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Friday, 17 April 2009

FUSION is the fire you see on the sun, no one argues that.  FUSION operates on the sun at about 12 million degrees F, no one argues that.  FUSION EXISTS AS A NUCLEAR FIRE, no one argues that.  FUSION burns atomic materials, by consuming the energy inside; that is real, and fundamental to the process going on that we see on the sun.  FUSION IS very efficient, because the sun still burns; no one argues that. FUSION produces flame bursts on the sun between 6 and 12 miles high (close enough).  FUSION produces more heat, or BTU’S per atom, than thousands of barrels of oil.  FUSION IS WHAT YOUR SCIENTISTS AND GOVERNMENTS ARE TRYING TO BRING HERE.          BUT WE CANNOT CONTAIN IT/     WE CANNOT CONTROL IT/    WE CANNOT EXTINGUISH IT/   WE CANNOT “SHIP IT AWAY” ONCE ITS HERE/     WE CAN ONLY DIE FROM IT, BECAUSE IT IS MORE THAN LIFE CAN HANDLE.   The most likely scenario at NIF is; if the timing is perfect, a plume of fire will extend above that site, “fusion has come”.  That plume of heat will rise using oxygen in the air to a minimum of 12 miles high/ causing an enormous tornado effect that continues to pull in atmosphere gases from all over the world.  I am guessing about 3 weeks maximum before we have NO atmosphere at all.  The rate of progression as to fusion enlargement is irrelevant, but more than fast enough.  Going to throw water on it?  How you going to get close enough/ and water is an atomic material, which means its fuel.  Throw rocks at it?  Their an atomic material, which means its fuel.  Literally once ignited and sustained life on earth is over.  As to the little satans who cannot be bothered to think about such things as “what happens when it is lit”!  They expect “to work with it”/ well we will just take away the electricity or pressure or something, and it will just go out.  HELL the sun has to be restarted everyday, “right”.  As to sustaining that atomic fire, the USA has built the perfect containment area, inside a mountain; where it cannot escape “until its good and ready”.    Has not CERN in Europe done the very same thing, the possibilities of nuclear fire or fusion have extended themselves to certainty.  The machines that have been built are capable now, of creating fusion; the “national ignition facility” was built for this very purpose and is running today.  Therefore the only, or last question left is if humanity as    WE THE PEOPLE    Can find enough sense, enough honesty, enough honor NOT to gamble/ NOT to accept the fate;   science, government, and men have chosen:   to say NO!    The world only dies once/ there is no going back.   Want to be wrong?        Taken from
   REALITY HAS BECOME,   LIVE OR DIE,   because the experiment    Is scheduled   to run in 2009, if not before:              REALITY HAS BECOME,   LIVE OR DIE,   because the experiment    Is scheduled   to run in 2009, if not before:     MAKE YOUR DECISION.
The foundation of this world, is NOT human want, but reality and truth.  The consequences of bringing fusion to this earth, are an EXTREME RISK to this earth/ as I see it a certainty of death for this world.  But you will decide for yourselves, because the words above have been used for years, in various ways and times: and the machines exist anyway.  Time is running out.  If I am wrong, and fusion (the fire on the sun) can co-exist with men; well then you win.   If however you are wrong, in any form or fashion/ if it gets out of hand in any conceivable way; then you are dead, along with every life that exists or would have existed: does that not make you satan. Unlike the theories and innuendo of people who    “Suggest the world is ending”.   Your scientists, whom you worship as “saviors and gods”     Have stated they will create fusion.   They have now built the machine that can create fusion, and set the date for that event.   The world no longer has a    “Suggested going to end”     ; it has a date, when it will end.      Fusion is an end to life on earth.
PROVE you can contain it, extinguish it, control it:   and if you cannot, because that is impossible;   then know it is the desire to play god that controls you.         The religious call it satan.     Either way, it is death to this world; take another look at the sun.

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