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Monday, 27 April 2009


Simple variations, alter the future.

Of the almost endless list of things that men chose for life on earth, one of the most tragic in many ways is the interstate highway system.  Described as one of their most impressive accomplishments/ it is in fact the reason public transportation and the variations of suburbs came to be, instead of a more dense living space:   in turn freeing, ground for food and animals and ecosystems.  The highway system turned into massive automobile expansion; another male “most impressive accomplishments”/ which then became the massive pollution, resource expenditure, money expenditures for roads, green house emissions, and on and on as are associated with the automobile.  Doesn’t mean I don’t like automobiles/ rather because population has increased so dramatically, these vehicles have become a huge drain on everything/ and give us little in real value as a return.   Both of these were solutions of the past/ that turned into major troubles for the future.  Consequently, every new method of choosing for life on earth, must be accompanied with the challenges to foresee the future and make plans that will allow life, rather than want keep us alive.  Want is an enemy, in every circumstance.  Desire is the elemental assertion that life must come first/ but if we can find a way, then our lives would be best suited, if we create this “instead of that”;  so says truth, and reality.

In the same vein, it is absolutely necessary to consider ALL THE FACTS, before accepting someone else’s ideas of what is “good for you”.  Such as the hybrid car/ wherein the costs of battery replacement/ the cost to environmental resources for building these things/ the cost in energy/ the cost in garbage/ the consequential costs of crashing them, and even the cost in personal expenditures over time to continue them.
Such things as the little flourescent’s to replace common light bulbs.  Might use less energy, but what about the materials put into the making of these bulbs/ what about breakage/ what about garbage or energy usage in making them/ or fundamentally working with them/ or resource usage, or precious resources lost for other things/ or the fact that they do no good at all in the heating season, as a regular light bulb simply adds to heating the house.  This must be weighed against actually recycling regular light bulbs by reusing the tungsten inside/ the aluminum base/ the glass.  To understand the decision it is necessary to ask the question are we about to run out of tungsten/ what does it cost to mine it/ what are the realities regarding that mining/ and the energy consumption of recycling these as opposed to using the flourescent bulb and recycling it.  And so on.  There is also alternative methods of lighting the inside with mirrors, even methods of removing heat from this sunlight before it enters the residence, and so on. The reality of choosing for the future, REQUIRES a full disclosure of the facts/ and an intensive search for the reality that will best serve us from all considerations, as we try to conceive of a better life/ a life that can survive.

The reality of using fertilizers for lawns/ chemicals for yards is ABSOLUTELY unwarranted.  For the sake of “pretty”/ for the avoidance of a few tiny insects that won’t harm you, tremendous damage is being done.  You are killing the bees, the bats, frogs, and much more;  destroying water, mutilating genetic structures and so on/ all for nothing but your pride.   The future needs that fertilizer/ the earth needs NOT to be further polluted/ life will soon need the water;   there is no basis and no reality, you are ruining the balance of nature with your chemicals/ killing someone’s future, because you don’t care enough.  This must stop, it is completely irresponsible.  One of the fundamental truths of chemicals is: these pollutants, are directly responsible for the demise and decay of all rural area’s.  Until there were chemicals/ there was room for farmers and their families.  A fact!  When chemicals came to control the weeds, there has been a steady surge: no room for people/ just money: GET OUT.  Take a lesson here.  Farmers hated weeds/ but they were in fact, the means and method to keep “the rich man/ let the poor have a chance”. In much of agriculture, the weeds gave the multitudes a chance, including the towns that served them/ but not anymore.   Instead trillions of gallons of water have been lost, untold probably trillions of tons of pollution has been dumped;   chains required by life lost/ genetic disciplines pushed to the edge, where pandemic’s occur.

We need the best ideas possible/ and that means opening the door to inventions (no cost, help instead)  and thoughts from all sources, as to what is in our best interest as society/ as humanity here on earth.  This is NOT A “YEARS DOWN THE ROAD” reality/ if we don’t conceive of a new world quickly/ this world will end soon.  That can be proven, in court/ where intentional liars are simply killed.  This is life or death for the world, and games will not be played.  As to the development of “new ideas” for government, an impact of millions of people telling the common employee what to do/ will not be resisted much.  Therefrom it is up to you, to organize and create a new women’s party, that will indeed be heard.  Be correct and honorable to life, and men will help.

In the same way that we can look at variations of choice in the structures that define our physical world/ we can also look at the reality of choices that affect our sexual world.  There are choices being made that change relationships/ that alter the possibilities of our future/ that deter and end happiness in people both men and women.  And more.   We must define them, and then we must carefully educate ourselves as to the benefits or failures that would be associated with these choices.  It is a choice for women, therefore their needs, demands, and desires come first; after that, as a humanity we can discuss what is best.  But in the end, it will be the choice of women/ it is their turn;   men have led us to extinction/ they have no more rights to lead.  That was their choice/ and for life to live,    DIFFERENT MUST EXIST.  While it is true, that I have been getting “lessons, in what it means to be woman; actually feel more girl than boy today, like it or not, its true”/   however real true & critical understanding of what it actually means to be woman does not exist.  Consequently you must declare these things on your own/ I cannot help in this.  The continuation of hope in women allows: that Fundamentally, there must be new and different safeguards for all women everywhere, so that none can be manipulated, abused, or used.  Opportunities are discussed in these sites/ more must come. There are a lot of things about men, that women do not understand; such as, “its not macho man that doesn’t go to the doctors/ it’s the man who gets the billing, that does not go.” There are many things women must learn to rule over men/ or more correctly lead, “life first”.

There are other fundamental realities to consider;   I have forgotten how many tillable acres there are in this world today:  those places not covered by concrete and buildings/ oceans/ mountains/ deserts/ roads, etc where food can be raised.  But we do stand as more than one person per acre of tillable ground, and have been living on the ocean to make up the difference.  But UNLESS true change comes very quickly for the ocean, it will die/ as far as a food source for us, is concerned.  A reality of life that can be avoided ONLY if truth is allowed to participate instead of want and money.  Its your choice.  In this reality, comes the elemental foundation that we MUST feed the ocean, to help it recreate substances for ourselves.  Our only choice, is dead human bodies/ a life for you, decision/ because we are too many people without an ocean to harvest.  Want does not matter/ reality does.
The simple plans of “sump pump  switches”, as has been defined for you/ to indicate if the ocean has receded abundantly will make you safer.  Added to that simple earthquake switches on gas lines and electric lines and water lines; will all aid, to stop the spread of fire in these events.  A very simple device: just a spoon like depression holding a metal ball/ on top of a signal switch.  The ball falls off/ and the signal trips a spring loaded lever/ or releases pressure in a containment vessel; to  turn off valves etc that are connected to it.

The elemental foundations of “planet green” does not start with the designs of men;   they want the game/ they want the money and power and pride.  Otherwise they WOULD START where real progress can be made quickly.  That means again: that there must be insulating of every building that is intensely used for housing.  REAL INSULATION, requiring thicker internal walls/ restructured ceilings and 3 foot thick insulation as a medium for the nation that means, the massive amount of resources used to create little enclaves for the wealthy, so that they can be “green”/ rather than the majority are not successful methods of using time or money or resources.  The elemental desire for hot water can be effectively negated with the addition of water piping inside the attic of buildings/ as these area’s commonly collect millions of degrees in heat throughout half the year and more.  A simple matter of using appropriate techniques to adhere and create draining with plastic pipes at the high points of the attic, and plumbing appropriately.  These add the additional benefit of fire suppression, as any fire that melts the piping will also release the water under pressure.   These two simple things, can reduce energy usage by over 30 % within two years, and should be more.  The demand: ANY business that hires someone beyond a simple business circle respective of “ too far/ not allowed to commute this far”: requires a penalty to both business and individual: this works with, some minimal reality, as to people who do live in remote areas’/ or who must travel for the work: where no other solution exists.  That fundamentally means:   work where you are at/ and remove the competition that travels too far.  Add, we sell what we make here/ instead of huge corporations controlling your lives and shipping things all over the world; and an additional ten percent can be saved. Demand acceptance of limits on air conditioning, and you get more.  Be fair with life, and heat only the area required for living as opposed to everything, and you get more.  Do the simple things like don’t dry dishes in a dish washer/ let it air dry on its own, any none heating season/ times a million plus homes, it is a lot of energy and pollution saved.  All without extreme change or vast investments.  Right here/ right now. Simply recycling all the aluminum cans, would be a tremendous reduction in pollution.  Returning to use of the fire and water that are already produced; such as the hot water released by power plants to run industrial processes:   so combine them/ presents a large reduction in pollution and energy savings.   You are simply foolish in much/ a change to being wise, responsible, respectful, and honest once in your lifetime, will fix many things. Stop lying, and start doing for life/ not for want, pride, or power.  There are no real discussions in cost/ all cost is a human element, and that means “it is you/ that stands in the way”. This is the end of “I WANT MORE”/ And the beginning of we must work together for life, today and tomorrow.  “Cap and trade” is a let the children pay.  Do better.

Repair the old computers and tv sets (teach the people to receive them how;   the area’s who create their own repair people, are first)/ ship them to area’s around this world that would love to have them, for free; and they will build infrastructure to aid and assist in their own lives/ that can even become business for you. Create solar distillation units for water,   in hot area’s, it’s a simple process of piping;  and lives will be changed. Establish alternate methods of cooking with the energy accumulator provided in inventions (other site wherein cattle or people or whatever power is translated into electricity on demand, and you will gain considerable. Establish the water accumulation area’s around the world to empty the ocean into them/ and life will gain.  Use the alternate method of capturing energy instead of impellers as designed “squirrel cage like fans” and capture the energy of this water movement and you gain more.  Use this design as an alternate when fish are running in big dams, and close off the other impellers, and the fish will do better. All these things are minimal matters/ very little effort for large gains.  More inventions are provided.

WHAT IS ABSOLUTELY FUNDAMENTAL to the future, is an understanding rules won’t build anything of value. Every rule is a demand “to be like me”/ every freedom thereby happiness, is built upon the understanding “I can be as I am/ its ok, so long as serious harm to other life does not occur”.  You are free to kill, damage, maim, be what you want.  But if you are wise, YOU WILL seek discipline, courage, honor, respect, and love.  Rules are the method most commonly used to describe yourself as a “god”/ I have the rule, therefore you must do what I say: listen to any religious person, same thing, if they have lost their way. Life on earth is already critically aware of what religions can and have done.  BUT the alternative extreme is freedom without discipline/ where failure and deceit live, as the means to create and demand slaves “you do the work/ I do nothing”.  Neither is fair/ neither life builds anything of lasting value.  Instead respect understands responsibility/ love accepts what is honest duty/ life remembers the truth, that we are transient relationships in time, a life today, but gone tomorrow.  Discipline aligns life with hope, hope creates from the honor established in wisdom “new and deliberate decisions” that will influence life in time.  Your own contribution, to life and time on earth. Lives change with love or hate, the question is:   to which will you belong.  If you remain on “the middle ground”/ then you did not care enough.  You simply refused love, and the needs of another life on earth. Love is a need, because we can die inside without it/ becoming hate.  Love is a relationship that lives in freedom/ but cherishes life only through respect.  Respect decides the direction of your life.  Respect for all life determines the treasury called your soul.
LAWS BUILD/ but laws must be limited to what is functionally necessary to understand and define the critical realities of life and truth and useful to the support of life on earth.  Without law, there is no justice.  Without law, there is no society/ only feudal colonies, all fighting against themselves in an never ending battle.  There must be law/ there must be world law;   critically true to the conception of peace and stability on this earth.  Bringing the need for major weapons under scrutiny/ and assessing them, to be without the need to exist.  World law is about leaders/ NOT countries, or people.  It is the leaders who fail first.  It is the nation, that must decide for itself, if it will fail. It is the world governed by law, that determines if you will be allowed to “change us too”.

The relationship of man to man as a society, is one of confrontation/ we are born into it, as there is always someone who wishes to fight, ridicule, sneak, plan, or play with your life.  The consequence is, as a group men don’t listen to each other well/ and if they are listening, its for personal gain, nearly every time.  Women are now being trained, by the very same conditioning/ as media tries desperately to destroy the sanctity of being female.  Trying with nearly every production to tell women they are men, in some form or fashion.  It is not so. If you honor each other with respect/ there will be courage together as one voice shouting for a world to change for life.  If you do not/ but continue to detract from what it means to be woman, by allowing the competitions that men have created for you; you will fail.  Conceive of better.

Science and government are merely the realities of individuals, as common as any other man or woman in society.  The only difference is, these can change your life, if you let them.  There are no rulers in humanity, worth following!  There is only truth, as determined by reality assigned and accredited by the common sense of a life lesson, that creates the understanding we all use simply to survive and stay healthy if possible.  Don’t believe the talkers/ don’t listen to “pay attention to me/ look at me/ listen to me/ do what I say”.  INSTEAD TRUTH is an ally that fundamentally knows what we need to do, or not do/ reality assigns to us, what we can do/ when/ and why.  The university says “it knows the truth”/ but without a brain in their head, as is evidenced by genetic crucifixion of life on earth/ nif, wherein they want to bring the same fire as is on the sun here to earth/ or cern , where they desire to recreate the single most destructive event in the universe, right here on earth: [there are more].   The reality is clear/   THEY DON’T, KNOW A DAMN THING OF IMPORTANCE TO LIFE.   Consequently some acceptance of actual use, through the evidence clearly proven as reality; can be considered.  BUT the facts of what is in the best interest for life on this planet, cannot be conceived by their “big brain”.  Apparently it died along the way to absolute pride, power, selfishness, and stupidity.        And that’s the simple truth of it.  Doesn’t mean they don’t have something to add/ does mean, these MUST NOT lead. Life is first/ not arrogance, deceit, or fantasy.

Men want power, pride, and selfishness/ this is why they build big projects; to say “look at me/ see what I did, that you cannot”.  And then arrogance applies “worship me/ pitiful ant”.  Stupid doesn’t matter/ so long as its big or powerful, so as to ridicule the others.  This is a constant in male driven society/ not all men, most men;; part of this is about women, and the intent to say, “I am the one you want”. Part of this is about the other men, to prove you will serve me/ not I you.  And part of this is to demand:   “Do not attack me, I am powerful”.
A primary battle for women is then to recreate life in society without this constant battle.  Men will push for “great things/ look at me”.  But as women you must recognize what is sane, rather than insane;   and establish what is critically true for the balance and purpose of life/ rather than what men want.  As time goes by in a peaceful world, these things will fade/ but they will never go completely away.  Remember, if it can go wrong, it probably will/ and that means:   RESTRAINT and REALITY must find ways to do better.

Never believe “leaders”/ ask for proof, and demand:   IF YOU ARE LYING TO US, to prison or execution you will go. No more tragedy, no more lying, no more    Power over us: nothing but the truth.  Stop the propaganda, and free the media to do their best instead of being controlled by money, power, or pride.  Review reality, including the asteroid said to be coming in a few years/ they are probably lying, just plain won’t tell if it is: find the truth, and then learn “like a ball being hit by a bat/ so is a nuclear explosion in the right place to change the course of an asteroid.  Nothing fancy/ nothing stupid, just plain and simple/ but the sooner it is done, if a real threat exists, the better.  Learn to be people again/ rather than sheep, being lured to the slaughter.    Find your own mind/ but learn its not what you believe that counts, its what truth can make you understand, that matters.  Life is too precious to be stupid. Stupid means: “I REFUSE to learn truth”/ not I can’t. 

It is common and real to say, People believe whatever the propaganda machines of media and government say. But they are led with purpose and intent, by the elements of university dedicated to finding ways to make you believe/ to sell you anything.  So, it is also fair to argue;   they do not think of your best interest, it interferes with their power and pride/ the want to do anything they desire, with your work and money.  Can’t be?  Well, another one of the critical issues of our time is the simple fact that we are using more oxygen for fire (all fire consumes oxygen), and we can calculate what we use as oxygen by the amount of fuel we sell/ how much oxygen is needed to make this burn.  We can easily calculate how many green acres of plants there are to produce oxygen by using satellite images; and we can understand by the few studies done, that we do use more than life on this planet produces.  It is a statistical fact/ and we can even calculate the year when there will not be enough oxygen for life on earth.   This has been told years ago, but not a single word have you found;   because your leaders don’t like the truth.  Nonetheless, what they want or you/ will have absolutely no impact upon whether you can breathe. Economic concerns/ don’t want to stop anything?  Don’t want change, then simply understand, in this day:   it was a choice/ that you did make. Tomorrow no choice will exist.
Think, investigate, examine the facts before you decide; its your life too.

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