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Friday, 17 April 2009

The elemental existence of spirituality,

is within us all. Being alive is evidence enough, that life is inside of you/ being a body, is neither proof of that nor evidence of death.  Instead, the consequential relationship of life to humanity and this time, is our ability to think/ not mentally define or measure, but to think. Thinking is our relationship with life, as explained by the truth that we have proceeded beyond the limits of mind and entered into the variations of life called freedom. The mind is not free, it is tied directly to the body, and they are united in their essence as life.  No mind equals no body/ no body equals no mind for all intents and purposes. But life although expressed as body and mind is more correctly a compilation of the ingredients possessed by the identity of your existence. What is spiritual adds the elimination of boundaries so that your own exploration can extend as you desire it to be.  Spiritual defines a dimension that cannot be entered into just because you are body & mind/ instead, it is it’s own boundary, and the price of admission is the basis of your own truth, identified by your own struggle to examine and investigate your life. When sufficient truth in these areas’ exist, the invitation will arise, that allows you to proceed in greater experiences and expressions than you are as time. Fail to pay the price, and admission to this dimension will not come for you.

The critical question of life is: what makes us live? But the answer to that allows the mutilators even more tragedy than they now have.  It cannot be answered, it would be unfair to every life on this planet.  Therefore a more detailed consideration of what is thought, conceives of an introduction that is more noble and fair.  Noble means; born from a superior existence.  Thereby the introduction of nobility to our lives, references the gift of our life from     GOD.     The question of life then extends from GOD, to the consequence of our reality that is a search for truth, by the decision to desire a relationship with our Creator. The foolish and blind laugh and ridicule/ but the reality is very plain;  neither by incalculable failure by odds that barely exist as a fantasy;   arranging 6 billion bits of information in order/ creating the necessary factory to build a body, remove the waste wire and supply the utilities, refine and find the resources, and add freedom; and even establish reproduction without intervention:  is not simple nor possible for anything but    GOD.   Not you or me/ not a billion years of stupidity and error/ not take over another form of life;    nothing, but the hand of   GOD, and that is all.  Adaption, is merely the evidence of perfect design. Same heart design is merely the evidence of a reality that works/ similar as to why do you use an internal combustion engine; because it works, and life can do it. 

Therefrom we ask what is fair to understand, about our link that is life, with the   GOD who built us. The question understands the relationship is what we are willing to accept as truth/ but conceives of a freedom to ask through respect, of things that exist such as love, and even us as living creations in time.  The answers depend upon how we interpret truth, and what we are willing to accept as discussion. Thought is not a conversation of words or works/ rather it is the relationship itself that communicates an environment within which we are allowed to search for ourselves.  The concept of an eternity, where you need do nothing for yourself/ could NOT be more wrong.  So then, the beginning of communication, is the work that you are willing to do, within the possibilities that are provided for your search. The question of work is as simple as, the examination of truth or law, that is the environment presented. There are no lies presented in thought/ but there are the conception of lies, and reality of temptations on the path that will bring you to the boundary of  truth. These are the elemental trash, that must be cleaned from your own mind and experiences/ before you may enter into truth itself. They are not harmful to you/ providing you do not enter within them.  They cannot harm you/ unless you are willing to fear them. These things are merely the trash, placed by a life in time, or the influences of people in time that traded your life, for images from the past.  Simply remove them, pass them by, or pray for assistance in your need; it will come, unless you fear.  Therefore trust, and proceed in truth.
The question of truth, conceives of a relationship with life through thought and the presence of respect.  No respect, means no relationship can be formed.  Consider your own life/ do you not turn away from anyone who refuses to respect you?  Indeed you do, it is much more so in the environments of truth, that then lead to eternity.

The question of thought itself, elevates our existence by presenting a new and different dimension of possibilities than ever before experienced.  Therefore as we proceed beyond ourselves, without the baggage of all that is not truth/ the consequence of a reality that is clean and pure conceives in us, the potential for more.  It is however necessary, to keep cleaning all along the way/ should you tire of it, your desire to continue has ended, and you will be evicted. What is clean and pure conceives of thought by obeying the law.  What is then law, opens the door to what is life itself and the compositions that create it. Law is our friend!  It is the backbone of our existence, because even though we are free, the failure to abide by “this staircase of learning”/ leads to destruction and tragedy.  However if you are willing to climb the structure of learning, that you may achieve an environment that is critically true in the presence of life/ every opportunity can be considered.
Love is the elemental essence of thought. Without love, there is no purpose in thought that can survive/ because life without love is simply not sufficient within itself.  To achieve love, we must venture beyond ourselves, and find in existence the means to share and care and express what is inside ourselves for the purpose of building an environment that completes ourselves.  This occurs in the relationships that fundamentally pure, because every life is aware of loneliness/ and every life thereby becomes aware of what is not loneliness.  But truth must exist, or changes will occur.  The law must be obeyed, or destruction can come to all.  Thereby the boundaries that exist, between life and time, are there to demand some respect shall exist, BEFORE you are allowed to learn beyond this moment. Some love will be in evidence as truth, or you will not be allowed within the gates of an environment that is strictly love and life and freedoms.
Thought is a participation in the communications of a universe unto itself.  Thought conceives of “a mission, that reveals all” in the conquest of life over mass and energy.  That is a male elemental experience.  Thought also conceives of a female elemental experience or expression/ but I am not female, and cannot explain to you what that is.

The question of mission explains; that our environment as a universe extends to the participation beyond the limits of what can be known (unless you are GOD, which of course none will ever be), so we are given the option to learn for ourselves. Therefore as reality unfolds, it teaches the disciplines of a relationship that must be respected for its threat to life/ but also expands the knowledge of what is pleasant and pleasurable about life. Truth expands that existence of knowledge, by creating an understanding explained by wisdom.
In a more simple context of how our lives are put together here on earth as time, not as the expansion of life through respect.  The more important tools of learning, are the experience and expressions that examine and control discipline and knowledge.  With these we can arm ourselves against what is not truth, and define within ourselves, who we choose to be. Religion has helped some to achieve this relationship because of the disciplines cultivated through time.  BUT it has also hurt many, as they become lost in the rules and expectations of leadership and ownership of life; thereby demanding to be judge/ and casting respect away. 
The simple truth of a journey unto the invitation to enter within a relationship with life itself/ is learn respect, abide in honesty and do your best with honor.  Then find discipline and search for meaning as life will lead you to search; “the door, will find you”.  Open it, but only if you truly trust   GOD to participate within you.  JESUS participated in me.  If you have failed to clean/ or refuse to change, thereby cleaning along the way;   reality says, you can be lost in fear/ because although you can enter these places at your request. The reality is, you cannot leave them until this journey is complete/ if you fear, you can never get out. 

        That essentially brings us to the relationship I share with the spiritual woman inside.  My journey here is not complete, and although I do not fear it, until that journey is complete, I cannot leave.  It is a rule/ unless you die. But that is ok, a complete surprise, but I do regard female and male to be completely equal, therefore it is essentially although extremely hard to conceive of; ok, to experience and express what is female instead of male.  A kind of detour that was not expected, not planned, and is detailed in reasonable ways at www.complexdestiny.info 
Regardless of that this conversation is about relationships that are not as human conceives “with words”/ but realities defined by the communication of what is true, and what then must be a lie, if it does not consist within the evidence of truth.  Every journey is a work, they are not free.  But every journey is a reward as well, because they do expand the essence of your world, and bring back blessings for you to share, a life lived among those who do care; whether humanity does or not.

I have experience a few words, in spiritual communication/ but not many.  Instead of these, every communication is about the understanding of truth, every possibility raised is about the work required to learn this new relationship with life. It is not free/ but I have never turned away.  Always a blessing in the end. So in terms of understanding relationships, even in humanity.  Life and hope and respect are about work, the responsibility to learn rests upon the one who accepted the journey, NOT any other.  The blessing of life, is in the living of life; but the reality of life is, without true love, it may not be worth the price to you or me.  Seek your truth, respect all creation including yourself.  Understand that love is never far away,    GOD LOVES YOU,    But you are required to enter by the door of your respect and love/ sharing trust, because that is the price of entrance into eternity, “the ride is dangerous/ you must trust”.  There is mercy.  There is heaven, a place for those who simply cannot bear to trust enough.  There is life and eternity created by soul; find your heart, and you will learn of your soul.  Be kind/ be patient/ be as wise, as you can be.  And give your life to        GOD FIRST       ! And love will remember you.

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