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Friday, 17 April 2009

In the discovery of life, discipline is an enlightenment of the soul.  Love, the builder of hearts...

The elements of death, are fear and failure.
Of things to be considered, as the time that is our existence in this place of loneliness and hope; where lives touch, but happiness knows only love or not love.  The question of time understands only one decision:   either you will choose for love as the life you need and desire/ or you will choose for hate, and surrender your soul to chaos. That decision is yours alone to make/ none but you can make this come true. Pushed to the limits of your acceptance of life as an owner; the reality of what do you truly believe come to haunt and excite and demand the decision that you will be.  Only truth survives in eternity/ only truth can come through the battleground of what life means to you. Therefore loneliness prepares the soul, for your answer.  Hope gives you the grace, to understand “these hard times shall not last”.
Love is an answer/ but hate is a method of displacing humanity and choosing control.  Control is the means to take life/ and make it fear.  Fear brings failure/ because without fear there is no failure; only the essence of who you are/ the reality of who you will become.  Fear brings hate/ love gives life!

In the middle of these two elements of existence, comes the critical relationship that is balance.  Balance achieves what love cannot by or of itself/ it survives, with love and life intact. Balance means: that I have been transformed from an existence, to the essence of being alive.  To be alive means, love has given to me the joy “of acceptance”/ and life has made me believe in the eternity of love.  The treasury of disciplined love, understands the nature of human experience to be elemental to the values of what human expression defines:   to be loved, requires an openness from your heart.  The heart says;   I am here, let us be friends/ but humanity lives with the measurements of a mind/ and the mind says: “these will hurt me, and steal what has value to me”.  Consequently the discovery and expansion of friendship, is left only for the brave;  for those with honorable truth and courage to believe life can be fair.  This is a hard thing, when reality has proven pain.

So people play games, they search for those who will give “just a little more than they must”/ they search for others who will make decisions similar to theirs/ they long, for an opportunity to be special in someone else’s life.  But the mind comes along, and measures every body/ every other mind/ and every single want inside your measurements called self.  Trading hope, happiness, and truth;    For want, pride, lust, and power/ in all who fail to choose love. Genetics are a predisposition for the purposes of an environmental response/ these things are capable of surviving, and the greatest variety of responses to any given situation insures the most likely survival of a species.  Doesn’t matter what species, what is unique, is the extreme possibility that in harsh surroundings, at least one will survive.  Thereby just like looks are different, the elemental nature of people is different as well.  Looks are defined by the simple truth:   that we all wish to be considered individuals, as we are.  Yet if all looked exactly alike, or say there were “ten thousand of you”/ would that not be unpleasant and unkind; making it impossible, to be “unique”. We are different, because that is in our own best interest/ some have more, some have less of what people desire; but that is the price of individuality.  And there is no other way, strictly a “throw of the dice” who gets what/ although genetics are critically involved, until humanity mutilates them into extinction. (Coming soon).
There is a definition of people, called “but, I want, TO BE SOMEBODY important/ someone beautiful or something, that others are drawn too, so that I might never be alone”.  The tragedy of never being yourself, is that you miss “the greatest thing in life/ the chance to be yourself”.  The opportunity to be free, and in love with your creator.  If you fail to love yourself/ then you will also fail to love your creator, as there is blame and rejection of the life you live. Love yourself, and learn the difference discipline will make/ learn that eternity is a place of truth, where only love survives in the house of      GOD.   Life is an environment filled with the elements you choose to place therein, as the time of your existence.  Life is also a place, where tragedies and hate must be exhumed from their hiding spots, to be confronted by your own decision for love.  Existence is a two way street/ love or hate;   but eternity is a one way reality, and where love is shared/ there is no room for hate.

The elements of a game are very simple: do you want to win/ or do you not.  The question to be answered however is why?  Some demand, “its for respect, to be noticed, applauded, or given more than the rest/ to take something, the others cannot have.”  I would argue, that a game is simply for the interaction of the players, and those who understand life is a challenge; meet it, do not run away. You can “play” in the interaction of an audience/ but the challenge does not exist for you: YOU did not win or lose/ you cheered, because it meant something to you.  Therefore not a game, but a moment when tears are hidden, and possibilities are searched.  Those who understand less, believe in trophies.  The evidence: you wanted to make them losers.
Unfortunately, most desire a game more than they believe;  “They desire life”.  Life is not impressed, because in the end, a game is nothing more than a moment ending today. Those who pretend a game is more important or even valid as opposed to life are just liars. A game  has no life of its own, it is therefore no opportunity in truth.  Consequently, every impression that a game is important, comes down to a lie.  Instead of important, every honest game is an opportunity to participate in a relationship intended for fun.  A deliberate intent to find a friend.  While every honest life, is a respect in freedom and decision for the disciplines that conceive of soul. Every dishonest and dishonorable life is an intent to conceive of “my problems/ are someone else’s fault”.  When that cannot be fully prepared in evidence, a game results to establish: “its their fault/ because I say so”.  When critical evidence does prepare the facts that fundamentally testify to lies and liars and failure/ a demand results, to establish clarity, transparency, justice, and duty in all those who believe in the value of life.  In contrast to this respect, WANT and PRIDE intervene, wherever “this could cost ME, something I don’t want to surrender:   and lies, liars, fools, extortionists, traitors, and treason results/ with the simple intent to make the people believe “anything but the truth/ follow me”.

Whenever value is held up as the individual/ truth is torn down as the summation of what is valid and real as a decision that we must make. The consequent failure of the individual alluded to as “the expert”/ simply exasperates the lies, and causes tragedy to be enlarged.  The summation of today is: these liars & experts, have been very successful/ because the VAST majority of people particularly in the USA have chosen to call themselves “rich”/ and care little about truth, life, value, or duty;  as a people.  So they “loved” the lies; swooning over, fucking (to use and abuse in hate, with no regard for the safety or sanity or purpose of life), and romancing the liar as their saviors. Pitiful, disgraceful, and the essence of disrespect; because life itself, community itself, hope for anything of actual value, and the concentration of needs for the future were all simply abandoned in the struggle to “GET ME SOME DAMN SLAVES”.  There are no rich/ without making many others poor.  Every        “Dollar/ etc”, is a distinction of someone’s work, time, and life/ plus the resources someone in the future will die without.  You cannot be rich without making many poor/ because rich means;   others must do your work/ others must sacrifice what they need, because you took it/ others are discarded as a living example of truth in creation, because you made them slaves. In america, the lies have continued without great consequences until now, because the liars “found a way” to be rich in your mind/ without taking anything from society; they created a “carrot on a stick” to keep you focused and working hard:    With the primary reward being numbers without meaning/ and then credit without cost.  And it worked, until the people with numbers WANTED to collect their slaves/ the people with credit, suddenly found themselves without anything to work for, but slavery.  Today, “the baby boom” generation wants to retire and spend their numbers/ they have agreed to give the old anything they want, healthcare without restraint (let the children pay), and so on in preparation for their own retirement so they “CAN HAVE whatever they want for free too”.  Stole democracy/ want more.  Shit on the children, they can’t stop you/ can they?  Well, except for the fact if they refuse to do the work/ what can you do?  The answer of course is your numbers and power over rules, gives you control over property and things the children need.  The opposite of that however is:   changing the law to reflect justice, peace, and harmony returns life and society to the children (working age and below), as it was intended to be.  I am part of the baby boomer generation, a late arrival; and the simple truth is: the numbers older people intend to take, will and has been devastating to this nation.  You are not entitled to take everything you want/ you have a responsibility to the future of all life on earth, and have FAILED in every conceivable way. Threatened with extermination on every side/ attacked, maligned, extorted, ravaged as a nation by your greed;   we are literally about to descend into hell and Armageddon.  Because there is no honor in you. 

As with all focused expressions of failure;   life is not so simple as words suggest.  Do not the children worship the very same things as their parents? Indeed they do, even multiplying these effects in many ways; you are not “greater than, or less” than your parents. You want what they want, largely to be rich/ not every single one, but enough to say: the world is dying, and all anyone cares about until it is too late, is money.  Shame on you all.  The demand of balance for life, suggests that some level of truth must be found immediately, or you will pass the point of no return/ where human needs exceed what nature can produce to such an extent that only the terrible consequences of massive death can conceive of a chance to survive.  Yet massive death by any means;   is an open door to accelerate the descent into hell, as complications come in countless ways.  The world is dying, and you pretend/ you hide/ you fear/ and your refuse to surrender what is killing this world:   want, pride, and selfishness.  You WILL change this behavior, in the vast majority of people/ you WILL STOP all the behaviors that are threatening life on this planet earth/ YOU will establish honor, discipline, duty, and respect through truth VERY SOON;   or you will exist no more.  Truth doesn’t care what happens to anyone, it simply does what the laws of life demand.  Mercy decides if there will be “less, than you deserve”/ I DO suggest you pray. 
Fears are a road to hell/ simply because they produce the elements that become identified with hate. Fears come in three basic forms:   I will be hurt or killed/ my possessions, my work as life will be taken away from me/ & my own body will be enslaved, giving me nothing but sorrow. From these things hate is born.  From these things hate learns to be violent and harsh.
As the complexity of fear grows, it creates for itself “villains, to condemn as:   this is your fault”/ because that limits fears by giving the scared a target that suggests “if only this didn’t exist”/ then I would be free of fears. But it is not so, where the fundamentals of truth create law.  Truth declares that every life in time, shall die/ and that means, the clearest and most severe threat of your life cannot be “killed or escaped”: we will all die, therefore it is useless to fear it.  We can only accept the fundamental conclusion: that life is a gift, and death is a demand. But in this reality, the fact that life is a gift comes to mean “WHY”?  That answer is a search, for soul. More simply:  what is life, and can it exist without a body or mind/ is eternity real, or imagined?

The foundations of life, begin in truth; nothing survives without truth/ therefore nothing can be eternal without truth as a critical description of their existence.  True love, or true hate;   are both extremes that fundamentally create an environment within themselves.  True love is defined by the creation of respect, wherein truth even though it cares not, is fundamental to the element called love, whereby life is designated “with value to me”, by those who love you.  Truth establishes a dimension, that requires a participant/ therein love is the establishment, that in the essence of every life, there must be an identity worth loving:   that is the “picture of you”. The elemental character of who you are.  Character means: you have chosen to use what you have to create a life for yourself/ you have not chosen to whine, cry, or discard life simply because of want, or the harsh realities of what other life can do to you. Character is the beginning of a journey beyond yourself/ character is the creation of a direction within yourself, and the determination required,  to see your journey to its conclusion.
The question begins: if every dimension requires a participant, what then is a dimension?  The answer is, a discovery in truth, that assembles a law.  It is the law that requires a participant, to create the elemental existence of time. These then are descriptions linked only to time/ and not to eternity.  The law that exists here is, a simple one: but not for you to know/ because as humanity has proven; anything useful for playing god, will be used to mutilate life and destroy reality by the truth you don’t care enough.

So we will return to the more simple complexities of fear, and the failure these bring to human life on earth.  Fear is the major participant in prejudice;   causing lives to target one another in a sequence of “you did this/ and that caused me to do what I have done”.  Yet on the other side of this imaginary line/ the others say:   “I did that/ because of what you did to me first”.  Which then returns in countless repetition cycles to propagate the means to identify entire segments of the population as BAD/ because no common ground will be allowed.  People do, assume the worst of entire genders/ entire colors/ entire heritages/ entire sub-cultures such as “university”; and so on.  Within these writings are countless conclusions that a university degree has been a major contributor to the tragedies we face in this day; and they are.  But that should not bring the conclusion of all bad/ rather if the university did not exist, would you be better off?  The answer is probably not; therefore where balance exists the understanding necessary to see what cannot otherwise be seen, where a focus is too narrow must come forth.  The primary exercise in these writings regarding the university is as a measured indictment of the pride that will not care about the reality of what happens next/ does not care about anything, but the stupidity of carrying on with ignorance and delusion no matter if even the whole earth is at risk/ or     Everything living will be mutilated/ etc.  Make no mistake, the university degree in as broad a term as is possible/ is responsible for great and terrible threats to this earth, and every life in it.  But in its broadest sense, the university is not a target, only the lies/ the liars/ the experts of “satan”/ and so on, are to be reviewed and then confined to NO MORE DESTRUCTION.

The question of fears returns to the consequence of what every human being does or does not do:   to the people whom you meet and participate with, in even very little ways.  It is easy to establish blame, and participate in hate/ all you have to do, is hide within your mind and create walls that cannot be opened to your heart or soul.  To hide means:   I refuse, to believe or hope anymore/ these others have made me fear nothing in life will make me happy again. Therefore the door closes, and the walls arise.  Can’t stand to be “more sad”/ must defend myself against unhappiness, because I am at risk, of being “suicidal”.  The question is why?  The answer always returns to the dimensional aspects of no one is choosing to participate, as I need them to/ in my life. I can give no more, someone must return love to me.
These things are harsh elements of a desire to escape reality, and enter within the lies that keep human beings from change.  Change requires the ability to see beyond yourself, and encounter truth as a participant in your own life.  Where there are lies, there is hiding from the truth.  Where there are truths revealed, there will be tears and repentance/ or a demand for more hate to counterbalance the truth revealed in more lies and demands for violence to prove “I am correct/ worship me, as your savior”. I am the one who is here “to save you/ from these devils”.  FOLLOW me, and some do.  Even though all know, lies end in   failure. People still lie, and choose to participate as a liar/ for the purposes of their want, pride, or fear.

The bridge between life and death is balance.  That assembling of balance is the creation of a new way of living that exists because you chose to accept love as your hope in life.  Those who choose hate, always seek to destroy balance/ always seek to destroy humanity by refusing to acknowledge needs or participate in the fundamental truths of human existence. The fundamental truth of balance in human existence, is the participation of love in your life.  Instead of    Simple existence, wherein simple self translates everything as “me”/ the reality of seeking beyond self to encounter love, is a message that reveals “I will not measure you/ please don’t measure me”.  But the mind exists in its essence, to measure things as a means to describe and identify the elemental needs and risks and delights of being a human. The mind understands “chemical signatures” that give it pleasures or pain.  The consequence of that as a reality is very simply: that sexual definitions between a woman and a man are very productive in the natural equations of what is balanced and what is not.  Where there is rape, the foundation element is hate/ and its psychological effects are: the things called fear.  Where there is honest love shared in the evidence of a physical relationship that is intended and established for the aid and comfort of both parties; there is the understanding “this one participates in life, with me”. I am not alone. It is loneliness that creates an imbalance in life.  It is loneliness that fails to understand, hate is an enemy, even though the mind measures it so.  The cause and consequence of isolation, is the effect of a life imprisoned in the barriers of an elegantly measured prison;  you built, with the aid of others/ but for yourself.  The need for learning and education in all things, is fundamental to the existence of a loving, romantic, and sexual reality. The need to understand, that all people OWN ONLY THEMSELVES/ is a critical development in the truth of what love means to each one.  YOU cannot take what is mine/ only I can give it to you, for your benefit, for free;   is love.  Anything else is prostitution or whoring (lust without restraint)/ anything else, is less than truth, therefore a lie. Sexual existence accomplishes the singular demand:   to search for balance, in another life of the opposite sex.  It is a partition of hate, to assume ownership of another life by controlling them or their sexual existence.  Those who say of sexuality: “MINE”/ OR in the alternative, “I don’t care, and prove it”/ or what lies between these two are;   are searching through lust for a way to say, I will not be lonely or in the opposite, responsible again.  Hate is the existence of fear translated into the desires for control and ownership/ or the dissolution of fears, which is then the discounting of everything that had value into a measurement entitled to nothing.
Love is, the essence of understanding and need, translated into an act that functionally fills the void in someone else’s life. Love is the honesty, that every life has a right to seek its own sexual existence; if you will not participate/ then that right, and our limits as time suggest:   “This body, and its sexuality, belongs only to me/ just as your body belongs only to you”.

 Unless love shares. In its simple reality, sexual conduct has considerable flaws to be dealt with: women get pregnant/ people lie/ people spread disease by choice or not/ people are heartbroken when replaced as lovers, and some will fail to heal.  The elements of love are these, with regard to sexuality: life has an ending moment, therefore the body shall be used to expand happiness, and delight in a world that can be harsh.  But do not forget discipline is the essence and the reality of what builds a heart, and searches for life through love.  Without discipline or the search for life, there is no intent to be a blessing to your life, or theirs/ it is only a lust, and lust brings nothing but heartache;  even if the moment is exciting. The critical element that defines love, is the desire to aid and assist you in the participation of your life in time/ when this is mutual, love blossoms, and true life begins as a separation from what was, to change as the essence of what could be.        Love shares a need, without judgment/ if that need cannot or will not be met by you; then it is fundamental that happiness needs this reality to find hope, and live in ways that will enjoin truth. What is true, is important.  What is freedom, brings happiness when shared with a friend, and a life worth living.  What is elemental to survival, is taking care of “the little things”/ so they do not become big things: what is fundamental to survival, is the decision to expand life into the future and confront what truth and evidence decides will come to your door. In that way, you can begin to change/ and then rearrange whatever is       Unhappy.  What is unhappy for most is: the result, that you chose “not me”/ even though there were commitments made.  What is unhappy is: that I defended you/ I gave you everything I could, but it was not enough; therefore loneliness came. What is unhappy is: even though life has brought us together as one/ your need is beyond my ability to bring you happiness, therefore we are both sad.

In each of these things, is a demand that could not be met, or would not be met/ most because WANT and PRIDE seek to experiment without a cost.  “I want all things/ I am all things, to me”.  Yet that is not truth, because want reveals the elements called selfishness, and all selfishness is untrue to the life that exists within you. Selfishness means: that loneliness is discarded, and all life is assigned a place without honor next to me.  Therefore no room for someone else or love exists/ only want, and want uses and abuses whatever it can control.  Want cannot love, because it is a level of hate.  Pride is also an environment that removes the participation of love, to play with the possibilities of manipulation, temptation, and control.  Pride considers all life to be a game/ thereby trophies are to be collected, lust is to be used as “the evidence of a winner”/ and life itself is without meaning, unless “you can play”.  These things share nothing with love/ they are developments that will fail to find or keep true happiness.
The elemental meaning of life and living does not extend to body or mind/ but exists within the meanings of thought and its companion love. Love grants value and truth to all who conceive of it, within their heart and soul. Sexuality refines conception from the developments of thought, to the essence of another human being of the opposite sex, that does complete your world/ your life as time.  One of the questions that do exist in this relationship of humanity to existence, is the constant equation of what does it mean to be “complete”?  The answer expands the definition of love, to encounter what we believe love should be within us/ to experience “complete”, is to believe we have indeed expressed and shared love as it was intended to be “within us”.  That relationship releases all inhibitions, and turns to the evidence of what can our future be?  That is a question, separated from love, because time and reality do not  allow love as ruler of life. Instead as time, we are given to existence as a reality of dependency on truth and the elements that are defined by humanity.  As time, our existence can be required to defend life/ rather than simply express the blessings of life and love.  Survival come first here on earth/ because it is necessary to achieve what the future shall need.  As a fact of life in time, those we love do not always come first.

As a fact of life, my little nephew Jason; who died harshly due to a brain tumor, represented a critical learning experience to my own life: that too little, too late/ is worthless, and meaningless as well.  And, a failure to perceive what the future holds/ WILL take away the living, and reduce life to a battleground and potential failure.  It is absolutely necessary to do what you can, when that time has arrived.  It is absolutely necessary, to understand what the future may hold, by accepting the evidence in truth, and acknowledging the facts: or life can die.   “This is a growing thing/ a participation in the understanding of duty”.  It is NECESSARY, that you learn it/ and accept what is true.


Simplified but necessary, are the simple truths: that white men somewhat abandoned love and romance for the sake of money/ that encroached on the lives of other white men to demand they work even harder just to survive: do to the greed distributed among society from the first group.  “Riches for all/ was the cry; but in actual fact, nothing but worthless numbers.”
Even so, the demand of a primary group of white women was “GO GET ME THE MONEY”/ but when the reality became loneliness and rejection; “ a percentage of the black males population was more than ready to pick up the pieces”. Just sex/ who cares/ give it to me.  Unfortunately for black women:   somebody had to pay.  Unfortunately for life in society, these things are not sustainable, simply because it has reduced your lives to nothing but greed and sex. Shame on you.

The fundamental element of slight differences in color, is a definable situation of small but distinct differences in life, and how we all live.  Doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be “mixed relationships”/ but it does apply the singular rule that all herds face (you are a herd/ until thought teaches you better).  That rule is seen in the graceful and beautiful pictures of actual animal herds/ birds in flight/ fish groupings and so forth.  Those that are literally the same, work in time with each other/ thereby functioning as the same to elude and survive in the face of predators which can easily “get just one”.  If you watch these shows of elegant maneuvers within nature, it is absolutely clear why species move together as an identifiable herd/ rather than as mixed company.  It is because they are the same/ their gait is the same/ their turns are the same/ they apparently think the same;   and so on.  Thereby in every crisis or threat of life or death/ those who are the same are fundamentally greater prepared to meet these challenges than those who are even slightly different, in a herd: even slight differences cause tripping or loss of concentration.  The end result of this is simply:   in times of crisis, it is better to walk with the ones who brought you into this world/ than make your own way among strangers. Do remember it, it is a fact of life/ not an illusion or competition.  Just how it is.

The social element called money (dollar in this country), will soon go down in value to find what is a “tremendous new low”.  That is because, no reality exists within these numbers: they are simply excuses for greed, and greed will soon be dead. Survival comes next. Survival means:   we must have!  Therefore survival will ask for sharing to be achieved for free, or in exchange for promises made that have now evaporated. Failure as a world, to recognize we all have a desire for life/ and to remove that ability     Does mean war will come.  To alter the reality of social dimensions that:    Give money to society as its element and method of existence/ means NEW AND DIFFERENT METHODS must come.  Because men will not tolerate this for long/ they will believe in war instead.  But, if you do not share as a world/ then you will not survive as a planet of life.  That said, simply because nature is already dying, and war will simply accelerate that fact.  Plus the fact called weapons of mass destruction. Women will lead, because men have brought us here/ and they know no way out, but war: thousands of years of history, cannot be wrong!        Women will lead, because they are different/ and because their lives have taught them that negotiations are the only way/ and the law is their only true protection.  BOTH OF THESE REALITIES ARE ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY, for survival of planet earth. Men will argue and fight with words/ but truth will acknowledge a crisis exists, and they do desire life.  Therefore whosoever can lead will be allowed/ because life or death is now a decision for humanity to make.  The consequence of men letting women lead, WILL BE: a plotting and planning by men, for when they can again take over/ and rule this earth.  The reality of life on earth is: that women will now lead from this time on.  Men are removed, because you brought us to the door of HELL, AND ARMAGEDDON!  For that cause, you are through.  Women cannot do worse/ and there is no other choice! The question of how well shall they do, is simply open to their own decisions.

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