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Thursday, 30 April 2009


The intricacies of the mind

A reality defined by the existence of an opportunity called measuring. To measure means:   to identify, define, and judge according to the rules, that you have accepted or set.
Before critical analysis can occur, it is necessary to understand and create the fundamentals which conceive of the parameters which give the mind its “focus”.  These are body, the physical existence of relationships that can be measured, by the assumptions accepted within the mind.  Heart, which is the expressions of a life, by the direction love or hate creates.  And soul, the experiences of life; translated by the experimentation and decision of each and everything that can touch our existence. Thought in the beginning, is an envelope (a medium, that seeks a destination)/ within it, the journey we create, is our world.  These are then the base parameters of what develops as mental existence.  The formation of boundaries, a function of the risk we are willing to take/ the price we have paid.

The mind is an elemental dimension, within which the human heart lives as a description of want.  Want is the assembly of what the mind measures as “valued”/ while pride is the assumptions created when that value has been captured and controlled by you.  Here, begins the secondary value system, understood by control of the meaning, of a description called “you”.  Or more clearly, the mind functions to measure/ but the value of what it measures has no worth, until it meets the creator of your human expression, called “you/ me/ I/ etc (we will just use the word, you, in this example)”.  So the question begins:   what does it mean, to say “you”?  The answer fundamentally is, what you perceive to bring or be of value to “you”/ become the descriptions of your life, because these are the belief’s or realities or work that you choose.  This value determines the boundaries which you will set. These parameters create the fundamentals of who you are, as a human being.  
From here then, we do understand the foundation of measurements by the mind, create the fundamentals of what you will become as a human being.  Consequently, what, how, when, where, and why you choose to measure existence and energy;   ARE the most basic developments of human existence as the conception called you.  They are not however life itself, nor are they the fundamentals that give truth, the possibilities of an identity described.  Life is not a measurement/ life is a blessing within the experience of energy, that creates within our own formations in thought, the expanse and expressions that will become our own eternity.

But this is about our human lives, and we then return to measurements called the mind.  The steps that begin in measurements as the association of a choice, with the relationship that is our existence and experience of life/ begins with the simple recognition, that we can register and regulate existence by the things we accept or reject.  Every measurement is an acceptance based upon what we believe/ every rejection is a measurement based upon what we do not believe.  Thereby the human mind exists within a framework called judgment, because we choose to take what is factual/ and apply it to the existence of what we believe, irregardless of whether that belief is true or false.  It is a choice to believe/ but that choice is based upon the foundations laid by those who have come before us.  We choose, according to what “the elders have taught”/ but we believe according to the value we choose to assess their lives to be worth to ours.  Therein every member of society, that you come into contact with as a mental being, will be judged according to the realities set into place by those who have preceded you/ AND the base foundation, of a heart that yearns for love or hate.  It is this choice, this reality of experience created by the expressions of love or hate, that define or establish the direction we shall go.  Direction is the establishment of a base line dimension, from which either love or hate will grow.  More correctly love grows as the disciplines necessary to aid and establish respect and truth/ while hate dies, and the tragedies of chaos, and lies come to disgrace existence into believing eternity will be hell.   As you can see: “the elemental path chosen by you/ becomes the creation of an eternity demanded by you. Demanded, because life needs a purpose to survive, a desire to achieve and create the existence and expanse called hope. Hope illuminates the expressions of love, and creates the pathways into thought that become the experience of our soul. 

The lack of hope, established by hate/ consumes those beginning experiences to become the element called power, by which hate learns;   humanity can be bought. The road, that leads to the cities of men, is strewn with the bodies bought by this pride. Pride says, “I can be god”/ power says, “I am god over you”/ lust says, “I am everything, therefore I take whatever I want”/ and selfishness says: nothing but what I WANT, shall ever be important to me. A dying heart then says, of what value is it to believe in life or people/ what good will they do me, when I die. And then, why should I not take everything I can get.
A living heart goes in the opposite direction, and recognizes the value of each and every life, each and every aspect or component of a nature and existence/ every moment of an expression or experience that is the blessing of time in this place: where hate does not rule.  Respect is an environment of our experience as value to this world, within ourselves.  For without our own experiences as life/ there can be no respect within us.  Or more simply, if we are not alive/ then neither can we love.  Here/ the division that is fundamentally life or death arises to foresee:   that our lives are not more important that the love that exists within them, therefore what is love decides for our participation in time, that we may receive both, and know the elemental reward of existence is the thought which transforms and translates reality into the truth called eternity. Love is an identity, created within the truth that will express respect as the single experience most likely to conceive of love, family, hope, and eternity itself.  Truth participates in thought, and thought participates in life: together each of these, thought, truth and life conceive of forever. But forever, is a journey.
“We will pass by time, for a bit”. 
The essence of journey, is the creation of a direction as the purpose of my hope, the ascension of a destiny to the desire of my heart, and love as the value of my life, then offers passage beyond the elements of time.  The question is, what has more value than time?  The answer is, what has more love than humanity.  JESUS begins this answer, and life follows behind, as the most elemental guide to “new and different things”.  What has value, to you!

These are spiritual journeys, that exist/ BUT ARE only allowed in truth, when the mind has cleared and cleaned itself of all other beliefs as are practiced and conceived by men/ by humanity in time.  To pass beyond the limits of time/ time must be removed.  To fail, is to encounter all the variations of time that exist within you, as fear.  Consequently, the compositions of what you allow inside/ what you choose to accept by the definitions created by people or media or fantasy or whatever it is/ are roadblocks, that will seek your death.  If you do pass these by/ then death also comes, in the elemental description: you can never truly return, to time.  You have become spiritual, whether a life that remains in time or not.  But these are descriptions that few will know, MERCY is enough.

Returning to the mind, we begin with the assumptions of value/ and herein identify the cradle that grows into love or hate, as the single variable: peace.  Those that will adhere to love, DO choose peace.  Those that will adhere to hate, DO choose violence, believing it is better to be god/ than to be a part of creation.  Those that will refuse to decide, become “the middle ground”/ and will fail to find in life, true happiness; ending their days in fear, or so much pride they can continue to hide until the last moment, when all body fails.

The question is then, WHAT is peace/ that it becomes the single participant defining direction?  The answer is:   an elemental bond with Creation itself. In essence this journey of love, begins through respect to participate in Creation, as the honor of that love delights in the understanding of truth and peace.  Peace, because this allows the acceptance of time as the passage between “HIM, and me”.  Those who refuse, or fail to HONESTLY  accept, become “the middle ground”.  Those who deny the connection exists, become filled with hate; the end result is chaos inside.
The critical question called a bond/ is not for discussion.


So then, we have now created by definition the three basic components of human life.  Those who choose peace, as an honorable existence in love through respect/ those who know not what they accept, or largely just don’t care/ and those who choose violence, as a participant in hate.  These three groups form society as we know it/ history as men have perceived it.
The question then begins as:   how does the mind measure and create the variations and associations common to life on earth, that form society itself?  Those who love, do love; as best reality, relationships, and environment allow.  Those who do not care/ are depressed/ etc; wonder in and out of love and hate; but primarily spend their time in games.  Those who hate,  hate; plotting and planning for the day expressed by violence.  Therefore the two groups at the extreme edge are participants only through the influences they represent to the others.  Those in the middle, are the essence of human society itself, because they are so very many.
We then return to the element called value, in the lives of human existence.   And ask: What has value, and why?  Clearly the fundamentals chosen by these people are:   “Look at me/ listen to me/ do what I say/ have sex with me/ be my friend/ I will use my body/ and I will use your life.”  In that order.

Look at me, is an elemental saying that originates in childhood; as the request to play with me/ I don’t wish to be lonely.  It gravitates to an elemental position of: I wish to make you pat attention to me. 
Listen to me, underscores the need arising in childhood, to be respected as an equal participant in life; pay attention to me, but respect me as well.
Do what I say, elevates the measurement of others, to your own judgment of them.  Thereby it is the first request, “to play god”.
Have sex with me, arises in the teenage years; and illustrates that the body itself is becoming important/ demonstrating body parts CAN influence the mind, therefore it has value.
Be my friend is an elemental trade of freedom for responsibilities.  It is the beginning of wisdom, the search for possibilities beyond myself.
I will use my body, is the excuse created by those who are failing in the other four definitions.  It is a demand for something called value, to be for me.  If I find no help (or insufficient help for me)/ then I will assign help for me with my life, to be “_______”.  Such as food, work, exercise, extreme risk, and so on.
I will use your life, is the beginning of descent into the consumption’s called selfishness.  Here, the others are discarded, and the reality is changed from possibilities of hope/ to the elements of violence.

These arrangements within the mind, are participated in by all, who refuse more extreme developments of participation.  Therefrom to compensate for the lack of a bond to life/ the game is born, from a desire to “be a god/ over time”.  To play god, is to conceive of judgments that become power and pride over others.  To conceive of being god, as do all who choose hate/ is to assemble the means to intervene and overpower another, and make their choices for them. Violence follows close behind/ because it seals over, or intends too; the fact you are not god/ but just a fool. 
Developmentally however the games of men and women and children, are largely less excessive; which is why the middle ground exists in the first place.  DON’T        wish to make this decision/ will run or hide instead;   lets play games, lets talk about less, so that none face reality. But reality always seeps in/ and truth will never be denied for long on the inside: where YOU cannot hide.

The variations of living with games, requires a long listing of examples and facts/ developmental analysis and knowledge, that are functionally unnecessary at this time.  The point of an exercise in learning, is to portray the variables so that YOU can exercise your own understanding and create the wisdom knowledge offers you.  Unlike “common schooling”/ the purpose of an education; is to provide the platform for you to think about specific elements that transform and change reality, by the truth we perceive.  It is not, “to memorize” what someone else provides.  Use your mind/ and participate as best you can/ understanding games people play, are subject to rule change.  “Its all about winning” you know.

What is not subject to simple analysis, are the variables that “live with us”/ rather than are chosen by us.  These are: male/ female/ loneliness/ and survival.  Not a choice essentially, but a consequence conceived of by what we do possess in time. Possession is then the dimensional equivalent of an environment within which we must stay, or there shall be consequences.
We begin with simple assessments: to pass beyond survival, is to enter within the experience of truth as an absolute reality; or more simply, the fundamental environments that cannot from then on, be changed.  Death is such an absolute/ but spiritual existence requires the same. Love or hate, has been extinguished; leaving the other to conceive of your world. As we pass through the various temptations and decisions that conceive of our world, what we choose to be our truth (the others are irrelevant/ what is your truth inside, becomes the essential path to your future).
Loneliness is the dimensional existence, between life and living;   the elemental discovery, that merely living is not enough to sustain us as life.  This lesson, becomes the composition that leads us in living to express and maintain the values that become love sufficient enough to move past the middle ground and become a true choice for our own life.                       Or, “the opposite way/ if you fail”.
Female is a discovery platform that conceives of life within the development of family.  Therefrom the essential demand is a relationship that will build the vessel of our love. Vessel meaning, the opportunity to share existence as one, with another; preferably male: “because like lock and key/ we were made for each other”.  More than that is a guess.

Male is an elemental path, confronting life to discover and assemble the various influences that give me happiness. It is the discovery of loneliness, that produces the desire for woman, as more than the display of sexuality.  Consequently what is male searches for life, what is truth identifies the existence of life without love lacks value, and what is a foundation built upon friendship and truth;   displays and creates the levels of trust that become our home.

The elemental needs of male and female, are for each other.  But male and female pride have made this demand a battlefield, wherein both are constant casualties of the other, and in the end; both lack the skills and respect necessary to achieve true happiness, because they played games, instead of lived life as one. Sexuality is the decision:   to use and abuse/ OR to help and defend for life, against loneliness/ OR to participate within the acceptance of rules/ OR   to love with your whole heart, because trust has made it possible to conceive of eternity: but you must be cautious here, because failure in one or the other causes real harm in both. It is necessary, to remember we all need “good experiences with the opposite sex” from time to time/ or tragedies can and do erupt.  People surrendering, because they believe, they failed.  This leads to sexual deviation/ obesity/ rape for some/ insanity for others/ and a wide range of developmental or emotional stress lines that make it harder for them to communicate “I just need someone to be my friend, particularly of the opposite sex”.  Not every human act, is about reality as you see it/ much is about the reality few are honest enough to recognize.  Few, have ever understood me, or cared enough to try;   that is a lesson to you. Don’t judge/ let the law do that, but remember to temper the law with reality, and understand life with a true and honest measure of mercy, as truth allows.  If its not your life/ it is someone else’s! Don’t forget this.  Also remember this, nearly toothless, half bald, got breasts, talk funny about certain things, etc;    But there is still value here.       Don’t judge, be kind as life allows.

Remember this: that even though truth will demand a critical foundation, as people; we are all allowed to create the environments of our own truth.  “Nobody completely wrong/ because we are free”.  Hate is wrong, but it is not essentially human/ rather it is simply “the enemy of peace”. You are free to choose it/ but you must accept the price.


In a conclusive sense, the mind is either very strict/ or very loose with your own conceptions of life.  The middle of these extremes, are where happiness resides/ but to attain happiness, it is necessary to both be disciplined, and free as well.  Freedom allows the essence of discovery to include all possibilities of a life in time/ giving happiness through our ability to respect this beautiful world.  Discipline gives us the ability to assemble respect for life as our survival/ thereby our need to accomplish the basic and real elements of living that keep us alive.  Without both, happiness is limited by reality.  Remember always to “bend with the winds that blow hard/ because these are demanding you will break otherwise”.  That means DON’T surrender your roots/ but do understand, that it is not possible to make other people do what they should do/ nor can you make them do what is necessary to do/ nor can you stop them from destroying themselves, if reality will not cause them concern.  It is that simple/ and instead of fighting, be calm, do your own best; give advice as you must (otherwise you participate in their trouble), and let them be free.  It is their life/ just as your life is also your own; no one owns another, not man and woman in marriage/ not slaves/ none of it.  Each life is free to choose for themselves, it is your body, your mind, and your time on earth.
If you are too severe, too strict with being stable and without a true allowance for the rights of others; even if you are correct.  The cost of that will be, time without joy/ a life without the benefits of peace; either extreme.  Peace is the embodiment of a time on earth, understood by soul: “to be for me, it is a gift/ not a job”. People will argue: my life is nothing but work, IT IS A JOB.  Others will complain, I get nothing for myself, I CANNOT survive all that work.  Neither is true, life is built upon the courage to understand what is true, and make choices based upon the realities you do face.  It is want, that enslaves most/ it is pride that enslaves the rest.  The difference between life and living, is the reality between discipline and freedom. What you do choose/ what you do understand as the price of your choice IN TRUTH/ participates directly, as the essence that will become your future.  Choosing well demands, “cannot have it all/ what is truly important must come first”. Even if reality is then, “not everything, life can be”.
The search for friendship, requires you to participate in the things people do.  Go to church if you like/ go to other churches/ go out/ get involved/ do whatever allows you to meet people, and understand:   “This is an adventure/ use caution, but don’t forget to have fun”.  Or more simply, be lenient with your acceptance of others/ the things they do; you aren’t perfect either.  Never know who they might introduce you to/ BUT DO STAY AWAY    from those criminal elements that prove themselves to either care about nothing, are violent, or express hate.  There is no friendship there/ just heartache, until they choose for themselves to change.  Its not your job/ its theirs.

The unfortunate price of sexual desire-ability is a body that looks and a mind that proves healthy.  It is not healthy to be too much overweight/ smokes too much/ drinks too much/ gambles too much/ fights too much/ argues too much/ or refuses to pay the minimal price of “cleaning up enough”.  Doesn’t mean these are not nice people/ just means your level of attracting the opposite sex has gone down.  Sexy to a man, beyond healthy: is a woman that IS PLAINLY not a man!  Pretty much that simple.  Sexy does not include anything so simple as “large or small breasts” (that is just personal preference, “they are lovely and desirable in every size”)/ rather sexy does include the honesty of a life that says “I am woman and I believe in the happiness it gives to me.”  More simply, translated this says: if you are a man to me/ I will be a woman for you.  What man wants is woman, it is not more complicated.  Therefore as all sales people will tell you:   give the customer what he wants.  The reality of people and their choices for dating; men and women are the same, “want the pretty one”/ but will learn, a life that accepts me, loves me, is far greater than any “picture”.  Friendship changes sexuality,  to you and me together/ not your body used by mine.  But the dating world, is literally about sales, and how to get past rejection/ consequently it is necessary to compete as best you can. All the good things start from here, if you are honest and true to life. Loneliness is the true indicator of who is ready to commit to “a lifetime”.  Don’t tempt, it is a sign you have no desire for me/ simply want something from me.  Don’t flatter too much, it is a sign you believe I can be bought.  Don’t spend too much, it is a sign; something is not real here.  Don’t lie, it is proof/ trouble is ahead.  Don’t change honest things, either I am who you desire to be with/ or not. Don’t trust, until it is truly time to trust, because life has provided us both with substantial truth over time.  Go ahead and ask for sex if that is your request, it will begin a different relationship if that is what you want: could go either way.  Don’t be shy about contraceptives, knowledge about std’s or any other thing that can be involved in a sexual relationship.  If you are going to have sex/ then you do have a right to know, including pregnancy: “and what will happen then”.  Sex commonly trades romance, “for bedroom walls”/ don’t enter in, unless you are ready for that. Romance is the blessing, of knowing this person truly desires to be with me/ because of who I am: WHO WE ARE, together! Romance is not boughten with sex/ sex most often detracts from everything romance is.  If your dating is sex/ then you are not learning about each other beyond sex; and most sex is selfish, particularly it seems according to what women say, by men. If you are teaching your date “you are selfish”/ then why be surprised when they stop dating you.  Beware of the games/ sex for most, is a game to be won or lost: “most conquests wins/ on to the next one”.  Are you certain you “wish to be a trophy”? Trophies are shown off, receive a lot of talk initially/ and are then put on the shelf, and usually forgotten.  But if not, “the owner” of the trophy believes it must be kept “shiny and like new”. In other words, little tolerance for you as a live person/ it is the body that matters.

Dating is not “a hunt”.  Dating is an opportunity to say more than hello/ consequently be aware of what you wish to say/ what you need to say/ what you desire from life/ and what purposes are fundamental to your own existence.  If these things do not match well/ then dating will not be more than sex. We choose to love, doesn’t just happen/ we choose. But the people we choose, are those who can complete our lives.  Remember that, and understand what is true of you/ before you believe you can decide what is true of someone else. Life is not a game/ sexuality can leave scars, some never heal.  Marriage is not a game either: you do not own each other/ sex is not a rodeo/ happiness is the result of honest respect for each other/ and truth is an absolute necessity, because without it trust will die, and then the marriage.  Help each other, HONESTLY, AND WITH HONOR for your lives together.
For the sake of men; remember women are subtle/ they want you to pay attention to them:   but they do not want to be afraid.  Use appropriate behaviors, and be kind: treat women  honestly and with honor through respect.  Is that not how you desire to be treated?
For the sake of women; remember most men are fearful of rejection/ when young most do try to compete with the other boys. Its not about women at this stage, it’s a game.  Most young men walk up to the prettiest woman in the bar for example/ because they know, they will be rejected: “can’t say I didn’t try” (therefore a player/ can’t make fun of me)! There are those who know “we cannot compete, with the handsome ones”/ and they often become despondent, searching with deliberate excess in alcohol, drugs, etc: to replace this reality with “something”.   Consequently be more direct when you see this happening/ but do understand, young men in a group are less likely to respond, than men who are alone.  Most young men have no idea how to approach any woman;   be less subtle/ choose appropriately, and let the rules you create be clear.

In a town of one hundred people: how many people do you think will become true friends?  Dating is not much different/ just plain got to meet a lot of people before you find the right one.  Keep it in mind, and be open. Male to female/ female to male relationships are important.

And just for clarity: there are no more discrimination issues/ no quota/ no tears to be heard: you have made choices with your life, receive your reward.  With the election of Obama/ every black excuse has died. With the pathetic lapse of sanity that is homosexual agenda’s, and media panting like a dog, worshiping them / no discrimination issues left for you;  nothing for you/ take your desire for legal rights (as in marriage between “real people/ you live a delusion”) and attack each other in “divorce”.
With the rising of female to leader: you get to choose, no discrimination.  The rise in population of the latino cultures, make it clear you have a voice.  Many Asians, are finding money and power.   All done/ all equal/ no exceptions for weak or strong.  Simply the demand WE THE PEOPLE as a society/ are more important than you, a selfish individual demanding power and pride.

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