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Friday, 17 April 2009

In the event that is taxes, the consequence of our lives in society, is the truth that we have expenses that all must contribute too.

Our critical relationship to these taxes however, if fundamentally recognized as “power over us, by those holding positions of force”. That force is called law, through government, and that power is, “that we have no control over what they do”. Just handed the bill, & told to shut up.

Thereby one of the critical elements to a more peaceful and pleasant relationship in society is the changing of taxes to reflect the truth that people are willing to pay for, and consequently decide for themselves how much, and for what they will pay.  Government will tell you “its too complicated a job/ people cannot do this: ITS OUR JOB, stay away.  But that is simply not true.  The various efforts to stop public control of taxes and thereby work, have met with failure; because there is always “a bastard or bitch, like termites hiding in the house; working to dissolve what is already built”.  We have everything required, except for the most important product of human participation: the power to make our own decisions.  We are force fed, if at all/ and given no say in how the money is spent, or upon what it will be spent. The university controls it all; and waste beyond all scope of a sane action is common for today. I say university, because they control nearly all access to a job in these situations; thereby they give these jobs and there control to only university degrees/ and the level of people institutionalized coming out of the university situation is deplorable.  Taught “do this my way/ don’t think/ don’t act/ don’t even exist: JUST BE MY ROBOT, and let me think for you.” with the advent of the university “personnel director/ or human resources authority” this entire country lost control of itself. No more reality/ no more truth/ no more control:   just one bastard after another taught never to think/ just memorize what the professor tells you: OR WE WON’T GIVE YOU A JOB/ and that means you cannot participate in our theft.  Fuck ups and fools galore, just because they have no common sense, and can’t find it; because they have been brainwashed.  Can’t find it, because life has not taught them anything/ only a brain dead professor.  “Too harsh”/ maybe, but with a focus so small; that the entire world goes by, and you never even see it;   there is no possibility for sense.
Regardless the properly defined communication developed for public confirmation of their own power, exists as the following fundamentals:
1.   It is necessary to decide just how much money you need to have/ and then decide how much tax will be added for that purpose. 
2.  In the case of projects, it is necessary to understand exactly what is required to be done in the next term of work.
3.  Some minimal observations and testing are required for certain works/ as well as some sharing of responsibilities so that roads for instance extend even to remote area’s because these people contribute just like you.

These things are accomplished, by creating individual taxes: income taxes shall be used only for military, government pay, and schooling for instance.   Or fuel taxes/ car taxes/ and things linked to transportation shall be taxed only in support of these definitions: and there shall be no sharing of funds.  Not ever.  If one group tax has funding over what it needs/ then you will decrease that tax until it matches the needs, or increase it as the case may be.  Each individual tax that you accept is separate, because THAT GIVES YOU THE PUBLIC CONTROL, over what will be done with this money.  Allow them to group it all together/ and you lose all control, in a hogwash litany of “you just don’t understand”.  If the taxes required for roads, pay for roads: you will understand if that road tax is enough/ and if a road will be repaired or not.  Thereby everything local, as much as possible/ with the exception of shared responsibilities for all transportation needs.  Dividing it up into its respective pieces, GIVES YOU CONTROL/ because they cannot simply deceive you, confuse you, or take the control away; unless you let them. GO GET IT BACK/ if you do: WE THE PEOPLE, are owners/ we decide.
It is literally that simple: divide the tax up into pieces that you plainly understand/ and then make your own decisions;   REMOVING any employee that gets in your way/ or put them, in prison if their intent is to steal your rights; its your money/ you decide how it will be spent.  Once you get it right/ like cleaning the house once a year, it can be a relatively simple job if your employees do their job.  IF NOT, then remove them/ punish them financially/ and find another.  You are the owner/ YOU MAKE THE RULES.  Remember that.

As to the current debts: the obvious place to start is with the people who spent your money on frivolous and fruitless endeavors without the slightest attempt for sanity.  “Throw it all away;   I WANT TO PUT MY DAMN NAME ON THIS; GET RID OF IT/ and lets spend more”.   Insane projects/ insane allowances or demands for pensions/ insane and stupid employees without a brain are common; go change that.  But do bear in mind, for today: the need to go to court and fix everything is paramount to all other incidentals.  Fail to go to court and resolve what is important for life/ and the rest is merely wading through the shit:   why do it?  As you proceed beyond court however, then do bear in mind:   we will get, what we paid for/ or you will be sorry.
Do not be fooled by lawyers: pick a contract that will be used for everything; covering the essentials and underlining it is the end result, NOT the incidentals that are of primary importance.  And leave the penalty clauses and such off/ it dramatically increases the price. Demand a starting date, establish the cost of labor that will be paid per day on site so long as the weather and such does not interfere/ and that will be a good indication of when it will be done.   Instead of penalties or bonuses, give ratings to companies that do well for you/ and then give these preferential treatment in competing for contracts and bidding.  Learn it ain’t the lowest bid that matters/ it ain’t the highest bid that matters/ it ain’t the middle bid that matters:    IT’S THE PEOPLE LOOKING AT THE BID THAT MATTERS/ BECAUSE THEY UNDERSTAND WHAT THAT BID MEANS!  And some punk butt-head degree, who don’t know a hammer from a nail; ain’t the one who should decide.  It is not a bad idea to let those who bid, decide for themselves who had the best bid; in groups: DEMAND WHY, and learn something for real.

The function of a school, is to teach something worthwhile. The tragedy of today is: nothing is taught, but what is absolutely useless to 90% of the children or young people.  Teach truth, teach life, teach survival, teach financing, teach opportunity, teach dating and marriage; {open the door for daycare 12 hours a day, every day: and let the young people be the care givers with some supervision/ let them tutor as well.  Give them schooling in return for college if they wish/ or keep account, and provide a housing loan or car in return for their honest and real work.  Its good for both sides.} teach jobs, teach food as farming and more, teach medicine, teach teamwork, teach dating with honor, teach honesty by establishing a courtroom applied with “school rules dictated by the young people/ and governed by the evidence; intervene only when it is clear : that equality or honesty, is not being shared here.”  Teach government, teach responsibility, teach physical education in a variety of ways, teach humor, and let the possibility of “arts” present “the playful side of life”.  And more.  Find those in the community that can do this work, and pay them; a degree is useless: those who do the work, and survive understand the reality. Use the talent of your students, and find the blessing of people helping people. There are no real degrees in life: either you did the work, and learned something that will benefit you for life/ or you failed, when every opportunity stood before you: you lied!  And as a result, our sympathy is unnecessary.  Make your own decision/ BUT do understand, it will be your consequence; and no one will care: when it is known “you simply threw your possibilities away”. Learn or lose, its up to you.

In response to the simpleton methods of this day, the assumptions of leaders who are not.  The reality is very simply: that the numbers are all bad/ which means until you fix the numbers, there is no solution in any type of “bandage applied”. They will not work/ it is absolutely necessary “to fix the numbers/ and then life will return to reality, BY THE TRUTH, that we are indeed equal again. And society intends to be fair, with you and me.

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