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Friday, 17 April 2009

There are questions that live at the heart of our experience called life.

These examine the intent and methods of living, and ask in the honesty of an opportunity;   WHY do these things exist?
Our relationship with body, is one such question/ why and how does it come to be created?  What is its purpose?  Why is there the possibility of female or male, and what does this mean to an eternity? 

The fundamental elements of chemical composition explain, that the development of a force in time, that co-exists with life; NEEDS an envelope to encounter the various relationships that will be expected. That envelope requires the basic needs and experience of an environment/ and every environment occupied by life, needs a source of energy, a relationship to life, and a boundary that limits the effects of outside expression on the life itself. To attain these, it is clear we are given bodies to form the basic boundaries, need for energy, and environment that is our source for living (force of existence) here on earth.  The body uses chemicals to create and establish energy in its various forms, through our connection with mass as a life invariably connected with time. Time, nor mass as it exists can be eternal/ because they do react to this universe of truth.  Every reaction, is the fundamental destruction of something.  Therefore what is time/ what is subject to a reaction conceived by energy or mass or any other, cannot be eternal; although it can achieve a lengthy existence in space. As life we are participants in this environment/ within our relationship with time, we do experience reactions, and in one form or anther, these reactions do limit and control our life in this time. Therein we do learn, that life or death is not as simple as turning on or off, a switch.
The secondary question that occurs is then, what really does enable life in the human body to exist/ when does this happen, and why?  The elemental meaning of life or living comes into view as a fundamental to the meanings developed by human intellect/ but these are not essential to our relationship with life/ instead, they are distractions that simply bleed away from the formations that begin our destiny with this world. More cannot be said/ because there are so many horrific examples of hate among you; the crucifixion of life in nature, will just multiply.  Humanity is literally insane today.
That brings our relationship as female to male in view/ and asks the simple question: who are we/ as male or female?  Why does there exist an example of both, and why are they different? And what does it mean to eternity? Where is eternity?

We are the essence of a universe, that explains every relationship within the terms of mass or energy/ space exists, but it is not critical to the expression or experience of life.  Therein as we begin to study the participation that presents life in this universe to us, it is absolutely essential that we study the differences in what participates as our world. Essence means, that some intrinsic quality of existence, is determined by our presence in this situation or consequence of reality called truth. Truth is the experimental means of knowledge, by which we recognize change has occurred. Truth is the fundamental expression of a law, that is conceived by the result of change, and recognized by that knowledge.  Truth is the creation of an identity, because these things have come to pass; isolating knowledge from the fundamentals that create it. The passage between life and death, occurs by the elemental basis of law.  That law is conceived by truth, and exists nowhere else but as truth itself.  Thereby only what is true, can pass through. The foundation of our existence as female or male, fundamentally applies the variation of “a look from both sides”/ at the compositions of environmental influences; that we may see from the expansion of our experience shared together; as one. This divides the work, and the talent of understanding relationships between opposite but comparable experiences, and expresses the development of a decision within the most fundamental of all relationships when shared equally as one.  That fundamental relationship is the clear association between female and male, that a new life begins, ONLY when both are joined.  So then the question of a new life, asks simply:   what is, OUR LIVES together/ intended to be?  The answer is divided between the truth of each individual/ but is dependent upon the reality in time, that searches for heart & soul in you. Where the mind lives in want/ the search is over with the simple terms of pleasure and pain; what can you give me, that I want: fail, and you are worthless to me/ or convicted of stealing my time as life on earth.

The search however for heart and soul express the individuality of a decision that is neither for you or me/ but conceived in the destiny of us, each one, joined for life on this earth without ownership.  Joined, because love declares this to be true, and for no other reason or cause. Search for this while young, that you may grow together.  As we continue in our ways of individuality, it becomes harder to conceive of truly being joined forever.  Not because anything has changed/ but because humanity, or being human has declared “people change/ environments change/ life changes; and we do not know what the future will bring.”  It is then harder, to make and keep promises that can never be broken. Love can hurt/ when broken for any reason. The elemental essence of eternity is love/ because where there is love, the desire for life does not fade away.  Without a true desire for life, and the love that it brings; an eternity is merely a measure without end/ a life without meaning, for their will come a reality when neither thought nor exploration, nor existence is enough.  Only love can find a meaning through the sharing of life itself/ the caring and relationships of hoping and working together for a world that needs nothing else.

Discipline states, the most fundamental of all relationships is the one between life and existence. Where there is life, there must be decision/ where there is existence, there must be life. Therefore we learn very simply, that every existence does have the ability to express a purpose.  It is that purpose that compounds its decision, into a life force. The critical relationships that are confronted by this simple expression, are complex and avoidable for the purposes of this work/ therefore they shall not come to existence by its nature called force for you.  It is not in your best interest. The question of life, is more simply: if body is all that you are/ where then does decision come from?  Because chemicals are not alive “batteries do not decide anything”. Where then does decision find life? This is not a question that needs an answer for you.  This is a question that conceives of a need in you, to believe that life is far more complex than you consider it to be.  Therefore it is in your best interest to believe in eternity, and search for truth; as this is what will decide your fate beyond this measurement called time. Where there is no mercy/ there is judgment.  Where there is judgment, there is no life called eternity. Belief, is the simple association with your decision to accept; life is too complicated for me to know/ I must understand simply, as the desire for love. If you have no true love, or desire for love in truth/ then you have no true belief, it is a lie, and a hoax.

In the elemental realities of human life, even though pride and want and selfishness have carried you to the door of hell and Armageddon (nature in chaos)/ the reality is, you are still loved/ you are still able to love and choose love/ the universe is still calling for you.  Therefore life can go on, if you change.  If you will not/ then the men who have led you to the door of horrific tragedy/ will lead you through it, and the reality of your lives will become:   “The living dead/ condemned and without hope”. This is your choice, to live for truth, love, and life/ OR to choose death, hate, and the consequence of what men have chosen to do; exterminate life on earth.  One or the other is coming. 

It is literally up to you, to defend and work for life, or accept death/ because you simply didn’t care enough about anything, or anyone. I do care enough to work/ you are invited to do the same; you are needed to do the same.  The primary work of this day, is to expand the knowledge of tragedy, and declare that we do have a different and real choice to make: but not forever/ soon reality will change, and truth will declare you dead.  Unless real, and permanent change comes for all life on earth.  This is one world, you will live or die as one world, and there is no bargaining or excuses: one world/ live or die. Because of the choices that you will make in these few days left/ before it is too late to change your future/ to rebuild life on earth.  The choice is simple/ but the reality of human failure called want, pride, selfishness, and hate are all against you.  The truth is, that the vast majority choose life/ the reality is the vast majority choose to keep their want, pride, selfishness, and hate.  But these are not the same, and there is no further room for your current reality.  Either change and accept the price of love, life, hope, and a future for this earth/ or prepare to die.  CHOOSE TO LIVE; or the choice for death already made, will come true. Choose to work, so that the others can help you save this world; or you will fail.  Find a way/ but remember this: even though my heart says work.  The spirit inside of me says, “its up to them/ and they must do so for themselves”.  In other words, my contribution to your need to be educated enough to choose/ my contribution to the advertizement of time is running out, listen up/ wake up, etc;   has run out.  It is you that must now do this work/ it is you, and you alone that stands between heaven and hell for this earth today.  It is your decision, that helps life on earth/ or lets it dissolve into dust.  It is your eternity, that will remember.  Make your decision/ no excuses are allowed.

The creation of each and every religion of any real purpose for life around this world, is not without some substance in truth. These are the different perspectives of men, as women had no real effect on any of them. It is unfair and unwise to assume, that our Creator would not have enlightened people across this globe to some extent, compared with what they were actually willing to learn; little is critical learning/ less is fundamentally valuable. But that does not mean all “is in vain”.  Therefore the most fundamental thing for religion to be, in this new time on earth is as a cooperation between all variables/ searching for truth and meaning in each, combined/ but then determined, and honored by the expressions of women, as they will see a different side, as time goes on.  Having joined from all dimensions of human intellect and experience, what is at least functional, will appear as a purposeful discipline to be shared by the people of this earth.  JESUS is the single exception to these instructions/ as HIS LIFE here on this earth, proved that a search beyond simple expressions or experience could be found.  HIS LOVE, proved that there was a value to be received, a treasure to be found, if only we would search.  I searched/ and found    JESUS   literally did save my life, in countless ways and realities.  That is my testimony to you. It is not a religion/ it is trust, and truth in me.

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