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Of all the various needs in this world, one of the most important/ is the means to defend yourself in any situation, at any time. Particularly aimed at women, the following descriptions are about that possibility.

The critical reality is very simple: how do women create for themselves a defendable position, if attacked by a man? The answer is not in self-defense, although that does help. Not guns, because an attacker seeks the moment when you are most vulnerable, and that leaves you without your gun. Screams would help, but only if they are heard by people who will respond/ and many will not, fearing for their own safety, these abandon you. Therefore it must be a method to summon help from outside sources, that have an interest in helping you stop your attacker/ or arresting your attacker/ or surprising your attacker, with a gun or weapon of suitable means in the hands of another. These things are possible within these two descriptions: 1) although no one wants to stink, the skunk is very effective in turning away its attacker, every very large, aggressive, many weapons attackers; because they quickly learn/ there is a cost to this attack. 2) in places with high cell phone usage the possibility of wearing a tiny transmitter on your body ; perhaps in your underwear, or area’s that would be connected with taking off your clothes. IT MUST BE, where little or no effort or recognition is required, to be able to use this. The transmitter can be made very small, and have a range of one hundred yards or so; dependent upon several factors. The purpose of a tiny warning transmitter is: to call your cell phone (or perhaps other modifications such as receivers placed in the neighborhood, etc). Your cell phone then calls your friends, with a warning alert, giving them your gps location. It will also call 911, and turn on audio from your location so that these people will hear what is going on with you. You are then required to call, or conference call these people to tell them everything is well/ or you will be charged a monetary fee for your “crank call”. It is useful and important to have a “ personal, digital pin number”: so that you must enter this, to alleviate any misconception: perhaps 3 distinct numbers ; one set to say “all is well”/ one to say, “I am concerned”/ and one to say “help me now”. That way an attacker cannot know which code you send. You should however recognize that cell phones are vulnerable too/ can be crushed, thrown away, etc. But they are clean, easy to use if properly designed, and effective for the first few seconds at least.

As with all forms of defense, it will anger an attacker to be caught “with a problem”/ but only those who truly intend to murder anyway, are likely to proceed. Should you choose to be defiant, by sending for help with a cell phone that is not recognized by the attacker/ the next part is, that should help arrive: you become a “bargaining tool”. BUT THEY become a target for murder themselves. With the smell defense, rape is extensively unlikely, because that means the person who intends to rape would be identified, by the chemicals involved, if they touch you. And a variety of smells, simply will not allow the mental concentration necessary for a sexual attack. You must endure it, but not a rape. The alternate possibility is the attacker truly does intend to murder you, and if a gun is involved, they need not get close; but many smells will permeate clothing, even if not touched, and can still be identified even in a crowd: “it was you”. the right chemicals are useful in court. They cannot be easily dissolved, and thereby identify a vehicle or a person in a crowd, etc. They are however an irritant to all, if accidentally used. A price worth paying however if it saves your life/ keeps you from rape.
If you wish to donate to this cause either with money or your time/ it is necessary to organize yourselves for that purpose. There is a chat room available on this site and the companion site holds some inventions, that begin the discussion of how to incorporate chemicals in defense.

In the reality of protection for women by electronic means (letting the cell phone, locate you and make a distress call, based upon a single from “The common mechanism for blue-tooth communication devices/ smaller than current talking greeting cards”). The reality of need, is a very simple “the panic button: push and hold”: MUST be located on the body where a rapist would not suspect this kind of movement/ or be able to control it. Because predators, don’t wait for you to dig in your purse, etc. Rings, bracelets (ankle and wrist), chains (neck and waist). There can be clothes incorporated with panic buttons, particularly underwear (activated by pulling a string, velcro, or whatever suits you: {remove the material between the switch to activate, by pulling it out}). You can also incorporate a break wire into panties, that must be undone first/ before they are removed; or the panic button goes off.
One of the primary problems is: a cell phone can be destroyed/ you may not have it on/ it can be too far away/ and it takes time to respond by police, etc. It is however possible to incorporate “a smell into the cell phone”/ so that upon getting this signal, after a delay (wherein the owner can stop the smell by entering a code/ having a secondary code for other purposes, too]. But if not, the area is inundated with a smell that gets into the clothes and informs “HELP ME”. These smells can be simply identifiable as in “fresh bread”/ or they can induce vomiting, for both: “YOU WILL stop”. And so on. One of the clear benefits of smell is, your immediate area will know, and it goes with you and your assailant, even in a car/ where people on the road will know.

As secondary issues, the cell phone could incorporate a motion sensor that takes pictures/ protected on a little chip incased in iron so it remains, even if the rest is smashed. The cell phone should incorporate a recording device, whereby the audio is transmitted or saved. Conference calling should be allowed, with those preselected. And these should be licensed, to verify the owner/ the license requiring use of a data base, whereby the owner reports any suspicious activity to a sight, any abuse, who they are going out with and where, alterations in plans and why, and so on; as you may wish it to be. Carefully understanding, wherever too much information is given/ people will try to hack into it.


The search for artificial limbs

Includes the need to establish communications between what is real, and what is mechanical.  The most fundamental association of what can be done with human tissues, is dependent entirely upon what the skin and muscle membranes can endure. The ability to tolerate any foreign device is paramount to the possibilities. 
Given that, the need to find simple attachment links between muscle fibers that remain/ and electronic strain gauges that could recover brain impulses simply by tying to those muscle groups would then identify what the body is expecting an arm, leg, foot, etc to do.  One conceivable possibility is the use of bone as a medium to grow muscle fibers into/ from which an embedded strain gauge would then react.  That said, if a muscle currently exists without the aid of bone/ the use of an artificial or transplanted bone would be considered possible.  Fundamental to this method is the simple use of a pickup device outside the skin to relay the messages;   such as a magnetic link and plate system incorporating as many magnets as needed, either within the skin or without.

If magnets could be implanted within the muscle fibers themselves/ an outer reading sleeve could then sense movements and generate a response. Alternately such things as quartz which can be caused to generate a locating frequency from an outside source could also be implanted into the muscle fibers, and then located through that response.  I am unaware of what the body can tolerate/ thereby these are merely suggestions.  As would be a stainless steel “hookup pin” which extends from the bone of the body/ outside the skin/ through the use of 2 or more sliding  plate membrane materials that then seal the body from intrusion. Instead of building off the shoulders for “heavy weight”/ it would be better to build off the hips (a simple rising framework), as they are not supported by the spine.  Extendable or telescoping joints are more flexible.

Currently a person I know, has stage 4 melanoma, with recurrent outbreaks. As there is no known cure or realistic treatment for this disease/ and no possibility of creating a clinical trial for the following discussion: I add it for future cases.

It was my experience to nearly drown, due to overextending my swimming abilities: I attempted to go faster/ by breathing at a highly increased rate/ many years ago. The body locked up, even though the mind was fine, and I sank. My interpretation of those moments was: that I had entered within a state of hibernation by its effects on me, due to the increase in cellular oxygenation. It occurs to me, that without a cure for this type of disease; causing it to go into hibernation would be a simplistic way of increasing life expectancy. It is also known that over oxygenation can be specified to a critical location, and the body skin is permeable to some methods of skin perfusion. It is known or said to be true, that oxygen can inhibit or kill gangrene: a suggestion of toxicity to cellular functions. And the introduction of this kind of therapy may prove useful particularly to melanoma. A simple “pad to introduce the oxygen at the appropriate place/ and perhaps a suction pad on the other side to draw the oxygen through. The suction pad would oscillate vacuum to enhance the flow of blood from one side to the other, as a means of introducing a deeper saturation. The area is covered in plastic/ held on with elastic bandage, and the bottle of oxygen is carried with you. The fact this area will sweat, should be of value to the treatment/ but it means “cover carefully”.
If you wish to donate to this type of physical trial, or choose to do it to yourself: it is necessary to do it with professional help, so that if it does help the process can be known and repeated. If it works, it is not necessary to endure the usual garbage associated with anything “government” does. Work if you wish, there is a chat room on this site to discuss the possibilities with others.
I have not studied this disease, therefore understand, this is theory/ substantiated only with the simple association: we know hibernation exists. We know, that melanoma can be dormant in the body for years (hibernating). And we know
that excess/ or limited oxygen has distinct effects on living organisms. Therein it is useful, for trial.


There is a need, for altering the design of sewer augers, the motorized equipment that turns a cable inside drain lines. My shoulder is ruined, primarily because a glove got caught in one of these lines and twisted my arm and hand around. The machine had enough inertia that it kept turning long after the switch had been shut off. Had to risk another hand to stop the rotating drum and turn it the other way, before relief could be found. The cable NEEDS A SHEATH. A simple pipe of some kind that stays attached to the front of the machine so that the cable can be directed as necessary without ever touching the rotating cable. The problem when the cable has a bend it opens and closes the lines between what wraps the cable and can pinch a glove. Leather gloves are particular bad to use. The alternative to a sheath ( which can simply be brought along and slid over the cable for temporary use/ or a sheet of plastic draped over the cable in a u shape). IS AN ELECTRIC BRAKE to stop the machine when the switch is turned off. Or a panic button at the front of the machine to activate a brake. Or a mechanical brake to be stepped on at the front and back of the machine to stop the drum that way. My shoulder did not feel injured at the time/ but some months or weeks later when a cord too long flung the shoulder beyond its intended limit: detached some muscle fibers, it is probably due to the incident with the sewer auger. These can be a very serious injury, and do injure people seriously across this nation and world. This needs to be done, all people who use or rent these machines need to be informed of using a simple temporary sheath until better is available, because losing the use of an arm is a terrible thing. Mine still functions, but is limited and must be treated carefully.
If you wish to donate your time to this effort, if you wish to donate your money or interests or invention to this effort/ this site contains a chat room for use by you in trying to achieve that end; if you do so desire it. It is a worthy thing to do.



IF YOU WISH TO SUPPORT THE BASIC PREMISE OF “LIFE FIRST/ before money; let women rule”. Then you should participate as best you can/ fundamentally holding the women who control this site to that end. Always demanding a true and real accounting

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