   the chance not only to share, because we care/ but to grow within the essence of love that we have already created.  More simply: truth creates trust/ honesty identifies reality, and respect responds with honor to create the blessings of love.  Therefrom love becomes our gift to each other, the passage we create as a participant in each other’s life: sexuality bonds the experience of true trust, to the reality of a life that is shared.  Not simply given/ but shared, in its essence as life for you and me.  This is the base level of sexuality as designed into the human experience of life/ between male and female.  And is known within the extreme called true love.

The alternative view, of chemical existence/ and the rodeo ride, that intends and expects to take from you an experience just for me.  Uses sex as the battleground between people to judge whether “I am winner/ or loser”.  Those who deviate into sexual disgrace, are those who judge themselves as winner or loser/ and apply this disgrace to the meaning of their lives.  Saying of themselves, I am/ when in fact clearly, you are not.
The element of every decision that matters, which then  decides what level of truth; you will occupy:   is the relationship we share with the concept and certainty of what is value to us. This is a relationship, because value is a decision/ and if a decision then it is separate, and awaiting our choice.   Thereby the elemental descriptions of life as valuable or not, is depicted by the terms that we set to achieve this relationship or not.  Those who love DO ACCEPT AND ACHIEVE a relationship with life formed by respect.  Those who do not accept that life itself, has value/ lose their respect and as a consequence let the relationship we share as a living creature with life, simply die.  These are the concepts of value/ they are built upon the certainty that is respect.  And in terms of sexuality and love, respect is the great “participant” that decides what matters in your time as life. The lack of respect, the fundamental playground of those who die.  It is a playground, because the people who fail to grow up with heart and soul/ are those who die inside.
We then encounter, the elevations of heart and soul, as steps to the creation of our own eternity.  Heart is the opportunity to share, as is created by the experience of caring.  Caring is a choice built upon the simple truth: I do believe this one is as important as me/ this life, as important as any other on earth. That is “one step”, in the elevation by respect, to the ascension past time, where all things are exchanged in love; for an eternity conceived by our relationship with   GOD.

 Or in the alternative experience, it is known that futility will bring fear/ lack of hope will bring depression/ a life believed to be trapped, will bring revenge/ and the discovery of violence, will multiply into hate. Jealousy is anger unleashed, but hidden as “your fault”/ when in fact;   the subject of that jealousy, has little or nothing to do with the fact “the jealous one says: I am loser, inside”.  Do not pity them, it is a choice.

HERE, the lesson is quite clear, that the foundations of every choice made by humanity:   IS PREDICATED upon the experience and choice that is respect.  The question that erupts is then:   how and why and when, do we make this choice for or against respect?  What is the fundamental reality involved in the foundation called human decision?
The answer is assembled by our relationship with truth, or lies.  Truth is a relationship because we must not only experience it as life/  we must choose it as well, OR we lie.  That is because, our reality rests upon the experience of freedom.  Without that decision, there is no validity to life: we are “frozen in time”/ and that is death, rather than life. Therefrom, it can be seen that this simple fact alters the environment of security, called human without discipline or freedom/ and demands that a choice shall be made.  Because if you do not make a choice/ one will be made for you. That choice is a lie, because “TRUTH IS, WHAT IT IS”. Truth is not a choice/ but a reality.  To alter that reality, and create delusion or fantasy or disgrace, is strictly a human decision.
Here then, we begin to understand the true basis of our human existence is determined by what we do, or do not do with the demand of truth, to participate in this life, or die.)

Some will ask the question: what makes us decide individually, to seek truth or lies?  The answer is: that we are given freedom, because ONLY YOU can make this decision. While others may indeed influence your reality, only YOU will make these decisions about truth, respect, and love.  Because you are not only free/ but demanded by truth to do so.

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