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This link understands the base elements in law, that form around the existence of knowledge and truth, when reality investigates, and humanity listens to the lesson it teaches.

“Mine, mine, mine” so the people go/ intent upon the single issue of controlling what they wish to possess, instead of share. Controlling what they claim as theirs by work/ or what they claim as theirs, simply to avoid work.
The foundation of human failure is based upon 4 distinct realities:   the claims are,   I want it/   lets gamble for it: play a game/   it is mine: or selfishness claimed/ and I will not share or care about anything.
I want, is the essential diagram of an individual doing everything he or she can to assert ownership over anything that can be possessed: a typical intent is to rule over sex, as in marriage. I own you now, no one else must touch.   In that want or exercise of control over a possession, comes the fundamental intent of a right to assume property, ownership, and therefrom the devaluing of a life to the status of something/ rather than someone of equal value to you.  This is neither fair nor true, as is consistent with each and every want believed by the human mind to be “yours”.  Want is not yours/ want is the intent to take what is not yours, to hold in possession what you have not, nor have a right to. Want is a decision to cast discipline aside/ to discard truth as leader of life, and to seek the basis and burden of what does not fit within a balanced life for you.  Marriage is balance with love/ want is strictly about possession.

Those who gamble DO intend to make someone else pay for their life, and their living.  Simple as that/ you don’t want to pay, so you gamble the little you have; to obtain what the others will be jealous of you for.  Jealousy is fundamental to gambling, because it is the driving force behind the decision to play games. “I can prove I am as good as, or better than you”! Which then becomes for the loser, I can prove, I will obtain just as much money as you.  Which for the loser then becomes, I can prove I will obtain as much power as you/ I can hate, and destroy.  Which becomes the violence of the dead and damned.  All because people feel inadequate, when someone else has proven a small ability that is more useful to society than is their own abilities.  Life itself, is the only true treasure in this universe.  Therefore tiny abilities are of insignificant value in comparison/ but they do allow for “look at me”, among humanity.  Therefrom, the fundamental truth of all gambling, money, trophies,  and games, is a simple “look at me intent”.  The question that erupts is then WHY?   The answer is, because I don’t want to be lonely, I don’t want to be left out, I don’t want to be afraid of my future/ because people didn’t even recognize I was alive!  So they try to possess your heart, by asserting, “you can’t live without me/ or I am the ticket, or the hope; you need to survive or thrive”.  Drug addicts all fall within the confines of “you didn’t look at me, honestly/ OR as I WANTED you too, regardless of how stupid or selfish that was”.  Why is wealth important?  To be above the rest/ to be in control of their lives, instead of equal/ or under their control instead.  Where inequality exists, the games multiply, because the exits are controlled/ and these are the first signs of revolt. An attempt to become equal, without the violence necessary to rid yourselves of the arrogant and proud/ the winners, who assault and control everything, by force.

The envelope of a single dimension brain, having little opportunity for expression or experience beyond simple selfishness “me, me, me”;   is constructed from the environments of want and gambling or games.  Those who want isolate themselves within an environment that does not allow for others/ “it ruins the jealousy and point of the game: to overcome, and destroy the competition” look at me then becomes “I am a god/ next to you”.  If a god/ then an owner with absolute right over life or death.  If a god, then entitled to be whatever power will allow me to be/ regardless of how that affects anyone or anything:  who cares about anything but me.  Bow down, or I will destroy you.  And so the descent goes, until or if you can survive by throwing pride away. Pride is an elemental participant in removing equality, equity, or fair play/ pride is fundamental to proving these others have no right, I AM the greatest/ I am god.  So the basic purpose of mine and selfishness is the achievement:   you are less than me/ therefore, I can and will judge you.   This is the basic premise of every game, and every intent to claim mine. And it is true whether you have won much or little/ whether you are fighting with hate or violence.
When these are achieved, the final descent begins with the assertion that NONE are worthy of my life/ NONE are worthy of my care/ & NONE are worthy to participate in my world, therefore I will not share.  These things hide the underlying purpose of a decision to choose power and hate as the basis and definitions of life and living, and do assert:    I am a god, next to you/ therefore entitled to be your judge.

These basic fundamentals surround the element of a life called mine, and obtain “cooperation” by subjecting the owner to his or her belief, the mind can measure everything needed by life.  And therefrom, that mind and body are equivalent to “god”. 

The passages beyond this stupidity, and expanded from truth into a participation with life itself;   are formed within the battleground of who, or what, shall be in control of you.  There is no mine, in the creation of heart/ there is no “god, where judgement is a possibility of mine” in soul/ only the law can be applied.   Only    GOD   THE CREATOR OF LIFE,     IS GOD!

Every truth represents a passage beyond the simple measurements of time, (wherein the brain decides)/ into passages or conceptions or “birth canals”:   through which we begin to identify creation itself.  Because truth creates, thereby the understanding of truth, creates in you the possibility to share within the knowledge of what exists beyond the limits of time.  Thought exists beyond the limits of time, as a possibility so extreme:   that its reality cannot be destroyed.  Thought functions within the parameters of truth/ but truth exists only within the participation of energy and mass, on a scale that is human time.  Therefore we can never exceed the possibilities of knowledge that completes our human experience here in time/ because we cannot escape our elemental restriction called energy and mass.  Opportunity does however arise to expand the simple knowledge assigned by time: that everything is destroyed through the function of action and reaction;   whether that is “slow or fast”.   Thereby we know, that to be eternal, which means not to be destroyed by time; therefore action and reaction.  There MUST BE an environment so extreme, that no reaction can exist, to any action that is taken in this extreme.  Thought participates here, where that thought is indeed perfect.  We, will not be allowed/ we are not perfect, can’t be perfect/ no point in trying.   But we can indeed participate at lower levels of perfection, dependent upon desire and purpose, through respect.  

As to the energy that is so extreme it is beyond reaction/ we do look back at the “big bang” and see a remarkable expansion, that did essentially leave the base product of existence completely intact.  This is NOT worth a real discussion, in this time.
Our experience is as a participation with truth through thought/ OR a participation with measurements through the brain.  The critical difference is no thought exists without functional and real truth, to lead you in discovery .  Whereas the brain, can and will exist within whatever you measure and believe; truth is irrelevant/ apart from survival needs.
A human request would then be either:   what are the passages to truth, that compliment a search that expands within the world of thought itself?  Or what can we believe, that would measure us as gods, at least within our own mind.    

Those who love seek truth and thought as participants in a relationship that conceives of love, life, honor, hope, courage, and all the possibilities of an existence including eternity.  My own reality HAS been literally changed, female breasts have been added to me, and the chemicals associated with them; have honestly  succeeded in erasing vast amounts of memory.  They don’t work well with male chemicals, the conflict is a problem/ or more correctly established considerable change already, and still proceeding. Every day, a little more memory is gone/ a little more of what life as male used to mean; a reality that is very much starting “to add up”. A strange reality, really/ not kidding or playing, just how it is. I am being changed, don’t know why. Regardless of that, I am honestly starting to feel like nothing of what use to be man is going to remain someday into the future/ only what “female, has applied”. And yes, I am aware people can and will read this/ that does not make a difference to me. Just as unexpected by you, change has come to your world/ truly unexpected  change has also come to mine.  My whole life has become one adjustment after another, not a choice/ it is necessary to survive.  Your life will require adjustment and change as well/ like it or not, it will be the price of survival. But like me, “its not actually bad or essentially unkind/ its just DIFFERENT”, really different.  Just how life is. I do not know how it all ends/ for me or you.

 The critical tests that pursue the relationships that I personally chose in the quest for thought; are literally as a description gone/ I cannot comprehend what they were, in retracing these are missing.  Only the lessons learned remain/ but that is just as well, since people believe they can retrace to find the same: but that is simply not true.  We are individuals, and what works to teach me/ does not necessarily work to teach you.  And far more complex descriptions of an education are not mine to give.  None the less, my reality & my education are completely defined by the path represented as    JESUS   in the bible.   Not in a religious sense, although a short session was applied for therein/ but in the truth, that if   HE was correct in HIS assertions, a path defined as HIS LIFE here on earth can be seen in the desire and purpose HE chose to live.  That simple assessment became the footprints I have followed.  You can do the same/ if you so desire.  It is a path “straight and narrow”/ but not without expense.  What is taught, what is measured, what is threatened, what is honored or dishonored, and what is believed by men and women are to be discarded:   therefrom a new way of learning, believing, and being does begin. It is an interesting journey, that requires a true and real commitment; or you won’t survive/ at least beyond the boundaries of time.  Mercy is enough, where love determines the heart, and respect aids existence by accepting soul.  Experiencing what is beyond time, IS NOT a requirement for eternity/ until death.
As for those who want only to live within the brain and body, take a look around “teachers and lessons abound, everywhere you look”.



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