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Friday, 17 April 2009

The elemental search

for what is beneficial to life and society, in terms of government and a world at peace.  Is limited only by what brings harmony and grace to life itself.
So, the question to humanity is: why do you not choose harmony and grace? The fundamental essence of all relationships is, whether truth will decide, or lies.  Only truth builds/ therefore only truth creates a world that lends itself to harmony or grace.  Harmony being the accepted truth of a desire to work with environment, truth, and life for the benefit of all. Grace being a purpose that extends itself, to the needs and values of an equality that expands life in the precious desire of love, by believing in the possibilities of what can be/ rather than what life is, at this moment in time.

Of the various methods that explain or expand the variables involved in these transactions between life and time, the constant relationship of want arises as the fundamental failure of discipline that then confronts truth, and blindly chooses what will fail. Want is a liar/ because want cares for nothing but self. Here is a fact of life; that we are not simple creations/ but do need the essence of life to surround us, or we cannot breathe.  Here the element called breathe, is not so much the physical sense and reality of a body in motion/ but the essence of an element inside each of us, that ascends from creation to love, in the presence of a truth that blesses our existence: someone to reciprocate that love to us. As in breathing “I take in a little/ exhale a little; and so then do you as well”.  Love is like that, providing life itself, by honoring the existence of an environment that keeps us alive in this time. 
One of the facets of living as humanity, is the relationship we share with our mind and body. Life itself is a separated entity that lives within itself, as our existence with time, and is expressed by our reality as time. The body impacts our existence, because we “are married to it”/ and only death can divorce us.  The mind however, is a registry of what we believe in/ what we choose to accept/ and what has influenced us, regardless of our desire that it should do so.  Therefore the mind is “like a temple”/ whereas the life we experience is “like an inner sanctuary to that temple”;   and the consequence is, we must sort and separate out what is real, and what is good for us, and what is not.  OUR Truth is then an effort to understand the basic influences that create our dimensions, and structure the disciplines that become our world inside as life itself.

One of the building blocks of time is, its relationship to energy and mass on a constant scale of erosion within the disciplines that shape and hold it together. That same effect is seen in human bodies, as time passes on. The mind measures this as age/ the “heart; what functions in communication with the soul; your life” believes that age is an assignment of death, and the consequence is that we then have a limited life.  Together, heart and mind then comprehend that life is precious, because it will end. So too with the body itself as sexuality/ so too, the existence of love; because those we love can and will be taken away. So the structure of our world, as life in time is conceived in its beginnings as a place in existence “that gives us the opportunity to experience and express a freedom that is miracles revealed/ life as love and happiness”.  But the discipline applied in the consequence of endings, is that time must be respected as the elemental definitions of our responsibility to protect, serve, and establish our relationships by understanding time is both friend and enemy. That simple truth creates a boundary between the essence of our life/ and the reality of our truth.  Essence being “the friend that gives us freedom, love, and life, in truth”.  Reality being “the enemy called time” that takes it all away.  The mind then calls reality a liar, because we are here as an owner of life/ but time is a robber, and our ownership is dissolved without our consent; making us “the possibilities of a slave”.  If we are truly free, then do we not get to choose life?  If we are merely existence put here for a purpose that is not ourselves/ then what could that mean?  Fear arises in this context, and the mind measures all living as a price that must be met/ rather than a life that can be enjoyed and cherished in the expressions of love.

One of the critical disciplines of any life is: how do you perceive this question:   are you life, freed in the experience of who you choose to be/ or are you an experience defined only by the expectations of someone who believes “death is coming/ and life is not a friend to me”. Hate comes, when hope dies. Therefrom we learn the simple truth, that what we believe does matter.  The elemental structure of belief, thereby classifies existence “as one direction or the other; either to life and hope/ or death and hate”.  Of critical relationships is then the fundamental transitions from one level of experience that chooses to believe in life, therefrom ascending existence to hope.  As opposed to the opposite level of experience that chooses to believe in death, thereby descending into the existence of hate/ opposing life.  What causes our reality to shift in “the sand, so to speak”/ or to grab onto life itself as if a “rock” and anchor ourselves within hope, for a life that could even be eternal?  The answer is: an elemental decision to understand the basis of life as a miracle in existence/ learning the truth, that we do not create ourselves, therefore life is a gift, and a treasure; because neither can we create anything else of life either.  Those who learn this truth, find life and hope in the honesty of acceptance in the freedom we believe as love created in us.  Those who refuse to accept “that life is a miracle/ and a gift”: then choose to believe, “this is all there is/ and they are going to get all they can”.  That ends in conflict with every other life/ that ends in violence as one life tries desperately to take what the other wants for themselves; and hate erupts, turning to the levels of death to prove “I will not be denied by you”.  What is criminal appears.  What is fear, is established as a fundamental that can be used by or against other people in the search for want and selfishness; and those who get their way, find power, pride, greed, and lust.  What is true, then separates those who choose life, from those who choose hate.

But humanity says: “wait a minute”/ if I am free, then it is my choice to be whatever I choose to be, at this moment in time;  its mine; go away.  The end result being that hate and love are mixed together as one living breathing existence with very limited harmony or grace.  Religions try to rectify this with disciplines in behavior that are intended to establish a pattern of behavior, and thereby a reason for life.  But behaviors are not sufficient to create desire or purpose or passion/ and as a consequence religions are invaded by both love and hate, in like measure to their participants. Love however is not a rule/ life is not a measure of morality (we think, therefore you should do)/ and belief is not a relationship with religions.  Therefore while religions are useful to many and participate in how people do believe/ they are not acceptable guides, for the truth that is to become your life.  Its your decision that matters/ its your acceptance that determines your way.  All religions “turn to a book of beliefs or words”/ as there guide:   can’t get around this, it’s the past and can’t be changed.  All words however are written in the language of men/ interpreted by men/ and written by men; therefore as to purity of composition, the verdict is “not  GOD’S   word”.   But do exist as how men have interpreted their beliefs in   GOD.  Our Creator.  The essence of words and works that identify a need to search in love for what is life itself, and how love influences and changes ourselves and the world around us is fundamental to our experience in thought.  Those who actually think, rather than simply act or react/ find themselves in the expansion of disciplines that open doors into a world apart.  A journey within the dimensions of life, rather than as a part of time in conceptual disciplines and experience. Men call it spiritual, and many believe they are “owners of the expression/ because a little voice talks to them inside.”  It is not so, simply proven because that little voice belongs to you; it is a search inside yourself as the mind translates the variables that humanity and existence have put there; and you select what you want.  These little voices are not about life or desire/ they elaborate only upon want, and revenge or failure based upon want.  Religions call them “the devil”/ because they can lead people to do things they would otherwise not do: “believing its not them, but some type of god telling them what to do”.  It is however a decision/ and every decision is a development of either the desire for love/ or the elements that become hate.  There are requirements for survival, but these are not assembled as a free will decision/ they are necessary.  What is not survival however, is free will, and every decision in this vein of life is about     Love or hate.
The critical question of value, comes to mean: what do you  belong to?  The critical expression of this universe is bound to, what keeps us alive.  Therefore in the essence of truth, there must be a bond to something/ or we could be scattered without existence.  We are alive, because we are bound or anchored into something.  Therefore the question of a soul is:   what do you value enough, to share existence with/ what is the relationship you cherish, that will keep you alive? And will that reality choose you?

This foundation of influence in the expression of your life, is fundamental to all possibilities that live beyond time. It is a function of our existence to learn that we are a process applied to energy, but a composition that is critically related to mass. To know exactly what the scope or reality of our CREATOR is, without    Any doubt is beyond our comprehension as humanity/ beyond our ability to ask or understand/ therefore critical structure and design are not available for discussion: and it is extremely unwise to guess.  So the basic journey in this branch of life ends here.  However, we have lessons in the life and time of    JESUS     , that expand the relationship of what is love, to the considerations of what is eternal, and how to we perceive of this journey.   JESUS as written of in the Bible, is a person that demonstrated “far more ACTUAL LOVE, and exhibited FAR MORE TRUTH, than anyone other person in recorded history;  without the slightest doubt”.  Therefore HIS LIFE has lessons that can be learned within the environment of HIS WAYS.  I have learned most, changed most, survived most; because of HIS TEACHINGS and how they exist in me. So the question is:  what can be learned about this person and his ways?
Unlike religions, I do not believe in rules or disciplines without merit, or following the leader, or much of the rest for that matter.  Instead I do believe in love, and there are many examples of love presented in HIS existence of life, you can read them for yourself.  The critical reality of healing in that day and time, cannot be underestimated as to the impact on those people; “an emergency room, plain healer of all types/ that did not ask for reimbursement; but simply did as HE believed or knew that    GOD    Would desire for HIM to do.  You can read and decide for yourself, what impact this has on your personal  world.  I choose to refine my own existence, in the hope of learning about life, love, truth, courage, honor, honesty, and existence through the elemental paths that HE reveals to me. I offer these words (these web sites) as a testament to the reality, this is real in me.

The critical questions of love, are then asked in the fundamental relationship we share with death as a result of time. What is your body and mind worth to you/ and why do you desire your life?  These are all questions that death will provide/ and you will answer. What is eternity, expands from this truth in you. Old age is a blessing in actual fact for the majority, as the body and mind deteriorate to help you believe that life is more than a body or mind; thereby abandoning these realities, for what is more important than time: the essence called life itself.  The body, nor mind;    will not let you stay/ therefore it is absolutely necessary to be prepared to escape that environment, and expand into the elemental essence of thought itself. We are not act or react as life!  We are the essence of thought, through the existence of freedom, and the expressions of love; if you have found life itself.  These things are not of intellect (what men measure from the brain). Thought is the expansion of a truth, whereby the environment this creates becomes our literal world, by the development of an intensity to cherish this expression. You must enter within, or be lost. You must own a truth for your life/ or there is no environment within which to be alive.  Therefore what is true in you, is absolutely fundamental to your eternal existence.
Those who hate will of course laugh and ridicule as ridiculous/ the entire concept of eternity merely an annoyance to them, because they have accepted the conclusion that they are “their own god”/ and choose delusion and fantasy to prove it to themselves.  Where this illusion is destroyed, their common plan is to instigate revenge, and thereby prove “god over you”.

Those who love are blessed with the anticipation of learning what they do not know, thereby bringing an open heart to the expression and experience of their lives in a relationship with hope. Where love exists, the moments anticipate “the bloom like flowers”, of a happiness that cannot be denied within our souls.  Where love examines the honesty of respect, there will be cause to believe, even if there is not an elemental understanding of what is necessary to create these definitions in life.  This is called faith, and faith learns to trust love regardless of the illusions or realities that try to destroy love.  Love is an anchor of the soul/ an honor that will not be quenched, because truth is more powerful than life.  Truth survives/ but life without love is not fundamentally valuable, therefore love is a greater gift than truth.  Trust is the essence of a discipline that has been translated by the evidence of truth, the reality of life; to be the symbol or sign of eternity.  Trust is a message of hope, that binds heart and soul into an environment that lives with truth.

A question occurs in the simple meanings of life and love, examining the aspects of Creation itself, and wondering what is elemental to the quest of a life within eternal existence? The blessing that appears, is a relationship with     GOD   HIMSELF.   Because no matter what truth we become, the existence of elemental truth in energy and mass demands “more than we are, or will be”.   Our quest is then     “TO   GOD ,    Our FATHER”. And to HIS WORLD, rather than ours. Therefore the journey we need as life into eternity, is the path beyond ourselves into the essence of    GOD    , as HIS children.  While this may sound religious, and entertains basic elements of every religion;  the simple fact is: that without our CREATOR, we are not able to survive.   JESUS IS a blessing of evidence, that suggests clearly LOVE and LIFE are available to us/ we were not created and then abandoned.  “His most precious gift perhaps, is this knowledge within ourselves”.  That knowledge fundamentally  leads to the quest to learn of     GOD    And experience thought within the elemental confines of a challenge to attain knowledge, and understanding.  Wisdom then seeks courage, and life understands risk, as the assignment of trust to begin this journey beyond ourselves, and even beyond time itself.  Because we were able to see:     That   GOD   did not abandon us.   What a lovely and peaceful blessing. A life worth living, because there is a love worth gaining in truth. With clarity, rather than simple trust/ the path belongs between truth and love, as the environment created by    GOD   to guide us to HIS LIFE.   Respect is always required, courage is a blessing unto itself, unless you become arrogant or proud. Pride will be destroyed, because it cannot survive with respect. Take your pick, pride or life eternal.
There are many who declare “unfair/ life took from me something important; didn’t give to me the same”.  But without life, you had nothing/ therefore what you did gain came deliberately and without doubt from life itself.  The promise of eternity is not “what your parents did/ not what life did or did not do for you”:   but what truth you chose to build, with what you had been given.  The primary equation of time is simply: time is relentless/ the second part is truth does not care!  The end of time equates to then, what is not relentless, but only as what exists in truth.  The foundation element of this universe is truth does not care/ therefore, the essence of life for us as humanity: simply, where is the love!
Truth is about survival, as is a need here on earth/ energy and mass represent realities that cannot be avoided without understanding, consequently it is necessary to be wise; to be allowed to explore/ or you die.  Love however is the experience and expression of the value my heart feels for your soul, the happiness you express in me, because of me, and I in you. Love is an environment, as big as your heart can be.  Soul is an environment that shares existence with     GOD.      BLESSED is the heart that lives for love.

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