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Friday, 17 April 2009

LOVE IS AN ELEMENTAL THING, a destiny created by the foundations of a desire within two or more people who choose to build, share, care, and live together. RESPECT is required, but love is merciful to all who have not chosen hate.

Within the understanding of human existence here in time, is the need for society, the reality of working together for the common good. The first and foremost truth of that existence in time is:   that men and women must share and care about each other with truth and trust.  To do that, there are lessons to be learned by both sides.
Primary to the education of women, is the understanding that men function best:   when allowed to make their own decisions regarding women.  That means more simply: DON’T try to buy them with sex.  Sex will buy you time/ but not love, as love requires the intimacy of moments shared to create trust, through the truth and honesty, created where honor and discipline flow.  Sex will interfere in all relationships, UNTIL there is sufficient trust to create an opportunity for sexual understanding of time and place inside your heart, to believe love will be honest and true.  Until this moment/ sex is merely physical, and cannot cement your relationship together.  Never forget, YOU are asking for “a lifetime” by marriage/ and that is not an easy thing to do, or agree to.  If it is, the level of personal problems or isolation is so great:   that before true love can begin, “this person must be fixed”, with careful compassion, and honest understanding.

The primary education of men requires:   that they learn much more,   “Than mine”/    That they conceive of far greater things, than selfishness, want, or pride/   that all power between a relationship shall be dissolved, and thereby become balanced for life/ and that love grants mercy in countless ways of hope. As men can simply “remove sexual frustrations”/ it is women who will control sexual responsibilities, as you need to do, for them. They have NO simple mechanisms for the purpose, thereby the right to claim a need, is theirs.

In the elemental human endeavors called work, the simple reality is:   that all work possible can be done, IF the people choose to do it.  Money is an irrelevant reality to the construction of a society.  Money is the tool designed by men, primarily to make other men work/ and establish a hierarchy, by which only a few may decide for all the rest.  These are destructive to society, and cannot sustain peace or harmony on this earth.  They will be abandoned.  As has been fundamentally proven, in america and the world today:    It is NOT money, that drives society, but human desires and wants.  Proven because you worked for money without meaning/ numbers, that were merely lies: you gained nothing, for the last ten years of work/ because the money you worked for is now worthless.

Therefore we begin, with a new understanding and a new concept of life and society in work.  A reality of what must be changed, by the educational reality called truth.
You will create your own educational values, by starting here:

1.  The value of a human being is NOT measured in money! Life is, “the treasure, of this universe”.

2.  The reality of society is NOT fed, & work is not done, because of money/ BUT INSTEAD, both exist because of needs, that humanity will choose to do, or die.  Money, just provides the game/ and the supposed right, to eliminate the needs of others.
3.   It is the purpose and need of government to control access to all fundamental resources in the land, water, air, or sea.   That means, NOT direct control, but the opportunity for all to participate as reality, and future need allows.  THEREBY ESTABLISHING    WE THE PEOPLE, in partnership,  as a true democracy.  Or more clearly, ownership of roads, natural resources as are found in a mine, electric power lines and grids, libraries, access to farm ground by means of voting on how much, we in this county shall allow to any one person/ and when that will be taken away for the young. And so on.
4.   Fundamentally healthcare is about human beings/ thereby fundamentally, your need to pay a small percentage to the government because access is necessary;   and your responsibility to pay a percentage of your income, as is fair to society itself:   decides what will be done.
5.   World policing will be done with world law, all nations providing support, and a world court.  There shall be NO nations called “superior/ or given more authority”:   every nation shall abide by the law.  Every nation will be required to obey these laws, OR THEIR LEADERS shall be removed, and tried in court/ that others may try to do better, if they fail in the courtroom of law, NOT peers, but law.
6.  Everything called nature is important, nothing is not.  The ocean is in desperate need of relief/ and you will provide it until life in the sea substantially recovers.

7.  ALL “BIG SCIENCE, even all science endeavors shall STOP”/    Until each and every one can be reviewed for LIFE FIRST:     NO, gambling with our world.

By the elemental need for change, the following begins
your journey to a better life.

A.   The discipline necessary to create and sustain peace and life in this world/ NOW FACED with a population explosion, lack of resources for the future, hunger and thirst, and a dying environment is NOT A GAME.  There will be choices made for life, rather than your want/ pride/ selfishness/ or thirst for power.  Failure to choose life first causes disaster, and removes another percentage of people who could have lived.  CHOOSE WELL.

B.   The elemental need called law, IS LITERALLY your tool, and your weapon for the future.  Therefore control and care for that law is absolutely fundamental to what the future will be, and who will survive our reality, need for work to help nature survive, and what shall become of our relationships here on earth.  YOU WILL CHOOSE LAW, for yourselves;   limiting that law, to one hundred or so, “single page” definitions of what justice does mean to you.  You will enforce these laws, by teaching them to all the people.  You will watch over these laws, by insuring the courtroom DOES do, what society says it will do.

C.   Women can rule “ONLY IN MASS”, MEANING all together you must go, thereby creating with many: what only one cannot do.  The same is true of organizing changes in government/ as the reality of men is: they have failed, will recognize that, and not trust each other.  Therefore the door WILL OPEN for you!  But JUSTICE FOR ALL, establishes government, and if you fail to recognize what is true, real, or necessary:   you will fail this earth, and it shall collapse under the weight of what men have already done.

D.   The most realistic method of establishing control over society and government today is:    To create an opportunity to be heard by all.  Such as an internet site for presenting ideas/ is one such possibility, there are many.  As you create an understanding of what is truly needed, what is honestly going on, and what is fundamentally possible to do:   THEN YOU WILL present your ideas on a national forum, whereby all women shall have access and opportunity to establish what is good or bad about these things.  When you have decided/ YOU WILL THEN go about the methods of truth, to identify what is want/ what is pride/ what is selfishness/ and what is power and control over people.  Want and pride are enemies, and must be removed.  Selfishness allows nothing for the others, and shall not be allowed.  Power is the elemental demand, to obey the law we give you to obey.  THEREFORE if that power is in any way obstructing or a failure to comply with the laws you have created it shall be banned.   Control, is the singular source of government action that is allowed to you.  Control says:   we are the women in charge/ and we shall decide.  That control is necessary, because men shall never rule this world again. Keep it/ enforce it/ and demand the men shall obey. BUT BE FAIR/ CHOOSE JUSTICE, and very little trouble will erupt. IS NOT THIS WORLD A MESS, because of men?  Who can deny it, HELP WOMEN SUCCEED, or die!


E.  The foundation of all future survival is dependent upon the best possible solutions/ the least possible destruction/ and the most fundamental truth.  An education beyond the limits of time, critically aware of the realities called truth, and fundamentally disciplined without want or pride and void of selfishness is critical to your survival.  These things are formed in a relationship that goes beyond the mind, where truth and respect become essential in the formation of wisdom.  LOOK for those who have these qualities, there are others. Keep leadership simple, let the courts argue about the complexities in public view, forum, and vote.  Hide no more in legislative bodies: OPEN THE DOORS.

F.   The critical truth about money and government is:   NONE may choose for the whole, instead by vote a percentage shall be determined for each part of the spending whole, and those employees in charge shall be accountable for that money. NO legislative or executive or judicial branch employee shall “create debt”/ instead they shall live within the numbers for the exact percentage the public shall vote to allow: based upon REAL INCOME, for the nation.

The money itself, shall be tied to gold/ as was proven adequate until the Vietnam war, and the failures who caused it.  Thereby, NONE shall vote for war, but the people themselves/ and with any vote for war/ THERE SHALL be a draft of all eligible men and women to enforce that war.  The census shall determine the numbers, the gold shall prove it is not “completely worthless”/ and stop the people who say as is today, “lets just have numbers” so we can have as many dollars as we want.  Fools, failures, university driven ego bastard’s, who care nothing for life, society, or you.

G.   There must be an investigation into all realities of life/ thereby teaching everyone the reality of our truth: that a decision based upon facts, and not the subjection of individuals can be achieved.  The punishment for intentional LIARS shall be extreme/ because we fight in this time for an entire world of life, therefore “as best we can/ not leading, educating;   so that the people themselves shall decide”. On every critical issue/ on every fundamental law, the people will choose/ thereby making democracy real:    WE THE PEOPLE.

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