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Thursday, 30 April 2009

More realities of the day

lies and liars are in abundance, as critical truths are found to be “don’t like it/ lets continue to lie, fantasize, and be stupid”. The propaganda machines are rejoicing.
But reality is unconcerned, simply because truth will not be denied its due.  So lets review: chrysler goes to bankruptcy with labor the expected “big beneficiary”/ BUT they give not quite have the company to foreigners; a common solution among all US government authorities over the last few decades/ since Reagan.  What could go wrong?  Investors are vilified as “thieves and unpatriotic”/ because they want their money, just like labor and management.  But they are not treated the same/ the political answer is:   to make the least visible people pay the most “that’s the answer/ just like making the poor pay everything, just because you can”.  But wealthy people or hedge funds will hire lawyers/ and even though the judge WILL BE hand picked by the president:   THE LAW, is still a weapon that will not be dismissed without casualties.  May be the judge/ a scapegoat for political will: just pass it as we say, and then go to jail,   “Its what patriots do”/ isn’t that right?  What’s another 12 billion dollars to people who make FAR more than the average citizen?  Just $240.00 out of each and every workers pocket/ 50 million workers.  You don’t care, do you?  Not to worry, GM is right behind/ but hey you got plenty of money, right?  Oh wait, “I forgot”, NOBODY PAYS!  Ain’t that right, sure as hell can’t pay for the trillions being spent/ which means nobody pays: HOW CAN IT NOT?  Obviously, ain’t that so!

So lets ask the question, if nobody can pay/ what IS GOING to happen in our near future, at least with money; a concern that does not even top the twenty worst problems.  But “its what you do/ ain’t it”.  So lets review money:   they spend, by giving a few select people your promise to pay/ trillions of dollars; currently a promise of $240,000.00 per each, and every  worker/ or more to pay on top of everything owed up to 2008.
Sounds like a lot doesn’t it/ but added to the 2 million or more that every worker owed up to this point: their debts plus, in addition to their own expenses all the debt created by a 15 trillion dollar economy.  Hell its all good/ that was when EVERYTHING held promises right? But lets review:   $15 trillion dollars represents 50 million workers, EACH PRODUCING:   $300,000.00 each.  Not management, or wall street or business:   but each and every single worker producing for the nation three hundred thousand dollars/ janitor, garbage man, clerk, every single one.  Not a real number is it/ therein during those days, the reality was:   LIARS ABOUND!  And if the numbers were generated, its because of pyramid schemes all around.  Just like the federal government in this day.  Pay a little, and we will give you a “big return”.  But alas debts aren’t like that are they/ some people actually want to be paid.  Played the damn game/ WANT MY MONEY!  But lies aren’t truths/ they are just lies, and will cause chaos to occur.  Not like you did not know/ not like the world did not know:   ALL CHOSE to believe in numbers without a foundation in anything but fantasy and dreams.  Shame on you all.

Anyway, our reality in this day is simply: to pay all the people who have an expectation for “their reward” for stealing everything from the children/ and not being content with reality and truth:   “The government” must create new money/ it does so by simply printing it as inflation: but in this case, they refuse to call it inflation, because that would ruin the scheme to continue in lies, until it all falls apart.  But hell, what is wrong with that/    Going to take every damn thing I can get, who the fuck needs poverty;    Give me the damn lies!  Presto, in politics, “its done”.   But in life, there are consequences; as you have already been learning.
The critical question of all who worship the lies is: WHY NOW/ been doing this for years, AND GOT AWAY WITH IT.  What happened, surely we can continue; hell, WHY NOT/ DAMN IT.   I want, give me everything/ shit on the children, I am dying;   and deserve everything I can take with me.  Ain’t that so/ to hell with you;   we control government.

The answer to why now is very simple, as is seen in every single pyramid game that has ever existed:   more people are taking out money and resources/ than are putting in resources and money.  Consequently, for the people at the top to keep the money, they must stop pretending anyone else is going to be paid.  Or more simply; take the money and run. The big surge of people who intend to GET THEIR MONEY/ is just coming, the baby boom generation.  Ain’t going to work no more/ just be my slave.  Take a look/ NO possibility this is going away.  Every single day, more will come with their hands out/ more will quit working, thereby drying up the resources at the bottom even faster.   What really happened to create this?

The answer is:   led by the university/ created by the university/ demanded by the university/ designed and assembled by the university:   they decided “we are worth more than you”!  Period/ no debate, our lives are more valuable, and we want MORE MONEY than you can pay.  As these services are specialized/ they attacked society in stages.  The most fundamentally successful, being taking over all human resources hiring:    Ain’t NOBODY gets in here, without our degree/ WE DON’T SHARE.   But alas, that only actually provided a little more money/ because where reality lives, there is only “so much” and no more.  SO, WITH A PLAN/ they acquired government, and started giving taxpayer wages to the specialities:   to meet their demands.  Didn’t it work so well/ we got our money; piss on the debt: DON’T GIVE A FUCK, let the nation die, who cares?  The answer, not very many.  But alas, that too was not enough: the answer was pensions/   GIVE US THE MONEY LATER then.  Cause we want money/ GIVE US THE MONEY.  Didn’t that work well/ got paid even though didn’t get the money/ got promises, DEMAND SLAVES, hell yes, what a good plan.  But alas, that was not enough/ so greed opened the door to ravaging and rage: wherein every business was attacked with this money in the hands of wall street, and they carried off the nation itself, one piece at a time, with barely a whimper:    “CAUSE WE ARE GOING TO BE RICH”!  HELL YEAH!  But that too failed, because greed knows no boundaries:   so the fantasies begin, and delusion follows like a dog, panting for attention.  And the people say “its going to affect the children”/   but they mean:   GIVE US THE DAMN MONEY, TO HELL with the children. 

The end result is of course, the ravaging and rape have destroyed not only the stability of government, but the intensity of rape, has reached an epidemic rate in many critical resources and realities of experimentation and even life on this earth.  All because, “the university degree/ demanded we ARE NOT equal”.   A terrible disgrace, equal to what men have done.  Not a bit of respect in any, but a tiny few.
The “ adding to the bush reality/ the obama, and company” plan, has all but succeeded in putting an additional $240,000.00 PER WORKER back into the economy, by simply increasing the numbers.  “Going to get some, aren’t you/ unless greed takes it all first”.  These numbers will soon appear, and already are here: but the reality is of course, with more numbers/ the buying potential of what you already have drops.  But with more numbers, the possibility of paying your debts, IF you can stay employed becomes easier: the debt numbers stay the same/ but the money is worth less, so you get more.  To compensate for this reality, banks/ lenders find “penalties and interest” , and refuse to loan, because the money is going to be worthless.  BUT NONETHELESS, economies must function, so people will surrender and participate; we have little other choice/ but to declare bankruptcy and start from truth.  Who wants that?  So without bankruptcy, your reality will be; a struggling economy for the next two years/ and then immediate collapse/ resources dead/ ocean dead/ civil war beginning/ and world war immanent.  That is the price of believing in lies.  Its up to you.

So now what?  There are only two directions to go from here:   deeper into lies, which become hell and Armageddon (nature in chaos) on earth.   OR TO TRUTH, wherein all must remember reality, and accept truth will lead to life; and YOU WILL help, or you    Die.  Because of all the damage already done.  The evidence is against you/ the reality is change, or fail. And the world goes with you/ because they too participated in this themselves.   The simple answer is:   START OVER, AND LET TRUTH LEAD, THROUGH WOMEN.  Because men led us here, and this is “the best they did do”.  Not a lie or exaggeration/ this IS “the best they did do, for life on earth”. The ability and realities necessary, to exterminate us from very many threats in every direction you can turn. Fantasy and delusion will no longer work/ life is not free/ respect is not an option it is required for survival.  Only truth functions as the proper tool to establish change.  Life is not a game/ there are consequences.
I DO suggest you pray.


As to the swine flu:   it appears to be “just a taste of what is coming”.  After all, just like your economy;   you have used fantasy and delusion in every single reality that you could touch.  Not accepting the truth, that antibiotics are not food supplements/ mutilations/ poisons by the trillion tons; etc, etc, etc:   are literally going to change this earth.  That is without doubt, and will be impossible to contain without redirecting society to, “stay put”, and build where you are.  It’s a choice.  But it’s a choice that must be supplemented by help from around the world/ to the world.  That was your decision to become interdependent, and you are.  Fail to understand that/ and war with weapons of mass destruction will soon fall.  NOT because I say so, because that is what the evidence says.  Some will argue, 3 or 4 billion people dead within the next 5 years will be “just what the earth needs”.  But, lets review: death all around, tends not to be healthy, does it.  People surrender to it/ people go insane because of it/ people stop working due to it; so food production ends, and starvation begins.  Then come cannibalism and worse.  All because your greed is more important to you/ than life.   Change, how can you be so blind?



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