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Thursday, 30 April 2009

The mind, part 2

The elemental question is WHY do we choose as we do/ WHY do we believe as we do/ WHY are there differences/ and WHY do people fear as they do?

Why, is the single structural element/ but love is the bond. Hate is always a destroyer/ and needs no thought, because it is only an element of death.  Therefore why belongs to the environment of love/ while hate belongs no where but to chaos, or the end of life in time.

Every aspect of why is then permanently linked to love, and all discussion is based within that reality.  Therefore we begin in the discussion: what is why?  The answer to that is simply: the builder of questions.  Everything built, has a structure/ therefore why represents the component elements of a question that exists: from which we take the parts we can perceive and ask, is this necessary?  Here begins the essence of a decision, the simple recognition of an option to change.  The reality that love allows freedom, and freedom allows change.  Recognition is then based, upon the elemental truth, that I DO recognize love inside.  What people do to themselves in freedom, does not detract from the fact, that love presented itself to you. However what people do to the others, through that freedom, DOES present the distinctions of love or hate.

Before the question of why can appear/ there must be recognition of a reality, by the experience called “you”.  To achieve the expression necessary to understand the elemental being “of you”/ a critical truth must exist.  That truth is love, and it is important because: until a passage has been built between what is real, and what is fundamentally frozen in time/ there is no movement within the mind.  The question of life, now appears as a participant in elemental creation, as the moderator between what is frozen (unable to change), and what is real (functionally capable to be what this was created to be). Life, is then the passage between these two developments in time. The question of movement, is based within three distinct relationships: discipline, freedom, and rhythm.  Each of these is necessary to create the functional demands called human. Discipline is the adherence to critical limits within reality/ freedom is the assertion of critical acceptance that a boundary, is not necessary for me/ and rhythm results from the compromise between discipline and freedom that warrants the understanding called “motion”.  Or more simply, the development of a time to experience and express life itself. Motion, is then a critical asset of the experience called life. Expression is the fundamental realization, that I have an opportunity here, to change for myself, the possibilities that I am.  We now have 4 distinct dimensions, to the elemental pathway to change: motion, life, realization, and opportunity.

Motion is the basis, or foundation of change. In the element called time, every aspect of a motion does represent change.  Therefore change come to be understood as motion in time/ recognition by the brain is then related to these opportunities as  measured through experience. Life, is an experience/ thereby as reality becomes measured/ life becomes known as the purpose of an expression. Here, the division created by freedom and choice find their own separate paths. Life itself, remains where the fundamental purposes of time began.  The question of life, will not be discussed.
So we now return to time, and the expansion of our abilities to perceive WHY, and ask the question: what does rhythm actually mean?  Rhythm, is the functional development participating between discipline and freedom, for the sake of human motion. Rhythm is the predecessor of knowledge, as it counts and defines measurement. One of the critical question then being:   how does rhythm work, in the conscious senses of a brain? The answer is a “timed expression”/ or more simply we learn to participate within the environment described by motion, as an elliptical translation of the parts and pieces in motion/ by replacing that portion deemed unnecessary, with our own desire and purpose.  We then conceive of harmony with the rest/ or distort that harmony to achieve the imbalance required to arrest or control the motion being established.  Therein we learn that desire and purpose come into “the light”/ through the understanding of a rhythm controlled.

The question called desire, is a true relationship with freedom, and discipline/ under the guidance of life.  Life is the treasury and source of a constant called value.  It is that value, that ultimately conceives of desire. BUT freedom is allowed to manipulate and change value in life, according to its own design.  Discipline however is challenged to adhere to the values created by life/ the consequent relationship you share with the life inside of you/ until an identity is formed:   is then determined by how you choose to participate in discipline or freedom.  The question of purpose, is the elemental design of identity/ as this identifies and forms the basic levels of interest that will become your association with life itself.  What you choose in freedom and discipline, participates as an opportunity of change.  But what you become in the decisions that are a purpose to life, illustrate and identify the reality of who you wish to be “the light/ or more correctly, the descriptions that identify you”.
We now have the 4 distinct dimensions, to the elemental pathway of change: motion, life, realization, and opportunity/ and combine them with the dimensional descriptions of a desire, a purpose, and an identity. 
These are sufficient to create the understanding of human existence:   as a decision critically influenced by self.  Self is an alternate dimensional existence/ which stands as resistance to change.  Self is the environment created by the structures identified as dimensional/ and established by energy to be the containment vessel that must be used to express or explain or experience the rest.  Life adds, the essence of male or female/ by the chemicals produced; and the body inhabited. And human exists.
In terms of qualifying the wide variety of decisions that are made by humanity: the elemental choice provided by life is again as simple as   “Either for love I do choose this/ or for hate”; everything else is merely survival or a behavior learned in society to participate either with or against someone else.

The choices of love examine the heart, and conceive of soul/ whereby we learn to communicate with the life that is inside of us.  The choices of hate, seek revenge against the living, because they cannot stand being less than god. Violence is about proving, I can “be greater” than you/ the obvious flaw is, nothing is greater than life itself, and to destroy life means:  YOU are far less than the life you chose violence against.  The law intervenes, so that love need not judge; reality constitutes a need, to confront and control violence; so the variations of truth are not so simple as any form or violence is hate.
The compounding of love or hate, forms the basis and identity of what you do or do not believe. Love compounded by respect illustrates and identifies that CREATION is an application of love itself/ proving that with ease and grace/ hope and happiness/ opportunities and possibilities in freedom and discipline to learn and to choose for ourselves, and our future:   that OUR CREATOR does indeed love us!  Therefore if we search, the potential is:   that we WILL encounter a greater experience and expression of that love within us.  It is a hope, that we can “cultivate like a garden”/ and reap what we grow.
As to hate, these people agree within themselves that life is a participation in futility, and need not be greeted with respect/ but used, today, for all that you can get.  Hating those, who stand in the way of everything these want.  Pride illustrates the games for winner/ or to make you loser.  Power plays with the others to pretend “we are gods”.  And revenge hides within the development of violence so that fear may erupt.
The differences in desire as to love or hate/ are then found rather than created within the base elements of respect.  Truth creates respect/ thereby those who lie cannot attain it for long.  Respect is an identity conceived by love, treasured by its commonality with true life, and is devoted to the understanding of truth, so that honor & happiness will be our way.

Fear is an alternate development to respect/ whereby the elemental demand is: to accept, life does not love you/ thereby you are considered worthless and devoid of value.  Fear separates life from the reality of self/ and causes the heart (our shared love/ because we care) to be concerned with violence.  The critical demand is: don’t believe in eternity. 
Soul disagrees.  It is your choice.

The question is then why, do we have a choice:   to believe or accept by faith in eternity/ or join hate in believing life is nothing more than “this time”?
The answer is: humanity designed their own experiences here, within the terms of men. Although the door to eternity has never been closed/ the passage into truth, does not allow anyone who fails the test called time.   Love and hate, are enemies. Love and respect are companions, “all the time.”  Because human existence is by the design of men/ eternity is a door conceived without the influence of man. If you have no respect/ then you have no love.

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