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Friday, 17 April 2009

What does it mean, to be correct?

The answer to that, is neither simple nor bland/ simply put, being correct (aware of the truth, and led by it), is of great value to yourself; promoting self-reliance & self-confidence & fundamental securities in the form of I believe in me.  But as an asset in society, being correct is secondary to what people WANT! Therefore the relationship of those who can accept what is true, at least about specific things, if not their own life; with society is strained.  If you know, “this is going to turn out badly/ but no one will listen, because want and pride and selfishness get in the way”; the reality is all lose, because truth lost, and you lost as well, when society or its individual members disrespect you for not simply “flattering them for their decisions”. Being correct is not a “merry- go- round” of failure and success/ “the lies worked/ HELL, what went wrong/ GET more lies”!  Instead being correct is a    Valid direction, that achieves the elemental need for a decision that functions for life instead of against it; as do all lies.

Both happiness and love exist strictly because of truth/ where lies rule, the passions of hate cover up the failure so that nothing can be changed or fixed.  One such reality of this day is the people who still debate global warming/ it is a plain and clear fact, and all who deny it at all, are simply playing liar.  “Don’t know/ didn’t study, therefore I can say whatever I want to: is just as big a lie, as stating you road a big fat pink bunny rabbit to work this morning”.  Don’t need no more information, had to pick up on it even if you didn’t try. Our relationship with reality and the truth of this day in terms of what men have done/ where they have led us/ the reality of where life is headed, or the ocean or anything else is basically so clear and plain:   you simply have to make up lies, just to disagree.  There is virtually no evidence to the contrary that matters.
As with global warming and all the rest, including the loss of an ozone layer;   the liars find comfort in the security of their lies: YOU can’t prove me wrong/ because things REALLY have to get BAD, before I will admit to anything!  So, piss on you.
Their comfort and security in lies will fade and then die/ replaced by the terror of what they then cannot deny.   But as is true of being correct in any type or version of what people DO NOT WANT/   when acceptance is too late, it just doesn’t matter anymore. Therein we find the question, WHY do people covet their want and pride so very much? It is an oddity in the reality of life (functionally without time, simply as truth)/ which means then, that this must be manufactured by people, for their own use in creating lies. That being simple and true, the question is then:   what fundamental of living does want and pride describe?
The answer here is divided upon 3 basic elements of time: that there is a need and desire to alleviate loneliness/ that there is a purpose in being surrounded by humanity “noticed and considered valuable”/ and possessions or possibilities matter to the life in time that we all live.

So the basic question of a different society and a new and different means and method to life and living as humanity is dependent upon the truth, that will divide want and pride into less and less of an asset in the human brain/ and more and more of a tragedy come to life, that must then be avoided as if death were here.  The most critical reality that we face as human beings is the truth of what loneliness can do.  It takes a happy, joyful life with great promise and turns it into solitude and hiding: just because people are so extremely proud, that they judge and measure and never forget that this one, did not do what they wanted them to do.  These things are common, and remove the innocense of life, by replacing it with the judgment of people.  Among the terrible consequences are: lost loves/ lost lives/ criminal intent and behavior/ religious lunacy/ political catastrophe/ and judicial or legal graft. The list is very long/ and judgment ranks among the most significant tragedies of human existence.  People are changed when measured or judged/ people are killed and treated horribly, when measured or judged/ people are chastised and ridiculed when measured and judged/ people are lost to this world, and found in hate, because they were judged.  All because humanity compete with itself to be superior to someone/ preferably all, for some.  So they then participate in the delusions and fantasy that they are gods/ they can be gods/ or you are so worthless, even god would kill you. 
The elemental answer is of course, to stop judging people/ stop measuring people/ and come to recognize that we are equal.

This brings us to PRIDE and the desire to be “winner/ more valuable than the others”.  Therein the competition is really about how you want those others to believe “you are”/ as opposed to the consequence of seeing you as a truth, and understanding who you really are, in life/ rather than games.  Some will argue, that in games we do see who people are.  But in reality the greed necessary to simply win at all costs, is not a valuable asset of any kind/ and this result of games shows more clearly a fault, rather than the possession of a quality for life.  Some will argue, that winning is absolutely necessary in terms of battle/ there is only one winner in war, therefore those who establish that they DO want to win, ARE valuable because these are necessary to “keep the killers away from our door”. Let them lead the others to victory/ let them keep our lives and homes intact.  The foundation of that argument asserts that these “winners” care as much about your lives and homes as they do about their own desire to win.  The reality of course is they do not/ they simply want to win; the mind lacks depth or detail about what is valuable or important, and that means they will lead only because it makes them feel like a winner; but when reality comes, and death surrounds them, filling the air with disease and tragedy; only love fights on.  Love can be as simple as a respect for life itself, even if it is just your own.  To love your own body and mind, is to respect the gift that you were given; although minimal in every sense, and selfish when no respect is given to others or your creator; the reality is, you have ventured into sacred ground;   a chance to love.  Because the acceptance of   another experience or expression is valued by you, a life inside. This is a discovery of “more than one”/ even if it is as small as the body within which you live.  Love means expanded beyond oneself to recognize the value of others.  The love between body, mind, and life itself is an appreciation of that value given to you as a life inside. Those who build from here, gain acceptance for life and body and humanity and this world/ because every respect learned and accepted is a relationship with life that leads us beyond ourselves.  Those who bind themselves inside, as a body or mind set apart from the rest/ won’t love you/ won’t accept your love in me; have created walls that demand a lock and key. The question arises, WHY do people do this/ hide behind walls, and let no one in?  The answer is; people judge & measure, and the consequence of that as want recognizes “these don’t accept me as an equal”. Therefore the games of pretending to be equal begin/ and with them, the demand to be accepted as equal turns to games, as proof “you are in error”/ I am equal; and then, “or better”.  So with games and the demand to be “re-measured”/ comes also the desire in hate for the power to prove, not only better, but because you measured and judged me; I will prove I can and will be, “YOUR judge”.  The list is very long, as this simple fact infiltrates and infects human existence for the purpose of hate.  Hate is a fact of essence/ it is the evidence, that what is toxic to life, “has leaked inside, under the skin”.  Hate then “becomes a possession”/ whether you wanted it or not.
Here the critical truth asks: WHY do you want this? And fundamental pride says, BECAUSE IT IS NECESSARY, to defend myself.  Critical reality then states: that humanity is NOT the judge of your life/ WHY then do you truly care, about what these say or do?  Fundamental want replies; because they don’t want me/ even though I need them to feel alive.   The reality of hate is grown, in the essence of how you believe human existence has wronged you; whether that be someone else, or your own body or mind, or whatever it is that you choose; this can literally be anything you want it to be.

Essence explains, the literal meaning of an existence is expressed within the purpose of its behaviors and decisions/ therefore to hate, is to align yourself with destruction, because that which is hated is consumed inside as the purpose of your life. In other words, hate is a tragedy for you, no matter what version you consume. To remove it, requires a key to open the locked door behind which you hide as failure and disgrace. More simply; until you remove the pride that let it consume your life/ it will not go away.  Humility is the quickest way/ some times, the only way:   IF, instead of hate, you find sorrow and repentance for choosing so poorly instead.
It is futile and unwise to attempt any method of controlling what people say or think about you.   It is unnecessary and unwise to demand respect, from those who do not understand what respect is; leave them alone.  Instead of these, SEARCH FOR HONOR inside yourself.  Instead of loneliness and a search for human hearts that sometimes betray you, SEARCH FOR     GOD    , and find your soul.  A constant friend and companion forever, a love that will not die.
The foundation of most human existence, is a pretense of the life they believe they must live/ or wish for people to believe they do live. The consequence of that, is a world filled with people that are not happy, fulfilled, respectful, or even aware of what life itself honestly is.  LIFE IS, an opportunity unlike any other in existence; YOU HAVE, the chance to be whatever truth will allow you to be.  You have, the opportunity, to search for eternity and find expression and experience in the foundations called love, whereby all that exists will some day be in awe.  Simply because when given that opportunity, they could not do, what you have done. In time, people will hate you for that/ because they failed, not because you succeeded.  In time, people will face their reality and prove what is their truth, as death comes to open the door and evict their soul.

The fundamental truth of our existence is:   YOU ARE NOT HIDDEN!  Therefore it is especially unwise and unnecessary to try to prove a lie that cannot be. Be who you are/ or change and be who you truly wish to become.  If there is hate in you, then abandon it, and search diligently for life; why die to all eternity?  If there is love in you, why hide and let people fall/ when what they need most, is simply to be accepted as life, and as equal. If you or your body is rejected by “so very many”/ that it is pointless even to try to be friends; then simply remember this:   that GOD DOES LOVE YOU!  Our reality is simple, freedom has put barriers between us and GOD/ so that in simple truth “HE doesn’t kill us, for being SO disrespectful of life and everything else”.  The barrier is so    HIS LOVE   cannot be tainted by our disgrace.  That means very simply, you must clean yourself up, find respect, and search for the door that divides your life from your   CREATOR.    The door will find you, the spirit inside your soul for life, will help you understand what life would have you do.  It is your choice/ it is your eternity: it is your love that opens the door.
Some will always pretend eternity does not, or cannot exist/ this is beyond their comprehension as a human mind and body “see the proof/ that dead body isn’t going anywhere”!  And they are correct, a dead body or mind isn’t going anywhere, not to eternity {JESUS and that body, is an issue all its own; no one can truly say}.  But if you do not believe that batteries are alive/ then you have room to believe that life is a decision that aligns with whatever is true. What is fundamentally true about eternity is, energy can be transformed & thought can exist wherever existence can prove this is true. Believe in your heart, and search for love on earth, inside yourself and in others, in life itself as it exists across this globe.  Believe in your soul, and live without pretending:   choose to believe in   GOD.  And let this be life in you.

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