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Friday, 17 April 2009

Revelations divide at chapter 12.  From the destruction caused by men who refuse to lead, as the end of life on earth.  From women in chapter 12-21, wherein women are given the opportunity to do better than men, if they will. This demands and transforms the responsibilities of women, and makes them leader if they so choose, and do preform the work required of them.  Chapter 18 is about the response of men, to women being in charge, where they choose not to accept this authority of women or truth in america to start, and every other nation because of all the economic lies; the same will be demanded of them.  The prophecy here is that the men refuse, what is clearly the national ignition facility blows up, instead of fusion fire;  killing untold millions and wrecking this nation; and the world cries.  Truth demands a courtroom to resolve all the conflict and lies.  Women require leadership of both life and sex.

There is an alternate ending, to men destroying the earth with their refusal to surrender power and pride and want to women.  The alternate ending to women not coming forward in time, and taking leadership of this world; in time for a happy world of life, that they might create.

  It is Revelation 19 wherein :    The national ignition facility has blown up as a big bomb, but the world survives.  And then CERN is removed from a threat; by men warring with men throughout the world.   But catastrophe has struck america and people are forced to leave/ because the laws that govern all life demand it.  In this situation many people who are left, find their soul, repent, and pray to   GOD.   The wedding of the Lamb is a good sign, it means mercy on the lives of those who do.  The bride is a woman is yet a mystery, but as “wife”/ there will be an unbreakable bond between her and   JESUS as a spiritual reality in her life.  The expectation that   JESUS   should leave   “The HOUSE OF    GOD “    To come back and rule over humanity on earth as a physical presence, is a lie/ why should   JESUS do that?   In this scenario, humanity has failed/ and this is the difference between life on earth, and extinction.   Life in this world then goes to “a one ruler over all”.  He or she controls everything including the religious world.   The white horse is the sign of a fight, without any sign of hiding (just like a black horse, is a fight, where everything has been hidden that can be hidden).  The rider of the white horse, has been proven, has fought many battles, chooses words that leave no doubt as to their intent, and wears the signs of royalty.  The world of humanity is then separated into love and hate.  Those who hate form an army and go to war with those who love.  Great bloodshed has already occurred, and this will end “who inherits this earth” forever.  The remnant that survives go on to create a new world with what is left.  Never to forsake love, nor life, nor truth, nor respect again.

So says this prophecy; the reality is dependent upon the choices you are making, even in this day
There are prophecies in other religions; but I am given a “christian bible” to work with/ and therefore it is this prophecy that is used.


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