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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

A more critical look at Revelation 17

The interpretation of mistakes and the false pride of men/ or more correctly the man, and men of this day.  Historical suggestions indicate, as it is the tragedy of this day in some parts of the world:   that men claim all leadership/ all rights/ all association with   GOD/   all prophetic utterance/ all rights to sexual decisions/ all command over women/ and by their own decisions, claim that any woman who does not obey the men who surround them, MUST BE DAMNED.   As is true in this day, was true in their day:   it is these men themselves who are damned/because   GOD   made men and women to be equals, but each in their own ways.
Therefrom the interpretation of this prophecy, although written and declared by men/ since it involved women, or more specifically a woman involved in sex:   they condemned her, because that was their judgment on all women, regardless of the reality;   if any woman dared not to obey men/ they were condemned.
We now begin: the angel (reality of truth, that lives in the lives of humanity, to aid and help/ or judge and condemn) with the seven bowls (a consequence of truth, sustaining the evidence of life on earth dying): says.  There will be a woman in the future who brings sex to this earth, in new and different ways/ the men will call her wicked;   because the women will follow her, and not obey men.   The many waters are a sign of many different nations, and the reality of power that will be established by these women. 

Verse 2 suggests, that the leaders of that world will desire an opportunity to participate with that woman/ and most will be thrilled with the answers that she gives. Questioning little, and not being afraid to listen.  This is the prophecy given.
This prophet then states he has a vision, that goes like this:   he is allowed to see, a woman who stands alone (the desert).  But quickly that woman is accompanied by an intense reality, that will not be controlled.  This reality holds within it, every imaginable problem and failure of this time upon the earth. The seven heads, means every conceivable solution is being tested/ the ten horns reveals, that every measure and means for the powerful to retain their power and pride, is being used.   This is the environment of the vision.
The woman involved is then described: dressed in purple and scarlet, in this day meant royalty/ glittering with gold, precious stones, and pearls means:   with many truly valuable things to give.  She holds a golden cup (a cup provided, or allowed only to rulers).  He then describes that cup as filled with abominable things:   yet she is described as bringing with her/ revealed upon her very body, all things precious to the men of these days, and even today. [that is in direct opposition/ therefore one statement or the other is a lie].  She is accused of the “filth of her adulteries”;   which means simply, that there is sex involved established by the woman/ rather than the men.  Wherever men have sex in biblical times, they are allowed/ whenever women have sex in biblical times, they are murdered by men, for not obeying their rule.  Consequently, anything to do with sex by women/ is considered a religious & moral  desecration:   because men judge them, not   GOD.  

The title, or description of this time, is then provided by the male prophet:   his judgment based upon what he sees.   Women having sex.  He asks “what on earth does this mean/ that women no longer obey;   it is a mystery, these women are not slaves”.  Even so they are judged, and the woman described is called the one who caused all this strife in men/ that they have lost control over women/   and even lost control over sex with women; therefore an “abomination, to everything men believe as owners/ rulers of women”.  So ends his vision.
The male prophet then tries to translate what he did see, within his beliefs as to what men are/ what he believes men are to do/ and what he believes women are as slaves to men.
The first set of beliefs are:   “She has ruined everything that we worked for, under the demands of Christianity, as men”.  That is his judgment.
The next set of expectations broken are: that this is allowed by   GOD.   So he questions spiritual truth, and reality replies: this is not against truth (why are you astonished).  The explanation continues verse 8,   the beast that will not be controlled, has plagued this earth before.  Now is not, refers to a reality that will not come back under control by the commands of men.  And because powerful men will refuse to surrender their pride and power, these men will lead this world to its death and complete destruction.   UNLESS TRUE CHANGE, BY WOMEN occurs instead:   is the conclusion of that reality.
The inhabitants of the earth, who do not believe in GOD, will be heartbroken and afraid of all that is going wrong with this world;   they will recognize, how truly threatened they are;  and realize that death is potentially coming.

The seven heads/ hills of verse 9 are the rising understanding of possibilities that extend the knowledge and wisdom of humanity toward Creation & eternity.  Seven hills, because they are elements of knowledge, by which other men cannot surmount or control;   in the hands of woman.  The seven kings are the designs of men who lead this world with their pride, power, and purpose called money.  The five who have fallen, are the three elements of money:   credit/ value/ and stability. The pride of intellect has failed.  The power of control, by armies, is failing. The one that is: establishes conflict.  The other one is, “is a leader of men, but will fail, soon after the world sees him”.
Verse 11 returns the world to the beginning of chaos/ after this “other one” has been found to fail. The power to control is gone, “the beast has returned; probably as the intellectual experts around this world”. But this too fails to contain this world with power or pride/ and is abandoned by the people.
The spiritual guidance of this man, then foresees the future for this world as follows.  Verse 12 suggests that the world will be divided into parts for war, as each version of men as leaders and their followers;    around this world prepare for battle.    But they will lose hope for themselves, because the people themselves will not be listening.  Failing to conceive of a plan to make the people obey, they all decide to follow a single individual battle cry:    “Its all their fault”!   An assault of “Christianity” follows/ because the woman described here assembles the descriptions of    GOD   that are most similar to a Christian religion, and this is a “christian prophecy”; thereby they think of themselves as “the opposition”.  It may be so.

The spiritual conclusion here is: verse 15:     The first reference to power (because the power of life in this world called time is granted by water, which then makes the body fluid, and provides motion) ;   is given to the woman/ still referenced by sexuality; and concludes as “peoples, multitudes, nations and languages”.  What she brings, covers the world, with conceptions called possibilities and hope.  Verse 16 the leaders of this world will hate “the woman”, and if left to their devices will do their best to destroy, discredit, and devour in any possible way, everything the woman has done:   because they refuse to surrender their power, selfishness, and pride. They will not surrender, and to retain control or regain control, these men decide to destroy the woman.  Verse 17 suggests, “that these men will be allowed to conceive of their plots/ they will be allowed to attempt to carry their plots and plans to conclusion:  because it will demand, that women and others, MUST indeed make their own decisions to protect and defend; or the woman dies.  This will cement the world into two camps:   one that wishes to destroy/ and one that wishes and desires to save this life on earth.  Verse 18 suggests:   “The great city” is the reality and truth of all women on earth, and their ability to rule this earth, by telling men what to do.

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