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Friday, 17 April 2009

The foundations of life first are:

There are no more games, that means no more heros, no more winners, and no more losers/ instead, we are living realities that choose our destiny by the things we do, the purpose we do them, and the desire for heaven or hell that runs our lives.
There is no more want, that means the excuses are over/ the greed and excess confronted as an enemy and destroyed.
There is no more room for hate, that means the people who are determined to be enemies of “Life first” Shall be removed, in one form or another. Not anger, not “lots of things/ not everybody judged or measured: BUT a relationship created and established that fundamentally seeks hate in its every form, and challenges that hate to be changed/ or be separated out from life first/ or destroyed. There is no room in happiness, peace, and harmony for hate! There is no room in life among us, for those Who choose to be enemies, predators, or are too lazy to live, becoming little more than parasites. Hate is the evidence and clarity, that justice is not enough; “We want revenge”. Separation is not revenge, it is the acknowledgment “ NOT here”. What is freedom allows for whatever is a personal decision/ what is hate, is the confirmation that you do not want a personal freedom, you have chosen to take my freedom or peace or life and consume, ridicule, or destroy it. Because you want to. What is hate, conceives of lust as an answer, jealousy as a purpose for living, and arrogance as the means to power.

Life first understands love, friendship, honor, discipline, hope as happiness rewarded with life, courage, honesty, truth, and sexual passions called romance between woman and man are all good things that bring us together as one society, within the creation called sharing, caring, respect, and dignity; even nobility as life becomes a relationship with truth, love, and GOD. Love is the essence of everything good, peace the purpose of everything just and sanctified as harmony, justice the reality of how and what we do for each other as lives shared together in society and in time. Truth is the base element of every desire that becomes “a light for our lives”/ without truth there is only coming disgrace, death, and disrespect; without truth hate is born in the sewer of constant disease, as the reality of human conduct is proven to be in contempt of life.

The organizing of women requires the understanding of law/ NOT as men have made it the excuse of power and greed. But the law of life, wherein truth does rule, and reality does demand adherence to honor and discipline/ NOT MONEY. Greed is the simple reality of why societies fail/ power is the fundamental corruption caused by pride that turns every society against itself. The establishment of law REQUIRES the knowledge of that law among the people: that fact requires the law shall be “short, and simple, and easy to understand/ but not misinterpret”. That requires the laws shall be few. Anything else is a rule, and rules are limited to the protection of the environment, ecosystem, and chains of life. The relationship we have with business, agriculture, fishing, mining, and industry is VERY SIMPLE: these things provide the resources we need to survive/ they take from nature the price of our existence. But the price of our existence must not be the death of another generation, that is assassination by intent and delivery of death.

The current reality is very simple in america: greed shall be expelled/ YOU ARE BANKRUPT, therefore it is in fact a very simple matter of facing reality and proving to all the thieves, cheaters, liars, leaders, and those who simply played the game: that you will not be their slaves anymore. Beyond that fact, is a nation facing the very simple choice: EITHER you will acknowledge that money is not life, and work to rebuild this society in ways that do support life/ Or you will fail, and begin your journey into hell. Pride will scream/ want will think of murder: but you will make this choice and live its reality.
Should you choose life, the fundamentals are very clear: there is work for all, insulating/ creating alternative energy sources/ changing countless things away from money, power, pride, consumption, want, foolishness, stupidity, arrogance and death, and just plain hate; that the years will be full. No shortage of work, or purpose, or a decision to desire life as it was intended to be. Money, the ability to earn and use that labor and skill to support and defend your life, is as simple as society desires it to be: it is money, YOUR DECISION to work together for the benefit of all or selfishness/ MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION, and life will take care of itself.

Reality comes calling, and that means the elderly shall no longer make the children slaves/ no more free ride to nowhere, for nothing, without courage, honor, honesty, or value. In very simple terms these shall be worked out by the elderly themselves: BECAUSE YOU WILL give them a percentage as decided by majority vote: of the total income of the nation/ and the elderly shall decide how that money will be spent by vote among themselves. No income, means no “social security”. Nature does not defend the old, they die to support the young. No more medicaid, except for the young; all “government assistance” comes from your percentage of national income, and no more. There are no “programs of assistance”/ need help you will sell your home, and move to where “the elder programs chosen by the elderly” tell you to go. That is how it is/ no choice; because you are the people who did so poorly as to bring all this trouble on the young. Selfishness is your name, corruption is your contribution in time. Mercy is dependent upon the young/ no more stealing, no more lying, no more disease (who gives a damn).
The critical questions beyond the borders of this USA, are held to review as very much the same as yours. That means, what works for you, will work for them/ the battles you will win or lose, shall indeed show them what can or cannot be done (at least in the way you tried). The foundations which you will set, for life in society, for new ways and new methods and new government shall be “a light, or a darkness, that falls upon this world”. It is your decision/ because you are first: the first to disrespect this world/ the first to allow greed and power to consume your opportunities/ the first to make this world fear weapons of mass destruction and the end of this world. You will show life on earth a new way, or lead them to their deaths. Make your decision.
There is no going back/ no mercy allowed for stupidity or arrogance: either accept the price of life, or begin your journey into death.

There are fundamental processes that will be needed to survive; including the recycling of plastics/ that you may reduce their impact and production by 90%. There are deposits to be made on every recyclable product, that incentives may exist and reality not be disappointed in your acceptance of this need. There are alternate methods of irrigation that will be incorporated, and fundamental accounting to be done on every natural resource particularly water. YOU WILL make your decisions, and begin population control in truth and reality. You will establish water retention areas along rivers from near their beginnings all along the water shed as is appropriate to no more devastating floods. You will rebuild, instead of the idolatry of the past (worshiping theft and destruction, by consuming every good thing)/ you will build with honesty for life first: NOT money for your selfish greed and lust. You will do it well, or you will die instead; because that is the trap you built for yourselves. You will stop trying to control the others, and enable them for freedom/ but you will remember, that we share this world; and competition is for fools.

Our reality as a world is: if you continue to compete for anything, that resource will die/ because you are that many people. If you fail to share anything necessary, the world shall begin to die/ because there are so many people that they will annihilate their environment. BUT YOU WILL DEMAND, no help will come/ we will surround you and let none out: UNLESS you accept true population control, and prove its reality. In the terms of AIDS and any like disease, the most effective vaccine is “a vasectomy for men with the disease”. Those who accept this reality can be treated/ those who do not will be charged with murder for anyone they infected, and sentenced to death within one year. The girls and young women used for sex SHALL BE RELEASED and compensated with every dime the men who handled and used them as prostitutes have. Those who run “the business” need no trial, society will strip them of their rights and resources. Those who bought a girl or young woman from men or a woman in control shall pay dearly or be reduced to sexual exploitation themselves, or enslaved in such a way as no doubts can be left whether this was fair to do to that girl or young woman. It is the price of deliberate abuse and disrespect. Those women who have achieved the age of 21 and wish to sell their bodies as prostitutes are free to do so/ its their body, their life/ but to establish reality “they will be licensed, and carry photo identification” so that men can know this is safe for them to do. Those who assume 21 is too old, are reminded “just how many penis’s do you think you can stand”?

The issues of life and death are important to us all/ but the extinction of a species is incalculable by humanity, and you will avoid “changing this world”/ NATURE IS CORRECT, is the fundamental that will decide when a question must be asked. NO INDIVIDUAL or group, is worth risking the whole; DO remember that. Would it not have been better to kill the first people with AIDS! To eradicate the disease. The simple and blind say: “Life comes down to one individual”/ nature says, what is good for the whole, is fundamentally a cost to the individual much of the time. Remember that, but treat each other with as much kindness and consideration as is possible. Justice lives in the heart, and every heart is an individual. No more “millions for one/ and nothing for thousands”; not in medicine, not in dollars, not in honor, not in this life: EQUALS, yet different and not the same. The fundamentals of ethnic neighborhoods and separated peoples are the very same as you see in herds of animals in the wild; those who are the same, always do better when sticking with the same. It doesn’t mean “they get more/ it does mean, you get the reward that you chose to build together”. But all live together, all encounter governmental influence that says “you have more, so you will share based upon what nature provided to you”. No additional tax is appropriate where the people simply worked harder, and chose better. The foundation of government intervention is “we must”. The reality of government intervention is: our future is dependent upon the decisions we make today, our reality determined by what is necessary for life first. NO ISSUE OF MONEY, need apply. The reality of money BEYOND NEED, is merely a demand “I WIN”. And games or more correctly the formations caused by pride in society, shall be removed. What is life first, understands that leadership is about the future/ while reality and truth in each day is determined by justice, equality, fair play, and respect. Leaders choose for the future/ the police and judicial realities of society define the day. One of the factors significant in choosing for the future is the understanding of participatory consequences/ such as is the noise made by windmills: for instance a high pitched whine is made in these machines, because of the type of gearing used. Demanding better is a minimal use of governmental knowledge, because they run continuously for years, and do affect life. Noise can tragically affect living creatures, as is true of me.

It is fundamental to peace and harmony; “That the cheerleaders (just follow us/ just look to us/ we are the winners)” shall have no say in leading the nation or community. What is necessary is understanding and education, and NOT greed, want, selfishness, or the disgrace and disrespect of choosing what is not “life first”. We as humanity, must now bend to the needs of nature. We as humanity will work for nature, to keep it alive/ or we die, because nature is what keeps us alive, without it intact and functioning, there is no life. That means making decisions that are unpopular among humanity, for the sake of nature. Such as is feeding the fish, by providing dead human bodies shredded up for their consumption; you have no other reserves/ you need them all. In other words get over the idea of playing god/ and enter the reality of what you do, directly affecting your life to come. Refuse, and you starve.

Organizing as women to promote and declare and demand according to the various needs of life in this world; IS AS SIMPLE as educating humanity in this world of the truth that is our reality. Be simple, be fair, be direct, be honest, be correct, and know that truth must lead, wherever it goes. Learn that truth is a fundamental process declared within the evidence. But understand that humanity uses words and fantasy and delusion to declare lies, and deceive the others/ or just plain refuse to accept this price. Therefore what is true, fundamentally supports all life with peace and harmony/ while what is not true, always attempts to control reality for the purposes of humanity in selfishness, want, pride, hate, power, or laziness. Choose for life, by choosing what is real, not what is easy/ but more simply, the things that our relationships with these can build; instead of destroy. The issues of leadership are very simple ones: this humanity will NOT want to hear “life must change”/ but if you do not tell them, then life will change into death and destruction, because when the moment came that a decision had to be made for life: no one joined the battle, and as a result life died on this earth. Reality proves itself today/ truth needs only the evidence of wisdom, the communication of hope “IF there is change” is sufficient to move the majority; or they die. As simple as that.
The vast majority will say: “It is UNFAIR, to yell fire within the crowd/ as is saying without change you are going to die”! Yet if the evidence proves there is in fact “a fire smoldering and ready to ignite”/ then the warning given to change is In truth A message of life or death, and subsequently correct, warranted, and indeed a duty to life on earth. Want to find out which is real? Then go to court, and establish the evidence without lies, innuendo, or prejudice/ FIND THE TRUTH, and let it decide without interference from want, pride, selfishness, or hate. But do it now! Make your decision/ because you WILL live this truth/ and time is running out.


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