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Friday, 17 April 2009

The foundation of a new world

Is based upon the single decision to share this reality as our truth/ not yours or mine.  That fundamentally means, want and pride must die as a functional truth devouring society and creating hate. Where truth lives, life is determined by respect, honor, honesty, and the essence of an experience expressed by love.  These things do not exist with hate, in harmony or peace.

The structural integrity of a society determined by LIFE FIRST/ instead of money or want first, with pride and selfishness close behind;   is very simply, the purpose of our existence is to live in happiness, by choosing peace with all life and environment/ by choosing to live in friendship and grace with each other instead of competition with each other.  The functional reality of that is the sharing of work, by educational realities that employ us all in the dimensions that we individually choose.  Not as is today, where competition and the drive for money determine a “thousand gates” to be crossed, because those who control refuse the competition.  But as one people sharing the reward and the reality of life in harmony, made with choices that enhance and establish peace throughout this world of life; everything together as one.  Structure means, built with the intention to take up space within a strategic environment that will then for this purpose be our home.  Structure therefore means, that we will choose what is best for the world, and best for us by determining what is strategically necessary for happiness and the hope that is love for an entire world. Strategically necessary means, that what is fundamental for life on earth to be friends, for humanity to be friends, and not just acquaintances; it is necessary to listen, to allow, to encourage, to enlighten, and to express and understand friendship in its common and normal state.  “I don’t judge you/ you don’t judge me/ we are free/ and we choose to accept each other as equals: regardless of color, age, wholeness, or other concerns.

The fundamentals of this system of deliberate well-ness, is to understand the very simple truth: that if we choose these things/ then we will have resources, an environment, and a life to live for very many years to come on this planet as humanity in time.  But if we do not choose LIFE FIRST, for all life as well as our own/ then the only direction left to take is hell, and the consequences of destroying chains that then become the end of all life/ because nature can no longer defeat us.  Instead humanity can defeat nature instead.  That critical truth puts humanity in charge.  That critical fact, assessed and assigned reality throughout the history of man will prove that we are dead as a world/ should men continue to lead.  There is little that men have not succeeded in destroying with want, pride, selfness, or competition.  The fundamentals of a game for pride, the realities of a decision that is unwarranted by truth, in resources or realities that do not work in harmony for us all;   cannot survive here.  Therefore a new day, and a new way includes all the freedoms that give to humanity a chance to experience what they truly desire to learn about/ but it also recognizes that we have a true and fundamental responsibility to nature and environment as well/ no more “I want it”/ now you will justify, and remember those who have needs in this future of life on earth as well.  Freedom, is a necessary element of happiness, it creates within our experience of life the consequential dimensions of a time and a place that we create for ourselves, and in that creation we find ourselves in the building of a life in truth.  What is religion, will remain/ but as defined by women instead of men;   it is their turn to try, because the reality of this day is failure/ the consequence of the leadership of men over thousands of years is the earth is under attack, and life at the door of extinction as a world.  The proof of this is in what men have built/ the reality of this is in what men have decided to do/ the consequence of all their lying is a world at the brink of economic chaos, and the relationship we share with life on earth  is being torn from our existence.  Men shall rule no more.   Doesn’t mean women will do better/ but they can literally do no worse: and extermination is literally the future with men.  Life deserves better/ life deserves a change, that it might possibly survive instead.
Being equal understands the legitimate truth, that our needs are virtually the same/ even though our desires are different.  Life understands, that sexually we are free, but that does not mean without consequences to each one.  The foundation of every decision must be truth, because only truth can change reality for life.  Lies bring only death, and horrific consequences that cannot be endured:   absolute insanity will occur instead.  Therefore what is true, is absolutely critical to life on earth continuing to exist.  There will be “tremendous numbers of people”/ who insist this world is not going to die; this reality is not going to change, our leadership and our lives are just fine the way they are; and so on.  Screaming at me, working to keep the status quo because they want/ and they are proud/ and they are selfish, and believe this costs too much for them to bear:   “Going to be rich, DAMN IT/ ain’t no one going to stop ME”! 

You will let them talk/ you will write down what they say/ and you will go to court, examining in detail exactly what these things cost in terms of this earth and our lives.  As you do this,  you will be careful to remove any and every liar/ discard any suggestion of evidence that cannot be accepted as valid for discovery, or set it aside until such time as you can investigate and make a true decision on its value.  You will not hinder them their words/ instead you will make them assess and establish the cost; and how the end result will be divided for real, and not by illusion, or propaganda, or lies and manipulation.  The difference is propaganda “is a wide net cast over all who hear”/  whereas lies and manipulation is a directed net, intentionally cast over you.   Illusion is the use of lies and innuendo, such as is evolution; prepared in stupidity, and preformed like a circus act for amusement before the crowd/ like religions in kind.

The foundation of every main religion is discipline/ but like evolution, “they make it up as they go”/ preferring to manipulate and abuse,  rather than not have an answer.  Men need answers, because life without answers leads to nowhere/ and you cannot lead “to nowhere”.  “But why”, is therefore a constant, in the relationship that will be between women and men.  The consistency of an answer will then be put to the test, and the reality of truth within that answer be confined to “the women were right/ or wrong”.  There will be fights, with words to determine who is         “More correct in their interpretation of reality”. Women will listen carefully to men so that you may not be wrong, but join them in their own knowledge;   testifying with wisdom that they should now join yours.  But even if wrong, it is the women who will share the decision among themselves/ and the world suffer or be blessed by their ways.  The critical message of life is: that without change there will be no life on earth.  That foundation is evident in reality, and found true in investigation, through the existence of wisdom.  To sink further into arrogance, stupidity, pride, hate, or the rest of death/ is to surrender your souls.

The question of soul, is the understanding of thought as it interplays with the reality of life and the existence of time. Until time has “ticked by”/ the reality of our existence has not found its meaning or version of freedom, that liberates our experience called life.  But without thought and the understanding of existence itself, there is no time/ nor is there a body or mind to enter and experience as life or express as time.  What we are, is determined by what we think, what we allow ourselves to understand.  The elemental existence of intellect, is functionally the means to determine a trap, or set one.  The foundation of thought is more simply, and yet far more complex; a relationship that resembles the reflection of a truth, that will not be denied access to an understanding called self.  Self is the embodiment of an environment, in peace and harmony that completes the relationship called existence/ but soul is the truth of a blessing that exists in the form of an elemental understanding that “I, can exist”.  Without this fundamental input of an opportunity called life opening the door to existence and truth, there is no life for you.  There is a moment of recognition that resembles a lock opened, from which you enter into life/ that passage from possibility, to actuality is soul.  But it is far more than a passage or door/ it is the meaning that transforms life beyond self.  Meaning asserts a more important relationship than can be understood without   “communication”.  Therefore an essential element of soul is spirit, the essence of knowledge, defined by the realization of truth in thought.  These things are not “as humanity defines it/ by as   GOD   allows”.  Consequently, to tell you of things that you can identify with, in terms of spirit or soul, will only mislead you.  Instead understand this, that it is you, that “stands knocking on this door”/ and it is you that will enter, or be turned away.  Truth recognizes who has entered/ and who has not.

The fundamental elements of a new life and a new way, are simple ones: being equal means being fair to all.  An economy in trouble as is this one in america, is simply discovered as the people:    Who own the debt/ wanting the people who owe the debt to be slaves, and when they refuse people stop working; or resources start ending.  Remove the debt, it is errant/ stolen goods/ and inherently unfair by the methods used to collect it.  Then begin again, as equals.  Money is nothing more than man’s promise to man/ nothing less, than the understanding of liar or truth through honor and discipline.  Thereby, in America; are you liar/ or are you true to honor and discipline and duty?  It is one, or the other.  Answer the question/ but understand clearly, those who granted this debt, entrapped to get it, claimed undue and excessive demands, extorted, and just plain lied/ tempted/ manipulated/ and controlled the others to endanger them; are just as guilty or more. An economy in ruins, is nothing more than the people will not trust each other anymore/ the people want more than they can have/ or the resources have run out.  Because it is not the resources who charge money is it/ therefore it is only the people who refuse to work for each other that cause an economy to fail.  And where was “the government” in this?  Were they not leading the way/ opening the doors/ and changing the laws.  Indeed they were. You have had your easy way.  You have taken all that you could take. The time of accounting is here.  The repair of any economy REQUIRES an accounting of facts, truth, and reality: and then decision by all citizens.  An understanding, this past:   CANNOT go on any more.  A new way, and a new method must be used. Women will lead, because there are NO “new ways or methods” in the organization of men.
Resources are the future/ environment is our home, and cannot be sacrificed by any generation of fools in humanity/ the chains of life give us everything called nature, and they shall NOT be mutilated or disrespected anymore.  These things and more are reality.  And the cowards who built and surrendered life to weapons of mass destruction/ shall get out of the way; as a new generation takes over, to complete and assemble world law and remove these horrible human decisions of men.  This site,  is the beginning of your future; find a way to accept it, or you die by your own hands. Look to women for leadership/ because men have failed this earth.  That is NOT a description of “how horrible men are”/ instead it is an honesty describing the leadership of men, as they made these decisions that now threaten this day: the extermination of all life on earth is a very real threat.  There MUST BE CHANGE/ and only women represent true change.  Simple as that.  Pray for them, respect them, help them, and remind them of their duty to life on earth. There must be true change for life to survive, it will not come with men.  Therefore women must serve as leaders.

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