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Friday, 17 April 2009

In our reality as time on this earth, the consequence of our existence is: that men have led us into a quagmire of future misery.  One day soon, without change, you will wake up knowing that you are dead/ even though you live and breathe.  You WILL soon wake up, and say “where did everything go”? The answer is: YOU INTENTIONALLY THREW IT ALL AWAY; didn’t care/ didn’t give a damn/ proved how superior you were, because you could; and the worms cheered. They will be waiting for you. That said, because of all that will besiege our lives in the very near future.

You have nano-technology, “a reality of things so small, that they cannot only interfere with genetic structure, they will inhabit genetic structure in ways that cannot be undone/ causing inescapable mutilations without end.  You have countless physics experiments, without the slightest possibility of helping life/ and every potential of destroying our existence/ because they play with energies like toys.  And have the comprehension of a worm/ like monkeys given control of a nuclear power plant, they will destroy the earth; or you will stop them.  It is a very long list, of no food, no hope, and no possibility to survive;   which will then bring war, weapons of mass destruction, cannibalism, and other horrific tragedy; all because.  You don’t care enough about your life or this earth, to protect it.  Every threat is entirely man-made, except for the volcano under Yellowstone/ except for the land mass capable of wiping out the eastern seaboard of the USA.  And these can be dealt with, if you simply do the work.  But you are too proud/ too hateful to care/ too “I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,,,,,,,,etc; just listen to yourselves”.  Too proud to choose life, protect life, desire life; instead you worship want, and demand to play “king or queen of the hill/ shoving all aside, even killing each other to prove you are the superior one”.  A game of fools, and failure. Shame on you.
Even so, I will educate you until the point of no return/ because life is too important not to do so.  Or until your pride is simple too much to bear/ I cannot keep you from committing suicide.  That said, the reality of change in society itself, is aided significantly by the removal of all power and possibility of pride in every form of  government.  Freedom is necessary, respect is mandatory, and neither can survive and thrive where power or pride does rule. Consequently the need for change includes the reduction of all “large entities”/ into much smaller, viable, and for the people true enterprises that take power and pride away.  People will say, “these big corporations/ government/ etc” are our blessing: look what they did for us/ “we got pensions (all gone now)/ we got paid vacations (the only cost is being a machine yourself)/ we got healthcare (not for much longer)/ we got control over management (until they move overseas, but be realistic; do they really share with you/ or just lie)/ got it damn well better than the little companies with peons working for nothing: so you admit to making them your slaves, and liking it. To hell with them/ ain’t that right; got my own damn troubles: SHIT ON THEM.   “Ain’t that so”?  So, reality knows you grow your own hate/ establish the recipes for violence, from your own greed/ and destroy your own nation from within:   “Ain’t you special/ oh wait, you insist on superior;   don’t you”.

Life in the future will be chosen because this is a benefit to all of society, and environment, and life; nothing more, but nothing less.  Of these basic changes, are the simple understandings such as these>   taxes will be paid, because that as a group of people in society or community, is our way of paying for the things that benefit us all.  But “THE IRS” will be changed, into community organizations that apply and bid for the job; are elected periodically/ and then do the work for their own community.   What is a tax on income will be paid as you desire.  What is a tax on business and industry will be paid as you desire it/ with the exception of deductions: these will be driven by the various deductions claimed and solidified as necessary across the nation/ compared/ and then established by the truth of what is necessary for this type of business to have.  Every income for any business shall be public information/ every type of income shall be defined according to a need, created by possessions.  Somebody says “it ain’t possible with his income/ means you will be investigated; by your local community: whosoever can prove a liar/ wins 4 times what was stolen from us all.  Payable by the thief.  Not only does this give control to the community, it fundamentally watches over those who are criminal, and gives a reward to the people who actually deal with this threat for community.  It is a benefit to all/ and erases every disgrace the current IRS creates. Limited income, and limited possessions (so that all have an equal chance/ to attain as they desire) means more freedom for all. Greed is just a pig, and needs nothing but slop to survive; there is no purpose in giving them more, less would be best. Greed has built nothing but tragedy, from the beginning/ and is a deliberate acceptance of hate, by the intent to prove superior “to you”.

There is a need for rules in building codes, that all may understand basic relationships that have been proven to be useful or necessary. But control beyond the simple meanings of “that is not strong enough/ or that is not safe enough/ or that is particularly unwise because these things will fail” is not necessary; and the need to intervene is minimal in individual space/ whereas the bigger the project, the more supervision required:   but that is hired, and needs only minimal supervision from government. The end result of these things is a very simple:   help me succeed and do better than I can do for myself/ DO NOT CONTROL ME.  And the world, becomes a friendly place/ instead of the constant confrontation that is men.
The essential environment that is a need to work, is also a right to work/ I am just as alive as you, I have the same needs for survival as you, I have rights that do not include “you don’t care”:   which means we all deserve a job at fair pay (can live on this, and be ok).  Deserve a job, does not mean “do nothing and get paid”/ deserve a job means:   you are doing what society needs or chooses to be done, and deserve pay.  The fact is, that with machines we have more workers than is necessary/ therefore adjustments shall be made for children.  If you are fair with each other, a happy and pleasant reality will be achieved. No more tight schedules because of money in construction: to hell with the interest, or penalties/ the job will progress as it is realistic and fair, for the work to be done.  The factory will be worker friendly.  And so on/ because the future is not built on the race for money and control.  The future is built upon an education that includes life is first/ not money. Men search for money, because control of the property with weapons by others;  eliminates the possibility for work, life, and happiness.  Therefore the real question is how to control men/ because until you do, the search for life first cannot succeed.

The second reality that is confronted, is the simple fact/ that when over-population arises, resources die, because humanity cannot resist taking “the very last one”/ therefore they destroy and must move on.  But today, that is over/ because there is essentially no where left to go.  We live on about one acre of ground apiece/ without controlling population, there is no future, not for anyone;   only cannibalism. Won’t be anything else: these are competitors for the last little bit of water, or air, or anything else that life must have.
So now we have two factors that are fundamental to change, and survival:   that resources must be protected/ we cannot live without them!  And men must be stopped from trying to control the others/ and demonstrate power and pride over humanity.  The issues of resources, demand that fundamentally we must all recognize, that what the earth has provided for life here, critically: “belongs to us all”.  In other words you cannot use this, cannot destroy this, cannot take control of this:   unless we all agree by vote how this shall be done/ and how we shall protect the future, when we do use these things.  This is a simple process of recognizing reality, and working to be efficient/ not using anything more than is necessary (including if “this one will do/ then save what is better for someplace else”). And recycling everything you use.  Choosing to make what does not harm/ choosing life instead of money, and turning away from all the pitiful examples of stupidity that exist today.  Not so hard, learn a little/ insulate a lot/ choose wisely.  All done.

The second one, wherein men are contained from being aggressive, and taking control from the lives of others, “so they can have slaves for themselves”;    Is much harder.  The simple truth is, as is seen in the desire for riches/ too many of those called a human male, are a very selfish disgrace.  Don’t care/ don’t want to care/ don’t give a damn/ don’t need no damn education, got my gun/ don’t want to share/ don’t live to be fair, just worship power, pride, want, and lust; in that order, for most.  So basically the critical issue is separating those with such hate inside that they cannot possibly fit into a kind and peaceful society.  By letting reality and truth establish, WHO will surrender their hate/ and who will not.  Hate and pride go hand in hand/ women have an excellent opportunity to define who hates during sexual encounters/ tantrums and rage are the same thing, only in different levels: HATE IS IDENTIFIABLE.  And you can find it.  Those lost to hate, are removed from society by whatever means you describe for yourselves; to another place/ to a prison/ to death; it is your choice; but do understand if you judge each other, you will fail completely.  Only truth can decide/ only the consequence of removal can come when all mercy is over/ only happiness can exist as a society, when hate is removed.  Hate does not work well together/ hate can be controlled. Women hate too/ and those who refuse to surrender it/ do deserve the same punishment as men; put them together as one.

The constant, that is observable in men is: they want women in their lives. The failure of very many men, is the fact women reject them; or they reject the women that are available to them.  Either way, this is a reality that women MUST deal with as a need to solve.  Because without balance, men make bad decisions/ with lasting effects.  As women, YOU MUST find a way to establish lasting relationships for the vast majority, that will not fade or walk away for life. It is your decision, as men did the best they could/ and life is not the best it can be.  The current reality of women however, has been led by the media in every conceivable way:   to be less than they are.  The consequence is:   men are becoming less than they can be/ and all of society suffers.  Women are the balance of and for life on earth/ if you do not lead to happiness, honor, honesty, and life in peace and harmony: then the world is lost.  That is your job, and as women;   you are failing.

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