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Friday, 17 April 2009


In the essence of a life, there are philosophical questions that link our mind and heart, to the decisions that become as soul within our own existence, as this expression of identity searches eternity and finds peace.  Of the various realities in truth that wander within time, there is the question of loneliness/ and its more true sense of absolute solitude; the development of what if I were completely alone, what would life be worth to me?  Discipline responds and interferes with the resolution of accuracy intending to assert simply “how alone”/ would there be life, or nothing but rocks and time and destruction (because all things are destroyed in time, unless they are eternal).  It is an experience of hope to say “there would be some life”/ it is a conflict with truth to understand, that there might not be any life at all.  This said in the more experimental expression that understands   “GOD   does not owe me anything”.  I believe in mercy, and thereby never/ nor will I ever surrender the evidence of hope.  But what is consistent in me, is a search to understand the relationship we see as life, and its companion that expects death; the fact that time will oblige.

What I do fully understand, in the certainty of real life, is the constant relationship of body, mind, and creation itself: I need them all, and that means it does not bode well for a life of absolute solitude. I am used to life surrounding me, literally everywhere I look. I am used to a body and mind that functions as partner and friend, although the unfortunate reality of bad teeth is a constant reminder of just how good, how well we are designed in the beginning at least.  The question of a day, is served humbly by the honor of being alive;   therein, pride is a terrible travesty of life, because life is far more than any game you might conceive to play.  The question of the night, is better served by the understanding “I am alive/ therefore what I have needed, I have received”; the failure of want does not ever recognize respect, and the dignity of simply being life.  Life is the intensity of a moment translated into a freedom for me, while it is freedom that sings in the joy of an expression that changes me from one level and dimension of living, to something more as time and reality shape the expressions that are me. 

As decisions are made seeking to establish the survival of all life on earth;   it is not a certainty, no matter what you may think/ because of all the threats men have made.  I find in these decisions the simple truth, that I do not wish to be alone/ that life is forever the experience that needs the living to share, and to care, and to distinguish the values, the honor, and the respect that life deserves.  What purpose is a desire to love, if there are none to love! Thereby the discipline that shares existence because life is to be cared about, then understands that love needs a family, cherishes a creation, and establishes a relationship that seeks wisdom and nourishes soul.  Here we learn, that love and life have a price.  That price is, to educate and create the opportunities for each one to share, to care, and to find the love that makes our lives a home; in each other. The greatest tragedy is a life that holds love inside, but refuses to let that love live;   because it might be hurt/ or refused/ or abandoned in pain.  It is a great tragedy, because love must grow, to find its place in eternity.  If you have love, but never “grew and inch”/ how can you say “you belong, where love should never stop growing”?  The question of eternity asks: WHY, do you desire life?   The answer that we must give, is very simply, “because love is here”/ nothing else will do, because nothing else can endure what is eternal existence.
As time and life are contemplated in truth, the questions of how did    GOD   survive the loneliness/ the absolute solitude, and the constant expressions of time during true change;   the only answer to be found is written within the bible as “ JESUS, or more specifically a son, or child, or friend/ and the communication between them: had to be the answer”.  I believe in JESUS,   you will believe however you want.  The end result of this understanding is then a very significant and real respect for     JESUS,     And    For      GOD     !  Together they were everything needed.  Some will argue, “this cannot be said, because there is no way to prove any of it”.  But I in my small life know, that love needs the happiness of a companion, life needs the reality of a freedom to express and experience that love, and return as life allows “what is my gift to you”.  Love is that way, I can feel it in my soul.  All who choose life, learn of love.  All who respect life, learn that we are family.

I feel in body, respect with mind; the fundamental experiences of time, energy, and reality.  The cold can be an extreme experience for the body/ heat as well.  Wind and rain and what is hard or soft.  The common existence of touch and taste and smell all contribute to the elemental truth, that our lives here, are literally a gift.  Unprepared for a cold wave, and you are dead/ slightly less than healthy in true heat, and you die. There are disciplines to be learned, realities to be accepted, an understanding of the nature that is life itself on earth to be realized and respected, or it will be dead, because of you.  The foundation called loneliness asserts; that we are alone, even in a world full of life.  The critical element of that loneliness then becomes, “what will we do about it”.  Isolation says; there is nothing I can do/ and its focus then looks down upon the path that never sees an opportunity.  Love looks beyond this time and completely the task of changing “to compete, as a young tree in the wind”/ it does not change its position, its roots, or the things that keep it alive: but when the wind blows strong, IT BENDS, so that it will not break.  Life is like that in many ways, as time and the extreme disasters of pride and want take away the living, and serve them to tragedy.  Therefrom loneliness exists/ thereby isolation is rampant in this world. Even so, some is justified, but most is not.
I am without doubt considered reclusive, since I do spend so much time alone/ don’t go out/ and rarely socialize at all. It has become my way, mostly because my own studies have required it of me.  But it is beyond doubt, that if this world were not threatened in every conceivable way; time would be spent in other ways.  If it were not for hate, violence, revenge, and all the rest called evil/ then there would be time for others, time for me too. The consequence of being friends, can make those people targets; hate is an enemy without honor/ a disgrace only the sewer invites.  But life is not a fantasy, and it is delusional to suggest the impact of hate upon this life, and the living of it;   did not have its enemies. I seek to remove hate from this world, I seek to defend peace and happiness from all who deliberately attack it.  And that too, has its price.

The essential truth of eternity is very simple; there are only 7 levels of life:   the honor and destiny of living with OUR FATHER, in harmony and peace.   The honor and life, that learns respect and exists to achieve the wisdom necessary to be completely free.  The reality of heaven, whereby those who chose poorly “get another chance” to find in themselves a true desire for love, respect, honor, and courage.  The consequence of prison, wherein those who had love/ but did not let it grow, are informed of the value in life, by the freedoms they have lost:  prisoner do get another chance/ some to hell, for making the choice called hate/ some to heaven, for a second chance at life.  There are ghosts;   people who meant no harm, but were completely lost in want struggling in this life for nothing more than frivolous and useless fantasies/ they have no power/ no opportunities/ no options/ and they dissipate within a short time, because they do not belong anywhere; “their fantasies consume them”. There are the people of pride, those who have damaged the “children of    GOD”    In ways that caused them to lose much, and in so doing disrupted      GOD’S    Environment, because these must now suffer needlessly; learning instead of living because of you. The people of pride enter within their games, and dissipate slowly within an environment that never lets them escape the truth; life is not a game, it is a reality and you lost every battle. The people of hate, are those who chose to challenge    GOD   , and     Deliberately chose to damage or destroy the CHILDREN OF    GOD   .  Freedom allows the truth of this decision/ but when time ends for you; only eternity is left, and the punishment for this is eternal immersion into the fire that lets nothing escape. It is your “reward”.

The question of “how can he possibly know this”/ is dealt with in the consequence of words herein, that have become a message of change for you,   discovered and assigned by the truth that you are in true trouble; threats everywhere, and approaching the moment of no return to life.  While there are many who pretend, hide, run away, and fear;   this fact is not a game, and lies nor liars will change anything.  Either you will understand “today is the day, that you must accept new ways for living”/ or tomorrow will be the time of sorrows that will never heal, lives lost to terrible consequences and tragedy, and the horrific descriptions of “men who play god”.  A world exterminated forever.   It is your choice/ but let no one fool you, it is the only choice you have:   either life in honor, justice, sharing, respect, and fair play.    OR    Death, as one arrogance consumes another fantasy, and delusion is all that is left to hide behind; and it will hunt you, prey upon you, and cannibalize you in every way.  The question here is NOT “what do you believe”/ that could not be more irrelevant.  The question here is: WHAT IS REAL!  You could go to court, and do your best to establish what is true, what will be your future under various circumstances without liars.  Or you can simply accept that honor, justice, sharing, respecting, courage, love, and fair play to all are     “Our choice for life”.    Either way, one or the other is coming to this world, with or without your decision.

Yes, I know I have wandered off the course of philosophical writings/ but reality continues to examine the purpose of life; and it finds only the need to be expressive and real in terms of your survival.  Not, a gentle simple discussion; with a “student body” that is afraid to even admit they might be listeners.  The consequence of “blind, deaf, dumb, and mute” is surely the teaching is over/ until such time as “the student body” accomplishes something for themselves.  Endless teaching is worthless, if a student worthy of the lessons cannot be found.  I am aware, the majority reality is a consequence of fear/ but I have made you aware “that fear will not save you”.  I do not understand your decision to live in fear; accept the truth instead.  Do what needs to be done/ search for whatever help can be found/ demand what you can demand/ and leave any situation that causes you to fear, as best you can.  Always remember that eternity comes for us all.  Therefore the only real question life presents to us is:   what do you choose your eternity to be.  Do not choose fear/ do believe in love. Love is a value within your soul, a wisdom expanding the essence of your identity, into the treasury of life, and being alive within yourself.  Express yourself/ change yourself/ experience yourself: BUT never forget as a participant in this family of all life on earth, you are not “god”/ not ruler/ not master/ nor owner of any other/ not sold:   free.  Even so, life has a price, and it will be paid or you die.  Therein we see that freedom is not free, but lives within the law that is reality and truth combined in respect/ disciplined in love/ and is served by the decision that defines the nature of you.  Find your heart and soul.
It appears at this moment, that a return to court will be necessary in the previous matter under federal trial under the links here.  That is different, than teaching you;   something that is simply necessary instead. Time will tell.

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