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Friday, 17 April 2009

Question: is not the very smartest people in charge of your economy?  Were they not all certain “ this is what we want to do”/ did they not protect your economy, your money, your job, your anything”?  Or did they simply steal the money, swindle and fail to protect you/ sell your job and your nation/ and give you ethanol instead of water/ praise and flattery instead of what will soon be starvation or at a minimum hunger for most.  You tell me:   are “the smart people/ the government/ the media/ the stock market/ etc:   taking care of you”?   Or are they doing whatever they want to do, and giving the consequences of their actions to you.   Same is true here, failure in this however could end the earth.  ASK YOUR EXPERTS;   how it is that releasing the energy equivalent to 500 trillion watts in one second of time/ in a suburb of San Francisco is “safe”?    Is it too trivial a question to be answered?  Are not lives potentially at stake, property, futures, even the world:   MAKE THEM ANSWER/ OR SHUT THEM DOWN.  For the religious, “you want to worry about the number 666":    It stands for LIAR/LIAR/ LIAR!    Take a look, and see if it is not your experts who are lying to you.

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