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Friday, 17 April 2009


A foundation created for the simple desire of survival, without war. Through the creation of a world court, governed by these laws (voted upon and approved by the majority of people in every nation). Not leaders/ the people. Enforced by specialized forces, of ONLY THE HIGHEST HONOR and DUTY, men capable of understanding the limits of what law means in fairness, equity, and truth. But led, by the efforts of women; chosen for the deliberate design: of NEW AND DIFFERENT/ a changed world.  As needed,  from every nation on earth/ backed up with soldiers from nations as do volunteer, and are selected when needed.  There will be a new language erected as “world language”/ so that communication is real; created by the deaf: because they know what is needed/ and will discard the rest. Let them teach you to communicate.

THESE LAWS ARE (since you refuse to do it)

1.  NO weapons of mass destruction, at all. No exceptions/ no exclusions/ no denial or refusal to be certified “without”, not by any nation. Failure means;  The leaders of that nation will be disposed of, and replaced.   NOT A WAR AGAINST PEOPLE;   you will go in as necessary, and bring these leaders to court for trial. Or if that proves difficult/ you will simply kill them, as a world defending itself;  by any appropriate means. Biological weapons are a pandemic waiting to happen that will kill, over 90% of earths population, and its other various life forms/ leaving death everywhere to consume the rest. Atomic bombs surrender life on earth with as little as 25 individual bombs/ killing life on earth.  Chemical is an environment of death, and need not be tolerated.    Let the women create a court for negotiation and intervention/ as it is clear, men cannot.

2.   Should a nation or its military refuse to surrender their leadership. A public media and information champaign in that country,  such as it  is necessary to wage, establishing the seriousness of not obeying the nations of this world.  And who have accepted world law as their means for peace on earth/ shall not be ignored. Detailing the death, mutilation, loss or resource, and trouble that will come; if these leaders are not surrendered; as war, will do. There will be rewards given to the military, for surrendering “a problem leader”/ there will be life for life, maim for maim, torture for torture;  taken from leaders who suppose they are greater than world law, and attempt to control the others by means of fear or force.

3.  Government in any country, is the means necessary for accomplishing JUSTICE among the people. That form of justice, is delivered by the laws of that land.  Where a nation cannot and will not accept its duty to establish and create FAIR AND LEGITIMATE LAWS, PROVIDING FOR EVERY CITIZEN EQUITY, EQUALITY, AND FREEDOM: FOR BOTH SEXES!  There will be an understanding given.  There will be an education required. There will be examples of laws and social descriptions that work.  There will be help in identifying resources and opportunities available. There will be realities of destruction identified that must stop, as well.  So that every opportunity to inherit a healthy and wise nation shall exist for every citizen as the law allows.  Failure to adhere to honest and real law, is a failure of leadership/ IS A FAILURE IN THE COURT and those who produce the law.  Failure to establish a peaceful nation:   will bring help.  But if that help is refused/ then it will bring the replacement of this leadership and this court. Not foreigners/ but the removal of current leadership, and a void filled by those within that country that are then selected.  “World police actions”/ WILL be careful to select from the population a list of people ready to take over/ that no vacuum shall exist.  But require an election of whatever that nation selects at a relevant time in the future.  This is not to select a new government/ this is SIMPLY AND ONLY to provide for needs that must not be surrendered, to nothing. Let the public speak up.

4.  A true and real law establishes what is legitimate and understood as fair, by all.  A true and real law, NEVER is allowed to choose “for the money”/ but always stands up for LIFE FIRST, a world that can and will survive, because we did do, what we ourselves needed to do for life and environment.  That means;   where it is identified true:  that substantial and real harm to this world is being done by individuals or nations; that this world can no longer indulge.  There will be a dedicated end to that reality/ none shall be allowed to resist.  The nations of the world, shall support and provide as necessary; education first/ to allow the replacement and alterations necessary for this change/ where that is realistic.  You are “your brothers’ keeper”/ in the simple sense:   if your neighbor is going to die, or suffer severe strife because you required them to quit something for the sake of this planet.  Then you need to compensate them with reality, if this is something depended upon.  Life is not free/ there are choices to be made.  Any leader that does not comply with LIFE FIRST, in realistic terms for the entire planet/ will be removed.

5.  The foundation of survival on this planet is: you SHALL NOT take more, than what can be replaced by nature/ so that nature and you can survive.  The failure of men to lead in this matter produced most deserts and nearly all war.  POPULATION CONTROL IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for any possibility of continued existence here on earth.  But this is a matter strictly limited to what women decide for themselves as women of this world/ NO MAN is allowed to intervene or change their decisions.  Women alone will make these decisions for life or death of this planet, it is their body, therefore it is their right to do so. Men failed, and will exterminate this world, if they continue to lead/ women cannot do worse, no matter what their decision is: you will accept it as their choice.
Men will work, for methods of birth control in their own bodies/ apart from a vasectomy, which literally ends the chemicals of sex; ending the physical act of sex, for both men and women. “No chemicals= no fun”. Issues of sperm, and its ability to swim are most likely a suitable end to pregnancy.

6.  There can be NO MORE GENETIC CRUCIFIXION OF LIFE, by science or any other form of human indignity/ an identification of nothing less than “satan; destroyer of a world”.  No more genetic mutilation/ no more genetic transformation of materials/ no more genetic patents (you will remove them all)/ no more making money in any form or manner with genetic alterations in genetic structure.  What is not honestly breed, so that genetic structure chooses for itself: SHALL NOT be done.   GENETIC STRUCTURE IS NATURE ITSELF.   If you kill nature itself, WE ALL DIE A HORRENDOUS DEATH.  Genetics are not a game/ they are life on earth in balance and hope and everything;    Or they are dead, or absolved of their integrity to create life in happiness, respect, or anything described as good.  Science knows only how to secrete shit into genetic structure, they are blind fools, desperate to play god.   YOU ARE COMPLETELY INSANE/ DELIBERATELY SATAN, in taking all of life to the edge of extinction,  gambling you can play where only    GOD   is allowed.  You will stop this/ or you will die, as a world.  Gamble and you lose.   This is all of our lives, and WE THE WORLD,    Have a right to say yes or no/ and anyone who refuses to obey, turn in their tools, all tools, or fails in any conceivable way;   will be killed by torture.  Because that is literally what you have chosen for us.  Vote as a world;  if you won’t obey truth without a commitment from all/ as a world decide, and then enforce whatever you choose. Life or death to all.

7.  There shall be no nation on earth that is allowed to GAMBLE WILL ALL LIFE ON EARTH! In any conceivable way;  Period!  No nation or group of nations will be allowed to conceive of, or build, or hold/ or not prove the dismantling and destruction of any scientific endeavor that gambles with life on earth.  There will be no possibility allowed for:    The people in america lighting an atomic fire to destroy this earth/ can’t put it out, everything is fuel.  Failure is death to all, an environment like the sun itself!       No possibility of european countries destroying the entire planet or a large portion of the same;  trying to recreate “the big bang”/ the most destructive event in the history of the known  universe.  No possibility of ANYTHING, that is not responsible to this world of life, for or by,  sustaining and protecting the sanctity of life as we know it;   NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO GAMBLE WITH EVERYONE. No machines allowed that can endanger us all/ nor group or potential group of machines. Fail to remove these things, and prove it is so: OR there will be  war.  Fail to stop them by complete removal of this possibility; to keep this from ever happening again/ and the world shall isolate this nation and control it; removing its government, by assigning to its people “never again”/ FIND another way.  No one gambles with everything/ not with thousands of lives/ not with an environment we all need.  None of it/ LIFE FIRST, NO excuses.

8.   Without resources we die/ simple as that, no humanity at all.  War over the last little bits or pieces, then dead and gone.  Therefore resources in every sense of the word are elemental to our lives.  We cannot live without them. They are our work, and our opportunities to make choices for ourselves. They are the future of life on this planet/ and none have a right to discard or disgrace or simply abuse any resource “just because they can”.   Consumption is not a right.  Fair and legitimate use of the worlds’ resources for the betterment of life is a fair and equal use of reality as a world. There will be recycling, because it is necessary and required. There will be compensations granted to those who are not using resources, but are protecting them with their decisions (fighting for life and a future). There will be realistic enforcement by each respective government, creating an environment conducive to change that is for life first, and a future we can survive.  There will be compensation to those who are in need, because change has affected them unfairly and substantially more than the rest. There will be no destruction of resources, only fair and legitimate usage of those resources deemed wise to use. These are world resources, not human resources; there is a right to be involved by a world.  There will be restrictions placed upon any nation that does not comply with honesty in their work.  Such as:  There will be NO PAYMENT for any export, given to any nation that does not comply.  There will be no imports to nations that refuse to comply. Fair and legitimate, as determined by a meeting of nations from around the world.  One nation one vote.   When through this arena of discussion, openly held and transmitted throughout the world/ then,  the world of people shall vote as if one life. Majority rules.  That discussion is:   for the sake of equality & equity, across the world/ if you use more, then you will give to the world a share in accordance with their needs.  Most necessary needs first/ and if necessary only.

9.  There shall be NO CROSSING BORDERS/ not by any nation.  BUT:   There shall be containment of the people in any nation that does not comply with population controls as selected by women.  That is because if you do not do your part to help this world survive the human crisis that is over-population/ then you should at least be required to endure its consequences.  No one helps/ no one intervenes, NO aid will come.  Unless it is to provide guns and weapons, to a section of the people under assault by genocide. Where this is occurring in excess: you will “even the score/ by bombing “the appropriate ethic,  rich man’s section of that country”, in “a fair accounting, compared with those being killed.  It is the wealthy, who control governments,  make these decisions/ and stop the others. If one nation crosses borders, or one ethnic group descends to kill another/ the world armies:  will bomb an equal number from the other side. If they continue anyway/ then so do you.

World police will remove these leaders for execution, if trial so decides/ world armies will comply and act as world law has decided, and the world police will direct your targets.

10.  We cannot live without an ocean of creatures/ we are too many people to survive if the ocean dies, and that means WE MUST intervene as best we can;   to keep the ocean alive.  Repairing every problem.  Controlling every ship.  Limiting every means of catch.  Demanding compliance with every necessary rule of procedure for creature protection/ chain preservation.  And, WE MUST CLEAN UP THE GARBAGE.  We must stop nations devoid of honor, honesty, or duty to the planet from harming creatures without a right (such as is the USA in their sound wave generation/ causing terrible and unnecessary harm), without cause to life in the sea.  We must stop the pollution from coming. We must protect each creature and return their incubation sites around the world, that were destroyed.  We must clean up what has been dumped and is a disaster waiting or in progress.  And so on.  Those found guilty of contributing to this failure, shall pay the brunt of this expense.  Those in need of creatures just to survive/ shall receive alternate legitimate foods that “you would eat yourselves”; so they can survive.  Those nations that do not survive simply because they can fish/ shall surrender their quota, to the others.  Until such a day arrives that the ocean can again survive your impact.  NEVER again shall the sea be treated so badly as is done today.  NEVER again shall factory ships be allowed on the ocean to process and destroy entire colonies of living ecosystems on earth.  You will stop and repair as necessary/ or there will be war/ because the sea feeds a great many people.  And if you lose it, there will be war, and that ends life on earth. Because starvation is a true enemy, and you will starve, until cannibalism takes over. Then it is insanity that will rule your lives.
Demand compliance, and get results.  Remove any leader who complains.  There shall be NO leading away from the responsibility to do your part; for this earth or its life/ no excuses allowed.  A tiny payment now, results in at least one thousand years of life on earth.  The failure to pay today; is death for the entire earth tomorrow; far sooner than you believe.   Only “the devil in you”/ would decide this is not sufficient cause to require obedience to this law. For life on earth, by world law.

11.  The existence of peace on earth is dependent upon two simple things; the ability to survive, because nature CAN AND DOES take care of us all: the chains of life unbroken in nature as well. {DON’T KILL THE NATURE YOU NEED/ DON’T KILL THE CHAINS NATURE NEEDS stop this now}.    

  And social justice in terms of what is fair, equitable, and equal for the sake of society and individual lives in the freedoms that create happiness, and thereby produce peace.
The relationship of fair, to truth;   is established by A VERY simple decision:   to do unto others, as you would have done to you.  Not hard to understand.  Simple enough; even if it does have a biblical connection.
The relationship we share with equitable is very simple:    My life is just as important to me/ as yours is to you:   time, is the treasury of a life.  Therefore do not cheat me out of my time/ that none shall have cause or reason to declare revenge, to cheat you out of yours.
The relationship we provide to each other as equals;   is an assignment of why do we care about each other.  That simple statement is given weight, and truth, by the encouragement of friendship and love.  Both of these are more greatly enhanced in a man’s life, by the presence of woman; than any other method;   therefore it is women who make the difference, in a man’s life.  But only when men are taught and made to comply with:   you shall never own/ nor control/ nor enslave for any cause.  GIVE WOMEN THEIR DUE SUPPORT AND RIGHTS. When friendship rules, social justice and peace in society occur. 

When hate is allowed/ revenge, jealousy, violence, and more sneak in and throughout society; intending to tear down every peaceful purpose.  Therefore true peace is only known/ WHEN HATE is removed.  Decide as a world, where you will place these; and give them their due; a place separate from you/ without means to return.
World law will support separation from hate/ as well as equality, equity, and fair play in life.  Those leaders who do not, shall be replaced.  Peace on earth demands it.

12.  The establishment of a courtroom, and its judge; understands the nature and discretion of humanity in terms of making decisions that are not simply selfish/ or are merely misunderstood in its reality.  These  occur every day, in every nation/ and under every possible circumstance.  Therefore, never will there be a day when a court provided by the people, for the purpose of law, will not be needed. To resolve what it is necessary to understand. With the removal of hate/ the court will become a place enthroned in honor and duty for the nation:  Wheresoever, the law itself is served, and the purposes of the people, for their nation,  have been deliberately obeyed.  Reality decides the avenue best taken to resolve any matter, but truth and evidence dictate what the problem actually is. A judge exists for “fair play”/ for the purposes of mercy, when this can be allowed. The law exists to control the court, and the judge, and the people by their own agreement “this shall be so”.

  There can be no real accounting of a technical problem, unless all sides understand the basics of the matter to be resolved. In other words, in terms of a mechanical dispute as in a motor: those who would be involved NEED the expertise and understanding of someone who can in fact and in truth explain the various factors involved. Such discussions then become defined in reality, and the complaint will settle upon the various facts, in an understanding created by these discussions.  Because nothing in human experience is “simply true or false”/ the reality of any judgment requires a need to establish the foundation of a decision. And the review of that foundation determines the possibility of a new trial.  Simply true or false, accepts the premonition “that I know”/ when in fact, we do not know with absolute certainty: why, or why not did this happen.  Therefore a courtroom is fundamentally flawed.  Every case, is then about justice as best we can/ not perfection.  Every courtroom is about law, as best we can/ not control.  Every judge is granted the honesty of making mistakes, but held to the truth, that it is the law who decides, it is the judge who provides a platform to establish a cause for mercy. And it is fair play, for the purpose of justice as is defined by equal treatment for all/ that is “for society and nation”.

For the sake of peace on earth: WORLD LAW,  includes the functioning reality of courtrooms;   WHEN the people of that nation cry out, “we are treated UNFAIRLY”.  It is the laws of each individual nation that decide for a nation itself.  But every nation, is held fair and appropriate, that any judge/ or cause/ that disrupts or changes justice in a land:     is reason to remove that judge; and isolate them within “the land of hate”. Even if their leaders do not.  Don’t want justice/ then don’t be a judge.  Too proud to stop/ then get out, before we come to get you.  The death of a world, starts with hate/ all hate begins with a lack of justice, fair play, or equality: therefore reality states, NOT extreme/ or we will come.

13.  Life and death are no longer games, to be played by men.  The establishment of sanity in this world demands that there shall be no “individuals, or small groups” in charge of all the rest.  Rather the law decides for each nation/ and a leader chooses the path, for life first in that nation.  The fundamental ability of one small set of people to control all the rest, is over.  The law decides.  The critical ability for one small set of people to control all the resources, is over.  The law decides, and the law says:   resources are life or death of this world/ therefore restrictions exist, because we are the world.   The foundation of owner and worker is removed from control by one, to become:   we are both participants in the same/ and as such we are “equal partners/ both have a say”. Working for the same conditions of a life sustained and worth living, for us all/ an environment we can survive.   There is no walking away from destruction. What must be done shall be done/ but only under conditions that are fair to this world, and the future of life on it.  The law will provide the rule/ and reality will prove what you may or may not continue to do.  Society itself, shall understand the truth of your decisions. World policing will tell the lies, and surround those who destroy, with rules and penalties that do protect life on earth. The consequence and reality of truth says: that some destruction is necessary/ BUT where a better way exists, it will be done.  The issues of money, are then mute/ the reality of needs created and fulfilled for life on earth shall be served;   and the price shall be fixed by world policing if necessary:   to protect the environment, ecosystem, and life of this planet.  No more cheap “just because you can hide”. There will be compliance/ or there will be new leaders.  There will be adjustments made to establish true compliance, or there shall be no shipments of any kind made to or from this country.  There will be truth, and the protection of life and environment, because it is our survival as well as yours.  Kill your world/ and you must come to ours:   room has run out/ therefore none are allowed to destroy what cannot be in the best interest of life, environment, or a future for this planet.

14.  Money is used to defy or defend a nation as well as an individual.  It is our chosen identity as human beings to say:   I deserve this consideration for myself/ I earned it.  That is fair and legitimate, and a friend to life as human on earth. “My/our work” has value/ and that needs recognition and truth, it protects society, by producing dignity and honor and the acceptance of a purpose that is more than simply to survive.

  But money is also blatantly disgraced and defied by men in their battlegrounds of greed, power, pride, selfishness, and hate.  Money has become the elemental tool, of the diseased mind: used to manipulate, control, tempt, abuse, and create the games men play. Money is used as a tool against women.  Money is abused as a deceit against society. Money is a warrior enslaving people, and even nations by greed. Money is a description of power in religions and universities that then morph themselves into “dragons and things of fantasy and delusion”. Money is an enemy, when not cemented into the stability of numbers that grant equity/ and create an environment of equality or trust.  Money is a friend, only when it is honest enough to participate in friendship for the world of humanity, as best we can.  Money is a relationship between countries that can cheat, lie, steal, and consume resources without compensation.  Therefore money is well within the control of a world court and a world law, through its policing.  Money is a dedication of the people to create by themselves an opportunity for fair play; determining for themselves what is an honest exchange.  That honest exchange is created by the simple truth:   that the census of a population count dictates the number assigned by their money, so many numbers per person and no more.  That is stability in the money supply; and there is no other.  When that stability is realized/ when these numbers have some basis in reality such as backed by gold (something tangible,  not easily counterfeited).  Then every nation knows, what it has bargained for/ what it has gained or lost; because the money is transparent and real. World law is going to demand TRANSPARENT AND REAL.  World policing will not permit debt creation beyond the limits allowed to any single nation/ as chosen by every nation.  The world of nations, will decide HOW MUCH DEBT, any nation can accept or credit it can provide.  If you fail;  then you will pay/ no more credit allowed.

15.  Immigration IS A MAJOR influence over this entire world of human life.  The cause, is a failure to respect the requirements of population control, the limits of life in harmony with this world. Added to that, is the failure of men to respect or aid women in their lives/ the failure of religion to understand anything but their pride and purpose of more to control.  The failure of societies to adjust to needs and a respect for their lives/ the failure of humanity to participate where needed for birth control. [abortion is not birth control/ but, abortion shall not be considered to exist; for the first forty days after conception.  NOT because that is correct, but because life and women, need the opportunity to decide for themselves. It is a reality, not a desire]. And more failures of all kinds exist, in the simple truth that we cannot consume this entire earth and survive.
Therefore immigration exists as the invasion of other countries in an effort to find your place in this world. It is necessary, because we are all equal as life/ “deserve a place to rest and survive”.  And there simply is no room in places, people must leave  behind.

  BUT that does not mean, no price shall be paid; again, until your own nation has created its version of birth control/ population control; by the terms women set, and are provided access to these means.  You shall not be allowed to immigrate to another land.  There shall be, NO leaving your troubles behind:   this has been your choice/ and you shall live it, until the day population control has been resolved by the standards women set.  It is their body/ it is their right: NO man has a right to intervene: women will choose!   But no relief to this nation, of any kind will be allowed (past an initial 2 year time period), until birth control is established or “irrevocably, on the way literally”. If men intervene/ then it is up to world law to remove those leaders/ and establish refuge for these women.  If men simply become warlords, discarding government/ then the world shall intervene, and remove these men, by armies that will control and remove those who choose hate.  Life on earth cannot endure, unless population control is established.  There is no more fundamental way of creating a need/ than demanding YOU shall deal with the trouble YOU created:   NO transferring it to us.  Apart from that, each nation has a right to decide for itself/ but reality states:   we are equal/ life needs a place to live, and all must share this responsibility realistically.  But no one has a right to invade, not as immigrants: or armies, of any other type. Only world law, for the distinct purpose of giving women their option to choose and create their own choice; with safety and honest protection as needed. This fact of human life today, IS A CRITICAL LINK in whether we shall survive/ therefore it is a world law reality. The foundation that women will decide, cannot be ignored or forgotten, it is their body/ it belongs not to any man, religion, or owner but themselves.  It is however true, that women as a national majority, may enforce reality upon other women, as they declare by vote, education, and communication must be done.   If this nation cannot provide protection for their women/ their law enforcement leaders shall be removed: replaced with others. There shall be payment from the men of that nation, because this is necessary, and the women are paying for what was the failure of men: were you not their leaders. Men failed everything, in every way, for everyone: YOU are through leading life on earth.  You have a responsibility here; provide as needed.
As to immigrants, your responsibility is: You shall not change the country you travel too/ instead you will learn their ways, their language, and establish yourselves as citizens; even if they don’t let you have legal citizenship. The price of acceptance is: DON’T change my world, invest in it, honor it, do what responsibility requires you to do.  As best you can.  And ask for what you honestly need/ how else would we know.  Therefore some representation is required in each and every government.

16.  Our elemental needs, INCLUDE:     A WORLD not dissected into plagues, which we cannot control.  That simple reality assigned by disease and the discretion of men to use, abuse, or consume what is necessary for the sanctity and disciplines and balance of nature is fundamental to our survival here on earth. Has been  proven/ men will not control for themselves. Therefore world law will intervene. We cannot replace nature/ we cannot contain nature if it is thrown out of balance/ we cannot stop diseases/ we cannot control the mutilation of diseases into more deadly diseases, or other complications from human interference. It is human interference however that we can control, when the world itself has  never before seen the possibility of terrible things, in thousands of years of history.  From the indiscriminate use of antibiotics to attack biological problems on  such a wide scale;   don’t give a damn/ is the only conclusion that can be reached.  What happens on a biological scale, when every “germ, is breed to be its worst conceivable product”:   IS FUNDAMENTALLY preparing us for the worst plagues ever to hit human existence.  This is a fact/ not a guess, all the parameters and participants exist;   it is merely a matter of time and chance “when the biological  bombs go off”.  That means in particular:   no more antibiotic feeds/ which translates into, “no more confinement agriculture”.  No more antibiotic soaps for the public. No more indiscriminate use of chemicals that do the same/ back to life, before we could mutilate, and alter its existence or state of balance.  It is a simple fact of life that we cannot battle a plague/ we have to survive it.  It is a simple fact of life, that human decisions are creating  new versions of plagues, that will be devastating/ and we must stop now, while we have a chance to survive.  It is our reality, that this must be phased in, over 3 years/ to give us a chance for food, while other things are corrected as well.

The world court, world law, and world police have a right to intervene in plagues, or the fundamentals that clearly define a plague can occur:   wherever they are found/ wherever they are created; and stop it while they can. It is not “the end of antibiotics”/ rather it is the end of unnecessary use. A careful return to reality as nature provides.

17.  The right of a human being to be free, is fundamental to the existence of human society and its truth: that we are individuals, and not property that belongs to anyone. Every single one, including women, children, and men.  All forms of slavery are formed against justice/ are established in direct contention with peace/ and are at literal war with the concept of harmony on earth.  Slavery in any form/ ownership in any possible concept/ the possibility of a critical control over any other life, is not conducive to world peace/ or a stable government for its people. There are no religious rights or rules of ownership/ any refusal to accept this results in the removal of that religion from society/ and penalties assigned.  There are no fundamental rules of any society, allowing the ownership of any woman, child, or man: all are abandoned. There is no allowance for ethnic consideration, or historical acts or purposes. There is no acceptance of male domination. There is no avenue to create slavery or ownership of another human being: PERIOD. There is RESPECT for life in this world/ which then participates in all aspects of society, in every degree of servitude that does  establish honorable and real freedoms for all the people:   not slaves by work/ not slaves by hours worked/ not critical control by food, water, or other needs.  BUT FAIR, LEGITIMATE, AND REAL RESPECT, for one life, as equal to every other life on earth.  RESPECT is not a negotiation/ it is a demand, for women, for children, for men, for workers, for life on earth.  Respect each other/ because where there is not respect: there will be NO cooperation among humanity on earth.  And if you don’t cooperate and accept each other as valued human beings/ then you will not work successfully to save this planet.  If you don’t save this planet, then all die.  This is required to survive.

There will be fundamental minimums AND maximums, of pay received/ hours required/ and people freed to choose for themselves. There will be unions made/ and life placed before money, as equals one and all.  These are, Fundamentally placed at the feet of every nation/ and they will be applied or these leaders will be removed and imprisoned, through trial.  Any man found selling women/ stealing women/ deceiving women/ murdering women/ raping women/ or failing to “give them all the  money they earned, where money was earned as a sex slave or in any other capacity as a slave/ YOU will pay twice as much as they earned ”.   ANY suspicion, that this payment is not enough, and this person   will surrender ALL  his (or her, if you enslaved other women) own property, to these women you enslaved.  And be placed in prison; for not less than 1 year, for the least of these offenses. Applications and concern shall be given to men who were slaves as well.
Any man found to hate, will be removed from society, or killed. There is no allowance for hate/ there is only justice and truth.  Any woman found to be lying, cheating, stealing, etc; in this matter for the direct purpose of abuse or violence, will find the same reward as a man doing the same. WARN THEM ALL.

18.   The foundation of fighting against: the violence that is terrorism shall not have any borders.  Those who are world police shall have authority to enter, contain, control, demand help, and even kill those terrorists that can be honestly identified.  Every nation shall endeavor to help.  BUT NO NATION shall act on its own.  No enforcement of this order to eradicate terrorism, shall be done without distinct involvement and directives from the world court/ by law, these officers of world police shall operate and define their actions.  PRIOR TO entering into a nation/ unless in “hot pursuit”/ verified by actions that deserve the title hot pursuit; for purposes of protecting this world, and every or any society in it.  Where combatants are collected and imprisoned: THEY SHALL BE TRIED.  That trial shall consist of judges from at least 20 separate countries/ who shall then sit in judgment of these people;   to hear the evidence against them. Anyone intentionally presenting even slight misleading or false evidence will incur the end of their career at a minimum.         The judgment of these international judges shall be accepted/ the number of judges committing to guilty shall determine the penalty:   20 judges all declaring guilty out of twenty judges/ means death.  Whereas one judge out of twenty who declares guilty; declares that this one will go to “a friendly area for at least 2 months for “rest and relaxation” to calm down and accept our apologies prior to a free ride home.  And so on.  These judges shall be delivered by name to the world court, from every nation that desires to participate/ and when all have been gathered, the names will then be drawn at random.  These then judge for the world. Right or wrong, their ruling is final.

As to the reality of confrontation between different groups, the simple truth has become: that the americans through the failure of their leaders as well/ have done as much or more damage to Iraq as “arab individuals” did to the US.  That being the reality;   it is fair to offer this proposal: in exchange for collecting all weapons of mass destruction/ and the people who sold them/ stole them/ or produced them.  We will, as a world call a truce with terrorists.  No more intent to prosecute or kill/ it will be a different world, let that be enough.  BUT THIS is strictly a one time offer, and demands every conceivable weapon of mass destruction that exists, from every nation as well.  If you work for us in this matter of weapons of mass destruction/ then we will consider the matter closed between us: even if the others do not comply.  But this is no game; information is valued just as much as weapons, if they lead to the end of these threats against an entire world.

19.  The chemicals of pollution/ the toxic distribution of spills, direct dumping, injection, and a list of realities that do cause mutilation, birth defects, lost lives and bodies or minds.  The fraud and failure of stupidity in relation to chemicals of all kinds; shall be dealt with as a function to what is necessary/ and what can be done without. The military of every nation is a big contributor to pollution of all kinds/ therein the conception of “NONE OF THESE” FOR ANY SIDE OR NATION; shall be granted and implemented.  There shall be “rewards and prizes” of substantial value created for solutions to every chemical that is not earth friendly; so that these can then be done away with.  And the end result is, an environment, nature, and life that will survive.  Every chemical or other toxin that has an effect on life, nature, or environment shall be evaluated by its total effects:   from its point of raw collection/ transportation/ manufacture/ by-products/ usage/ reality of influence on the rest of life/ and its eventual deterioration and influence over time: etc.  Including biological effects on any organism that would or could be affected genetically.

The sanctity of life, nature, and environment for this world, IS AN ISSUE FOR WORLD LAW, and enforcement as needed, WILL BE ESTABLISHED.

20.  The elemental reality of medicine is:   that if it is needed/ then it shall not be abused or used for extortion or control of another life.  That said, every drug has a cost/ and every cost is subject to approval by those who actually do pay: society itself desires these things to be available, therefore they pay as well as the individual.  The drug companies of today, have already collected their due, and beyond; they deserve nothing more.  That means from here on in, the cost of a drug is the actual cost of manufacture and transportation etc.  Unlike other business: that does NOT participate simply as life or death or harsh reality for humanity; medicine has a legitimate need to be owned by society.  We will own every patent as of today for drugs or medicine or its equipment.  As a nation/ and as a world: we will support and buy these products from any manufacturer that will supply them at respectful specifications, by bid.  We will provide incentives to any business that seeks to build or provide them, and as society; we will control the “health needs” of our people and this world.  All invention or research will be provided for by government funding, as needed/ every patent able  product will be established by those responsible for the work, in a patent. Their names shall be on the product, their government shall pay a fair amount/ and the governments which use that product will pay according to its use, to the nation from which it originates.  A product gaining worldwide usage, (creates real business, and saves lives); therefore it will gain its creators an income at not more than, the maximum allowed within the limits of that country;  for not less than 12 years.  If they continue to work, they will earn more; respecting the reality of justice, equity, and fair play; this will be added to their respective years of guaranteed income.  Let the people   decide by their use of the product and its effectiveness/ who deserves what.  No more advertizing drugs, it deludes, tempts, manipulates,  and deceives the people.  The pharmacist (those intimately schooled in drugs) decide the proper medicine for an illness.  The doctor decides the illness (may recommend)/ but, the pharmacist decides the drug:    every drug and its  price is listed for all to see and compare. Opportunity to participate for the people will be provided/ that they may state “good or bad”. both regarding doctor and drug/  pharmacist if so desired.

This is not business, this is the health of people the world over/ and the reality of people helping people as a fact of life.  That is    Something a world court can choose to be responsible for.  Not the actual delivery of/ but the control of patents and other medical devices that decide for life or death or health. Simple truth says for the lack of a hat, or coat, people die.  For the lack of minimal realities people die/ because the world does not care.  Consequent to that, there will be a tax allowed to the world court/ payable by every government based upon population; for these operations/ and for the distinct purpose of providing to a people truly in need; the minimal possessions they require. One penny per person, times 7 billion people is $70 million dollars.  BE FAIR. The price goes up or down as necessary.



THIS LIST of simple laws, used to identify the needs of people around the world, can be expanded to explain the needs and desires of a nation, IN LAW/ simply add 5-10 specific items to each category, and you are done.
THIS foundation for exploration into the categories of shared needs/ balanced care/ purposeful & disciplined respect for life and earth.   Is intended to become a world chat.  Therefore this same information is applied to the forum on the left of this home page; and you are given the job/   to see, that it does become a world chat. That allows for a live conversation on the topic of the forum, as chosen by people / and provides a system, for a reply from you, in responses to this work. Keep it short and simple.  For the  purpose of deciding:   IF THIS WORLD WILL SURVIVE, NOT a game/ not a place for pride.

     We cannot have weapons of mass destruction.  We cannot allow this world to be killed. We cannot allow anyone to gamble with everything. We cannot survive unless we repair and demand from every nation: over population must stop.  We cannot survive if this earth does not/ therefore we must stop the insanity.  We cannot survive if nature is mutilated by man/ because we cannot fix it.  We cannot survive intentional pandemic’s, created because “some want cheap and easy”.  We cannot survive the hate that is building over money.  We cannot survive a global financial meltdown. We cannot survive an ocean whose life is extinct for all intents and purposes. We cannot survive insane science. We cannot survive;   IF WE DON’T CHANGE, as a whole humanity.
I looked diligently for years, and there is NOT ONE single solution in men/ at every turn, they would simply go back at the first possible chance, recreating the same trouble only worse. The only real change, is then to allow women to lead.  They are different/ and they will lead differently because of that simple fact; may not be better/ BUT it cannot be worse.     Standing at death’s door/ is no time to be stupid; just do it.  They cannot do worse, it literally does not matter what they choose:  than the leaders called  men, or the majority called; those who followed them/ it is impossible.  Because we stand at the door to hell and Armageddon: terrible chaos, and a horrific reality.

I have added a layer of personal discussion to your world, in these matters/ because it would be absolutely unfair, not to have done so.  I gave up on this world, having found no possibility of a solution in men/ it never even occurred to me, to consider women a solution unto themselves; “just didn’t, don’t know why; apparently blind and stupid”.  Regardless it is the introduction of “spiritual female inside”/ that changed everything, and defined the creation of a solution that men are not able to find on their own. It is the woman inside of me, that brings the work before you; because she returned to me the reality of hope.  Many have laughed, ridiculed, and discarded as a fool, the words that are simple and true.  But they are the reality creating my work for you/ and it is this work that gives YOU an opportunity to survive.  Not because of me, not even because of her;   but because the words give you an education/ the opportunity to communicate between yourselves for life, instead of death/ and the decision to go to trial, create a world law, stop the destruction;   or not. As YOU decide to do. It is your choice/ but it is the marriage (acceptance, that we are better off as two together/ than as each separate) between what is male in me, and what has become female in me:   that presents this work. It is still true, what is female has taken control. Not an end to male, rather a life where my choices are secondary to female ones, that are not mine.  The spiritual woman seems still determined that I understand, exactly what it means to be female, for real. As a man caught, in a woman’s world, where she has all the power, most of the rights, and is in control. I am guessing, “to teach men, what they do wrong/ or to teach women how better to live with men”;   but its just a guess.  Fair is fair however, as she helped me with my desire, it is now her desire to be fulfilled.  “Marriage” is a two way street.  How that ends is unknown to me; but, It is a really  strange, and different world, I never would have guessed a woman’s breasts had so much effect. Never had a reason to consider it a question.  New perspectives about lots of things, especially defense; recognizing the need  again for simple things that would help, women to survive . I don’t know why, or why me, but it is clear “the woman inside”, has made the difference in this work.   My desire is complete now, YOU have your chance for change, educated and understood by all who care. Prepared and ready for your work, not mine.  And I am happy for that: 20-30 years of preparations finished. Even if I would have preferred other ways, the fact is, my ways would have failed.  If people had just listened: instead of rampaging over each other in greed, none of this would be real.  Your way, not mine. A life will just have to be lived, to see what comes next. Not a concern really, or expectation; just a fact. I have been changed, am being changed; simply not the same.  But even so, I will remind you plainly and clearly: this work proves stability and purpose, clarity and desire that is anything but stupid. Life is life, we do have to live in the reality of our individual time, whether you understand it or like it or not. Fair or not, is irrelevant. I had thought, there might be time for “a little bit of romance”: some of the things left behind; when done with this work. But everything has changed so much, that too just can’t be the same/ I don’t know what this is exactly, but it ain’t what life was. Not really fair either, but it is life, for me.  I do have a new job, just not sure what it is:  Don’t look to what is lost/ gain what can be different and happy. Whatever that is. I do the best I can, simple as that. Not perfect, just plain and simple.   I am learning new things, its not so bad; but really different. Its somewhere in the middle of male or female; and no it has nothing to do with “sexual deviation, as in homosexual.” It is a pitiful sickness. This is something else entirely, an education; a consequence begun while reading Revelation 12, looking for any answer that could be used for survival of this world;  defined in  If you look.  And yes I do know people can read this, men ridicule, laugh, jeer, hate, etc/ fools fail.  And women make judgments that are unkind, unfriendly, and unfair. Even so, its not a game; life or death of a world, is no time to be cautious.  Good Prayers to you, if you choose them.

YOU have been given everything you need to redefine your lives and change.  YOU have been told, established by the evidence and significant fact, that YOU MUST go to court and stop the lies, stealing, destruction, and all the rest.  YOU are able to understand.
The critical concept of “so much pride, want, greed, and selfishness, in america especially”:    PROVES without doubt or excuse.  That YOU have chosen what is unsustainable, with your world/ with your food/ with your money/ with your governments/ with everything you touch.  YOU have proven yourselves to be “LIARS, don’t want the damn truth; give us greed, fantasy, and delusion.”  YOU have proven yourselves to be thieves: you stole your own future/ you sold your own country for greed/ you removed the possibilities of a future for life on earth, by your choices/ you sacrificed your children.  You even cheated yourselves out of the future you claimed for yourselves.  YOU are whore’s/ you took the treasures of life, and sold them for want and pride/ selling tomorrow to disgrace; its children to death.  As is plain and true of today your reward for “winner”, was selling tomorrow for next to nothing but selfishness, without the slightest concern for those you trampled on.   It is the leaders of society who Created an economic desert/ just prior, & as an example of the global desert that follows close behind. Shame on you.

As with global warming and every other “not dead yet/ so these just don’t care disgrace, LIARS everywhere in everything”:   you MUST USE your mind by discarding “your experts, and their propaganda”/ and choosing for yourself to understand 7 billion people standing here on earth with you/ HAS CHANGED life on earth.    Just their need for food each day at one pound per each, is over 7 billion pounds/ times 365= 2.55 quadrillion pounds a year/ every year.  2,555,000,000,000lbs per year needed just to survive;   and growing by 2 million more mouths over deaths to feed each and every week.   this doesn’t even include the needs of other life on earth. You are not alone in this world, plants, animals, insects, “lots of things” need their resources to survive/ air to breathe/ a chance to be repaired from the destruction that is “the big brain of men”. The basic plan of men as a majority, is to confront when things go wrong/ if it’s a loss, their second plan is to take someone else’s away. There third plan is a plot in deception, temptation, manipulation, or control. None of these things will keep you alive; only truth, peace, thought, honor, and duty in the environments of hope, happiness, love, and a balanced need fulfilled between men and women. If you are lazy, then you will fail. If you  gamble/ you will lose it all.  Simple as that.

If you can’t understand any of this.  If you are just so blatantly proud, you don’t give a damn.   If you choose to let the earth die/ cause you figure to get out, before the bad stuff comes: you will be condemned.  If you hate, eternity will remember you.   If you just don’t care: then  you deserve the death men have led you too/ and all life on earth, will be exterminated within 25 years; every single one.  Probably much sooner, but definitely no longer/ clearly, the vast majority will be long dead, by 25 years later.  Because you chose to condemn life on earth/ by your choice.   The assigned title is then “devil”/ your reality to come hades, the eternal destruction one atom at a time.
 I am not your savior/ not your judge/ not your enemy;   just “a messenger” sent to explain, without real and significant change; your life here as humanity will soon be over. Anything the court has to say, will either be simply a nuisance, or a help; YOU do understand your reality/ your options/ and your decision. You are educated and ready, the rest is up to you.  Pray, it will help you.   Today, I am done, with all that is necessary or needed for your opportunity to survive.  Today, the rest is up to you.

  DO you Refuse to believe, anything could be wrong?   One in every eight is already hungry, the ocean nearly empty: you tell me what happens when the food for so many people ends?  Is it not, “a fight for cannibalism”, and will that not become, an absolute insanity takes over/ there will be no going back. A dead earth, completely out of balance, chains broken forever for life: becomes a living dead, until your gone.  This reality,   gives no one a second chance/ not the religious, not the proud, not the university, NO ONE gets a second chance, this world is all we get. And the destruction of men today, is severe; a war against life and living on earth.
One in eight today is hungry or starving/ THINK ABOUT what happens TOMORROW, with a dead ocean/ an angry and insane male population confronting and blaming each other, with little opportunity for life. And that is only the beginning.  A deserted and dying female population, because somebody is going to lose.  Guns and death everywhere/ nature mutilated beyond recognition/ and an earth that is so out of balance:  YOU can’t even breathe.   Stop this now/ or gain your reward.  This ain’t   “God killing you”/ this is the decisions and ways of men:   COMING TO GET YOU.  Either change for real, or die.  This ain’t no game!
Choose women, because we MUST HAVE CHANGE.

There is some value to other forum topics;   elemental happiness is more gentle/ economic stimulus is useful/ a short summary is helpful but not a forum item for direct chat/ and so on. Do what you can do/ NO EXCUSES.

The elemental decision is a simple one, either you choose for beauty, for love, for the blessing that is man, woman, and child, for the happiness that exists in family/ the treasury that is your home inside. The purpose of your heart, the desire of your soul, and the honesty inside that only you are privileged to know;   or you do not.
In the simple expression, do you remember the passion of a romantic kiss/ do you understand the grace and dignity of a human body built for the opposite sex/ the happiness and intensity of what is real, in the experience that is love?  Do you accept the truth, that life is more important than pride or want?  Do you know, that everything is threatened, forever.  Life or death for this world is not a game/ it is a choice each one is making, it is a reality that we cannot avoid.  Either we choose for life/ or death will take it all away.  Look into a child’s eyes, and tell me why it is not your job to save their future, and yours! Life hangs in the balance, there is no one else coming: this trial, this law, this purpose created for you is your chance to survive, and change.
Not because I say so/ because the evidence of truth demands, time is literally running out.

I will give you some advice: as is consistent with fair play/ let the money go where the money is earned.  Give your big bailouts to the poor and lower middle class: the  people you shoved into  unemployment and food needs, and other supplies/ the people you didn’t allow to play your game.  Let the rich lose theirs. Because it is the rich and upper middle classes that played the game of greed/ a lower income could not play/ unless confined to the lottery, a pitiful disease set among the people by predators: they were excluded from your disgrace, branded loser, and we don’t care. Therefore ANY PERSON who presents for unemployment or help, shall prove and be protected only to the extent received by “the lower middle class”. There shall be no payments, & no help beyond what these people receive. Need money, go sell your big house, etc.  Don’t care, “its your winnings”, be happy/ its what you traded “the american way of life for”.  The current method is “save the rich, save the degree/ protect them from capitalism”. Supporting it, is to maintain the liars/ protecting them, is to steal for the thief.  Let the greedy be “taxed” to support the poor/ take from them:   instead of the poor.  Go get the money back.  Go create the means to get more/ and don’t take no for an answer. The auto industry is bankrupt, because all participants took more than what could be sustained/ you chose to kill “the machine”, that supported your lives. As did teachers. As did medicine. As did governments. As did universities; every damn degree out there.   That means, today; they will take far less. They must learn the price of their greed, and accept that it shall be no more. And that means there will be hardships; you earned it/ the only real problem is, you cost those who did not earn it the same.  Shame on you.  Even so, life is life/ reality is reality;   and truth says, either you will find honesty, search for honor, duty, and life itself:   or you will die, the death chosen for you by men.  Its one, OR the other/ there is no middle ground. Continue to lie, cheat, steal, pretend, etc and you die/ because the world isn’t a game, and the loss of oceans, environments, oxygen, and everything else you need to survive:   IS LITERALLY LIFE OR DEATH, not a game. Don’t want to hear it? COWARD.  To proud to live it?  DESERTER & FOOL, because its your life too.  Don’t believe its true?  FAILURE, because any living creation with a mind, can understand the need to search through this kind of evidence for solutions BEFORE they become disasters; therefore the truth is necessary, and the way is through the penalties and realities of law.  Want hate, revenge, & violence instead?  YOU WILL buy a world on fire, as people kill, maim, and destroy everything they can touch:    Are YOU going to be happy then?  Going to be satisfied, with your revenge when cannibalism and death is all around you, with only death for yourself as an escape?  GROW UP, BE ALIVE, AND SEARCH FOR THE SAKE OF LIFE, better ways.

As to economic realities, there is no end to the work for years.  As to economic truth, YOU promised lies for money; go collect your tears.  As to honest reconstruction: it will be necessary to return to truth/ it will be required of you, to start completely over, and begin again. Don’t like it/ then die, we don’t need you.
If you will live, then you will cooperate with each other, and stop trying to control. Instead of that, identify the work, select as a group what can be done/ and what then should be done first: for a better world, NOT the same disease you chose for this reality.  A BETTER WORLD.  Let women as a group be, fundamentally in charge/ because they are different: AND WE MUST have different, than today.  When you restart from reality and truth/ you will know how to recreate jobs for yourself. There will be plenty, capable and able to establish business, thereby employing other people.  Get rid of your experts/ and find your mind back.  Stop listening to propaganda on tv and the rest; and learn to think.  Return news to the individual reporter, and give them a platform to inform you/ DEVOID of censors capable of controlling you with money, or a failure to educate in truth. Don’t need it?  Take a look at this work, and learn “a fight for constitutional law, was not enough/ a truth declared where millions endangered with death, was not enough/ fundamental reality describing an entire planet in jeopardy of dying, was not enough/ not even simple truths to help you in any or every conceivable way, was not enough to inform the public of a need to think for themselves! Because the rich, powerful, and proud were not flattered.  Shame on you.

 Learn what is sustainable, and do it.  Repair this environment and choose better, or you die. It is that simple.  Prove me wrong/ go to court, coward.
Going to go “worship your religious leaders”? Are they not cowering in absolute disgrace.  All    GOD’S   CREATION          At risk of dying!  And where are any of them, if not hiding in delusion, fantasy, and disgrace.  Where are your “big brains”/ if not directly behind all these threats?  Not just a failure, a disease of stupidity turning life into want, pride, and power/   discarding happiness, honor, truth, and duty.  Shame on you.
I do not condemn you/ you are whoever you are; it is your choice. I do not find any happiness at all in your situation, you are GOD’S   CREATION   , and it was never meant to be so.  But reality is reality, and truth does not accept liars, or their lies. YOU can begin again.  YOU CAN recreate this world to life, hope, happiness, and truth.  You can be alive inside, instead of dying in greed, or the rest. It is YOUR choice.   But there is no room for lazy, no excuse for hiding; life OR death is real/ and I tell you   true, eternity, as well as this planet;  will remember your personal  choice.

My work is over.  Regardless if I choose to continue on, or not. It seems to me, that more words are just a distraction to you/ allowing the delusion, that you can wait.   Your work begins, or you fail life on earth. Time is running out.   BEGIN, or you fail all the children/ this earth/ the future/ and even yourselves;   because                           YOU, the reader/ or you, the one who hides:                                           didn’t care enough!                                                                 CHOOSE.

The court may or may not try again to defeat constitutional law, and the intent of constitutional mandates of the people, their oath and their duty. As already proven, they cannot/ and now the price of denial, has “gone up”. Regardless when trapped by reality and truth, into situations that cannot be defeated;   people plot and plan, and  want, pride, power, and hate searches for control in another way, to take over; “and kill the problem, before it gets out of hand”.  Therefore realty says of so many, in the court and in society:   those who  are confronted with the truth of their own failure, don’t like to lose/ don’t want to pay/ and refuse to be less: therefore time may be short for me.   However: None can take me, unless    GOD   or the spiritual woman inside allows it/ but that too, is up to you. IF YOU are going to survive, it is likely I will remain alive/ if not, it is likely I will die.  That is determined by what   GOD   TRULY sees in your heart and soul.

The alternate reality of that simple truth, hate is a purpose to destroy happiness or hope or life, with regard to me: is simply the prophecy of Revelation 17 may come true, instead of a simple life or death consequence.  Still up to   GOD , or the woman inside/ but life has changed me inside to more female than male {an extremely strange experience}. The reality of this prophecy is then: if men get me, there will be extreme ridicule, torture that includes eating me alive, and a deliberate sign by men:  to women, that says “see, forget all about leading men/ we will eat you first”. The seal, that life on earth is soon over.        If women get control of my life instead, the prophecy is; there will be extreme sex, that ends in a complete abandonment of what is male, so that life with female in charge can be bearable, as female “can’t attack me anymore”. A sign to men, that “your rule, is over”/ women will rule your lives completely. This too, is not survivable, unless there is thought working for harmony and trust between men and women to go with it. I really don’t know, not “privileged to know what a woman’s world really is”. But if we don’t live in peace, there will be no happiness for either.
I do not know, if the prophecy is correct/ BUT I do know that every prophecy is an expectation developed from the past, expanded into the future.  NOT an outline that must be obeyed, rather a direction, that allows decisions and a purpose.  It is desire, if thought is alive;  that establishes what about a prophecy will come true. If only “animal” survives/ then prophecy comes true as written, because a mind is not enough.

       Even so, should I die for any reason (I am not GOD, how would I know), the trial created for you belongs to an organization of women, who will work for life first, on this earth. Because there is no future without true and significant change.  If you do not reclaim it, you have no platform for real or significant change. Too late, is worthless!  Its up to you. Restate it as a federal case if you must/ buy publicity if you can.
There are enough today who view this site, to say:   it is up to you to demand it remains/ this is your job.  If the sites go down, I will do what I can do.   Anyway if necessary:   write to   box 91   Royal IL 61871  and I will send you a disk to replace the site on your server (it is written in psp for the internet site), or files in html or other versions particularly wordperfect 9, will come for your own purposes as you design and deliver to the world, whatever you believe is important.  Do send a tiny payment for postage, and someone to do the work of preparing and sending a disk. Try considering inventions; an ember screen, for instance, would save you many homes, and trouble.
For today, SAVE THIS HOMEPAGE TO YOUR COMPUTER RIGHT NOW.  So it cannot be lost to you/ or taken away.  It is your duty.
Save this world/ it is now, your job.

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