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Friday, 17 April 2009

Social confrontations of humanity

the word confrontation means, to demand attention by force if necessary.  The human equivalent to that is commonly to yell, scream, bully, compete, be aggressive, and use weapons such as words.  The human deterioration beneath confrontation, then adds ridicule, gossip, manipulation, temptation, violence, and fear.  Confrontation is used to establish an opportunity believed to be necessary: stop hurting me, stop ignoring me, stop killing us, leave me alone, we need justice, or a new way, or a new leader and so on.  Beneath confrontation is: I want to hurt you, because it confirms I am god, “measured against the likes of  you”.  Lots of tragedy in human history confirms both of these realities.
War is the single avenue created by men to avoid dealing with their problems:   TO MUCH FOR US, to work out/ so we will kill each other, and whosoever wins takes it all.  That solves the basic problem of competition, whereas the few now control everything/ and the masses get nothing but slavery.  That makes them unhappy, and to keep the masses from attacking their leaders; the common solution is to war with someone else/ thereby alleviating the population pressures, or stealing the possessions and work of another.  Big wars, make the people equal for the war, and a few years after the war/ because everyone who contributed was valued.  After the big war, the people separate into their own little bands of aggression, and try to consume each other with competition.  That causes severe conflict, and the end result is another war.  History is full of proof. 

So it is a primary result of human life that competition forms the basic foundation of war/ aggression precedes war, as the need to direct the people “away from me”; and leaders choose to attack someone else rather than deal with the consequences of civil war.  Every war is about “what we don’t have/ because these few took it all; and we have no options”.  Every war is about removing the powerful from their places, by reducing their possessions to rubble, and re-dividing the work and using resources as we want/ instead of just for the few.  But resources are nearly dead, and that means you will die too/ because we are nothing, but the living dead, without sufficient resources of all kinds to keep us alive.

Capitalism is the purpose of the majority, DEMANDING COMPETITION to decide who gets it all.  Legislatures are the purpose of a few want to compete by creating rules through laws that are inferior to justice; but adequate for stealing from the majority.  Case in point, are the elderly who have used the legislature to steal the very lives from the children in this day. Simply “to hell with you/ no one cares about anyone but me”.  Capitalism works while there is plenty, because given the opportunity; the VAST MAJORITY spend their lives trying “TO BE RICH”/ I want slaves!  But regardless of this failure, they are working, and that adds something to society so it keeps itself from disintegrating into war.  TOO BAD, all that greed “GIVE ME MORE/ GIVE ME YOURS TOO”;   STRIPS, RAPES, AND DESTROYS NATURE in its every form.  Which then disrespects life itself, because it becomes measured as an aid to being wealthy, or an adversary, just like other people.  A destroyed nature, then becomes a cause for war and countless other tragedies along the way.  But “good times, when everyone is working” leads to excess in everything;   lets have more children, planned or not/ and then there is over-population which consumes so much war is absolutely necessary to prove who will stay, and who will go.  TOO BAD, there is no place left to go/ it is over-population that must now be viewed as reality and truth:   controlled, or dead.
Regardless, capitalism works so long as there are plenty of resources to ransack and rape/ plenty of space, to force the others away.  TOO BAD that is no longer the case/ life is about to get far more harsh.  People everywhere, resources lost, ruined, or destroyed.  Opportunity thrown in the garbage pit, because so very few cared about anything that apes and monkeys could have done better.  Welcome, to the world that men have built/ but not to worry, “they made weapons of mass destruction just for this day”/ HELL one little button, “and you won’t worry no more”.  Ain’t that so?

Today, you are deciding whether life on earth lives or dies!  Its not a hard decision to see/ not a hard choice to make.  Continue what you are doing, and it is literally guaranteed you soon die.  Change and choose life, means that too survive you will remove the competition and greed/ you will stop the lust, and thirst for want & pride;   or you will fail, and die anyway.  Men are willing to try, they don’t want to die/ but they will rapidly return to their reality as we clearly see today; an aggression that breeds competition, that ends in war.  Women are an unknown, except for the fact that they are different/ and different is an absolute need.  Any other major conflict increases the possibility of dying dramatically/ weapons of mass destruction or not:   because of all the damage you have done environmentally, and to nature and life;   “Snakes, probably could have done better;   at least they would not have mutilated the very food, and life, that keeps them alive”.  But this is where we are, under the leadership of men/ as humanity on this earth.  This is what men bought for you, and this is the edge of hell and Armageddon/ whereby you lose all control of sanity, life, environment, and hope;   if you continue and fall beyond the line of no return is possible.  Nature keeps you alive, environment is the house where you live, the sanctity of life and treasury of soul brings you love;    And you are a filthy disgrace in all areas’ of living.  Take a look at your media, take a look at where you are going, take a look at your reality “worshiping monkeys as your parents/ worshiping bacteria as your creator/ worshiping science by demanding to play god/ worshiping destruction as a chance to be god, and KILL THEM ALL; and so much more”.  Pitiful, in so many ways!  Does that mean there are no redeeming qualities of life or humanity or justice?  NO it does not/ rather what is important in this day, and in this moment of time is: THE THREATS that are about to exterminate all life from this earth.  Comparatively speaking, what is beneficial and good:   simply doesn’t matter at this time/  Just how it is.  How then do you demand change, if not by force?  The answer is if pleasant and polite simply cannot be heard:   IT IS necessary “to kick and scream and educate, at you/ or we all die, if you won’t wake up”.
Devil means “the proud and arrogant who wake up to steal peace and harmony from the rest.  Satan means, destroyer of all life, regardless of sympathy, devoid of compassion, and whose purpose is power, fear, and control.   I am none of these things, therefore the people of religion who accuse me otherwise, are in fact leading you as sheep to your slaughter.

I don’t call you pitiful people, as you have life inside just like me.  Instead, the leadership and the reality of your decisions are pitiful; because you are focused on want, and you worship your pride and live by your fantasy and delusions, which means essentially “you are brain dead”.  So this education is offered to heal those tragedies, and resuscitate the possibility that you may survive if you change.  If you do not, having been told all that you need to know/ then you judge yourselves, and choose your death,  declaring hell and Armageddon are for you.  Look at your fundamentals of life, and know this is true. You will change your mind, when reality convinces you of tragedy and chaos / but then, nothing will change your fate.  YOU MUST wake up and use knowledge to create understanding in a search for truth/ so that you can make a decision, rather than die as a reaction to your insolence and stupidity.   So this is your opportunity to redesign life on earth, for happiness, hope, love, honor, respect, honesty, courage, friendship, justice, equality, sharing and caring, and their choice which is an eternity created in truth.   Or it is your decision, to abandon all these things for the alternate truth: that you choose hate, violence, mutilation, and all the fear life can bring to you inside and out.  Your choice is one, or the other: the middle ground is removed/ because nature can no longer control you.  Today, you must choose for life on earth correctly, or it dies/ and you die with it.

Learning how to share requires you to eliminate the power of authority, and let the law decide with justice, mercy, fair play, or equality.  Learning how to govern requires you to eliminate the power of control, and demands of you “to help us/ don’t rule over us”.  Learning how to survive, understands that freedom needs an opportunity to express itself, even when wrong; so long as no others are substantially or intentionally hurt.  Freedom is akin to happiness, whereby each one is responsible for themselves, and each one decides for themselves what is right and good in their own lives.  Honesty says: NO ONE owns my body but me, not sexually or otherwise; and NO marriage contract can change that.  Honor knows that love will choose for love/ whereas anything less than love is not an honor.  Happiness exists within the understanding of acceptance, the base reality that I am loved even though not perfect.  Therefore be happy, and work for happiness remembering we are literally all equal.  Life makes us equal, and there is nothing that compares.  Don’t measure or judge/ let the law decide; help each other instead.  Listen to your children, don’t talk to them/ UNDERSTAND THEM, and then help them as if they were talking to you. Learn, sustain, help, survive, and be happy are all foundations of a successful existence.  The choice is NOT WANT OR PRIDE.  The choice is love, friendship, freedom, and equality.  Take it to heart, or leave it and die.

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