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Friday, 17 April 2009


The purpose at NIF :   is to surround the atomic environment of hydrogen so that the materials cannot escape. It WILL work, unless one or more lasers fail. So the probability of fusion is actually very high. A fire that will burn the earth itself/ which we cannot put out: want to gamble? Can you stop a known fire here by throwing gasoline on it? No, you cannot because the gas is fuel! Regardless; to understand better, we return to a well known physics law: for every action there is a reaction. That is a fundamental in time, and it is true. So when all this energy is focused onto hydrogen which is an atom that cannot morph into something else: the question arises, what will the reaction be? The answer is a reaction that is the same size PLUS the energy allowed by the hydrogen itself will arise as a result/ the law of action and reaction insists. That will make the reaction event: not only fusion, but with the effects of a multi-megaton nuclear bomb going off in San Francisco/ particularly if fusion itself is not the result/ the only possible result is a bomb. The alternative to a volume that can react: is less simple to understand. With a smaller volume of hydrogen confined and reduced by pressures to an infinitesimal spot because it WAS forced to react into itself instead of reacting outward in atomic fire or force. The result WILL be, a black hole here on earth. Incredibly small/ but with all the energy focused upon it and contained within that tiny spot: making it on an sub-atomic scale, essentially turned inside out. The end result of that multiplication of density will be: that energy when finally released, from an environment of perhaps a billion pounds per square inch or more (as it turns from reaction to internal destruction): elemental atomic structure will be crushed/ but a little will stream out of its center; in a directional ““beyond extreme”” laser type of effect. The physical law of action equals reaction/ actually changes into an action, created by an alternate dimensional state: where atomic structure no longer exists. Because to implode and create this density in response of all the energy applied, all internal structure must be forced out. Or more simply, that which is described as a neutron in the arrangement of an atom is discarded/ and the protons are welded together, while electrons are essentially discarded or swallowed. Do to the immense pressures used/ the ascension of heat is altered from a force/ to a receptor of energy. The environment of a black hole will then be accelerated into multiples of the energy provided and used. It reverses energy in opposition to the law of an action and reaction: creating the opposite effects, of an action/ when it could not react, by changing direction: heat and force turned around; becoming an increasing action inside/ instead of a reaction outside. Thereby the black hole increases in mass and motion so long as there is energy to consume/ it is a ““perpetual motion machine””. ““It will suck energy in, and because as with all consumption there is a bit that will not cooperate with the whole: thereby the ““laser effect””””. One wanders if it can literally bore a hole through this earth? More importantly one wonders, if indeed there will be a complete alignment with the center black hole of our galaxy in 2012: if so, then it is apparent and probable that this ““laser effect”” will be encountered by us. The answer potentially radiates within the possibilities of what has happened to other planetary objects: but without life as a mediator of reality, we cannot know. The ““elemental physics”” result; of every black hole is however, the Making in effect of dark matter/ because it is the opposite of what we see in real life existence, as the disciplined order called time. The question is: even though this newly formed, BUT densest possible material in the universe, although infinitesimally small/ as a black hole with extreme energy applied to it is: Will, IT WILL accelerate the energy focused upon it, into the elemental mass of its center, and thereby create the effect that humanity describes in space as a black hole thereby sucking in its neighbor planets, stars,/ us etc? Making a black hole here on earth, even if you cannot see the mass itself? If so, It will not be survivable. Not for anyone. The question asks in reality: what is the energy contained? Because that is the determinate factor? The answer is: without doing the math/ that anything which can create MORE ENERGY; [as described in their own site at nif] by describing what they say will be far more intensity than a physical star exploding into a supernova in space: IS MORE THAN ENOUGH TO CREATE WHAT A SUPERNOVA CREATES, a black hole in space. Therefore dependent upon the exact configuration of what happens; you get either a multi-megaton nuclear explosion ““the least violent””/ OR an earth on fire we cannot put out/ OR a black hole that cannot be controlled and will eventually suck in this entire planet, because the laws governing time and order, will be changed. Not a guess, these are the laws of physics/ the reality of a changed state in energy and dimension that are going to be used in this experiment.
The tragedy of men is their pride/ assumptions are made about how the sun works, that are simply wrong.  Predictions are made that without extreme pressures fusion as fire cannot be sustained;   very wrong.  Clearly erroneous stupidity suggests that the sun burns from the inside out.   And they risk all life on earth for these ridiculous demands to “play god”.

Each of these can be proven wrong, with the simple fact of an exploding supernova star:   as with this sun, these burn until such time as the entire sun itself begins to expand/ after very significant expansion, it explodes/ and in many cases becomes a black hole.  But the evidence here is:   that for a sun to be able to expand/ THERE MUST BE MATERIALS INSIDE, that were not fully heated prior to this moment.  There is no mass to expand, if there is no mass that can be further heated beyond the balance point which kept it prior to this stage, as with our sun; essentially disciplined and stable.  If the inner mass is hotter than the external surface which we know exists at 12 million degrees or so/ then there is absolutely no chance for expansion, into a supernova star.  Simple as that.
The elemental understanding of fire, in any form:   IS as an invader of the disciplines that conceive and contain a defined environment.  Rather like a weapon that invades the body to release blood, “the fluid life of an organism”.  Atomic Fire interrupts the environment and releases the internal realities that make an atomic structure exist/ chemical fires release and burn bonds.  Atomic fires release and burn the internal structures that contain the energy, such as the base realities of what makes up the electron itself, in any but the very smallest size. Consuming the relationships that conceive of infinitesimal but real space, in the environment that is called a proton.


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