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Friday, 17 April 2009

The function of a life

Is to understand the variations in development of thought, and its disciplines through the processes of an active link with action and reaction, as measured by time.
This base revelation of life, reveals the intricate definitions of a passage through which either love or hate is recognized and evaluated as “true for me, & you”.  The participation of a passion that exhibits the intensity of desire, then follows to identify the foundations upon which the purpose of your heart shall follow its existence into soul.  What you then become is the truth that lives or dies from within.

The question of life is more essentially love, than any other form or discipline/ because love enables the “occupant of this house”, to challenge themselves to become family and home for life.  Life is about the struggle to build happiness, and encourage transparency in the relationships we must build to sustain our own existence.  Without love, there is no purpose in a life.  Therefore love exists, to reveal the essence of those who are destiny to remain within the reality of an eternal truth called thought.  Thought lives within the soul, as the place we meet and transform our lives beyond ourselves as family, as lovers, and as truth itself through the energy that must exist to sustain our existence. Thought is the blessing, that presents life to nature and asks only for respect. Thought is the foundation of our universe, the essence of our ways, and the elemental discovery of ourselves as the embodiment of hope in an ever changing relationship with energy and mass as the foundation that becomes the expression of our world, as living with truth.  Thought is not the evidence of an intellect/ or the absence of significant ability.  Rather thought is the function of truth, as it reveals our willingness to heed the call of learning that life is a treasury of value, dedicated to understanding the foundations that bring us all, the law.  Law is, the universe revealed, in the simple truths of what can be/ what will be/ and what must be changed in order to survive.  Law is the structure within which every door and every passage appears.  These establish the soul, as our opportunity to venture forth into an existence whose time has been, or will be; and ask questions for the sake of truth.  But do understand, that your truth, including the baggage that humanity has burdened you with, shall come with you/ until the day:   mercy allows this to be discarded, and you are reborn as yourself.  Beyond the limits of time, are the meanings of hope: to express and experience the elemental truth of who we can be/ rather than the descriptions we have been given in time. Beyond the elemental meanings of hope, there are truths in discipline that must be heeded and learned, or you may not survive the journey explained by “TRUSTING GOD”!

Trust is the essence of love, and love is the essence of   GOD   .  Therefore, according to the value of your love, the journey into destinies beyond yourself shall appear. Love is the building we create, when truth is our world, and trust is our relationship conceived by the elemental desires of sharing and caring for each other. A desire, is the place inside chosen to preform the invaluable creation of ourselves as life itself. Every soul, is a place conceived by the purpose of our    GOD   in revealing life to us, by presenting the evidence of existence and relationships that are not bound into time. Love is one of these, and it presents the understanding of an opportunity so far removed from ourselves/ that we live as a participant in that joy, rather than simply body or mind.  We are a part of love, and it is a part of us in return. Love becomes our house, the relationship we share, examines us as family.  Love cares, because this is essential to life and survival. Love disciplines because this is necessary to survive.
Death exists, as the essence of a truth; that sees us without time/ if respect is ever lost.  Death separates us from love in time, by the simple truth of what corruption does when freedom leads you away from love or life itself.  In other words, RESPECT is the essence of eternity, while thought is an environment bigger than the universe itself. Lesson one ends here.

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