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Friday, 17 April 2009

Our relationship with genetic structure, the base and foundation in reality with all life/ the truth called nature itself.  Is also under attack in the same ways, that the earth itself and atomic structure are under attack. The LIARS who have suggested to all that the physics experiments “are ALL GOOD” above/ have prepared instead to kill us all.  The geneticists LIARS who have suggested “ALL GOOD”/ trust us;   have also prepared Armageddon, or nature in chaos instead.  6 billion chained and disciplined instructions in a space not bigger than a pin head:   but not to worry, people can play god.   What could go wrong?   Not to you/ think again, just like cancer can invade you without the slightest interference by you;   so can the constant tragedy of people playing god.  Or even playing with chemicals, because changes occur in the human body with as little as one part per billion chemical instruction.   Want to end significant problems with health/ then learn what chemicals are killing you; altering genetic structure; and mutilating babies.  Don’t simply destroy all life, by reducing it into slime.  Slime is the state of life that has no disciplined structure.  Stop them, or prepared to be horrified.   Tiny little successes, do not make up for threatening all life on earth with absolute destruction of everything good.
And there are so many more.

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