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Friday, 17 April 2009

The disciplines of life and reality state, that after decades of cheating yourselves with credit, pretending you will never have to pay/ time’s up, game over. You didn’t die first/ therefore did you win, or lose?
The critical question of this day, insofar as economies are concerned is the simple truth:   that business as usual, is dead.  You employed each other with want, absolute arrogance against nature and environment, selfishness, and throw it all away: makes jobs.  To play the game, you stole from life, nature, environment, money, each other, the children, and the world; all because you cannot face the future you have created/ the threats that are out of control in your mind. “They’re going to kill us, has not happened yet”. So now, at the end of spoiled children playing in fantasy and delusion, so they didn’t have to face reality: your choice is, to face reality/ or die, because lies and fantasy cannot sustain your lives or this world. Just how it is.

IF, you grow up and face your truth, what you will learn is very simply:   without sharing everything/ without caring about all life and environment/ without respect, and the necessary work to repair and rebuild everything, and everyone you have failed;    You will die.  If you DO grow up and face your truth, then reality states, there are 3 BASIC needs that must be met:   1.  There must be food, air, and water for all, including other forms of life.  You know this is true, but the numbers that prove these things are about to evaporate from your lives are ignored/ because you would rather do something else.  That makes you fools, that demands you will fail without the slightest chance of survival unless you recognize the future and do what you can to prevent these tragedies that have been set into place by the leadership of men.  Without the ocean 1 billion people starve/ and current aqua-culture farming methods will only breed disease and death. It is necessary to farm the open ocean.  Current oxygen requirements for burning your fires, of all kinds/ consume more oxygen than the green earth provides, that means you are going to experience a diminished supply, and soon.  The  tremendous attack on water from all sides and every venue, from poisons to utter stupidity and beyond will only bring you death and war/ because without a water supply; people do have to move/ compressing hate, and erupting into violence.
2.   The foundation of open and free society is resources that are used for work/ without work, or with diminished work, people are “thrown away”/ and forced to beg, prostitute, steal, abandon each other, and worse.  The door then opens wide for tyrants and lunatics and “hitlers”.  Because people just want an answer, and they don’t care how or who makes their lives a little bit better; Germany is a clear example prior to world war. Take away my poverty/ even if war is the only answer.  But war has ceased to be an answer.  And if men return to war, it is only to end life on earth; the answer of the criminally insane.  So the question of life or death to society is:   how do we share the work, and the resources for life?  That fundamental is explained very simply as we share it all: the work, the resources, the friendship, and the opportunities.  But to accomplish this, the only option is to make everyone equal/ because nothing less will keep violence at a minimum. Fail, and society falls into pieces/ where bloodshed and cannibalism will rule.

3. If you do not remove every threat, and produce every possibility called peace and harmony for the world/ then the world will die, because you simply did not care enough.  That means, there will be a “world policing organization, that works strictly by the world law/ intervening wherever it must by law. That means it is no longer countries that will be attacked: BUT LEADERS of countries, will be brought to trial, and if their people say no/ then by whatever force is necessary, those leaders will die.  Simple as that/ after the law has been read, and the people of this world informed as to why this is necessary.  All weapons of mass destruction will be disposed of.  The world will share/ but not without population restrictions, and not without truth and reality leading the way.  Women will decide, because men have done their best: and we now stand at the doorway to hell and Armageddon.  Men are through/ because there MUST be different ways and answers; and that leads us all to women, as there is no one else. LIFE FIRST, must replace man’s demand for money first.  No exceptions, the reality of choice must choose for the future as well.  Do this and more as is necessary, and we can all survive for a very substantial period of time/ don’t do this, and your days are less than 30 years/ and probably not over ten.  Because horrendous consequences for the failure of men, are coming.  Simple as that.

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