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Friday, 17 April 2009

CASE #08-3954                                                 RM 2722-    219 S. DEARBORN ST
dated:   11/27/08                                                           CHICAGO IL, 60604
JAMES FRANK OSTERBUR     Appellant- plaintiff     vs.   UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,   et al., appellees-

the above case is represented in full at www.justtalking.info    And consists of a demand for honesty, clarity, duty, obedience to constitutional law, enforcement of ownership rights and the first amendment “legal redress of grievances clause” AS ESTABLISHED and  directed by the constitution of this United States.
Among the basic trial constructions, demanding a resolution:   wherein the people demand here:   “the whole truth, and nothing but the truth,  you so swear: or face a maximum penalty of death.”.   There Is a fundamental right of knowledge, called complete transparency in all federal debts/ and the debts of the state of IL: every form of indenture that our employees have attached to us, the citizens who are expected to pay.  These are,  ownership rights of   WE THE PEOPLE, to know, what you have done to us.     AS A TRUE DEMOCRACY, we are the owners: those in public service are our employees; just as if it were any other business; only with more restrictions, oaths demanding duty, and with the responsibilities that affect us all.  The realities of this day, in both state and federal governments are clearly:   did not do their job/ the evidence is absolute, the facts are in the media, and that our nation is at risk: is undeniable.  Therefore the first amendment redress of grievances is not only proper/ but intended and written for this very thing.  At a level of absolute disgrace;    only because the court, in its several levels have proven to disobey the law.  And refused to honor any  redress in support of WE THE PEOPLE:     in all previous attempts when set before the court, no duty, no honor, no respect, no acceptance of law; failure at every level both state and nation.  Now that the entire nation is at risk;   the people must do for themselves. But the court shall be used to establish the truth, and keep the liars away.  THAT NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH, as best we can; shall be understood or accepted as useful and relevant to this day.
Due process is achieved in redress, as follows:
1.    by discovering the lies that have plagued this nation, and stopping every one.  Only the truth is allowed in government/ only reality as is consistent with “the facts of life”:  is allowed to be expressed as truth. Where government is concerned. Life must never be a game again.
2.     the removal of threats that could end our lives, created by science, business, industry, gluttony, ignorance, greed,  or stupidity. Whatever they may be.  NO GAMBLING with our lives, is a rule applied to the purpose and foundation,  of the constitution of this United States.
3.     the removal of destruction: as in the  material breach of contract by  the elders & employees,  who have chosen “to make the children pay, their own debts”.  Creating the conclusion of fact: that the young may indeed  face a dead future”/ in poverty, without cause of their own.
4.      These leaders in greed, power, and pride have long chosen fantasy and delusion.  Truth, is a demand long ignored.  The proof is  FAILURE established by the expert who HAS INDEED decided for the people/ take a look, and be ashamed.  Our reality threatens to become severe poverty, do to stupidity, disrespect, & ignorance of all things called value.  The possibility of complete failure as a society and life on earth, IS OUR REALITY.  Our “government employees” obviously having failed in all counts and purposes of life or peace/ honor or duty/ constitution or law.
5.     the resolution of new and different ways to proceed as a nation that must choose for themselves. Is fundamental to our survival/ as none can testify to the assumption this is OK.   Rather life in this UNITED STATES is going to change/ only the method and manner and choice of that change is in doubt.   WE THE PEOPLE, shall now decide.
6.    The end of all threats that could  throw us into civil war, such as NO JUSTICE, for all the damage that has been done in the matter of money & the shredding of people’s lives, by greed.  Means there shall be an adjustment made in numbers, and the people who claim them as money for RESPECT, AND FAIR PLAY, as best we can.
7.    The demand for discipline, respect, duty, honesty, courage, justice, fair play, equality, equity, and honor in every form of  government regardless of its place in power.   Is fundamental to truth, and it shall not be overlooked.

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