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ALL behaviors are a result of competition.

Every other action or reaction is a result of the decision called love/    or hate! What is strictly survival is not a decision, or an action or reaction: instead these create the opportunity of time, therefore a participation with the potential called eternity.  Life understands the need for time/ love understands the need for eternity: but only respect can deliver you to the possibilities of truth.
So lets review:   those who make a choice, and present an action do so because they have chosen in this particular situation to offer love or hate, at some level of life and purpose or desire.  That is simply a choice, and it is dependent upon who you are as an individual how you carry out that decision, and for or upon whomever you choose.   Likewise, when someone affronts or intends to control you, a decision shall be made as to what you will or will not do, dependent upon who your identity offers you to be.  This too is a choice/ even if the actual realities are very poor, it is a choice, wherever the possibility of a decision can occur.

But that is not true of behaviors, these are things done by the average person according to how they perceive the situation and competition for what they want. Want is a fundamental to behaviors, as these opportunities in selfishness are presented to people throughout their lives.  Want says, “I will make this come true”/ by my own decision regardless of truth, irregardless of love or the desires called honesty, honor, truth, or respect.  When this decision has arrived, what follows is a “lukewarm version of hate”/ to achieve your desire in want, regardless of any other concern.  Therefrom the bargaining and purposes of establishing control seek to confront or confuse the subject of your want, or the environment of your pride with the necessary instructions in what you perceive as critical to proving you CAN have what you want.  A lot of sex is taken or given by women, with the intent of claiming control. A lot of sex is pursued by men with the intent of proving “my trophy/ not yours” to the other men.

Even so, the question of all behaviors is developed upon the simple premise that these things happen in groups/ or because of groups, and as such isolate a particular dimension of human existence/ the intent to either be a part of the group/ control the group/ or simply  hope the group simply doesn’t attack you. To accomplish this task, the common response is: “to be like you”/ therein the assumption “he or she, must like themselves” comes to bear a resemblance of what I can do or say, that is the same.   Here then the experience of being human deviates unto the expressions of another, and a complicated mix of what works/ what does not work/ what is “my participation here” is added/ and a wide variety of associations is planted within by media and other human influences, that then become a “social participation as well”.   Every behavior reflects the certainty, “that I wish to belong/ that I do not wish to belong/ that I will submit or won’t/ that I am friend, or intend to be enemy/ and each conforms to the expectations proven in time by what has influenced you.  Lots of conformity is wrong.  Lots of behavior reflects other behaviors; some is used to “hide what I have done/ hide behind what someone else has done/ is used for the simple purpose of trying to get along/ or compliments the purpose of a decision either for love or hate, as your version of “I mean it”.
The essential value of behaviors, is to increase the elemental need:   “Look at me/ pay attention to me: or don’t”.  Therefore they are somewhat flamboyant/ somewhat stupid or vain or whatever.  They are directed at someone else/ some other group: to say, here is what I think of you/ here is what I think of me.

 Sexual behaviors are often a result of loneliness, in one form or another/ even if, “this person” seems not to be lonely, inside that can easily not be true. Sexual behaviors are nearly as much the result of an escape from life, from reality, for the purpose of hiding in a few moments without the need to survive as time. Sexual behaviors are consistently about “the games people play”, and a desire to be “winner”.  For that reason people use temptations, manipulations, money, lies, and violence: “to be a winner”!  Or more simply, to say to another: “YOU cannot have this one, MINE”.  But unless they do want that one/ the game fails, the prize is called worthless, and the abuse begins.  Sexual needs are the evidence of tears, that are welling up inside because of a battle that lives between hope, love, truth/ and the lies, hate, and failure of people who refuse to take responsibility for anything; and those who simply hate. Sexual honesty, is a decision between man and woman for the sake of participating at levels that are not simply as a group:  sexual intercourse suggests, WE/ not I, or they. But without honor, responsibility, honesty, discipline, courage, respect, and love;    It will never be, what   GOD   meant it to be.  Each of these are a personal decision, a discipline & a truth required of both:  cherished in time, created in love.  Without true trust, do not participate in sexual intercourse; it will only give you heartache if you do/ tears will come.  Where there is trust and honesty and hope: you must remember, that every life has a choice/ every life a need and a destiny.  If you cannot participate in that need or destiny, one or the other will leave; even if love is true.

Marital behaviors are governed by what each person believes they are missing or gaining, because they are with you.  If “the child” is not yet through dating inside/ then he or she will argue “its your fault, I didn’t get to do______”.  If the relationship you have shaped is built upon sex, it will fade.   If the possibilities you believe could be yours only if you are rid of this person/ you will divorce.  If you lose respect for each other, you have blamed them for a loss that you cannot get back/ and this sometimes ends in abuse, or death for one or more.  Love is hard, simply because TRUST, MUST be earned!  Without trust you cannot ascend beyond the mental barriers of time or place/ therefore you cannot encounter the love, life, or sexual honesty that was meant to be.  Without truth, there can be no trust.  Without discipline, you will never learn the lessons called truth.

Over-population is 2 million more mouths every single week to feed/ this cannot be sustained.  Consequently behaviors such as the birth of 8 babies at once, on top of six more are absolutely selfish and without justification.  THEREFORE, if you are wise, you will instantly demand sterilization of this woman or there will be no money/ no help for you.  You will give her children to her, even if they die/ unless they have found adoptive parents.  You will give her no money at all/ but allow the food and basic necessities you have determined, as are needed.  If it can be determined that she has done significantly well, some slight help and freedoms can be provided in one year. She made this choice/ take away the possessions of the fertility clinic and doctor/ and make them pay;   if you must. They too, made this decision/ and will live with the results.
Behaviors that “continue to circle”, long after the evidence proves what will come next/ are illustrations of hopelessness.  These do not believe that life can be better/ therefore, they escape back into the very same patterns that caused trouble, for the very same temporary relief that assisted them for a “few moments” before/ each believing, “won’t happen to me this time”.  But of course it does: repeat the same process and method, and get the same result/ until something changes through unexpected consequences that bring more violence, such as “leave, we are done/ you are abandoned”.  A necessary fact of life/ until it is proven you are willing to accept the responsibilities that life requires of us all.
In simple terms, that means to continue on with life even when trouble comes: “pick yourself up/ learn what can be learned/ study it, until you know what went wrong inside yourself/ and then make a decision, NOT to do that again.  And then pay attention, so you do not.  Learn what leads to where/ DON’T FOLLOW, choose!”  Where discipline is lacking in yourself, go ahead and join a religion, that serves as an example of love; even though they are truly poor/ it will still help you, if your need is great enough.  Every lasting religion, that expresses a desire to learn love:   is a discipline. Find the one that fits YOU. 

There are criminal behaviors: mostly a mix of “I BLAME YOU”!  There are hate decisions, mixed with violence, jealousy, and revenge for the purpose of creating fear in all who can be made afraid: it is their reward.  Our reward to them once fully convinced of hate is: “we don’t need you anymore”.  The lesser version of “I blame you”, has not descended into hate as such yet.  Therefore they can be made to understand:   all of us, are responsible for our society/ anger that turns to crime does not help!  Simple as that.  The simple conception of transferring the honesty of responsibility is understood best by creating a social environment within a prison or any other method of social intervention.  “An opportunity” to learn exactly what happens to cause a decision to be made/ and what happens when the wrong decision is made.  In other words, schooling in reality & truth is required/ an opportunity NOT to be simply abandoned to poverty and lack of choices when released is mandatory.  In other words, you must work to build yourself a new realistic beginning or you won’t be released.

The single largest behavioral influence, is “the mental voice” inside your head. Tempting you/ manipulating you/ asserting your are correct/ demanding actions or reactions or retention of bad behaviors cause “no one can tell you what to do”.  And so on.  When the competition is at its extreme, that is when this type of “voice” can have an influence not otherwise accepted.  When you have made a decision that is limited by doubt/ this type of influence can turn you away.  Purpose and desire are critical dimensions of life/ they require your assistance to survive.  Therefore the element of truth that presents your own identity as a participant in these things;  desire and purpose/   creates the possibilities of a voice inside, by undermining whatever is not secured as your true decision.  “This voice inside”, is the mental contribution of all that life has taught you to be afraid of/ whether that is death, or shunning, or trouble, or sex, or  whatever it is.  This “voice inside” then contributes all the possibilities of failure, that you have accepted:   before, during, or after you have continued on in an action or reaction that has not been fully committed to.  In other words, if the truth inside of you is not fully developed and understood by the anchors of living that you have accepted as your own/ then their will be “voices created within your own experience” that try to disrupt any consecutive decision that you attempt to make. A true identity and desire is assigned by what you accept as truth:   these cannot be deflected unless you have NOT accepted in reality, what you believe to be true. And the purpose that these create, shall not be diminished/ unless you accept a loss of value in you.  Therefore apart from behaviors assigned and created by disbelief in you.  The truth of a peaceful and happy life, is created by the desire that gives life its meaning, the purpose that beats in rhythm with life itself, and the hope established by the freedom which is life itself, an identity in you.   Behaviors are about an attempt to belong within society, control others in society, or demand attention from society in one form or another.   Life is about the truth of your own decisions, as an identity created within & through freedom.

The elemental reality of a spiritual environment:   is the truth multiplied beyond the limits of time, in the space between time and eternity/ that then allows the participation of “realities beyond the scope or conception of a mind”.  It is the truth multiplied/ it is not anything less.  To enter within, you must be true to the decisions that you have made.  These things exist in thought, not in time.  But as has been written about in me, the possibilities exceed our own environments of identity, desire, or purpose.  Love is a passage, beyond ourselves. Happiness is a home/ hope is a door. And truth through respect, the journey of every life that seeks eternity with                GOD   .   Learn who you are.

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