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Friday, 17 April 2009

Recipe 7
“Wine and conversation”

While there is no fundamental disciplines in the search for an opportunity to become friends, the reality is very serious; that their must be respect for life, reality, and time.  Respect is the foundation for every aspect of truth, love, and life: without respect;   “Everything fails, and becomes a lie”.  

The necessary respect of this day is fundamental to life on earth, and measures the facts of life as they exist in this time that is our world, and those who threaten it.  Respect must be given to a military machine that states it can and will:   establish an energy pulse (an explosion) proportionately equal to all the electricity used in the United States by 300 million+ people & their industry, business, agriculture, etc in 44 days:   and expect to reduce that amount of energy into one single second of time.  The energy equivalent is in megatons of nuclear explosives released in a suburb of San Francisco, CA.   That is their statement/ backed up by popular mechanics magazine as true (June, 2008, page 13).  This military establishment “for science at the extreme”/ also states they fully and with certainty intend to bring to this earth temperatures of 180 million degrees F.  They intend to bring to this earth pressures of 1.4 trillion pounds per square inch with the machine they have created. These people are literally trying to recreate temperatures and pressures that mimic or exceed   “THE SUN “  , so they can bring that fire here! Can’t control it/ can’t put it out;   but not a brain in their head, going to bring it here anyway. WHAT COULD GO WRONG, bringing the same fire that burns THE SUN HERE?  The program started with leftover lasers built for the reagan star wars program [going to shoot down missiles, at well over 1000 miles away: they have never stopped creating these lasers/ the current model is:   do you doubt the US military uses anything less than the best, most recent?] and have arranged one hundred and ninety two of these:   to focus on one tiny spot in space.  All on at once/ all refocused in the same instant from a 16 inch beam, down to a pin head beam, at full power; all pushing against the very same target.  At the moment a basketball sized sphere of liquid hydrogen: under the pressure of 192 lasers, that ball is expected to be reduced to the size of a pin head or less. [a similar, but more sophisticated replication of exactly how thermonuclear bombs are detonated:  see home page]   The intended result is among other things fusion fire (and fusion is atomic nuclei burning the energy disciplines that hold it together.  Fusion fire burns everything atomic.  Fusion fire cannot be put out, because everything based upon atomic structure is fuel/ and that’s everything.

But these are not alone,   c.e.r.n. [the largest machine ever built, it is a physics experiment in energy release]  Is preparing at a minimum to ignite a megaton bomb in Europe (they intend to use the energy of 3 or 4 nuclear power plants combined; trap that energy in tillions of volts in a 27 kilometer circular path, that they have refrigerated down as cold as possible to speed up that energy/ they have arranged magnets and computers to accelerate that energy trapped;    And the machine contains two paths, for pushing the energy up to the speed of light each in opposite directions:   so they can have one massive collision in time an space that extends for about a second [that’s what the 27 kilometer long track is for, to extend the collision and its damage/ thereby not allowing atomic materials an avenue to escape. Do not allow them to let you investigate only one of their experiments; examine them all. One path of the energy traveling at the speed of light/ is crashed head-on into the other path of energy traveling at the speed of light:   as in a car crash two vehicles each traveling at 50 mph= an impact against a wall of one hundred miles per hour/ so its an impact intended to be at twice the speed of light].   The speed of light squared: speed of light in one direction X the speed of light in the other direction=   “E=mc squared”.  By their own equation they intend to create energy beyond their own imagination. GOING TO PLAY god, AND MAKE ENERGY; an input energy: with over a million horsepower,  released in one second!  Sound safe to you?  Its called “a BIG BANG”! (and guess what, “they DO, expect destruction”. WHY? Because it is necessary to believe they get to be god/ by standing in this energy;   insane is not a big enough word!  They are sacrificing you & this world, in an attempt to make themselves a god for real!)  “Its what SATAN does”!   This is “the only possible reason”/ because they know, it will destroy reality as we know it.

  They state “they can vaporize a ton of gold in far less than a second”/ not melt, turn to gas.  There intent is to “study the big bang” investigate for yourselves; the most destructive event in the history of the universe;   by bringing that kind of destruction here to earth. They intend to replicate the explosion “so they can study it”:   brain dead or not, you/ your smart people/ your government/ etc,  haven’t stopped them have you; which means your brain dead too.  No, instead like the media with pomp and ceremony and “we get to play like gods”/ the arena is filled with fans; waiting for the big moment when they die to this world, and enter hades.  They will get their  fusion along with their big bang, and the earth will die.  Going to escape to another planet “to play superman, are you”?
It is another descent into judgment, however for those who can stand the possibility that they will fear: open this link to understand better the consequences of what is happening already today, here on earth. If you have full confidence “in your science experts”/ then look at the two links above “sun” and see that there is a big divide between what they believe.  Can’t agree, how can they be wise/ how can they insist “they know”.  This is my statement [about cern].

The people who design these things, are the people who make money at these things.  It is their job, and if they run out of experiments to do; then they lose their job.  Consequently, it is easy for them to believe “nothing bad will happen/ because without the experiments, they don’t have a job.”    They don’t have their pride.  They don’t get power, and no power is the removal of arrogance/ want/ and consumption.  What would you do to keep your job?  Kill the world and every life in it:   HELL, it ain’t never happened before; just another damn nut trying to tell us what to do?  Or is this merely the sign:   “Time’s up” / after all the world only ends onceDoes the media question them? No, just use their words for money/ and that’s all.         Question: is not the very smartest people in charge of your economy?  Were they not all certain “ this is what we want to do”/ did they not protect your economy, your money, your job, your anything”?  Or did they simply steal the money, swindle and fail to protect you/ sell your job and your nation/ and give you ethanol instead of water/ praise and flattery instead of what will soon be starvation or at a minimum hunger for most.  You tell me:   are “the smart people/ the government/ the media/ the stock market/ etc:   taking care of you”?   Or are they doing whatever they want to do, and giving the consequences of their actions to you.   Same is true here, failure in this however could end the earth.  ASK YOUR EXPERTS;   how it is that releasing the energy equivalent to 500 trillion watts in one second of time/ in a suburb of San Francisco is “safe”?    Is it too trivial a question to be answered?  Are not lives potentially at stake, property, futures, even the world:   MAKE THEM ANSWER/ OR SHUT THEM DOWN.  For the religious, “you want to worry about the number 666":    It stands for LIAR/LIAR/ LIAR!    Take a look, and see if it is not your experts who are lying to you.
But these are not alone, the genetic crucifer’s are busy mutilating life all over the planet.  Knowing nothing but that there are switches they can turn, [similar to monkeys with switches in a nuclear power plant next door to you].  These have devised purposeful experiments “to somehow destroy (they have literally been trying for years)  the integrity of genetic structure” so that they can learn something about how to create life and play god themselves.  They don’t know what holds it together or essentially anything else/ so they figure to destroy it, and “look at the broken parts”.  What they will learn, along with the world of life is:   genetic discipline has died, that means the structures that allow you to stand, or be “ANYTHING but slime” have died with it, and the living planet is destroyed.  Do not pandemic’s spread quickly.

But these are not alone, the ocean is under blind and extreme attack, and will soon fade into oblivion; leaving all the people of earth to die, as they fight to replace what had fed 2 or 3 billion people and cannot.  That leaves only war, with all your weapons of mass destruction;   roughly 40,000 nuclear bombs;  that they admit to/ and many more for the next wave (these sit in parts easily combined/ but not counted for the purpose of any treaty), as if it were needed.  But don’t worry, if you escape the instantaneous 20 minutes of death, that will end the world, there are many biological nightmares just waiting to be released.  Chemical weapons too;   to make you blind, and bleed on the inside, and much more; an entire list of possibilities prepared by those who believe in hate.  
It is pointless to go on, but there is more.
The issues of oxygen depletion with regard to fossil fuel burning, and that need for oxygen in fire:       as opposed to competing creature needs for oxygen is fundamental to life. Brush fire and human caused fires of all kinds affect our lives www.resourcesworldwideinc.com/Resources.doc  
fundamental realities of environment defined by the biosphere two;   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biosphere_2     can’t do it ourselves! What this experiment shows is contrary to human expectation,  http://www.crs.org/egypt/worldwide‑food‑crisis/     all things can go wrong” and it takes far more complexity than you can imagine to sustain life. “Throwing a few plants, trees, and water; even in a large enclosure could not keep the people alive.” http://www.orato.com/node/961    This experiment does also prove: “as humanity, you are not going anywhere”/ therefore the space program has NO right to exist. http://start1.jpl.nasa.gov/caseStudies/CTO‑Sensitivity.cfm

Oxygen depletion in the ozone layer is fueling fire   , and jet consumption/ keeping the reality somewhat hidden ozone is O3 instead of O2: 

http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/05/080501143406.htm    but that doesn’t mean things won’t change.  http://www.sbg.ac.at/ipk/avstudio/pierofun/atmo/ozone.htm
critical resource statistics provided by 
world hunger statistics provided by
There are severe water  shortages coming
the ogallala aquifer which irrigates millions of acres of food:
It is the largest groundwater system in North America.2 Its 3.3 billion acre feet* of fresh water would fill Lake Huron with enough water remaining to fill one-fifth of Lake Ontario.1 If pumped out over the United States, the aquifer would cover all 50 states with one and ½½ feet of water.1 If completely drained, it would take more than 6,000 years to refill.2

From 1940's to 1980, the ogallala aquifer's average water level declined nearly 10 ft. a year.2


“This is not all doom and gloom/ the foundation of life is truth, the critical discipline is accepting reality, or changing it with the wisdom required: having learned truth and wisdom, by examining reality there are choices to be made.” There are machines listed / in the inventions link on the home page to begin the process of rebuilding:   the submarine pump is simplest to understand.  For the price of pumping air into a container to raise it one foot, at the depth of 1000feet down in the sea, it will rise and then fall by releasing the air another 1000 feet, where the process repeats. Depths can be much less. A propeller driven generator pumps electricity during the process, a line delivers that electricity to shore”.  In inventions, there is victim defense jewelry that will protect you in many ways, and more to learn  throughout the text of this work.

None of these things respect life in any sense or form/ every one of them states that life will end within this year, if changes are not made/ if people are not stopped.  That means its up to you/ as television, radio, newspaper, advertizing, and direct confrontation have all met with “people much smarter than me/ DON’T NEED TO LISTEN TO NOTHING;   get out of here”.    [including the supreme court in regards to ethics and fair play]  Kindly don’t be so stupid as to believe me either, that is unnecessary/ not asking for that of you or them:    SIMPLY LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE, INVESTIGATE THE REALITY, AND MAKE THE DECISION THAT WILL DECIDE IF YOU AND THIS WORLD WILL LIVE OR DIE.     Not to much to ask, with over-whelming reality staring at you too.  Yet people still ask me “what do I get out of it”/ as if the world NOT dying wasn’t enough!  It is enough, dumbass.

Discipline states: not only are these local problems, these are world problems throughout this planet; as the disease and infections of     “Smart people”/ continue to take anything they can,  play with it by hiding in the words others don’t understand,  and threatening every life on earth with the result.  Either we as a world stop this truth of complete world failure, or we as a humanity die;   because we have crossed over the boundary, wherein nature can protect us;   humanity is now in charge. A more dangerous scenario cannot be imagined; fantasy and delusion rules.  People have always found ways to play god, but not with the entire world!   These “smart people” cannot or at least do not create or build anything of value, can’t or won’t work or establish peace for life /   but as satan “the destroyer of living worlds”, they have now created the situations that can end everything good, happy, loving, and alive.  Including themselves;   but not to worry, they are too smart to think about that;   they are in a hurry to play god, been waiting a long time.   

Life or death is now up to you;   as I am rejected wholesale so to speak.   I have considered taking a sign that says I debate, you win I pay $5.00   ( you provide,  Impartial judge).  Topic is the NIF subject matter, and why it matters/ and what could go wrong.  But that too seems to be blockaded/ as it is clear this is a world that must be informed; and only weeks or months at best to do so. A day too late, and your dead.  Without true and significant help, that cannot happen, therefore it is useless in its scope.  I suggest you work on the media as a group/ as poor as they are;   they don’t want to die either/ so arrogance and the pathetic drivel of pride might be defeated.  Its up to you/ they hate me, because I don’t flatter them, and they want the money, pride, selfishness, want, hate,  and their slaves.   Reality and truth could end that; and they would rather take a chance on    “Their scientists”being cautious” and not ending this world:   HELL, IT AIN’T NEVER ENDED BEFORE/ why should it now!  But of course, neither life, nor nature, nor body, nor the ocean, nor energy, nor the world, nor absolutely brain dead:     has ever been assaulted in this way before either, with machines that actually can destroy the earth/ and the world only ends once.   I suggest YOU DO WHATEVER YOU CAN DO!  Because your life ends only once, your children die only once, genetic structure which is nature is only murdered once, and so on.  Open up your mind, understand that humanity is literally about to play god; and the result will be “the biblical lake of fire/ or the beginning of a HELL that will never end, and/ or the reduction of all life to slime, never to see a human body or any other again”.    But, “do you care”?  Really, do you care, because if you don’t; then it doesn’t matter does it. But if you do, then this is the last chance you get.
This isn’t an “end of the world” statement of religion or any other influence of fantasy or delusion such as is the state of your universities, governments, and media.   These are the consensus of facts and evidence that will not be denied/ that exist today; and are in fact currently running preparing “for their big day”.  Hard to tell, who gets the decision to call themselves                          SATAN   and send you to HADES.
But rest assured, there are many contenders.
Go to court, and prove life is not about to die/ coward.

Life or death for the world, NOW depends upon those who can see the truth, that no matter what the words are, or the temptation,   the reality is NOT WORTH THE RISK.  PERIOD, don’t need no other explanation, NOT WORTH THE RISK.  The world is dead if your wrong/ how can that be acceptable to anyone?  Answer this question.     You will react to that truth in time to end these crisis’s:   Or not. Either way, time and the trial for life on earth are coming to its verdict soon;     Fail, and you die, by your own hands.

I have now come to the conclusion based in fact, that there is literally very little left that I could do for you.  Whether I work to spread this message of life or death or not, is basically irrelevant/ because there is nothing I can do without true and critical help, from media, government, people, the world.  Time will simply run out/ no matter what I do.   Therefore the decision is in your hands:   YOU MUST DO YOUR PART, or you accept the gamble, and state with your life:   that yes, you are willing to die, and take   GOD’S   CREATION with you, if these are wrong (pick any area of science or want, you like).  IF women stand up, then I can help them.  That is the essence, and the reality left to my work.  I cannot inform the world/ you have to do that.

 It is true, that some inventions could provide money to someday be enough to buy media; but that takes over a year, and you don’t have a year left.   The physics experiments will be stopped/ or you will be dead within a year: so says the evidence, unless intervention gives pause.  Do not accept anything less than complete removal of the machinery;   they cannot resist the temptation, and you know this is true.  As to genetics, take away their tools/ close the door on money/ and prove it is you, and not people who risk all life on earth that is in charge: or we will execute you.  Life or death is not a game; had the man who had A.I.D.S.  Been executed before spreading it across the world/ would you not have been better off?  If you don’t face your truth/ then you get the reward of your lies:   it will be HELL, complete insanity and cannibalism to start, horrors filled with terrors to end.   Because you cannot survive, when nature dies.  The list of threats and devils is long, nothing about life or death to a world,   is a game.  This world ends only once/ and past the point of no return, even if you do not recognize it; there are no possibilities to bring it back.  Not a tear/ not a prayer/ nothing will bring it back.
YOU are the people being judged, as exterminators of life on earth/ or its people who did repent of all that is not life first, and rebuilt as best you could.  One way or the other, this entire world is about to change forever.  Make your decision.

It seems necessary, to establish some type of simple “nuclear physics” statement on why fusion is not simply a tame “fix all your problems on earth answer”.  Since people run away and hide from all these things rapidly;   it seems nothing less will do.
The energy that holds the sun together, the energy that holds atomic energy itself together, the energy that is gravity and the foundation of life itself, are all defined within the measurements or more clearly the truth that can be conceived of as the disciplines that contain that energy to make structures assemble and sustain themselves within distinct boundaries.  Without that energy, nothing forms the basis of life or mass. 

Fusion as is seen in the sun, from here on earth DO YOU WANT THAT HERE: WAKE UP!, THIS is the elemental burning of the critical elements within the disciplines that are conceived as energy.  Or more simply, energy is burning the nuclei of atomic structure leaving it empty inside. The sun is still a disciplined structure even though its atomic mass is burning/ but when that mass has achieved an “intolerable temperature inside the area not being burned”/ discipline stops and the entire structure explodes in a supernova event.  We know this is true, because the rapid expansion of a star, prior to its explosion can be nothing else, but the expansion of its own mass, and as such a more rapid burning.  Which then simply accelerates in multiples over time. Your physicists say “the sun burns at 12 million degrees”: DO YOU WANT TO RISK THESE PEOPLE DON’T KNOW A DAMN THING, AND LIGHT YOU ON FIRE!  history is full of mass murderers somebody followed.  Your physicists intend to create 180 million degrees here on earth: their words not mine.  Your physicists say the sun burns from the inside out (that is absurd, but it doesn’t matter today), because of intense pressure.[chemical v nuclear] this ain’t a fire in your furnace:  WAKE UP!  Your physicists intend to create 100 billion times the pressure of earth’s atmosphere= 1.47 trillion pounds per square inch.  If they do, and the machine built can do so/ then they will create the fusion that fires the sun here on earth.  Burning atomic matter wherever it goes.  Claims as I remember are 12 mile high flames exist on the sun.   Is that what you want here?  How can you put this flame out? Control it? Anything but burn?  No, not a chance.   DEMAND TO KNOW HOW THEY WILL PUT FUSION OUT, OR CONTAIN IT!  DEMAND IT, INVESTIGATE IT, AND EXPECT REAL AND CONCRETE NUMBERS.

A summary includes the fundamental ending of the work, which again means there is little more that I can do; I am told you need more visual aids;   so some sites exist above for your inspection/ some more are added below to aid you.  The foundation reality in all information particularly from the governments of nations is:   just like in america the propaganda states whatever the want desires you to believe.  Case in point the build up to the Iraq war;   got nothing, doesn’t matter, want to go to war, with fantasy and delusion and fears!  Case in point, the nuclear scientists are directly responsible for most of the major “superfund environmental destruction” sites in this country.  Case in point, even when they exploded the a 50 megaton bomb (the USSR did this, and suggest they have a 100 megaton bomb waiting, do you really think the USA did not “try to best them with bigger”?  They are lying).  One hundred megatons is = 200,000,000,000 pounds of TNT equivalent!  What could go wrong?   [nuclear bomb data] and got the volcano in Mexico City to become unstable back in the 70's / they still exploded another to create an earthquake [earthquake data] in California:   these are events linked together, because the nuclear “no more testing atomic bombs” treaty had to wait, until the last three tests american military scientists wanted to do; prove it wasn’t a coincidence”.  They gave us the dates.  Look it up.  My memory has experienced a major loss nearly 3 years ago; as a result I don’t remember the last one/ don’t remember the data, or sources that were used over the years to accumulate the evidence this work had to be done.  It is not what I would choose.  Like wars that are started by others, they just have to be finished to have peace; certainly not how I intended or hoped to spend my life.  Simply necessary.

Bear in mind the following facts;   that genetic mutilation or experimentation as they prefer to call it;   spent many years trying to play god “combining various genetic materials in an effort to create “species crosses, like you see in greek mythology”, and many, many more.  They have since learned to be quiet about that and the horrific consequences of that;   but there are sites listed, still advertizing “going to enlarge the genetic code [venter inst] and add more (www.astrobio.net/news/article979) going to reduce genetic code to less”[tycoon team].  There are the people advertizing “monkeys are just like us” and without doubt they do intend to “exchange information with humans, in the same attempt to play god as before; [research monkey/ giraffes and frogs]  its just more subtle.  What they call synthetic biology,[alert synthetic biology] is still this very same thing “dressed for success, by hiding in language you don’t recognize; but still trying desperately to play god with nature”. [harvard’s beckwith] Simple as that, except they want the money too [get rid of patent].  There is a web site that disputes most of scientific claims [ www.medicine.plosjournals.org/perlserv  And there are people around the world looking to add their bit “to playing god, going to change the fish”/ [aqua-culture]  its little different than all nations wanting to throw a nuclear weapon into the air, when it all goes bad.  The biological weapons [weapons of mass destruction  & foxnews] are particularly heinous in conception/ can’t stop them once released.   Every one of these things is able to create a pandemic in life on earth, in humanity, destroying everything; [what causes influenza]  just think if AIDS were spread by breathing like tuberculosis;   it can be far more deadly than that. [biozine pandemic]  All the chemicals (it’s a government report [epa envirofacts & toxic substances]).  Chemicals can in fact genetically alter life/ causing that life if not yours to mutilate you too. Take a look at all the toxin’s produced in all methods and ways, add in the cumulative effects of years of poisons dumped and intentionally used, with the same effect as adding unwanted poisons.  Where is the proof, nothing is going wrong? Take a look and determine what happens in an earthquake to underground area’s of containment, and look at the water table over years of accumulated data; proving an increase in everything.  As on and on.
Over population is also an extreme threat [98 -07 02], as there is no water [cost of water shortage], no food, and no resources for so many people [worldwide hunger]  a billion more in ten years (roughly 2 million more mouths to feed each week). [population explosion a matter of survival]  Women will have to solve this, because it is their bodies/ men must assist them, not interfere with them.  The expectation of vasectomy is the end of chemicals in a man; and that makes sex a “hot sticky work, instead of a joy”.  Even if they won’t admit it;   so no sex for women either.  Keep it in mind. Some new deposits have been found in fertilizers, but without an ocean, and in a starving world the need for these fertilizers is massive; the future matters too [IFA]

The ocean is in crisis because of methods used.[oceans champaign]  The promise to oceanographers to find out all you can about fish and seafood “so they can be protected”/ were simply LIES, as reality says massive extinction is ahead. [landline australia    &   fish search] You have altered the climate, [ which alters the ocean currents, which carry the food and provide the highways for finding direction in the ocean.  You have dumped garbage in such volume that it threatens anything that enters therein, as well as every aspect of temperature in the ocean which then affects weather and so on.[the worlds rubbish dump]  The practice of consuming the entire stock of target fish in every ocean colony destroying that colony; because its easier than letting the fish go and finding another.  Ends that colony, and causes extinction in non target fish species. [american scientist] Destruction without concern [rest of fishing]
We are facing oxygen depletion/ because of all the forests being cut down [earth observatory]: fuels being burned REQUIRE oxygen [oxygen depletion].  Extrapolation of oxygen/ fuel requirements with 1995 records are at www.complexdestiny.info   Some interesting statistics of more unusual things are at www.criticaleconomics.info .  Extinction of very many species [endangered species] because you want “big houses/ and have absolutely no respect for the forest”;  shame on you.
There is more;   but people listen to very little, and run away from much/ hiding whenever they can;   or simply producing some type of insane religious comment about how righteous they are.   Good luck with that/ expecting a reward, while you let   GOD’S OWN CREATION die;   because you don’t need to do anything “your going to heaven, or wherever”.  Obviously don’t care about anyone else, do you?   Fear helps no one. [geographic travels]
At the very end of this list is the economic damage you have done to yourselves over time; lying, stealing, betrayal, and more.  It is the ending because these are realities that simply kill humanity, in civil war or national wars/    At least, its not killing the entire earth, and the future of all life on it. [all money issues]

The end result of all of this is that YOU NEED TO GO TO COURT,   and resolve every issue with truth and reality; departing from lies, and living within the truth and reality that exists.  If you do that, life will return to life/ and you will avoid everything men built to exterminate you.  Learn clearly: WE MUST HAVE DIFFERENT LEADERS, this is the best men could do/ because it is what they did do.  There is considerable pushing, against those in pride and powerful positions;   we did not have to be so threatened/ plenty of opportunity existed in the past:   but not one, would hear of anything but selfishness. Not one would accept truth over want. Consequently, we are greatly threatened today;   whether you believe it or not.  Today and all your economic troubles, are merely the evidence of decisions made in the past:   decisions, no one would change, even when confronted harshly.  If you refuse to change today, the evidence says:   nature, environment, everything will fall apart, and hell will come quickly/ Armageddon will come (nature in chaos)/ or if you fail to stop the physics experiments listed here “you may indeed end in the biblical lake of fire”.  It’s your decision!  But life has a price:    RESPECT, honor, truth, friendship, discipline, love, sharing, caring, hope, courage, happiness, and even the possibility of eternal life for you.   Women will rule the earth, men are rejected, because you brought life, to death’s door.  Take a good look at reality; nothing has been done for infrastructure/ nothing has been done for food, water, environment, climate, or ocean: the entire preparation of men for the last 40 years has been: lies and stealing/ &  playing in the delusions and fantasy of being god/ threatening all life on earth with want/ and wait for pride to  destroy by the realities of weapons of mass destruction, and all they can do/ or did do, is  fear. They have cared for nothing/ shared as little as possible/ and built only the things that destroy:  IS THAT, the kind of leadership that survives, or deserves respect?  Answer the question.
The common actions of men are simple:   take whatever you can, before the next gets it/ confront whenever you have to/ fight when you must/ kill, if there is no other way/ and care for nothing but pride, want, selfishness, and power.    Thereby hate, jealousy, violence, and playing god on earth all come to be.  How could women be worse/ at least we know they are different, they are: “the best chance we have, as a world/ even YOU can see that”! Our reality has changed: the earth is full, and if we do not negotiate, mediate, compromise, justify, search for peace and harmony instead of war, and find love and friendship the basis of life on earth: as truth and reality WILL DECIDE.  Care and share, because many trials are coming or: None or very few will survive/ because there will be war.  Over thousands of years, men have chosen war/ never sustaining peace for long; they have not been able to do this. It’s a proven fact.

The web contains other support groups such as www.edf.org   www.conservation.org/stoptheclock 
There are books;   world forests, markets, and policies and much more.  Perhaps this one    Not to mention libraries, etc.  Go look, do some work for yourself.  These are not necessarily the best, only minimal effort was used to select them, as my own investigations are complete; these are to help  you.

Book 3 links on the left of the home page here is for your additional links or information.  Kindly keep it to links and a very short description from the site.   {If you have new information and want to put it here, there is an address if necessary.  Without a name and address the use of information is limited/ but if its important do send it, as what can be proven;  is useable in court.} there are no guarantees to any site.  You may use mine in any way you wish/ as this is life or death of the world;   why on earth not?  Just use it.

Again the foundation of this work, these sites provided by me personally; and the purpose of the message herein is simply to declare:     It is absolutely necessary ,    TO GO TO COURT/ and define, investigate, examine, and decide   if all these things can be survived.   Because the evidence of today states; by removing the lies:          that you will not.

CHANGE THAT, before you die!

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