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Friday, 17 April 2009

In critical discussions, there are these.

The reality is: that nothing can be done about healthcare, UNLESS the doctors, dentists, etc and other medical business and industry take BIG cuts in pay; they have been raping and ravaging the public for years/ its their turn now!  New doctors, once this is implemented shall have their student debts replaced with a work period, at a location to be bid upon by those in need.  The university professors, and various other university business or management entities SHALL be told what they will earn/ should they quit in protest, revoke their citizenship and replace them with those who can teach, rather than thieves, liars, and extortionists. The opportunity to extort, rape, and ravage at will, is over.  These things are necessary to establish a new method of doing business in medicine/ as indicated elsewhere, the appropriate method of healthcare expenditure is a percentage of wealth and income, based upon your need.  NOT forever/ but a percentage as will be voted upon for one year, and done. There WILL be limits voted upon with restrictions for some/ reality for others: the answer is NO, you shall not have this treatment.  YOU will decide.

Medicare belongs to the children/ NOT TO “the almost dead”.  Turn it around, and take care of the next generation.  Social security is a product of what YOU DID DO, for us.  Accordingly that amount is indicated and fair, dependent upon what the economy is doing for us all, when you retire: a percentage of GNP and no more.  Let the elderly decide by vote for themselves, who shall get what;   but all must get a minimum as is necessary for base level survival. You have no social securities left/ you spent them all, selling your children and grand-children for luxuries and nothing.  SHAME on you.
The military is a development of 3 distinct entities: the cowards that send them to war, and then wave flags in support/ its all you get.   The middle and lower income citizens who sacrifice their time and their reality in a hope for a better world, that is never bought at the barrel of a gun.  And when real trouble erupts as in world war 2, they bear the burden of this reality.  And then there is the rich, who see a profit in everything, counting dollars instead of lives.  You are clearly about to see tragedy unfold in Afghanistan/ you will surely see tragedy return in worse concentrations than when Hussein ruled as soon as the military leave:   because NOTHING has been done in regards to LAW, and justice, and hope for the people.  That leaves them vulnerable to weapons and hate, because none can be trusted to help.  In Afghanistan, IT IS NECESSARY to draw back to where the peoples are, and give them aid and comfort, taking in every local that needs protection by giving them work in some form until this crisis of failure is over.  Let the rebels congregate within the borders/ the more concentrated they are, the easier they will die.

The elemental need for work, is fundamentally corrected in a time of crisis by participating in what needs to be done for society/ that need is the repair, and redistribution of all that has been done by greed, power, and pride. There are countless things, some have been outlined herein. Among them are the demands to reduce energy consumption; to facilitate that the addition of inner walls to establish greater insulation/ alterations in furnace, reductions in air conditioning, limiting excessive heat or cold to minimal spaces, and so on.  Recycling is a requirement of this   life.   Do it for real/ make it pay to the average person, and do pay for all garbage pickup as a nation, so that no trash or illegal dumping shall occur anywhere in this nation.  Use a clothes line/ do less wash, stop using antibacterial soaps, etc. It matters, what over 300 million people do, personally/ every single day, of every single year, for decades.
There are a variety of new methods and things that can be done for energy, NOT nuclear power/ NOT more coal/ more efficient, less usage by making individuals responsible for the energy they use:   in other words, if you are a single individual and use less than the average amount of energy per person/ based upon how many are in the house: then you have energy to resale, to those who consume too much; and a market shall ensue.  In terms of commercial buildings, they will be allocated so much energy per square foot of space to be heated, should they go over, the price will multiply by how much more they use;   double the energy is double the price, for all of it.  Industry uses a dedicated amount of energy for specific processes, and must have what they need, so long as efficiency standards are held.  However, much of the heat in particular is simply wasted because it can be collected and reused/ therefore any business that can be successfully incorporated to use that waste energy/ gets it for their cost of recovery; the industry gets nothing, makes allowances that are realistic, and serves the community as best they can. [you don’t get to be in the way/ you get to use equipment that will collect energy in realistic and useful ways.]

transportation is a panacea in this country; “bored, can’t stand your life, unhappy; whatever it is:   take a drive”.  No more!  Learn to deal with your life, and your situation/ or change it.  Happiness is not a life behind the wheel of a car/ if it is, then get a job as a driver.  No more long commutes to work; penalties to any business that does not employ people within ten miles, or ten minutes city driving, from their place of employment/ when that employment is a specific site. The longer they drive/ the more it will cost you to employ them. I suggest you look for businesses to sustain rural america.  The very first change in rural america is:   if you don’t do the real farming/ you don’t control the land.  This is food for the world, and either you are literally working the land/ or you don’t belong anymore.  There will be limits on income for all/ and there will be limits on the ownership of property for all; dependent upon the area.  What is fair to all the people in N. Dakota/ is not fair for New York City.  By vote, in appropriate venues, the people will decide how much one person shall control:   its called WE THE PEOPLE.
THE ENTIRE court system NEEDS an overhaul/ laws and all.  The entire government NEEDS an overhaul, it no longer functions; greed controls it all.  The entire education system needs to be for the student/ not the piss-head bastard’s of stupidity. You have had your day, GET OUT.  Men are literally responsible for today “do you see many others”/ and they failed.  Time for women to try.

The absolute failure of leadership and media and university without doubt or question that led to the avalanche of temptations and manipulations that produced the debt in America/ instead of leading the people to balance their lives with their reality, and working to improve upon that reality for the sake of every american and citizen of this world: is nothing less than evil.  The absolute failure of leadership and media, and university that has become the absolute rape and destruction of every aspect of environment/ critical destruction to every resource regardless what it is: all for nothing more than money, “a fools’ disgrace/ because life is worth far more than money.”  The absolute disgrace and failure in every aspect of science that now threatens not only the world, and every life form within it in countless ways, but exists as the crucifixion of genetic disciplines as well:   fulling working and intending to destroy life from this earth by horrendous reality; is nothing less than satanic.  SHAME ON YOU.

The composition of economic life in any society is very simple: do what you can to keep your life free/ or someone, particularly men with power, pride, or money;   WILL be trying to steal anything that you have not protected.  Just how it is. To redefine life in society, the reality is that change must be made/ that does not begin with a 700 billion dollar handout to fools’ failures, and grievously stupid & insane individuals in the financial district who have sought to make the entire nation their slaves.  What could be more stupid?  Regardless if they give this money away/ go get it back; take your money out of the bank, shut it down/ go bankrupt as a nation,  go to court and decide how to be fair.  Remembering   there must be limits to an income and property and control/ OR you will fail, and life will return to injustice and disgrace; just before you die as a world.  Start over by establishing a distinct number to be used as money/ and demand and vote and get:   only a national vote by the public themselves can make this more or less.  Money is a human thing/ therefore by head count, the numbers available for currency must be in accordance with the number of people.  Choose a number such as $20,000 per citizen, and then remember in the real world, if someone makes more than the average/ more people must make less income to give the first more. Be careful who you let have your money/ don’t borrow for anything that will not pay for itself.  Choose balance, and be respectful of your responsibility to take care of yourself. Let the  big banks fail/ then let their mortgages and such come to open public auction, and every person that can produce the highest bid gets the property.  BUT REMEMBER, there will be limits on how much property any person may hold; decide that first for yourselves/ and then auction the property.  Remember, the more you give just one person to hold/ the less there is for you to buy.  Numbers are nothing but numbers that is true/ but when it is translated by the expectation of money associated with the numbers; it is your life, because it is your time, effort and energy/ and the earths’ resources. The numbers of today are worthless, because there are so many it is completely ridiculous to consider them of any value at all. The dollar is, or more correctly, will be dead.

The foundation of society is:   that I belong/ therefore I have a right to the basic truths, happiness, and hopes just like everyone else. That means a job of value, at a fair pay is required/ and society will supply it to one and all;   by reducing hours or whatever it takes to conceive of and build a society that cares and shares with each other.  Happiness is the elemental state, of an acceptance with life and reality; of the basic truth that I can be, and have been accepted as a friend.       You cannot buy happiness/ it is only pride, power, or disgrace, and it ends quickly.  To choose against selfishness, and turn to building a society that benefits us all.  To design and build a lifestyle that is comfortable in honest terms for us all.  To create opportunities and education for us all;    Is the primary description of a happy society at peace within itself.  To achieve that hatred must be removed.  To achieve that the understanding necessary to recognize ALL ARE EQUAL, and you get nothing for a higher education, but the work you chose.  A job is a job, where the education is traded for work, specified at the beginning.  Being at the university, while others do your work to support you/ DOES NOT entitle you to more money.  You are training for a different job, because you asked for a different job, and that is your reward. The opportunity for an extended period “playing with people your own age, in a pleasant and friendly setting is more than enough pay”.

The foundation of every aggression is greed:   “I WANT MORE”!  The reality of every competition is, “someone has to lose here/ because there isn’t, or we won’t let there be: enough for us all”.  The end result is pride “winner/ you loser”.  The critical truth of human existence is where balance exists, the reality of human society is generally at peace and supplemented with harmony, because life is simple and easy.  When this happens however, men in particular look for ways to achieve superiority over the others/ because they WANT MORE/ they WANT to be WINNER.  And so games begin, and trophies are declared, and people are made to feel like losers; being ridiculed/ humiliated/ left out and overrun/ etc.  All because some men especially are devoid of honesty, honor, and respect.  To fight for these things, the men feeling left out turn to games to prove “they can win too”.  And then the negotiations begin “separating into categories and so on/ so that their can be more winners & as a consequence more losers”.  It ends in a divided society, that gained nothing but hate and revenge for itself. These things are a disgrace.  Doesn’t mean you can’t play games for actual fun of the game, the opportunity to share in something together.  It’s the trophies that must go.
Learn to listen, learn to appreciate and respect each other:  as you never really know who will become important to your lives.  Take a look at me, “NOT what a single person among you would choose to believe is important: but I am providing the foundation for a new society, and you are in need”.  Same is true for countless others, in every position of life, regardless of what their current or past state of living has been.  Want an expert?  Take a look, everything you have today/ every failure/ every disease of stupidity and disgrace and ignorance and destruction:   was brought to you, by your experts.  From the tragedy of your business/ to government/ to the genetic mutilation of life itself;   are all from the mind of “the expert”:  SHAME ON THEM ALL.   Because men have set life on earth up, to be exterminated/ and if you don’t change quickly, that is exactly what is about to happen.
BUT IN BALANCE TO THAT, the opportunity to build a new world society, that cares and shares with each other in happiness; could not be more real. IT WILL be different/ IT WILL be led by women, who understand and accept what is true, seeking LIFE FIRST in all their decisions.    THIS IS YOUR CHANCE, to save this world/ fail and you die.    WORK FOR LIFE, and stop whining.

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