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Friday, 17 April 2009

[top portion, from popular mechanics , June 2008, page 13 tech watch: titled “brilliant beams”]

     the NIF (national ignition facility) they study atomic explosions.   Tiny targets are placed and blasted by 192 lasers .   Quote: the blasted target generates 500 trillion watts- 1000 times the electrical generating capacity of the United States.   Quote: “currently undergoing live-fire testing, and expected to be operational next year”.
      In other words they are testing their lasers/ developing software/ and preparing in all matters to create that amount of energy focused one a single hydrogen filled ball. They intend to produce 180 million degrees Fahrenheit / (more than the sun).  One of their distinct purposes is to create fusion. Web Search [national ignition facility]

In other words:   they are attempting to create an atomic bomb, far bigger than any detonated yet/ in full disgrace and rejection of all treaties NOT to detonate atomic explosives.  It is the only way, they can get the power yield they,    quote: “expect”.   They have fully committed to the destruction of site and machinery paid for and built: one time, site dead forever/ state blighted.  But what they do not expect is the truth that instead of an ignition that becomes an explosion/ they are going to get:   fusion, the ignition point of atomic matter, wherein it turns to atomic fire.   Because an explosion is defined by the sudden escape from a confined mass or element/ to a released state of energy.  This is a massive attack directed into the disciplined structure of atomic nuclei, essentially melting it, and instead of detonating/ the discipline will be destroyed, and the consequence of that energy will become fusion fire: “just like the sun”.  You can’t put it out!  Not a chance.  AN ATOMIC FIRE burns everything that is atomic structure/ everything on earth is atomic structure!   Fusion is the end of this earth.  “The sun does it/ the earth structure is atomic/ same!

Taken from the official">NIF SITE Science at the extremes:   they expect: “temperatures of more than 100 million kelvins (180 million degrees fahrenheit);  densities of about 1,000 grams per cubic centimeter; pressures more than 100 billion times greater than the earth’s atmosphere;  neutron densities possibly as high as 100 septillion.  (10 “with 26 zero’s following it”)per cubic centimeter.  Only three places in the space and time of our universe have ever produced anything close to these conditions: the BIG BANG, when the universe was born in a primordial fireball; the interiors of stars and planets; and thermonuclear weapons.  Nothing within orders of magnitude of these extraordinary conditions has been available for laboratory experiments until now.    It is not a “laboratory experiment” at these levels, its real!
The temperature of burning hydrogen in the cores of stars for most of their lives:   is 10 to 30 million Kelvins.  Supernova explosion simulation or 18 to 54 million degrees fahrenheit- much lower than the temperature expected to be achieved in the NIF target chamber.   Their stated purpose is to create higher temperatures than this: it’s a goal!
This phase of stellar evolution occurs at a density of some 100 grams per cubic centimeter, also well below what NIF will achieve.  NIF’S high pressures will permit planetary astrophysicists to study conditions at the cores of massive planets such as Jupiter and to understand why they are planets and not stars.  The extreme neutron density at NIF is considerably larger than that in a core-collapse-type supernova-an exploding star- or when two neutron stars collide.”
A kiloton of nuclear explosives= 1 trillion calories or 1.2 million kilowatt hours.   At 500 trillion watts / the intended yield output of the national ignition facility above.  That equals 416,000 kilotons of nuclear explosives.   Or 500,000,000,000,000 divided by 1,200,000,000= 416,666 kilotons if the energy release lasted an hour.   416,666 kilotons divided by 3600 to convert an hour to one second= 115.7 kilotons/ actual energy release.    An atomic bomb of 115.7 kilotons going off in the San Francisco area:   Or in 20 megaton nuclear warheads, its 5.78 of them !

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