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Friday, 17 April 2009

To some degree, I have to ask “why did I have to be born in the midst of such arrogant fools and bastard’s/ people without the sense or integrity or respect, of a maggot; people spreading diseases like a plague”.  I have not been seeking the information of what “satan’s helpers/ pitiful sewer filth” have been doing, until the last little bit of time/ and only a tiny bit now:   because you have so many threats already.   But here’s another one
[from popular mechanics , June 2008, page 13 tech watch: titled “brilliant beams”]      the NIF (national ignition facility) they study atomic explosions.   Tiny targets are placed and blasted by 192 lasers .   Quote: the blasted target generates 500 trillion watts- 1000 times the electrical generating capacity of the United States.   Quote: “currently undergoing live-fire testing, and expected to be operational next year”.  In other words they are testing their lasers/ developing software/ and preparing in all matters to create that amount of energy focused one a single hydrogen filled ball. 

In other words:   they are attempting to create an atomic bomb, far bigger than any detonated yet/ in full disgrace and rejection of all treaties NOT to detonate atomic explosives.  It is the only way, they can get the power yield they,    quote: “expect”.   They have fully committed to the destruction of site and machinery paid for and built: one time, site dead forever/ state blighted.  But what they do not expect is the truth that instead of an ignition that becomes an explosion/ they are going to get:   fusion, the ignition point of atomic matter, wherein it turns to atomic fire.   Because an explosion is defined by the sudden escape from a confined mass or element/ to a released state of energy.  This is a massive attack directed into the disciplined structure of atomic nuclei, essentially melting it, and instead of detonating/ the discipline will be destroyed, and the consequence of that energy will become fusion fire: “just like the sun”.  You can’t put it out!  Not a chance.   AN ATOMIC FIRE burns everything that is atomic structure/ everything on earth is atomic structure!   Fusion is the end of this earth. If you don’t help me stop them/ you die, simple as that.  Are you prepared to be wrong?

Taken from the official  NIF SITE/ programs/ nif science at the extremes:   they expect: “temperatures of more than 100 million kelvins (180 million degrees fahrenheit);  densities of about 1,000 grams per cubic centimeter; pressures more than 100 billion times greater than the earth’s atmosphere;  neutron densities possibly as high as 100 septillion.  (10 “with 26 zero’s following it”)per cubic centimeter.  Only three places in the space and time of our universe have ever produced anything close to these conditions: the BIG BANG, when the universe was born in a primordial fireball; the interiors of stars and planets; and thermonuclear weapons.  Nothing within orders of magnitude of these extraordinary conditions has been available for laboratory experiments until now.
The temperature of burning hydrogen in the cores of stars for most of their lives:   is 10 to 30 million kelvins

Supernova explosion simulation or 18 to 54 million degrees fahrenheit- much lower than the temperature expected to be achieved in the NIF target chamber.  This phase of stellar evolution occurs at a density of some 100 grams per cubic centimeter, also well below what NIF will achieve.  NIF’S high pressures will permit planetary astrophysicists to study conditions at the cores of massive planets such as Jupiter and to understand why they are planets and not stars.  The extreme neutron density at NIF is considerably larger than that in a core-collapse-type supernova-an exploding star- or when two neutron stars collide.”

In other words they are deliberately trying to create explosions such as “a supernova”; the sun bursts and burns the earth (take a look, they expect bigger)/ “the big bang”; by creating such a massive amount of instantaneous heat that must do something (exploding all the mass in the universe itself, is their expectation)/ controlling the violence necessary to represent “two, high energy, large planetary objects” running into each other head on,/ and let us not forget with the density they envision “a black hole here on earth”; I guess they just don’t want to scare you with that one: and so on.  And NOT A CLUE, as to the consequences of playing with these things as toys! Filled with lies to the point of “aspiring to become the entrails of a maggot”/ lost beyond belief in a state of denial, stupidity, apathy, and arrogance: all for the sake of their pride.  Not a syllable of concern about what could go wrong?  How about you/ are you feeding these people/ selling them gas; what?

  Creating 180 million degrees F.   here on earth, is their plan and purpose;   and they have the machine built!  Do you think, there can be NO bad effects for you:   “would not have any deadly effects to the earth?”   How could this NOT be bad/ read it again, look at their site under science to the extremes?  Explain it to me, how the earth will survive/ EXPLAIN IT, IN CLEAR, CERTAIN/ CAN’T GO WRONG TERMS!  Playing with all life on earth/ expecting to survive, what they boldly say “stars cannot”.  Creating more energy than all the electricity used in the United States and concentrating that in one small spot on earth:   all the energy burned, and 1000 times more than all the coal, nuclear, gas, and oil used in the United states: and concentrating that much energy in one single spot on this earth no bigger than a small ball.   What do you think:   WANT TO STAND RIGHT NEXT TO THAT BALL/ perhaps down the block/ next nation:   just where do you think nuclear fire will stop!   Like the sun/ not until everything is being consumed.  Want to be wrong?  Stop them/ this is not a game!  They will kill you and the entire planet, if you don’t stop them.

They expect some excitement don’t they?  And how many more of these ticking world ending experiments do you suppose are scattered around the world?   How many times do you suppose that nature in all its magnificent glory, can be assaulted before the world you know collapses into complete tragedy?  What is important here again is the amount of energy focused into a single purpose of attacking nuclear atomic discipline/ this one is a little different than the all out attack of C.E.R.N.  Wherein they are attacking the outer portion of atomic structure, and trying to condense it into chaos/ and massive structural loss.  The NIF here, is trying to attack the nucleus portion of atomic structure, and make it swell into chaos, and cause massive internal disciplinary loss.   Both are distinctly physical attacks on the primary defenses of all atomic structure: the DISCIPLINE that holds atomic mass together.  It is not so simple, as “we can knock it apart”/   because past a specific momentum moment, critical reality takes over, and fusion begins.  Fusion, the same reaction that exists to cause the sun to burn/ CANNOT be stopped!    I will tell you that again;   FUSION is an atomic fire that cannot be stopped/ because everything here is based on atomic structure, and that makes everything fuel.   Can you put out a fire, with gasoline?  No you can not.   Either these and however many others across the world/ will be stopped,   or “the biblical lake of fire”/ comes to consume you.   You cannot start a fire that cannot be put out/ without burning the entire earth!  You cannot contain a fire that cannot be put out, when everything is atomic/ which means everything is fuel/ which means nothing can stop it.  The flame bursts on the sun are several miles high/   how long do you suppose you have to live once they start this fire? Hours, seconds/ days?  Not long, and that is a fact! 

Critical to our survival is the tragedy and disgrace of science/   IF WE DO NOT STOP “ the brain dead, from sucking your lives away”: you will die without even a chance to survive.  Ready to give your life away, to their experimentation with “toys”/ that are in fact,   simply suicidal to the entire world.  How blind can you be/ it is beyond comprehension.  TAKE ANOTHER LOOK ABOVE, THEY WANT TO PLAY;   WITH AN EXPLOSION EXPECTED TO BE GREATER THAN     “ONE INSTANTANEOUS EXPLOSION 1000 TIMES GREATER THAN ALL THE POWER USED TO GENERATE ELECTRICITY IN THE UNITED STATES”; CONCENTRATED TO A TINY DOT, IN UNDER A SECOND OF TIME!      AND THE BRAIN DEAD, DON’T SEE A PROBLEM WITH THAT;   NOR DOES THE MEDIA REPORTING.   Which brings the obvious and real statement, when did a spec of human waste the size of an atom;   suddenly deserve to be called a brain?  Who is so blind/ so arrogant/ and so critically foolish; that money was given to this project!   And where are the people, who are suppose to have a brain hiding.   To be wrong “on this death of the world”/   is fundamentally simple:   TO BE DEAD/ BURNED ALIVE.    To be   LIFE FIRST,    Is the absolute need to prove:   there AIN’T NO WAY, we let you do this!

Make up your mind/    Its live or die;    Work for life/ or surrender everything to the brain dead, who are literally unable to grasp a level of life “as a maggot”.   STOP THEM OR YOUR DEAD!   Look for the rest, NOW/   including those genetically  crucifying life:   or there will be no life on earth, “that means you too”!     You can think I must be wrong all you like/ you can gamble “the government is protecting you/ or the science people aren’t that stupid/ or hide in anything you wish, including the media”.   But if I am right/ your dead!  If you look at their intent to cause an explosion greater than 1000 times of ALL THE ELECTRICITY GENERATED/ ALL THE HORSEPOWER USED FOR ELECTRICITY IN THE UNITED STATES;     Focused on one tiny baseball size, hydrogen filled ball.   All of the energy pulsed into one single second:    Are you sure you want to gamble?   STOP THEM NOW.   Don’t wait, stop them or die/ and stop all the rest;   because in the field of genetics, they are now ready to kill genetic disciplines as well.   That is the end of structure in DNA/ that is the end of structure and discipline in nature:   it is the beginning of a world filled with “slime”.  Are you ready to be slime?  Just because your body is held together today, is no guarantee, it won’t be slime tomorrow?   That is the meaning of the word ARMAGEDDON:   nature in chaos/ nature lost forever!          
   MAKE YOUR DECISION/ time is running out!

Do you really think it can’t happen?  This has never been done before “first time”/ its all or nothing, feel like gambling?  FEEL LIKE DYING/ YOU NEVER DID THAT BEFORE EITHER!       And for what?   Absolutely nothing!
EVERY damn scientist who claims “can’t un-employ me/ cause I might sell my secrets and talent to terrorists”:    HAD BETTER start explaining why we shouldn’t execute you.
DON’T kill them without a true explanation/ don’t believe knowledge is a bad thing in or of itself:   it ain’t/ I have studied these same things:   that ain’t the problem!     IT’S THE LACK OF RESPECT/ THE LACK OF LIFE FIRST/ AND THE PRIDE,     AND THE LIES,     That are attacking this world.  Stop them/ instruct them to help you/ NOT kill you, and work this out:     Or just lay down and die!   Its up to you.

Think your government is going to do this/ media/ university/ anybody?   The answer is NO, because they have already been warned over the last 2 years or more at various times and ways:   do you see an answer in them?    Either get your head out of your ass/ quit sucking on your own shit/ and WAKE UP,            Or your dead within a year/ and the whole world with you!  The electrical cord is their ability to do anything/ cut it;   but understand completely:   UNTIL ITS DESTROYED, you cannot be certain it won’t come back.  Want to be wrong/ want to let “your government and military men” gamble with all life on earth?  Its YOUR life, fight for it. NOW!  YOU must take away ALL the tools from genetic murderers, to stop them.  Can’t be wrong/ they are your saviors?  One of their primary goals, is to cause complete disciplinary breakdown in genetic structure:   “They figure to learn by catastrophic failure”!  What they will learn is LIFE on earth is dead!  Want to be wrong?  Going to prove “we are gods”?
HOW MANY MORE THINGS, DON’T YOU KNOW ABOUT?   The answer is “more than you can imagine”.
EITHER come help me with this one NOW/ or I curse you;   to an ever increasing terror, as every night you wait to die/ as every day, you see the miracle that is life: testify, it is your choice to let life, and even the planet, die.   Stop this insanity/ or join them in hades.

DO YOU, “think your safe”/ after all you don’t know nothing about particle physics;   NOT your problems/ perfect excuse “let the others do this”!  IT AIN’T TRUE; because you can understand “you, don’t want to make a trip to the sun do you/ therefore it is absolutely clear, you DON’T want them to bring the sun here either, DO YOU!  How much more do you need to know?   How about understanding, that all the electrical  energy produced in the UNITED STATES,  multiplied by 1000 times:   being deliberately focused on one tiny spot in your neighborhood/ ALL SPENT IN ONE SECOND.   IN AN EXPECTED NUCLEAR EXPLOSION:   right in the state of California.  What could go wrong?   Hell?  Even you, can conceive of a situation created by people, who have deliberately told in “in their way of bragging”;   that they intend, built a machine with your money, and have expectations of taking a material from 100 degrees F.   To 180,000,000 degrees Fahrenheit in one second!  This is their plan/ this is what they are doing.  Even you can understand, more room is needed for this kind of heat/ and the element called hydrogen, IS  going to expand not less than 1,800,000 times.  Still think you don’t care?   YOU know enough, to understand this is more than bad/ its life or death for the world.  Or at a minimum its gambling with all life on earth!   YOU DO UNDERSTAND THIS, not like the fools, who could care less/ who are lost in their own pride, lies, and arrogance, and cannot see anything:   “Because they want to play god”.  The fact, that you understand anything, is enough to demand that you will do something.  This is that serious/ and there are no second chances.   THEREFORE you, have no excuse:    Work, or die.        

It would seem apparent, that the laws against terrorist acts, are funded and participated in; by the american government employees/ the fact you did not fundamentally understand, is NOT EXCUSE enough.  Endangering the world, whether by telling people how to detonate a nuclear bomb/ OR taking the money of the people of the United States, and creating a clear and certain danger/ a nuclear disaster   “ IN THE NATION”.  The address of the national ignition facility is 7000 E. avenue Livermore CA 94550:    40 minutes from San Jose airport/ very near San Francisco: and how many million people?   “I didn’t understand” is not excuse enough.  Instead the legislature votes are  enough/ the military people who should know:   assign you as accomplices, and without excuse.   The LAW is the same for all/ IS THAT NOT SO!  How is it different, that charity or religious fronts;   distribute their collected money, to other terrorists: just like you.

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