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Friday, 17 April 2009

The developmental analysis of human conduct

establishes, the most severe consequence of human endeavor at a personal level is the degree of focus applied to the inter-levels of conscious decision.  Focus is the creation of “a tunnel” that looks through these various levels of personal decision, and avoids contact with anything that is  fundamentally connected with {your intent to learn, change, be, or do}/ focus translates one thing, and avoids all else.  The 4  functional layers of why,  critically assemble the definitions of life and apply knowledge or understanding; focus however uses  why not avoid life, and listen only “to this”.  To avoid reality, is to reflect not on life or truth,  but choose the image(s) created by your avoidance of life itself/ and consequent transformation of image & expectation into whatever fantasy or delusion suits you best. 
Every decision learns from the basics of life and living, that there are consequences to the relationship we share with actions and reactions/ realities that exist, but can die/ and history in truth or even lies that we cannot change.  Therefore the functional relationship of asking why BEFORE proceeding into consequences;   IS truly the beginning of understanding, and the formation that becomes wisdom.  The common denominator among the insane is “I AM trapped/ there is no solution, I must do something”.  The common answer among the insane is to remove why, and assign the functional parameters of fantasy and delusion as the basis of life.  Reason being, if you are trapped by reality and its companion truth;   focus says “all that is left are lies, delusion, and fantasy”. 

The more critical element of human civilization, is the functional aspects of those who let their focus control their relationship with life and society.  The focused, reflect their expectation of what is going to happen next/ as if it were real.  Therein they act and react according to what they expect from life/ and fundamentally direct all that they can control “into being what they expect”.  A self-fulfilling prophecy, but more importantly a design that infects humanity with the need to be “hypnotized”.  The function of hypnosis is to establish “I am correct/ I can do this”.  Thereby when expectation matches the influence of hypnosis, “ a star is born”.  When expectation does not match the expectation created by hypnosis, trouble brews in those who have achieved their fantasy of being god.  When expectation is in-between these two goals, either yes I can/ or they are trying to kill me with their ways/ the function of acceptance is to “give it a try, its their fault”/   or the function of denial is to “prove them wrong/ even if you go along; there will be a reflection inside to prove failure”.   These basic realities when connected to mass hypnosis become the fundamental influences of mob control, and simple acceptance of “might makes right/ none care about you; we are rulers”.   Where focus has created an expectation in many, whereby the influence of that expectation can be felt within the many/ then the actions of the mob can mimic that focus and turn to making it come “true”, even if it is a lie.  Don’t need reality/ got delusion and expectation instead; we can make our own reality, cause we rule this place.  When reality returns, its time to hide.

So the beginning of these processes is simply the focus of a human being past all the things that produce the consequence called why;   and turn one simple thing, into the basis and expectation of your life, work, or future.  Across this earth we see that everywhere you look: such as,   the people who want to change one little thing and save the coral by liming it to death;  coral is a living thing, everything that depends upon the coral is a living thing, the sea is a living environment that requires balance to survive; and focusing on one single thing, is about as wise as eating the shit from maggots.  Not a good plan.  The world currently focuses on providing fusion for itself, never mind the reality it is burning atomic matter/ never mind the consequence this earth is then composed entirely of fuel for the fire;   people are focused on “its FREE energy”/ and they WANT free.  But lets review; of the base assumptions in theory that suggest fusion is possible, however stupid and inane it may be;   the idiots of science suggest the sun is made entirely of hydrogen/ burning from the inside out, so that the entire orb is being consumed at the very same time;  essentially at least 12 million degrees at its coolest location.  Evolution and its companions “dating the world” suggest that this world is billions of years old, and the dinosaurs were 100 million years ago.  But the question must be asked, “HOW MUCH BIGGER, was the sun if it is made of hydrogen:   back 100 million years ago/ how much hotter was the earth.  Reality and fact understand very simply that burning anything has the consequence of reducing mass/ therefore the sun “used to be bigger”/ bigger by even a little bit requires the statement that a multitude of heat and intensities of radiation;   more than today, reached the earth “impacting age dating for one thing”.   But of interest is the fact that if the sun is strictly hydrogen, then surely even the mathematics of today can create a size for the sun of yesterday/ but just don’t forget the entire mass, including everything inside is on fire and consuming or losing mass. And then establish the level of heat that life or anything else on earth would have had to endure.  Figure it up, hydrogen is consumed at a steady rate is it not/ but of course that is assuming it’s a chemical burn, and its not. So the relationship is what happens in an atomic burn?  You have nuclear bombs don’t you/ you claim this is fusion don’t you; FIGURE IT UP.

 The nation is focused on fixing economic disaster just exactly how they got here/ by continuing to say “its free, no one actually has to pay;   let the children deal with this problem”.  The focus currently is;   how do we simply remove all this debt from banks and financial institutions; and still keep the people paying like slaves?  The answer is to remove the bank liability, and claim it’s the taxpayer that must pay; consequently the rich men get richer, and the slaves are saddled with promises to pay, debt;   even deeper than before.  Not to worry though “its free, for the rich”.  The critical reality of every economic collapse is:  that too many people hold too much money.  It ain’t the poor that cause economic collapses, it’s the greed, and greed belongs strictly to the rich/ poor people can’t afford it.  Therefore the only true solution for economic crisis is “to take away the money from the rich”!  The reality of an economy that is actually governed by capitalism;   price goes up/ therefore resource consumption goes down is based upon a fundamental respect for resources and need adjusted to give the people who do the best for society a little more.  Obviously that is NOT america today.  Thieves and liars everywhere! Capitalism does not work here/ instead greed controls and resources are merely the weapons for making the people slaves: YOU can’t have this/ because we control the money.  Screams arise as leaders claim, “untrue”/ everybody here gets a piece of the pie.  But if you look at your debts, that is absolutely untrue.  People say “america is free”/ but if you look at your debts; you are bought and paid for as slaves.  People say, “we protect our resources more than others do”/ but if you look at your reality; you steal the resources of others, while hiding everything you do:   take a look, and search for how many resources are sold to foreigners;  all to avoid paying the cost of greed.  People are focused on how to keep their money, some buying this, some that/ one of the more clear examples of stupidity is: buying an older hybrid car/ wherein all the money saved from the first years must soon be spent in re-buying failed batteries.  Across this world, “somebody has a plan”/ they have focused on a solution; and to hell with the rest “I can fix this”, and they feel justified in pretending to be god/ cause I got a plan.  Never mind the fact that balance or the influences of life that do create peace and harmony in complex bodies;  are participation’s of unimaginable quantities, in relationship  existence; they are not focused on one little thing.   Did you not know, the human body is simply the complex arrangement of trillions of “little parts and life forms”/ might look like you in the mirror, but as fact goes our existence in time is fundamentally built “on mold and bacteria (it is futile and blind to believe in an antiseptic world)”/ more than energy or chemicals.  We sit atop a balanced network of inter-working layers of life,   we are as a god to these life forms/ but literally not alive in time without them. Stupidity will argue evolution among other blind and irrelevant arguments, is that “tiny things are life adapting”/ these are not  merely the evidence of existence, each is the culmination of a process known as thought.  Without instruction, “the robot does nothing”/ and so it is with things called life.  So the essence of a focus that is so small, that why does not exist/ so limited of life, that you are basically the only thing that matters/ or so critically stupid that your expectations are little more than delusion and fantasy means:    YOU have created an image that does not exist/ you have ceased to be real.  
Truth of course argues “here is my body/ I am real”.  However, the identity that exists as the comprehension of you, the essence of your expression in truth as yourself and not another is completely dependent upon the relationship you share with reality.  No reality means no truth in or of yourself/ even if the body proves you are here in time; it does not prove you are here as life.  Life requires truth, truth alone conceives and establishes life.  So if your existence in time is essentially a lie/ then your reality in time is an expectation in images that do not exist.  The reflection of that image is then used to conjure up an environmental behavior pattern, and life becomes the essence of your expectations.  Where expectations are all tainted with lies, innuendo about a foolish and blind focus on “one little thing/ or one person or event”: the world closes in, and you become trapped in the delusion that you created within yourself.
The fundamental question of this elaborate definition used to discourage and hide from the truth, is simply:    WHY do people do this? 

The simple answer is:   people WANT, and pride tempts!  In a more elaborate system of checks and balances defining behaviors within the levels of a decision made, the answer is more complex.   The four levels of decision influencing why, are again:   to learn, to change, to do,  or to be.  Taken apart, each of them requires the decision   “To”/ and the influence of to is essential defined by participation: the question is then do you desire participation in learning/   changing/   doing/   or being something or someone which you see as a truth that can be applied to you.  First analysis is within the form of a relationship assigned by the simple concept following participation which asks “to participate with who”?  Second analysis understand the question of how is fundamentally necessary.  Third analysis relates the question of when, as a critical distinction between “thoughts relating to an activity or action/ and the consummate truth that is the reality of that action or reaction”.  Fourth analysis is where does this begin? 
Examination of why, reveals that change requires a decision; learning says, that every decision has a consequence; doing says every consequence brings with it a reality;   and to be someone or something requires your acceptance of that truth.  These are the four barriers, boundaries, or walls that enclose free will.  Those who will escape these boundaries form an alliance with truth and make the decision by paying its price.  Those who do not escape, but are found drowning in pride, power, lust, addiction, and much more are all guilty of refusing these decisions and looking either to fantasy or delusion or hiding to take the price away;   “And then declare themselves free”.  Free will is then conceived by the essence of a choice/ but it is not free, change, learning, doing, or being all have a price.  Lies are used to declare “I am free”/ when in fact they are the chains of entrapment, created by their own delusion, fantasy, or images in time. 

Analysis of the exceptional demand, that is:   “free, without a cost to me/ regardless of what I ask”.  Is understood to be, an expectation created by life itself;   “I am given this much/ why not much more”!  “They are given more/ why not me too”!  And broken down into parts and pieces, the whine is:   “We are lazy”.  The question is why?  The answer is selfishness, as reality asserts you have enough, why don’t you use that/ and humanity replies “because I WANT more/ and I WANT TO WIN this game”.   Neither of these requests is about life, honor, respect, or the assembly of thought/ instead, want and pride clearly deform human existence into the essence and elements of a game, and “they want”;   therefore the purpose of the game is to accumulate trophies, “I won”.    Regardless of life, regardless of cost, regardless of love;   the human demand is “let me be god”:  Damn it!  The purpose then, is to remove humanity and be something else.  As is true in america today, the functioning demand of “lets be free/ let the children pay; the fundamental method is:   lets all join together and LIE, STEAL, AND CHEAT”.   We can all live like kings and queens that way “different”.  But of course lies die, happiness with it because it was stolen from the future, and the children are facing homelessness because you chose to sell your future and theirs by cheating.  Reality is not a fool/ reality will come, and every intent to avoid it makes you the fool.

The elemental reason people choose to be fools, is the simple fact that they do not want to pay for their lives/ not their wants/ not their sex/ essentially not anything of value.  Instead the tantrums, the whining, the “dirty diapers”, and the constant temptations “I am crying, give me what I want”;   all end in the fundamental truth that you must grow up.  Of course when people do not grow up, then they accumulate tragedy and starve, kill their environment, nature, and go to war:   blaming god of course, or begging “why me/ at least save just me”.  Life is not free/ life is a precious reality paid for by the elemental assurance of your honor, truth, love, respect, discipline, courage, and acceptance of reality.   Without these life dies.  But each of these has a price, and human behaviors say “we don’t want to, because we won’t share, and we don’t care.”  People argue “I do too”/ but as investigation will prove, the reality is in your ways, the evidence of your lives, and the purpose of your heart:   you ready to be judged?  Judgment applies perfection/ are you perfect?  But judgment is actually only for the proud, they want to make life a game/ life will say to them, then you must have followed the rules perfectly, or you lose.  Good luck with that.

The most critical question of human existence is why do you not care/ why will you not share/ why do you want a game instead of reality?  The answer is simply;   because “then you can skip school”, and play.  Here imagination enters in, as a substitute for reality and learning, to tempt people into believing that they can create a world that needs no real education; but is, whatever they want life to be.  Some will argue, “that this is what I have done, with regard to statements of a spiritual woman from Revelation 12 inside”.  But I will insist in very simple terms, that an education proves the validity of an experience/ the truth defined by  that education proves the power of that schooling to generate reality.  Here is a game for you to play:   recently in a large store, every woman that came into view was vividly and distinctly naked with details,  to me “kind of like x-ray vision if you will/ but as a reality my mind knows what every little bump and curve or form looks like without the clothes, including variations; and that allows the translation to exist”.  Couldn’t stop it/ not a titillating experience/ not sexual connotations/ just naked:   for me like standing in the middle of an army where this was the uniform, and I didn’t belong.  Not a good feeling, but they were not organized/ no attention paid, consequently neither friend “can trust you”/ nor enemy (can’t trust you) therefore not a threat/ but a caution.  A side effect has been I am more aware of my own body and its feelings now: don’t know why, but I suspect vulnerability. Men are not particularly aware of body, because it is better to ignore it, war demands it.  On the opposite side of this experience is the very common experience among many of believing they can spend their credit any way they want, “apparently without believing there will be consequences”.     What is more real?  
The question why, is a search/ the consequence of a journey within that search is a decision to allow reality to seek its own truth.  The acceptance of a journey does not allow you to control it. 

There are developmental alliances that transform the inter-relationships of who, what, when, where;   and bring you how.  The solicitation of how, summons the desires and purposes of heart and mind and soul.  Together they explain the variables of life, work, and harmony.  Or they are regulated with the purposes of pride, power, selfishness, hate, greed, lust,  or want;  etc/ to become nothing more than how do we lie, how do we steal, why not kill, and who cares if we cheat so long as we don’t pay.  The developmental acceptance of honor and discipline work for life/ the fundamental rejection of justice, fair play, or equality identify the desire to hate and work for failure to  become fool.  So the question of why searches for the differences in human decision, and pry’s at the door of who do you desire to be?  The answer is defined through the meanings that have been given to your life; among the various realities are: I am for love/ I am for life/ I am for happiness/ I am for peace, justice, fair play, and equality for all/ I am for family and friend, and home, and all life.  However the alternate reality exists as well, producing the efforts described as:   I am for hate/ I am for pride/ I am for want and consumption and destruction/ I am for revenge and violence and rage/ I am for power, and authority, and lust through the introduction of MY controls; and so on.  These things produce two distinct environments, thereby are levels that ascend or descend into the variations that humanity chooses for itself.  The question comes what do they do this for?  The answer returns as:   within creation are the two distinct realities of time, they are light and shadow.  Those who wish to be seen on the inside do the things that reveal love, honesty, truth, and life on the inside;   they are not a product of things hidden within or from without/ these are the truth of an identity living in the existence of heart and soul.  Those who wish to be seen only on the outside, work for pride, power, want, and selfishness, depending upon lies to shadow the truth of why the exist; hiding from people on the inside so the reasons they are friendly “sneaking, gossiping, stealing, and corrupting cannot be known”.  The people of this darkness run away from being revealed as the life they actually live on the inside/ they hide from the reflection of insanity and death, destruction, manipulation, control, or temptation by deceit they do choose. Darkness runs to control, authority, and manipulation/ life runs to justice, education through truth, and the law. Can’t be both, “its one or the other”.

The fundamental question of a search that asks what is law, what is truth, and what is justice; critically examines the reality around us to conceive of hope, to investigate happiness, honor, honesty, discipline and more:   and learns that life is intricately woven within the structures that give us an identity through respect.  Respect is the functional existence of a teacher, who can be trusted, and who will be correct.  Respect is the foundation upon which we look into the future and see the elemental consequences of what every action and reaction will devise.  Respect does not judge, instead it learns or allows to learn all who will be a student/ rather than a fool.  The alternate side of a people who choose not the law, find lies to be their choice, and steal or cheat or destroy rather than live in peace or harmony; find their solace in making you do their work/ living a lie, by pretending to care, so you will give them your love and blessings/ and work only to plot and plan how best can they take what belongs to you or life away.  These are commonly temptations, always lies are included, the manipulation of arrogance and pride make life a game/ and of course they change the rules, expecting revenge, but understanding “they can be more violent than you”.  So they say.

Here the level of choice, that exacts a decision from each person is seen as:   just how much will you pay, “to hate your neighbor, so to speak”.  Thereby creating the where do you stand in this reality of life; measured and measuring; or with life?  This is not a choice confronting people of life/ this is only a choice that lives in the humanity of people without honor.  No respect means “you can be judged worthless”/ after that, it doesn’t matter what happens to you “you are garbage” literally, to them.  The fundamental ladder of indifference then walks the people of hate, down into death.  Life allows an ascension in true and honest repentance through and within respect, honesty, and the disciplines necessary for honor;   IF YOU have found this/ but only   GOD    Decides if mercy will be granted.  Below a certain level, only    GOD    Can pull you back.  Focus arises in this level of reality, wherein the face is seen to dissolve of all compassion or restraint, thereby focusing on hate, violence, or revenge/ or if repentant, focus is created to look past all that is bad/ and search only for   GOD.   At all other levels of this decision the measurements are taken, and life is judged by each one, to be worthless, useful, or even god-like if you are particularly stupid.
When people apply judgment to the lives of others, they then become judged themselves.  It is a simple relationship with reality; you chose this for them/ surely you would ask, “ the same be applied to you”:   isn’t that so?  But it is a common human malady, that people love the “middle of the road”/ or more correctly, they race from one side to the other, pretending not to get caught.  Or more simply “they WANT to do whatever enters their mind/ and not pay a penalty for it”.  So they run to one side/ then change their mind and hide on the other side; believing “the insurance dues at church or mosque or synagogue/ whatever”   Will take care of the problem.  It does not!  Life is not a game/ there are no points for good behavior to erase the bad:   either you choose love, life, respect, honor, and the rest for yourself/   OR YOU don’t.  Its one or the other/ you cannot/ you are not,   “Both”.

So the issues of how do we do whatever we want/ without penalties is actually irrelevant/ THIS CANNOT be done.  Want is an enemy, leading you to selfishness and all its hate for life on earth.  The alternate issue of how do we learn to live a life worthy of this creation, even this world: and the answer is “care, share, love, respect, choose justice, exist with honor, be honest, allow discipline to lead, accept equality, understand courage is little more than your acceptance of death as a fact of your life; and more. 

The issues or questions of focus itself, understand that fundamental realities need our focus to keep discipline and respect within our quest to find knowledge, and search for truth.  Focus itself has an honorable place in life, it is a tool/ but it is not life.  Life begins in the recognition of creation as a blessing within respect/ but then expands beyond ourselves in the journey that must be made to find love and express our own identity as happiness and hope.  A bad focus is like a number of the safety devices diplomas require on tools/ many times these “so-called safety devices” remove the concentration and ability to focus on the work/ THEREBY making it unsafe/ because the fucking safety devices interfere so badly they require attention away from the dangerous activity and on the stupid and the ignorant.  The intent is correct/ the reality is wrong, and in fact many times does the exact opposite of what is intended.  Such is the way of most human focus;   mind on one thing/ reality is something else entirely/ because “common sense” did not lead you to understanding the need. Millions of things wrong, just because the focus is on one small purpose; which lacks the sense of a worm, because everything surrounding that purpose and its application is completely ignored.  We do not live in a vacuum/ what you do impacts countless other things.  It is a fool, that forgets that.  Decisions are made to mutilate nature, believing “we can do this”/ when in fact, genetic failure is close by; and there is nothing we can do if nature suddenly decides to die.  When you gamble with everything/ then it is everything you stand to lose.  But not to worry, here in america the focus on greed and money and power and wealth is so intense;   they don’t even know they are about to die/ can’t comprehend about to starve/ not a clue “can’t live without the ocean or water”/ and actually believe that weapons of mass destruction are their saviors:    A nation of fools’/ without a doubt.   Because everything important is cast aside/ and money is all that matters. Because even the money is a boiling mass of greed and failure; and they are preparing for war within themselves/ instead of facing the truth, and beginning again.  Not to worry though “they got guns”/ who the hell is going to stop an army of fools?  Not the police; and well the army is busy, so it will be too late for them to intervene:   welcome, to the world of threats/ or so shall it be soon.   Can’t be, not in america?  Well lets review: currently instead of truth, your government is trying to give all the rich people/ “all the money left in the middle classes”; who do you think is going to bail out “everybody”?  It ain’t the rich/ can’t be the poor; they are just slaves.  That means the only ones left to steal from, is what’s left of the middle class.  By moving to “just a few big businesses”/ the power and pride to run the games of government belong only to a few; and they do own the media in every location.  Don’t want to go along/ then out the door with you: and we will black-list you as well.  Extortion works in many forms you know/ as well as prostitution; want your job don’t you?   Can’t happen?  Really, what about in a depression where every job is fought for/ and everybody with money is treated “like a god/ or more correctly most, like a devil”.  Got laws;   alas the policeman wants his job and so does the judge/ can’t get a judge, wait and see; happens all over this world.  Soon the balance of power will shift from democracy the possibility of “WE THE PEOPLE”/   into the hands of those with money and power only.  That will bring out guns, and before you are ready; civil war will come.  Been abused long enough/ don’t care.  Got good guns too!

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