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Friday, 17 April 2009

The recognition of strength

fundamentally aligns with, the ability to recognize what is real, what is true, and the passion to believe in what can be done.  Without truth, all strength disappears, simply because nothing can defeat truth.  In time, it is fair to assert, LIES exist that do defeat truth/ but only in time, and only so long as the people affected are willing to accept that lie.  It is their decision. That does not mean to say, what is physically superior has to be fair. So in review, the foundations upon which a life can be built and defended, are revealed upon the recognition of what is law. Law is NOT, the words and innuendo of humanity, describing how they wish to control everything under the sun.  LAW is the truth, that exists into eternity and beyond, simply because it cannot be denied. Therefore it controls the foundations that will not be broken or dismayed, or moved.  What is critical in human existence for anyone that wishes to believe in life, and create a relationship that can survive beyond what is simply time, is the need to understand that law applies to you, but is translated within the effects and elements that bring us truth itself.  The passion to encounter reality in its infancy, and express a desire to remove all that is not true IN YOU!  Is a fundamental foundation that relies upon the decision to accept what is real, and deny what is false.  Therefore a deliberate decision is required to enter within what is truth, and the formation of what is real, depends upon the amount of work that you are willing to do, and the risks you are willing to take.

What the mirror shows, is the reflection of a body.  What the soul shows, is a reflection of time.  Thereby what you do in time is recorded, and what is true beyond time, will be known. There is no purpose in lying to yourself, it is fruitless and vain.  Be who you are, the price will be paid regardless of the lie you intend to portray.  Either be what you have chosen to be/ or change and be what you now believe is right and true for you to be! One or the other, why be so stupid as to throw your life away on simple ignorance and blind arrogance; NO ONE gets to be, what they are not.
Strength comes, by building what you know to be true, examining that truth for faults, and then rebuilding it better the next time. I personally “have rebuilt myself” so many times, I couldn’t even guess at how many.  Lots of failure and try again/ but every time you find a fault, you have the option to do better and learn more so that these become less and less, and life is functionally more complete through truth. The ability to endure pain however, is simply the demand for discipline inside yourself.  If discipline fails, then strength in terms of body and mind will fail as well.  However if your strength is of heart and soul/ then these will survive the trials and tribulation of physical things and love will still find you innocent and complete, no matter what time itself will do. What is true, that is important/ has nothing to do with body or mind.  Instead the desires and purpose of your life and your decisions to work and live within the means of your own truth, building as best you can; are the foundations of eternity, a look beyond this life, where all that exists cannot be denied.

Strength is the elemental existence of a desire to be what you personally have chosen to be.  The examination of truth then relies upon the reality of what you do, who you are, what you say, and why you live to identify the foundations of your life, and call you “alive, or dead”.  Discipline is a boundary wall, that exists to confront that which would take away your life, so that you do not need to be on guard at all times.  Discipline is established in the simple truth of a “guideline, that produces an answer/ without the need to react or think, discipline is the answer, until such time as reality will allow a better one.”

 What we learn from strength is, that this must be cultivated or it shall not grow alone.  Where strength resides, the weeds will come/ because within the shadows of strength there is the will to live and the actions that keep each one alive, even in time.  Therefore people come, to stay safe/ BUT they come with ideas and realities that are not disciplined or safe, because if this was not true, then they would and could stand alone without you. The development of strength in others, allows for the effects of an “army”, so to speak/ if trust can be found.  But that means, there must be trial and error/ there must be moments, when reality proves what is true inside of you. These are competitions in men of time, primarily/ but in the essence of life, these are responsibilities that defend or deny.  What can be done, is always done, when there is no other way and the need is clear.  What cannot be done, when established as true/ is fundamentally abandoned, until such time as truth provides another way; therefore in retreat, is sometimes necessary “to fight another day”. But do not be blind, reality does not accept stupidity and delusion as a warrior, it will simply kill you instead. The foundation of any life in strength is truth.  The foundation of any physical life in simple body strength is an example of the disciplines necessary to present this body to you/ just as is intellectual strength a message of disciplines of a different variety; both are essentially the same/ although they have very different outcomes and evidence.  Heart is a relationship with love that refuses to die, even when body and mind are gone.  Heart exists, because the strength to “believe in you, as my soul mate/ the only love that can be first, has come to fruition”; I am yours, and you are the evidence and proof of love that exists in me. That said, reality turns the page and life begins anew even after someone dies, because the simple truth is: we need the living, to be a part of our lives. Every possibility for a new love, must first encounter the previous love; and find peace. Therefore heart must become the strength to move on, the essence of reality defined by the truth of time itself. Every soul will face death (the end of time, as body and mind/ the end of measurements and lies)/ therefore the strength required of you is not conceived by any of these things that represent time, but the reality of a life itself defined by truth creates decision, and decision fundamentally defines a direction that life itself will go. The question of strength in soul, is then an honesty that respects the true desire and purposes of your heart, the foundation of your truth, and the respect that you placed within  your soul.

There are many influences of strength and weakness in time/ one of the worst, is the constant battle with hate that ferments into the tragedies of gangs, thugs, and terrorists.  The weak gather to whine, but failure gathers to declare “they should die/ for this”; because life is not as they want. Want is an influence that initiates weakness, but like disease it only spreads if in contact with the right mediums to do so.  The failure that is drug or terrorist related, particularly those who pursue the money/ and ravage or terrorize towns, where hate comes to breed new deaths, and bury new souls: is particularly heinous; especially when using children to send the message “we hate you this much/ WE WANT to tear your heart”!  The question here is of course how do we stop them?

The answer begins with identifying the hate, and then taking away the weapons so that justice can come.  The critical question comes in direct opposition to the common human answer of this day “take a pill, didn’t fix it, then take at least 12 more; you won’t know what is happening then, so you won’t care as much, it will just turn to fear”.  Many americans do that with everything/ in other words, pretend and fantasize that delusion will fix anything. It is not so/ and the more you do it, the bigger the problems get.  Instead, the answer to critical stability is everyone must be involved; as many as can hear duty, responsibility, and respect for life and society; the rest are “riffraff, with no real value”.  However when the society or town becomes too unstable, for anyone to be in focus as “the law”/ then an alternate solution must arise to face the simple truth, that “the rat population” has become a problem.  There are 3 basic solutions used by humanity to control a rat problem: traps, poisons, or weapons.  The predators of the rat, are primarily snakes and dogs; snakes are not desirable/ and dogs that are killers also represent an undue risk for human harmony.  The fundamental trap is: you take something that is distinctly wanted by the rat, and you tempt them with the reality; “its right here, go ahead”. Rats like holes for shelter, they like to gather among themselves for sex, they like small entry points in out of the way settings for attacking food supplies, and if they think there is a true advantage for them they can and will attack you too/ otherwise they run and hide.  So what we learn from trap design is that there must be an identified want/ and with that want, a study of how and why the rat approaches its want for a reward must be gained/ and then where do they go, and how do they get there are all useful, if not necessary bits of knowledge. The game of hate is played for money, power, and fear.  The money is necessary, or the game loses face and the players depart because the money is how they all say “we are involved/ even though they only follow the leader, it is the money that makes them believe: its all good for me (I am somebody to fear).” without money, only the leader has pride or power/ with money, each expects to have power or pride, and the option then to pursue fear, or the pleasures they expect for themselves. Fear is the reward for this game/ the fact, I can and will play god over your life, IS the critical expression of power that each does seek.  So then a good trap will entail the following criteria: rather like a pawn shop set up for criminal entrapment, when you provide the “best deal in town/ or an easy opportunity for theft and reward/ or a slightly hidden entry point where the smarter ones believe they can not be seen:” the criminals find you.  Once you have the necessary information, in pictures and other identification/ once you have followed them home, and watched to achieve knowledge about who they have been dealing with.  THEN the poison must come, and be used without much restraint, so that fear consumes their mind and reality becomes a graveyard for them.  “Poison” is a term used to describe military or other incursion from a different part of society/ SO THAT NONE, can be targeted directly in the area that is under siege.  With people NOT affiliated with this area/ there are no specific children, or women, or families, or men to be targeted to stop the poison from killing their lives and wreaking havoc in the “world of the rat”.  But do be aware, that rats are particularly capable of surviving, do to their lack of structure;   so it is necessary, not only to kill them/ but to insure they are actually dead as well, by going back and checking for bodies or movements. The preferred weapon against every possible outbreak of rats, is THE LAW!  Because the law represents the greatest number of people possible, that are enemies “of the rat”.  The law can produce fear/ and fear in those who are seeking to claim power reduces their reward to futility. The law cannot be made to fear/ only the people can be made to fear.  Thereby rats infest a singular area to establish control/ and once in sufficient control by the terms of fear, they then branch out searching for want all along the way.  All trails lead back to the infestation, because in the end, these all lust for the same rewards and it takes a large number of them to convince these, “they are safe now/ otherwise sleep makes even the strongest man, completely vulnerable”.  So they will gather from time to time/ until they build colonies in large enough populations to believe “safe here too”.  One of the ways to search for infiltrations of rats, is to go door to door/ searching house to house as a form of neighborhood watch so to speak.  The necessary ingredient here is:   THAT YOU MUST NOT use the people of this neighborhood to do so, as they, or someone important to them, would simply then become targets.  Therefore the essence of the work is:   you must swap with different cities/ and do thorough searches without giving names, or any other information apart from departmental awareness and cooperation with the law.  This is otherwise a secret as to who will do the search.  Dogs trained to find dead bodies/ or drugs/ or bombs are useful: don’t leave any house or building un-searched.   Do train with films, what to look for in terms of hidden doors, trap floors, attic enclosures and all the rest.  Where possible, DO use little remote control cars with video cameras and lights attached so that you not only can, BUT WILL, search every single cavity in every single building for any sign of trouble and crime.  Do, as you search take into custody anyone who appears to be frightened for any reason, and give them peace/ asking directly for what they need to tell you.  Do, make these targeted neighborhoods rich and poor alike; because although “the groupies are in the poor section/ the leaders aspire for rich”. Let them be informed that you are coming within the “next 2 days”/ so that you and this neighborhood, can and will watch anyone trying to sneak or hide anything (police on duty) during that forty eight hours prior to a search. Do take the police along/ and do not allow any whining with regard to race, religion, creed, or any excuse.  This is about    Drugs/ bombs/ torture/ crime/ sex slavery/ child pornography/ and whatever else shall be found that is not conducive to peace. Where there are suspicions, a court shall approve the necessary means to watch the property and people. Where there is a rat problem, there is a hole to hide in. “Let there be light”.
The question of what to do with rats, lends itself to the cage or death. The question of what to do with fledgling rats, that have not yet formed into tragedy and hate is:   HUMILIATE THEM!  Because as you do this, they will either turn to hate or to sorrow/ and can then be divided, as those who will return to life, or those who belong to the cage.

At the other end of weakness, instead of strength; are those who try desperately not to make waves, not to stand out; “not to discard or throw any life away”.  Can’t throw even a worthless dog out in the cold, consequently going to clean up shit and vomit until they snap and throw their own lives away. While it is not either kind or pleasant, to believe that every life has a day when it no longer belongs here.  The fact is very simple as is seen by nature and its methods of animal control.  The primary food of all predators, is the weak, maimed, and old for a reason/ the rest need everything they have to survive, multiply, and be happy; there comes a time, when although the life inside of you has value/ the body or mind that you inhabit does not. The reality of life is:   nature can be cruel/ but only for the cause and consequence, that this cruelty is in fact a kindness, and presents a value to the lives left behind. The simple truth is; strength requires us to make choices for life, even if that includes some death. This is not survival of the fittest/ this is respecting the truth, that YOU must be able to, and willing to; participate in society as best you can/ and NOT simply take. No work=no food/ but that cannot be applied where the option and reality of truth gives no opportunity. But even so, where the body has failed and there is no option/ then it is clear “time is up”. Like it or not, at 7 billion people and a world on the brink of starvation;  reality can be harsh.

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