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Friday, 17 April 2009

The foundations of environment are fundamental to life itself/ we do not exist, without an environment to sustain us as life in time, or life as an existence in reality. Therefrom what we do to that environment that is our life blood, just as much as air, or body, or a heartbeat, etc is VERY important to survival.  Let there be no delusions, or fantasy as is consistent with university, government, science, or male behaviors: such as is greed, power, and gluttony are no longer acceptable:   reality is truth.  And that reality is either true and significant change, or death.  There can be no change/ if those who created the current reality are not replaced.  It is men, who have built the current reality as outlined below.  A simple fact/ an undeniable reality.

The truth is, the behaviors of men have inundated our environment with all manner of threats that will cause extinction.  For the sake of air-conditioning, the ozone layer has been crippled: that which protects us from the deadly ultra-violet rays of fusion in progress.  For the sake of heat in countless applications of “I don’t want/ and I do want/ and I will take”:   the resultant climate change threatens to remove us from this earth by drought, starvation, sea level rise, increased heat stress to all life, etc/ and the result called war that is sure to follow.  For the sake of food “just to throw away/and gloat; look at me”, the ocean is near extermination; because the money is more important to you than life itself.  For the sake of power and especially PRIDE, weapons of mass destruction exist from one end of this earth to another, with just a few needed to make you extinct;   20 minutes and your dead / or a dying world.  For the sake of money, you spend your antibiotics to produce extreme realities in disease/ waiting for a pandemic, crying and whining “don’t take me”; but all the while demanding to do what you know is creating the reality itself/ in effect designing your own deaths, by feeding livestock in ways that cannot be sustained.  Your science threatens you from all sides at once.  Your genetics threaten literally to turn your own bodies into slime, and your food supplies in everything from plants to animals to fish; into nothing more than garbage that you will not be able to eat.  Your medicine contributes only to an increase in population, so massive;   that war is the only solution/ unless you obey the rule of law that says:   we cannot do this/ and it is literally, and only the choice of women; NO men allowed.

For the sake of ease, ridicule, and failure you turn to power, and worship the disease of people who are liars, fools, and ignorant prostitutes, selling their souls;   to the pursuit of hiding from truth, and running away from reality;   and you not only join them, but parade and command them “to do more”.  You hide in lies/ you worship failure, and the disease of delusion and fantasy/ and you run away from discipline, duty, and responsibilities;   all because you don’t desire life enough to protect it first.  Your law is a joke, your police little more than commandos intent upon “herding livestock”, your government a useless branch of sewage that turns away from every important issue of life or death/ to pretend it doesn’t matter, and run away.  Your media is a discipline of greed, a source of propaganda and delusion, facing some issues; but always concerned with the money/ and always defined by what the editors/ owners, decide the people will hear.  Got an “ice cream social for the elderly/ top news”.  Got a disgrace in bloodshed and fear; better news.  Got a need to know, disciplined relationship between life or death;    “Might cost money, power, or pride/ hell no”.  You are facing what has been chosen by you, by the men who lead you into their fantasy and delusion and failures of life;   and ANY conceptual understanding of the evidence, and base knowledge in life can be prophetic about the end result.  It is not hidden, reality “is real”.
You have attacked the water.  You are losing the race against survival on all fronts with food supplies; having emptied the ocean, chosen to consume the land for non-food purposes, population explosion, and soon the inevitable consequences of genetic mutilation (how can you believe genetic crucifixion by men in charge of nature would not turn out badly;   what fucking planet do you think you came from.  Cause reality says, your mind ran away from this one: SHAME ON YOU.   Pray you escape “DAMN FOOL”)!  And this is only the beginning.
Not to worry though, “your religions, are going to save you; aren’t they”?  Hell, just follow the rules/ do what your told/ believe whatever the rulers have to tell you; and you can just ride their coattails “to heaven”.  Right?
Well, of course there are those who don’t believe in religion;   so they can be your terrorists.  In a world of 7 billion people all struggling to survive:   they will help you destroy, mangle, abuse, and torture every possibility of sustaining the lives and chains required for life that are necessary to survive.  Hell, so what they contaminate a big part of the world with their disgrace, disrespect, and violence/ it just means more will come to crowd in with you.  What could be wrong with that?

There is the majority of course;   paying their little insurance policies in one form or the other.  Going to buy their way into eternity/ or dig their way into survival by pretending they can escape the world, and the consequences of other men and women.   Sure you can, weapons of mass destruction/ disease and pandemic spread/ biological and chemical contamination of every place on earth/ the loss of climate or atmosphere; hell that can’t affect you.  “You will go hunting and fishing” right!  Even though, in america if all the game were killed, it wouldn’t feed humanity for a month.  The loss of aquifers, simply means the rivers go dry.  But you can go to war, right!  Alas, at a population growth rate of 2 million people each and every week/ its not going to happen.  That leaves cannibalism, and who has the most ammunition.  “Good luck with that, I know, you can drink blood instead of water.  Oh shit, need water to keep bodies alive to eat.”  Not to worry “you got a gun”.
With all the fires, within a decade oxygen content of air, is likely to be notably diminished.  The biosphere research proves what will come/ but you don’t need to worry, slash and burn to your hearts content, after all “its just money/ who gives a damn about life or trees or forests or things beyond you”?   Who?  Certainly not you, isn’t that so.  The path of the dead, is an ever closing focus on self.  Isn’t that you?  Isn’t that the purpose of university “just one little thing”.  The reason it is called “the path of the dead”/ is because these share nothing with life, only selfishness is important.  The path of life expands constantly beyond self, to include everything of life and environment, thereby recognizing the importance and reality of all that contribute to existence, and make this place “alive”.   Certainly not you/ right.   You got money to get/ you got power and plans to manipulate into control/ you got a purpose to be god, and a desire to make others slave, make them obey and serve you: don’t you.

The primary foundation of male human failure, is the money: or more clearly “look at me, I GOT power, pride, and selfishness”!  But the secondary and incendiary reality is: if they don’t fight for the money, some other bastard hiding around the corner WILL try to make them a slave, steal, or even kill to get “control” from them.  Therefore understand this well: that life or death is not dependent upon “male or female”/ but the honor that will become your world.  Define it, create it, live the honor required of you, and life in happiness, will be your reward.  The reality of women is;    That in many ways their world has been limited and controlled by children/ with for much of the world, no opportunities to say no.  The question of a population explosion is then more about men, than it is about the women who have children.  The issues to be addressed, are then what to do about the men/ how to help the women conceive of a different life.  Because without population control, there will be no more human race.  The disease and disaster of so many deaths as will be brought upon this world by war; will kill all that are left un-mangled.  The insanity of that time, will destroy anything that breathes.

In fantasy, delusion, and denial, men have avoided every single reality that mattered;   and brought life on earth to the gates of hell and Armageddon (nature in chaos).  In absolute fear and failure, they built and worship as gods “that will save them”/ the weapons that will bring their souls to HADES instead.   In absolute disgrace and disrespect for every life on earth, they have prepared science;   “To kill you, before the war”/ that way they can declare “not my fault”.  In the putrid disobedience to life and truth, they have denied every evidence of reality and proposed evolution as your god;   and how many did not fall into this pit of worthless delusion and disease. And to what do they attribute their success, in bringing the world to “satan”/ selling your souls to hades?   Its called the university, whereby nothing in humanity gets past the words of a few who control your thoughts/ the GREEDY who control your work/ the POWERFUL who demand you will crucify this world/ and your own WANT, wherein you the people become “devils unto yourself” casting aside friendship, love, life, hope, courage, and disciplines:   to fight for PRIDE, and worship POWER for yourselves.  SHAME ON YOU!
The games are over.  The reality a very simple, either you stop killing this world/ or you die.  Simple as that.

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