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Friday, 17 April 2009

THE LAW is not a weapon/ rather the law is our structure as defined within the terms of society, to be our fortress against the people who believe in hate. With law, our reality changes to define peace through the essence of what we believe is our inherent and true rights in freedom and responsibility.  With law, we fight for respect, for truth, the dignity of equality, and the purpose of honor (our choice, to live in harmony with others) and create our nation and world. Our need to protect these rights, this home, and to build what will become the destiny of our people, our very lives;    is completely fundamental to who we are inside, it is the desire that conceives of our truth. Love or hate is a choice, with consequences for many. Life is a decision, built upon our relationship with law.  But the law itself is more powerful than the words which describe it/ the law is more eloquent than the lives which protect it:   the law, is our foundation for life, hope, love, courage, discipline, truth, and above all respect.  Because without respect, there is no law within that life. The consequence of that reality is, “we must teach”.

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