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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Elements of life

The creation of pride, results from the building of an environment that surrounds the individual with an assertion that I do control everything allowed within this environment, “I am its god”.  That fundamental foundation extends the allowance of a controlled environment to be, the control of anyone who enters therein.  The consequence of these two realities becomes the game that humanity plays as life/ but the game, is a lie.
Critical to the existence of life in time, is the reality of body and mind/ these are our environments, and they contain the maximum amount of control that we shall ever have over living here in time.  Pride is the extension of that environment over other influences that are not, our own personal bodies or mind. This assumption, although it is indeed possible to influence our reality here, fails to concede:   we do not even control  with absolute certainty, anything of body or mind [all die, most get sick, etc, etc, etc].  Therefrom, any assumption that creates an alternate world under our control is in fact a fantasy.  Consequently it can be derived that pride is our attempt to create a world, where our control is absolute; “playing god, for real”.  Because the others play the same game, there is jockeying for position.  Because some will win/ and some will lose; it is called a game/ rather than life or living.  To compensate for the game, people “flock together”/ thereby establishing, we are the same;  you cannot make us all losers. We outnumber you. When pride has built a trap around the flock/ the flock uprises, and kills the predator; as best it can.  As a consequence the game becomes more complex, and societies are formed to moderate all sides.

Law is used to blend and contain pride, by creating boundaries within which the flock is safe/ and from which a predator gets to be fed.  The law, as defined by human existence is then primarily a balancing act, between what humans want to do to each other/ and what they are allowed for the sake of peace to actually do to each other.  LAW that extends beyond these frivolous actions, wherein people use want/ rather than accept the desire for true peace and harmony;   is limited to truth, and refuses all expression of want/ reality decides.  The law of humanity, rarely lasts long in the translations of peace by want.  Instead want overcomes the law/ the court, the government, the police and more;   are infiltrated and infected with the disease of greed, and then societies fail. In an endless procession of want uses pride to build successive traps.  Societies fail because the flock (common people) fail to survive/ they quit working, or are excluded from work. And the predators then fight among themselves, ruining all that was built/ until chaos reigns.  When want has been beaten down enough, so that pride and power no longer rule the nation: THEN and only then, does rebuilding start. An entire human history as lead by men, exists within these walls of male domination.  Why?  Because men WANT money/ going to buy themselves women, slaves, trinkets and pride or more simply “look at me/ listen to me/ do what I say”; and when it has achieved true evil, the intent to be god over the others arises, to enforce power by fear, pain, and extortion.  Pride extends the compensation of a brain, to allow the freedom of worshiping your own fantasy; therefrom “a big brain idiocy” arises.  Or more simply, the assumption and assertion;   OUR BIG brains, make us,   YOUR god.  But as time proves throughout history, these failures are not as wise as the ass they sit upon.  At least it gives comfort when sitting.  The people, of “big brains”/ are always plotting and planning where pride shall take them.  Consequently, they built traps and pits for not only themselves/ but all life on earth:   “We found”/ but like every fool, a tiny fragment becomes the fantasies of mountains, and every living thing becomes the footstool they will use for a latrine.  These kill the earth, and then humanity kills them/ and then the people move on to somewhere and something else.  But there is no place left to realistically go, and we must stop pride from consuming everything we need.  Simple as that.  Life is not a game, as does your life/ every life has needs.  YOU believe you are smarter than any other living creature/ yet YOU are hard pressed to survive, if even tiny things go wrong;   how much less able to survive, are creatures that have less options than do you?  Think about it.  TRY to extend yourself, beyond selfishness/ at least once in your life.  Be alive, for a change/ you might like it.
Alive means, immersed in the experience of living, because we are surrounded by the expression of life.  Expanded within the elements of knowledge, that grant our own experience to be expressed as the understanding of how precious life is.

The removal of pride is the destruction of the environment that we create to insulate ourselves from being alive, as described above.  The removal of pride is the acceptance of life and living, within the terms it sets, and the reality we describe as truth.  The removal of pride identifies a participation in living, that is NOT determined by want, but lives as the essence of love: the participation in life of what is truly precious in me & you.  The removal of pride, demands: that people may see, whatever is real.  There are no barriers, even if that reality is only for an instant.  In other words, what you want or what you refuse to accept in any other person/ that is not hate: must NOT be judged.  What is hate, is an enemy of love.  But what is the life of another, is their life; and freedom demands an individuality shall not be crushed for less than permanent hate.  Insanity arises in fear/ fear arises within the conception that “I am trapped, and there is no escape”.  The consequence of that decision is an intent to escape, the reality of an escape from your mind or body which is not based in truth or reality: becomes the insane.  Limited insanity, such as is homosexuality, aligns itself with an escape from truth:   by recreating life in an alternate fantasy.  Violence recreates life as a description within which YOU are the problem/ and life will be better, if YOU are dead.  And so on.  Sexual fantasies, are bound within the chemicals released by the body, but fail as time proves these chemicals are simply not enough to call life.   ALL SANITY, is based upon the belief:   I AM NOT trapped, I have options.

Within the creation of a life defined without pride/ thereby without the barriers used to stop people from coming close.  Or in the alternative where one person is allowed to enter within the enclosure that is “your world, as life”.  There is the opportunity to damage and even destroy.  The consequence of that, is few people do so twice/ they are devastated, because what was precious to them, became worthless to another.  The foundation of pride for life, is then to keep the others away, and insulate yourself from tears.  The reality is “no more commitments from me”/ no more opportunities to get close to me/ no more tears, because I trust no one anymore. 

This is in fact, and by reality a fundamental personal tragedy to each and every life within which it occurs.  The reality of love, is then an exceptional power for change:   either good or bad/ based upon whether that love is actual and true, and shared within each one.  Our reliance on each other, as a compensation for loneliness, grants sexual compassion or passion to be a relief from aggression or the potential consequences of love.  By establishing a connection with an individual/ that is not a commitment to life, the elemental constraints of loneliness are loosed a bit; and life becomes better, without the critical loss of boundaries which make us vulnerable.  BUT NOT without a price.
It is our vulnerabilities, our open door to the life inside of us, that grants love its greatest potential to be “absolutely alive inside”.  Thereby the reduction of risk/ also identifies the reality of loss, that is true life itself.  The passage between souls.
It is elemental to love and to life, that REAL AND SIGNIFICANT TRUST, MUST be formed/ prior to the release of “doors” that blockade our existence from one another.  Real damage to your life, will occur/ if these doors are invaded by hate.  Consequently before life can be fully shared, without that risk:    the elemental path to true individuality must be formed within you.  Thereby even if the door is open/ there shall not be damage here, because your life has been established in truth.

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