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Friday, 17 April 2009

While it is true, that a few literally try to destroy this world by playing god with physics experiments/ clearly without concern, thought, life, or sanity in them.  It is also true that many, many more believe they will play god, by encouraging fools and failures/ gamblers and whore’s, to play prostitute and mutilate genetic nature into their own property and playground.  The list is long, the reality as varied as young and old/ from every walk of life/ every type or kind of intellect:   all wanting to play god, all wanting control over nature itself as the genetic blueprint of life.  “Going to make you some toys”.  The excuse and temptation is of course “we will do marvelous things”/ but just like the reality of everything else men become in charge of rape, ravaging, toxic destruction, hopelessness, disease, selfishness, extortion, LIES WITHOUT END, and a list too long to bother with all are the result.  You cannot even control your own money; how dare you assume life itself can be your toy.  While the others fit the description of SATAN/   you surely and without doubt describe life within the terms of DEVIL: the bastard son of death:      playing with life/ tempting pride/ and manipulating want; just so you can watch them die.  The end result crucifying life itself, so that the punishment you will receive “is torture for all, you can get”.

In this whole world of life, this grand and magnificent reality of truth, wherein we see, touch, feel, speak, hear, think, move, and understand as a participant; an honesty and an honor of being alive:    You are willing to destroy it all, every living thing.   And for what?  Nothing more, or less, than to gamble “you can play god/ and make life your toy”.  What a special disease you are/ what a horrific example of the sewer belching up death.  You cannot be god!  You cannot win the gamble with all life itself/ all you can do is kill everything lovely and life.  Therefore you WILL STOP being a devil, and you WILL accept your place as a participant in life; and not a god.  Or you will reap your reward, and you will become god; over a deteriorating terror, that will horrify and cause such fear that your very mind melts into the conscious belief “that you are indeed eating your soul alive/ and cannot stop”; becoming the shit you smear onto yourself, in hopes none may see you exist.    Then the escalator ride to HADES will begin.

To argue genetics with you is irrelevant/ worthless/ and nothing more than foolish. 

Instead look upon the world you do live within, and recognize all that life is:   NOT “the MALE”,   damn desire for money/ BUT LIFE.   Look at all that lives and recognize the beauty and grace and balance of everything that men have not yet completely disgraced.  Look at the perfection and purpose of countless different things,   whether they are for you, is NOT the only thing that matters.  Look at bodies, the elegance of design, the foundation of separations that give each its own little piece of life and earth, that the competition may not be too severe.  Look at colors and shapes and how everything has its own opportunity, its own relationship with this world (where men have not yet destroyed it all).  Consider the sea/ and understand it is being exterminated.  Consider the air, and recognize how blessed this world has been.  Understand how much it takes to survive;   and remember, it is primarily the actions of men and their ways/ that causes so much grief among the human population.  Hear the essence of time, as it washes away existence, and says to you; “this was truly important/ or not”.  Feel the existence of body and life and sex and happiness, as time heals the failures of men, by remembering what is woman.  Touch reality and understand life, is truly a precious gift that women provide in time/ a precious description that genetics produce one piece, and one part at a time; in order, structured, disciplined, and prepared for life when time and freedom provide. Understand the participation in freedom does NOT give you any right to intervene in another life for damaging it;   but accept, the chain of life, gives to each participant more than it takes away: it is life, because the elemental existence of complex food sources are required.  Do you not understand the possibility of standing up, movement in any form is a relationship with time and space and dimensions within the body itself, that require a mind.  Do you not understand speech or hearing or any aspect of freedom and presence and purpose or desire is an effect of the life and body that you are.  How dare you throw it all away.  While it is true, that disease is bad/ and many things are unkind;   the alternate reality is without these population increases over the thousands of years humanity has been here would have killed the earth/ and you would not be alive yourself.  What is unkind, is either a “genetic mutilation, likely caused by human infliction of choices not wise/ or unwise choices of individuals, to defeat themselves.”  Regardless of these failures, every life is important/ but NO LIFE is important enough, nothing is so unkind:   that all life on earth shall be risked “just for you”.  If life is that unkind/ then we will help you enter eternity, at your request, if you can offer it.  BUT NO ONE, will risk all life on earth: without paying with their own life.  Stop and repent, so that this may not start now.  You are not god/ and we will not let you play god with our lives. 
The question to human life on earth is again: STAND UP AND BE COUNTED!   Stop this madness now/ before you enter hell and Armageddon.  Stop the assassination of all life, the future, and you.  FIND SOME PASSION FOR LIFE, SOME RESPECT FOR REALITY:   or you DIE.
You want to keep playing with stem cells, wait and see/ the end of genetic structure is nearby.  You want to continue experimenting with “throw this part in here/ throw that part in there/ just mix it up who gives a damn”: the end of genetic discipline is all but here. You want to continue “piecing together a new critter”/ you will get what you want, diseases and disfigurement beyond imagination.  YOU WILL STOP COMPLETELY, or you will get what you deserve.  Make your decision.             Can’t be so/ we can do whatever we want:   who is he to threaten us in this way.

I don’t threaten you, I simply bring you the news: either you stop playing god, or you must reap the reward for your decision to disrespect all life and    GOD   , and die as the consequence of your choice.  Life threatens you with disaster and chaos, because of your actions/ not me.  That is the truth. Still think “you can do it”/   take another damn look, at your fucking money;   YOU CANNOT even control that, the entire world is broken.  And ready for economic chaos; and its just money.  Not food, not work, not life;   just money, the desire for one set of men to control other groups of men. The demand for slaves/ and lust/ and hate.   And you trust these fools: explain to me “how smart you are”.  Go ahead, explain how liars have helped you get this far; just so you could die.  The very same is true of your population explosion:   rescuing a few, just so they could grow up into war/ and the complete destruction of habitat.  Population explosion means NO MORE LIES/ and that means, helped ONLY:   when birth control is clearly put into place, and real.  Lies help no one.

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