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Friday, 17 April 2009

There are foundations in life, that define us/ identify us as human beings/ protect us, from tragedy/ understand our needs and function in harmony with our requests/ build us with body and soul/ care about us, by presenting feelings, hurts, loneliness, and pain in all manner of arrangements by which we understand, that life is more than simply self, and self is more than an environment without needs. 

All these things revolve within and without the human genetic structure/ as this is our body, mind, nature, and world of living creatures in every conceivable scenario:   we are an expression of our genetics/ we are a result of its harmony and distinct disciplines that protect our lives/ we are the elemental beings of a life in time, simply because genetic materials and the realities that build our bodies allow us to live.

The greatest tragedy of all human history is coming, in the form of mutilated genetic structure.  People trying to be god/ pretending they are god/ purposely destroying and deliberately trying to make genetic structure lose its disciplines, that they may claim to “then learn how to be god”/ so they can recreate life “in their own image/ not as men;   as the criminally mentally insane serial killers of life on earth”.   And your university pretends “its all good/ nothing bad can happen, well cause evolution will fix it/ so who cares”.   Like your current economic status/ so is your environmental equivalent of nature as a genetic reality.  Like your economic status, designed by the university, and implemented by those in power and government:   “going to get control, OVER YOU”, these people are nothing less than satan, for lack of a better word/ because their purpose, and their work ultimately disgraces all life on earth/ and will end with the horrific result, that genetic structure is no longer disciplined, and as a result “ANYTHING can happen and will”.  In other words, WHY does your foot not grow out of your ear?  Because genetic disciplines don’t allow it to be so.  In other words, WHY does not your ass look like a goat, and your face become a snake head?  Because genetic disciplines do not allow it to be so.    On and on and on it goes, until nothing of this world is left recognizable as    “   GOD’S    WORK”   !  If you are abandoned, to the ways of men/ then as your reward, their work shall recreate your hell; and nothing will stop it.  Nothing will put it back.  Nothing will keep the terrors of absolute fear, from entering what is left of life/ and destroying you from the inside and outside, and everything you touch.  Of course, the foundation of all university and men driven work comes with the sales propaganda of:    “Just listen to us/ just give us the power and your money and your lives/ just let us lead you to hell:   it will be ok, shit for brains always has a plan.”   After all, WE WILL PROMISE YOU,    To keep you alive forever/ or at least more time.  We will promise, to make the foods you eat better (even though allergies, cancers, birth defects of mind and body, problem pregnancy, and starvation are all knocking at your door).   Don’t worry though, as    “Scientists/ NONE of the tragic consequences, or real world disasters that have been so prevalent in your genetic experiments will be told”.  HELL NO, shut that bastard up/   we got bills to pay, we got pride, power, want, selfishness, violence, fear, revenge;   and don’t forget hate to prescribe to a world full of fools.  Shut up, sell the fools their want.

But hey, you know that.  After all, how many times a day does not someone attempt to ridicule you/ tempt you/ steal your money/ manipulate you/ destroy peace for you/ rape and rampage through your life/ take away your savings/ demand payment for what they do not deserve; and so on.  Its not like you have any cause to believe what government or scientists or university tells you?  Is there?
Well lets see, today the big brains are selling fusion, never mind the consequences of a burst in energy required that WILL be equivalent to several megatons of nuclear explosive in a San Francisco suburb/ they don’t care.  What is obviously important is the ignition of fusion, the simple/ clear/ and plain (we can see the sun) fire, and therefrom burning of atomic substance.  The only problem is of course;   that everything here is atomic substance/ and that means everything here, just like the sun, is fuel for the fire:   PLAIN AND SIMPLE, nothing but fuel to control it, or put it out.  A bit like throwing gasoline on the fire to put it out;   what could go wrong?   Hell, think of all the benefits of endless heat.

Or there are the endless experiments of physics, totaling roughly a trillion dollars or more across this world; aren’t they special, why we need a motel in space for people who have nothing else to do, but build nuclear weapons: don’t we?  Or there is always CERN, the place supported and built by the United Nations wherein they obviously don’t have anything better to do with the money or their time than support the people who openly declare:   WE ARE going to recreate the MOST DESTRUCTIVE EVENT in the entire known universe ever.   “The biggest bang/ or an energy event so extreme nothing could stand in its way”.   Hell, what could go wrong with that? Couldn’t really end the earth in a cloud of dust, could it?  Hell, that would be perfect,   man finally achieved his dream:   played god, for a millisecond. Ain’t he proud/ oh wait, he’s dead, and earth no longer exists.  Well proved his point didn’t he.  Got to be god, for a millisecond or less.

Or there is the endless apathy for peace/ the pride and aggression of war:   WE WILL take your stuff/ WE WILL rape your women, and there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it. The leaders of Men are special that way/ and well, once the boulder is headed downhill, EVERYBODY has to participate. Ain’t that so.  So, whenever there is trouble for a leader/ the opportunity is, to work for justice, and fair play, within equality for all;    Ending primary power and pride.  OR THEY CHOOSE WAR, because war is an endless excuse for power and pride, the end of justice, fair play, or equality and that transforms reality to take anything you want, who cares.  People got to participate, its war.   So, in this current environment we have the american leaders who have run out of excuses for war/ BUT DESPERATELY NEED an escape from their political, legal, and ethical disasters;   and they have been tempting Russia to reestablish the cold war:   bring out your nuclear weapons, and threaten us.   So we can pretend, to be needed and necessary again, as a “super power”/ the people who threaten to destroy all life on earth, at their own whim.  Aren’t they like gods?   Hell yeah, bow down/ and get fucked, or whatever fantasy is currently playing in the insane.  Not to worry though,  weapons of mass destruction are your saviors aren’t they?  Hell yes they are/   why, who would actually be insane enough to use them.  Well there are those unfortunate occasions where the earth was nearly destroyed several times over the years, stupidity/ arrogance/ pride/ power;   and then there’s the terrorists; and then of course there are the people who have to be villain’s:    Hell, somebody has to be the victim here/ life ain’t a game, unless someone can lose/ someone can be ridiculed/ someone can be less than you.  Is it?  Shit, who the hell cares about people anyway, “there’s more”. Ain’t that right.  And if they get out of line, well the biological plagues created by weapons of mass destruction will just kill them all:   don’t we have an antidote?  Well except for that damn “dead bodies everywhere thing”, which ends in horrific biological consequences we can’t control.   But not a problem really/ “we got the damn fools to dig us in deep”; can’t get us here.  Well, except for that air, water, fuel, medicine, and food thing/ and the fact being buried underground for years, will become like living in your own casket, and grave.   “Gods don’t have to care about that/ damn it”.  Ain’t that right?
Or soon enormous ice slabs will be falling into the ocean from all parts of the world/ global warming?   HELL NO, its just a cycle that we can ignore, call it nature/ who can say no.  BESIDES,   we damn sure as HELL, ain’t going to change!  Hell no, want every damn fire we can find. So what if nearly a billion people will be dislocated in twenty years/ won’t be any food anyway, so its just more cannibalism (just stocking the shelves); “and they come to us”/ don’t have to do nothing, but find “ammunition”.  Probably just as well, when the ozone layer is gone/ all extra oxygen will end, and radiation will be giving everyone cancer;   but that’s ok, cause we don’t need no damn oxygen, or the trees/ plants/ etc that produces it.   Just give me a bigger engine, a bigger house, turn up that damn furnace/ only fools need insulation:    HELL light something on fire; “see who cares”.

Or, ain’t medicine proud/ and shouldn’t they be; hell thousands of years went by, and none of the past could do what is done today.   That’s cause people are so much smarter today right? Right/ HELL YES, we are gods/ be damned, to anyone who disagrees:   SO SAYS PRIDE.   Or, if we investigate  honestly (hell no)/ but if we did actually investigate honestly, as if anyone would listen:   would we not find that it is antibiotics that made the difference?  Indeed we would, because the difference between the past and today is an antibiotic that keeps the human body from being infected beyond what it can endure.  So NOW, with antibiotics, it is possible to cut the body open, change something;     and let it heal itself.  But alas, as is always true of men “THE HORDES COME FAST AND FURIOUS/ going to make me rich, beyond my wildest dreams”.  HELL YEAH, going to be god.  And so they came, and the biggest factor apart from all the human whining/ and medical apathy is:  WE CAN drug the animals in their feed or water/ and confine them as if they were grain.   GOT TO HAVE antibiotics, or one tiny little cold could wipe out an entire confinement complex in three days, ending in absolute bankruptcy.   Its all good though, “cheap food”/ hell them damn people bitching and moaning about biological consequences like germ warfare coming; is all just a myth, right/ HELL YEAH.  Damn it, shut the fuck up/ bastard.  Ain’t that right, the competition is severe/ and we ain’t going back to actually working with critters, let the machines. GIVE ME THE MONEY.    But, honestly why should we be concerned with the first few “little bugs” that cannot be defeated with antibiotics.  Kill people just from a tiny cut/ hell what could go wrong with that;   its just a few, there’s plenty more, well unless its you.

Or, didn’t you just love the financial games;   numbers don’t matter/ who the fuck cares;   just pretend people don’t care about their numbers.  “Its all good”.  Well except for that depression that will end life on earth/ if humanity does not turn to real and immediate change.   But who cares, its just money isn’t it?   It’s not like money means anything/ OH WAIT, isn’t that what people fight for/ kill for/ tempt for/ destroy for/ worship/ hate for/ cry for?  Isn’t it?  But its only a number, isn’t it?  Well lets see, if its your numbers lost/ it has no meaning to me, right?   But if its my numbers lost/ well did I not spend my life, my time, my effort, endure pain or whatever to gain these things?  Isn’t that true?  Well, yes it is/ but the university found a loophole for government employees who had failed:   “NUMBERS don’t make a damn bit of difference, if no one is spending them;   ITS JUST SAVINGS”.  Its perfect/ we get everything we want, and they get numbers: “THE PERFECT LOTTERY”.  WE the rich get their lives, sold to the slavery of numbers “here, have a few million more”/ and they get numbers; its perfect.  And good for government too, spend anything you like/ there are no consequences, the people have numbers “just like the lottery”, pay a slave to kiss one on the ass once in a great while, and the rest will just keep slaving away for nothing. Ain’t that right.   HELL THOUGH, there is one tiny problem/ the older people with all those numbers expect something;   if enough of them want something, THEN its as if the numbers were money: but surely that won’t happen? Right/ hell, well just leave with the money/ piss on em.

Or, DAMN what was we thinking/ got to celebrate GENIUS, just plain damn genius;   taking over the media to fuck them damn people just a little bit each and every single damn day.  Genius/ hell who knew it could be so easy to manipulate, tempt, control, disguise, disease, disgrace, destroy, and redefine life as a blob to be programmed what to think.  It was brilliant/ just think what HITLER could have done with this;    Why it is hypnosis without even trying, more/ we need MORE.   Winner/ special/ success:   GIVE US THE DAMN MONEY/ your lives/ your world/ and worship on your knees; damn fuck.   Or is it just “liar/ thief/ failure/ and fool” seeing as the end result is essentially the same as winner/ special/ success/ and rich.   Too much ?   Maybe, but your next to dead/ and don’t even know it; so who cares?  Right?   Are you awake now?  Really/ then prove it, by understanding life on earth is dying, and only you can help save it, one single life at a time.  GET YOUR ASS UP.    WAKE UP, before hell consumes you.


Enough of reality, built upon the backs of people/ by university derived fantasy and delusion.  Don’t have to obey any laws, “the degree” has control, and we take it all/ for ourselves.  Just like the unions, and leaders;   as is proven in the auto industry:   didn’t care/ took everything they could/ now begging don’t let reality come. 

Where did this trouble come from?  The end result goes all the way back to world war 2/ nuclear bombs/ the absolute aggression and insanity of AMERICA THE ASS, threatening the world with annihilation “if they aren’t obeyed”.   And some scientists that did make the right decision, and gave nuclear secrets to the USSR.    Because fools and destructive weapons absolutely cannot be trusted, without at least an enemy.  Pitiful all around/ but clearly instigated and contrived and a reality built upon the threats of America against every other nation on earth:   “We can kill you all”/ WORSHIP US GODS, or die. What is a bigger failure than that?  Even so, that produced the Vietnam war in particular/ which costs more money and lives than expected;   “A product of kennedy/ as was the Cuban incident, because he was doing the same thing off USSR borders first”.  Clearly Vietnam was a beginning point for world war 3/ but then came the technical revolution, and suddenly it was a test bed for weapons instead:   can’t give this up, its too good an experiment “its great”/ well expect for that dying thing; damn american people getting in the way of “military genius”.  And then came the “going to the moon”/ which was strictly and only and deliberately hiding the money and research for building very large inter-continental missiles.  “Perfect/ genius/ and the american people never even guessed, nor most of the rest of the world” .  They actually thought it was about going to the moon/ piss head fools.  What a bunch of bastard’s.  Ain’t that so?  Which side?

So here we are, enslaved to debts beyond what we can pay/ president Carter devotes his time to trying to resurrect financial integrity;   but then comes the Iranian hostage crisis/ and he loses sight of reality, in a useless effort to bargain with those who want no peace.  A congress man is said to have stood up in session and stated:    Let someone come to lead us out of this mess/ be he satan or not we will follow, and presto Reagan appears.  His mantra is:    “We don’t have to pay for nothing/ sell it give it away; steal the gold; we don’t care”.  And the people loved him, primarily because he sold the gold in fort knox presenting money/ and caused the agricultural and rural american economies to collapse:   due to the consequence of inflation and the expectation that the nation would indeed continue to repay its debts.  Hell no, and the house of cards collapsed/ the vultures swooped in, and claimed the money for themselves “its all good”/ well unless you were sacrificed that is.   Regardless from a debt that would have taken years of hard work to pay/ comes now a debt that can never be paid.  The vice president bush gets a tiny moment with “this is voodoo economics”/ but nobody cares;   “There’s free money everywhere”/ well unless your rural america: somebody has to pay the damn bill you know, even when fantasy does rule, there is going to be some reality somewhere.  So now, the problem is as a nation we need credit/ sell the children/ ravage the resources/ kill the future/ sell the grand children, great grandchildren “ain’t going to live anyway”.   But when that runs out, in the massive plague of absolute whoring, by roughly 99% of the american public, under the skirts of greed (DAMN THIS IS GOOD)!   “Going to make me rich/ internet is where the money is.  Going to make me rich/ manufacturing has money:   WE CAN SELL THEM IN PIECES, for housing and such/ and BE RICH.   Kill them all/ WHO GIVES A DAMN.   GOING TO GET RICH, property is where the real money lives;   take it all/ HELL WE CAN’T LOSE,    Just give the damn shit away, the price goes up; and we will steal it back.  

But here we are today, with a number count so massive that one thousand years can’t pay it back/ not even with every resource in this world.  Here we are at the face of starvation, total environmental collapse, a mutilated genetic certainty, and a world about to run out of oxygen just to name a few.  But not to worry, “the university & government & wealthy” are all working FOR YOU.   Just trust them, HELL why not!

Well, lets just ask a question:   it is absolutely true/ that aside from a few people trying desperately to GET RICH, with patents in genetic mutilation.  The facts are, that for at least the last 40 years,   the absolute intent of all primary genetic research has focused on one specific thing!   IF WE CAN JUST GET THIS DAMN GENETIC STRUCTURE TO COLLAPSE IN ABSOLUTE LOSS OF DISCIPLINE, functionally destroying itself/   BY god (meaning themselves) THEN WE CAN LEARN HOW IT WORKS, AND BE PRETEND gods ourselves.    That is not a pretend statement, it is a fact/ they believe if they can destroy it/ then they can do an “autopsy” and learn how to manipulate this ourselves.   What they and you will learn at that event is:   LIFE ON EARTH IS OVER.  And they are very near to absolute chaos, that can never be repaired.   So, are they fools/ satan’s/ devils/ bastard’s/ whatever you like?   Or are you, for allowing this to be so?   You tell me/ who is guilty of judging this earth CONDEMNED? Them or you.

Or, lets ask another question:   shouldn’t we keep all the submarines, cause they protect us/ they are our saviors you know/ HELL why on earth should we stop threatening this world!  Damn it/ HELL NO, WE ARE A SUPER POWER;   we can kill this world, let every damned person know who is to be   FEARED.   Us, and don’t you forget it/ DAMN BASTARD’S.  Oh wait, we die too/ isn’t that insane?  Well lets measure big brains and find out.   So the big brains say “never happen”/ and yet it already has, Japan was hit with two tiny by today’s standard nuclear bombs;   just because they could.  An argument could be made for one/ BUT THEY HURRIED with the second one (two days later), so the Japanese couldn’t surrender first.  Special leaders weren’t they/ well that couldn’t happen in America: OH WAIT, IT DID.   So lets just assume that one single submarine is declared to be on “high alert status”/ which means there WILL be armed nuclear bombs on board (several if not all);   because that is what they do.  Lets just suppose one goes off accidentally, or an enemy hits this boat without release of a missile.    So now we have lets say 30 missiles loaded with roughly 25 megaton explosives each, if not more:   the big missiles can carry 10 individual 25 megaton nuclear explosives per missile/ released individually over targets; russia has the same, and more.   Regardless, by accident or not, lets just say there is 1000 megatons of explosive on that individual boat/ could be more.  And it all blows up in the sea, at once.   Don’t think a 25 megaton bomb or bigger can detonate the rest:   don’t be so naive, or stupid/ it not only can it will.   The question is,   just how big would the tidal wave be, not to mention all the rest?   Seriously how big, would the tidal wave be, and who would it affect?  Don’t think it could happen of the american coast?   HELL NO/ NOT ONE DAMN CHANCE IS THERE, hell accidents are for fools, ain’t no one going to believe a damn accident in the american military;   damn fool/ should be killed.


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