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Friday, 17 April 2009

The critical establishment of reality in terms of the truth, that is fundamentally presented in the nuclear experiments of men in the USA and in EUROPE has consequences not yet discussed.  That fact can no longer be avoided, because this is too close to becoming real.  Both experiments are running/ both experiments will accelerate when confronted with anyone willing to shut them down.  The intent here is NOT to make you afraid/   there is nothing I do to threaten you or this world: my world, even my universe of hope is about life first, and nothing less than love.
The men who threaten you with these experiments: including the leadership that does not/ has not immediately shut them down. Are those who make you fear, it is not me.  Some are certain to say: “he should have told us sooner”!  But look at your reality today:   even with all the evidence of tragedy and hell facing you/ even with all the proof you need to make a decision plainly in print by your media; whom you trust without even a question.  Still, where are the people saying no?  You hide/ you run away/ you choose want & selfishness and pride; and tell me to go away.   It is your choice/ but it is your death too; your entry into hades.  I cannot save you/ only you can change the path of your destiny.

Having said that, we face the truth of what it means to intentionally “be Satan”: a religious term, but clearly understood as destroyer of the human world.  So it is a fitting term.  In the consequence of the National Ignition Facility, in San Fransico.  When they give you the yield energy pulse as expected to be 500 trillion watts [the entire electrical energy used in the USA by all, for a period of 44 days average] they are including the atomic reaction they DO expect to get.  Do you believe they can’t do math?   This includes an atomic reaction because there is no other way to compress 44 days of electrical energy for the USA into less than one second without that atomic yield.  A single second energy pulse of this magnitude cannot be anything less than a thermonuclear bomb.  They know this/ they do understand the reality;   and like the people at “cern” they don’t care.  Instead they are playing god just like the others, and probably expect to become god in this experiment;   being intellectually competent does not make you wise!  Ask them: WHY do you want to detonate this bomb, or make this fire?  The fundamental human answer is: “people have been trying to make it for forty years:   we will win the game.”  
The more important question however is what will happen when they do:   should you fail to stop them.   The answer begins with the subdivision of two categories: will this be a bomb/ or will this become nuclear fusion, and ignite the earth [WHY do you suppose they call it an “ignition” facility?]on fire?  The answer is IF the lasers contain the nuclear materials long enough it lights on fire/   if the lasers do not, it will turn to escape and become a multi-megaton bomb.  Ask your “experts”  just how big a 500 trillion watt energy pulse really is.  

If a bomb, the mountain this machine is built within will be gone causing boulders and debris and radioactive materials into the air for several miles high.  San Francisco, and the area around this facility for at least 50 miles will essentially disappear.  I do expect a blast roughly twice as big as Mt St. Helens.   A thermonuclear explosion this size will expand the radioactive clouds across the entire earth/ who gets the worst is completely dependent upon the winds.  Read about Hiroshima and Nagasaki , and understand these are like a toy truck/ next to the biggest mining trucks.
If it is the fire they expect, the initiation event will be relatively contained the mountain will burn off, the flame will reach roughly 3 miles high to start/ but once all the oxygen in the atmosphere is sucked into it, that column of fire will be extended above the atmosphere and as a consequence the entire atmosphere of earth will be dissipated into space.  I have absolutely no interest in this type of event; so I really cannot say how long before the fire consumes the planet, or if you get one or perhaps even 4 weeks on the other side of the earth before you are dead.  Either way, it is a fire just like the sun/ and just like the sun (regardless what your experts might say) that fire will consume this planet.  Exactly how you may “live in hades, as tortured” I don’t know; irrelevant to me.   But the science of what happens when atomic material is on fire, is as easy to predict as the surface of the sun: we have the evidence before us/ and the truth that flames do rise for miles on the surface of the sun; and cannot be put out.  HOW, can you not see this truth?  Got eyes don’t you?  Wake up.

As to the people at C.E.R.N.   They have taken a different approach.  Instead of telling you or including the nuclear yield in their calculations of what will happen “in the main event/ or perhaps sooner” [this machine is running right now too].  They gave the physical energy forces that they intend to use. Roughly 1.2 million horsepower or more in simple electrical energy (millions of volts, like an electric line that powers a city “only bigger”/ super-cooled to pack more in) being forced into their circle of power.  This then accelerated to the speed of light in two opposite directions.  The purpose is “to create Einstein’s E=mc squared   experiment.  Where the speed of light squared, which is what this machine does when it impacts one line of power with the other “like a train wreak between two locomotives:   only much bigger”.  The mass is the energy particles in the electricity, and they expect to “get what REAL ENERGY IS”.   Of course what they will get is the nuclear equivalent of a thermonuclear bomb; wherein the impact zone is the containment vessel: that’s why they need the circle so long; to sustain the event to maximize the power yield created by this compression of energy.  The actual output of a 1.2 million horsepower physical release of energy, multiplied into a thermonuclear reaction;   PLUS the possibilities multiplied by going up to or crossing over the edge of “real energy”;    ARE more than I intend to try to calculate;   ask your experts.
Instead of that, the bomb goes off, the mountains it is located in are torn apart, and boulders are strewn into outer space; to land anywhere in the world.  The bomb materials of dirt and dust and other things will blanket this world for years, shutting off the sun and who knows how many earthquakes and changes even in tectonic plate movement there will be; end of the world almost certainly; without even trying.  No food/ radioactive everything/ death everywhere.   IF the world itself is not literally cleaved, to fall apart in pieces.

These people know this is true, but with words your leaders do not understand.  With want and pride and power your leaders covet and thirst for;   and “jobs for people to do”;   they have all simply closed their eyes and said   “WHAT could go wrong”?  The world can’t end;    So they say.   Do you want to be wrong?  Or more correctly ask yourself:   if these are wrong, does it matter?  Will not whatever is true, produce whatever the consequence of that truth is?  I say to you clearly   truth will win. Wake up......
The simple truth is:   without the electrical lines that power C.E.R.N.   They are done.  But without social support, the lines will be put back up quickly.  So it is up to you, to convince the others/ BUT IF YOU HAVE TOO;   then you may buy time for life on earth, by simply cutting the lines down.  Don’t forget they are tied to more than one power plant.

The simple truth is:   at NIF in San Francisco they too are tied to the electrical grid, and that will shut them down UNLESS they have big enough generators to take care of the job: AND THEY MOST CERTAINLY, or probably do.  The lasers are a bit like batteries;   these are “charged up” before their energy release, and that means it can be done one at a time.  Therefore to be certain they cannot do experiments, it is necessary to shut their fuel lines down too.  Either a liquid line of diesel fuel, or a natural gas line to run the generators are most likely.  Engage the military soldier with education, and make him understand “these people are terrorists:   don’t protect them”.   The question of lawful suggestions herein, are thwarted by the reality of a need to recognize:   neither of these things have been done before/ that means it is impossible to prove me wrong.  That means, having been confronted with the realities in simple truth:   it is the job of government in all its branches to serve the people and establish a courtroom wherein the risk is assessed, and the people are informed “this is their decision/ because it is our world”.  OUR LIVES!   The entire purpose of this document is then to move you to COURT!   But the need is, to stop the experiments, until the courtroom is over.   Padlock the doors, and let NO “SCIENTIST” INSIDE!   Not until the day the people say:              NO, or if completely insane too; then yes.
Either way, they have a right to this decision.

For the religious, don’t care which one/ there is a biblical prophecy if men continue to lead.  It reverts back to “man’s ending”/ because women did not care enough; should this happen.  It is the biblical prophecy of Revelations 8 is about the NIF & 9 is about CERN.  Verse 10 is all the weapons of mass destruction released that men have made.
But do not believe so easily “that all the believers of religious rules, pride, failure, and deceit”   Will “enter heaven”.  There are none that earn eternity with   GOD.    Instead love asks, and truth allows:   IF   GOD   GRANTS MERCY, to both you and me.   Think “you got a lock on this”/ very righteous of you ain’t it?  ARE you god?  Did you read   HIS “mind” this morning?  Or are you just to proud to see your own failure; why were you not working before this place and time?  It was not hidden, from anyone who could defeat pride or want.
As for me, I do live a slightly different life; and at no time do I wish, or have I said: life on earth is not important.  Instead, in the spiritual world that is my life, love has been granted to me/ and therefore I accept my faith, and believe in   GOD.    I cannot save you;   I simply accept that love and truth and mercy will be granted to me, for eternity.

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