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Friday, 17 April 2009

The issues of sex, the behavioral characteristics of an honest man, and an honest woman with regard to sex are simply up to them.  We are “independent people”/ free to choose for ourselves, after adulthood occurs.  We are as a consequence of natural hormones, a reality of choices that young men and women make;    Without regard to the consequence of a truth that this is not without cost.  The price of “sex too soon”/ is simply; “that the honeymoon, which is intended to be about sex primarily/ the first year especially when things must be worked out, and sexual hopes and dreams in a new relationship between you clearly makes all things worthwhile:   we negotiate and surrender pride and want/ because sex is worth it with you”.  The realities of babies, the consequence to your young life, and the demands for freedom that you will face are all things about sex that makes it a reality not to be afraid of, but to respect as a discipline with benefits.  Sex without love is nothing.  Love without sex, is a missing part of life. Sex too soon, presents all manner of complications, from people who need tremendously/ to people who lied, and did not care at all/ to feelings of inadequacy or heartbreak or loss because you gave too much, to someone who could not or would not return it to you.  Love is a gift, which means simply “it can be given away”/ which then means “they own it now, not you”.   This leaves the heart sad, and life lacking happiness, hope, and even respect for yourself.  GIVE YOUR LOVE TO GOD FIRST, and give of yourself in return and for the purpose of SHARING love/ not buying someone/ not fixing someone/ not earning someone/ not keeping someone;   but sharing life together, in peace, truth, and happiness.  Anything less, will bring heartache.

These things said the question of religion and all other “blame games”, will challenge any aspect of sex that does not fit neatly within their own rules.  But in fact, sexual existence is a gift of    GOD    To men and women for sharing with each other/ and nothing about that is evil.  It is only because of the lies, cheating, stealing, lust, rape, ravaging, and just plain lack of respect;   that sexual existence does not have the respect and honest hope and expressions it deserves in life for humanity.

Sexual existence is not a healer of all things, even between those who are truly in love.  But sexual expressions that fundamentally say “I value you” can make a very real difference to the heart between man and woman.  The heart understands life, and life understands;   “Thank you, for being you/ for participating in my life/ and for sharing our existence together as life”.  Love blesses every union, but it heals only the hearts that believe they are as one.  One means that we share these moments because we are blessed by each others lives, because we are alive inside in the honesty of what we mean to each other as life, and because we do truly respect each other for the individuals that we are/ that we have chosen to be.  The issues of sexuality are few, what is allowed by the other is fine, what is taken in need by one is allowed, because caring identifies with need, and to love is to care about you.  It can even include more than one partner if that is your wish/ it is your body, and you decide what to do with it:   that is the happiness of freedom, but the price of freedom comes with it, and the consequence of a decision/ is the reality “like it or not”.  If you willingly enter in, and fail to see “this one was not worthy”/ it is NOT rape;   even though it is not friendly, and you have every right to stop, and demand this must stop.  The failure to stop would be battery.  It is not rape, for the young who decide to act upon their hormones and experience sex with other young of approximately the same age;   it is a decision/ and that decision needs to be understood in the early stages of a possible pregnancy by both sides so that intervention can come quickly (well within 30 days/ preferably within a week) so that limited harm is done to all involved.  It is not fair to a possible pregnancy/ but life is not fair, it is real, and reality says “too soon, is harsh to all”/ but too late, is murder, and either you will face this truth within 40 days of conception/ or carry it through to birth and beyond.  As to older people having sex with young people who have attained sexual maturity, the simple truth is it all depends upon the young person and what they have been doing to encourage or even take steps to having that sex.   Being able to share in the hormones, DOES require the discipline necessary, or you will face the consequences dependent upon “was this completely free will”.  There can be NO ALLOWANCE for anyone under the age of 21 to sell their body, or allow it to be sold.  Any person paying with “something of value, as would indicate prostitution” or participating in any form;   to a”sale of a  minor”/ faces losing a great deal more than what was paid.  And so on.  Those children who are not truly and honestly critically mature SHALL BE LEFT ALONE, or you face extermination.   Leave them alone sexually.  A parent will not be killed (so that the child has no feelings of guilt)/ but they will be “given to homosexuals or some other form of punishment that will inflict essentially the same disgrace and punishment that the child did face/ times 10.  LEAVE YOUR CHILDREN ALONE SEXUALLY, you did not create them/ they DO NOT belong to you.  They are a gift from   GOD’s   WORK    To this earth, and will be respected, or will earn terrible punishments to you.
Apart from all these things, the issues that belong to adult men and women are the same:   as we grow older, some desire sex/ some do not.  But freedom says and truth demands:   we alone as an individual body, do own our own reality and our own time/ no other owns us, no other has a claim to our body that we do not accept with open honesty;   no marriage contract, for legal rights; nor religious contract can produce ownership upon what is strictly mine, or yours.  Only we ourselves give that, and sex as a body is particularly limited to “mine”/ not yours, unless I give it this time, and any other time.  I possess/ you do not is the simple truth of life and living.  That means clearly, if love does not hold you together/ then you have no marriage in the sense of love.  There are no contracts for sex, as that would be prostitution, and no religion or law would guarantee prostitution/ therefore no obligation for sex can ever be created by either style of agreement.  There are likewise NO contracts for slavery either, meaning “you have to not have sex/ just because I say so”:   that too is simply NOT a part of any agreement that participates in love.  Love brings us together/ sexuality is a gift that comes with love, and everyone who honestly loves and respects the other will find in that love and respect all they need to be faithful.  Unless something goes wrong with the body of one or the other, and it fails for sex in some form.  Then in truth, love would respect the needs of sex in the other, and they would find whatever life can provide with the help of the other.  Love thinks of “you first/ and asks please consider me too”; from both sides,   because we care, and sharing, reality, time, and truth all agree to be free is worth the price.  To be truly happy, requires you to be free.

The purpose of change is the reality of heartache and terrible consequences in not being free, whereby there are those who silently moan and groan “my life is slipping away, and I am trapped”.  There are those who suddenly claim ownership, and produce violence, making life unbearable for the other/ and they use the expectation of ownership as a right to harm.  The simple truth is:    We own only ourselves/ but that fact also establishes NO ONE will ever own our sex.  Not ever/ not contractually for any reason at all.  Those who suggest they own, or make any action that assumes they own another under any circumstance;   are guilty of stealing/ guilty of trying to inflict slavery/ guilty of rape, if they assert continued sexuality wherein the other party has distinctly and deliberately said NO.  THEY ARE, to be imprisoned, as it is necessary to the life and quality of life of the other.   Sex is NOT a license to steal from the other either/ sex is a gift, and shall not be fundamentally present in any divorce.  Sex is a gift, “not in trade” for anything. The primary demand is then:   to remove every excuse for violence or hate/ every cause to say “you ruined my life”.
Listen to your partner, accept the simple truth in sex; try it so long as there are “no tools”/ you might like it, give it a second chance, maybe a third because things change.  But always know, that life and sex are about giving to heal the others life, granting them happiness and hope, and helping them to face their own day with courage knowing that you are their true friend/ that you are trusted, and they are respected.  “Both sides/ there is no fence, unless you are unworthy of the experience”.  But do always remember “its your choice, not theirs”. 

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