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Friday, 17 April 2009

One of the elements required to keep human society alive is

the foundations upon which we trade hour for hour/ life for life/ & time for time.  While this may sound simple enough, it is not/ simply because there are people who contribute more & people who fail to contribute anything of value at all.  There are lazy people/ and greedy people/ and aggressive people/ and people who are willing to lay down and die; etc.  So the variations in fact, of a society that lives; comes down to the basic elements of how do we deal fairly with each other, when so much discrepancy exists between those who successfully contribute to an economy or a society in peace/ and those who do nothing, or less?  The answer that is common to male leadership is an income scale, that divides up the potential resources between those who contribute to the working forces of society; the production of products, foods, and things for which people need or are willing to pay.  The greater the contribution to a working force of people in society, the greater the pay.
People applaud this as the “distinctly perfect way to achieve capitalism: the rich man’s road to wealth/ but it is also, the poor mans’ road to slavery”.  So then where is the middle ground that serves society well, protects all its people with a suitable and stable existence, and provides the base structure of interest that is so necessary in the participation of people, to do better or more than they must do to survive?

The answer is:    A foundation is the place wherein all who are anchored therein, understand this is stable, this is secured, and this will not change: therefore whatever work or effort or life is translated therein or thereby, is in fact a real and truthful gain for me, myself, as a life enforced on this earth.  The establishment of a foundation in human society is basically a stable money system that is NOT subject to fantasy or pretending:   this matters/ this is protected/ this will be punished, if you do not respect our rights, truths, and decisions.  The money is NOT a game/ as it is clearly today, nothing matters but the game.  55 trillion dollars in “credit defaults sold to thieves, playing the game of how long can we steal/ before we are caught.  And now, how much more can we take/ before people understand what swindler means.”  The answer is, not much.  55 trillion dollars, divided by every citizen=$183,000.00 per baby, prisoner, etc.  55 trillion dollars in bad debts of the american people  50 million workers/ per worker= one million one hundred thousand dollars to be paid off, per worker/ in addition to their own debts/ state debts/ federal debts and so on.  It is a fools’ game to try/ it is a swindle, to say this can be fixed without bankruptcy; because it cannot.  In economic terms, what went wrong is as simple as taking the money off the gold standard/ because that allowed for “play/ pretend money” without a single thing to keep it honest, honorable, or respected.  Beyond that, the money supply must be adjusted by the population count as per census/ and nothing more or less.  These two things keep the money stable.  Therefore these two simple things provide all the realistic regulations that are necessary/ apart from NO LYING/ NO CHEATING/ NO FRAUD/ AND NO STEALING: open, friendly for life and in pursuit of peace, clear & plain.  And a law can be written that easily, and must be.  Therefore if as a business you are trying to do these things/ once caught, the door to prison “opens wide/ and in you go”: punishment will range from taking everything you have or ever will have/ to death, where the criminal behavior is extreme.  We are not prey/ and you   will not be a predator/   or the consequences will be determined by law and punishment.  This is all the economic regulation required.

The foundation for business is not much different:   don’t steal/ don’t lie/ don’t cheat/ & don’t manipulate or control.  After that, it is a simple contractual demand to be fair.  Things that are not fair, include tempting people to give you their life information:   “ with the deception and criminal betrayal, of asking for personal information with a warranty card”:   this is stealing by lies, the people’s information do to the suggestion that they may not get warranty rights if they do not fill out the card.  It is not true/ you are entitled, and need not fill out any additional information. It is a criminal invasion of privacy/ because it invokes a potential penalty if you do not do it.  Things that are not fair, involve the concept:   I would rather people owe me money/ than not work at all;   thereby the manipulations come forth of “no payments or interest for years/ etc”.  These things present an unfair competition to all business, and all business must compete, thereby corrupting, or attempting to corrupt them all.  Either you can and will pay/ or you are not entitled to participate.  Things that are unfair: is credit that entraps and controls for the purpose of imprisoning for slavery; a constant with the credit card companies. Their intent is clearly and without compromise to make you their slaves/ and so they have.  The government employees, are guilty of treason in this: they sold millions of the lives of the american people, for bribes and trinkets. Sold the nation to ruin, just to be elected for pride and power and greed.  Things not fair, is the constant aggression of a competition that does nothing for the benefit of society/ but encroaches ever deeper into vulnerability and fraud of society itself.  As anything becomes bigger as a business/ it encroaches on society as something that is so big;   all of society, or community is affected by what it does.  Therefore humanity is vulnerable, my house/ my life/ my family/ my future;  is subject to the whim of a few corporate decisions.  That is unfair, people build a business, every business/ and they deserve an equal say with what that business does or does not do.  The fraud is: that money makes a difference.  The reality is, that money achieves the opportunity to make a difference, by presenting choices, and the expectation of freedoms.  But only if it is shared. Otherwise, money becomes a gateway to expressions in “minimal hell (these damn people are strangling me/ killing my life slowly)” for the majority, while giving everything valued, to a few.  The difference between the worker, and the boss or owner is very simple: the owner exists to keep the work moving, to stabilize society by becoming established as the person who “knows best, what direction we should go”. Truth indicates with honesty to those who study, what the future may hold, thereby allowing decisions to exist, that precedes the actual fact of a future reality to come: the owner boss is then expected and entrusted to work for the future, and define what these decisions are needed to be. That is his or her work.    While the worker, “knows best”/ the actual conditions and needs of the work itself, and can verify by doing that these things are either “good for us/ or bad, because reality teaches this as truth.  If both entities do their work well, the company profits/ if not, the company fails because people didn’t care enough; or want invaded as greed/ pride/ or power.

The foundation for a healthy society is then one where truth establishes itself as leader and friend.  The foundation for a healthy peaceful society, is where   people establish themselves within RESPECT for all that life and earth are.

Those who make gains for their personal life by contributing more to society/ deserve to keep their gains.  But understand this simply: that all money is time, effort, and the lives of other people given to you in exchange for what you already gave.  Anything that is wealth above the average, is a life that must be reduced in consumption and lengthened in time by those who are below the average income.  Over more simply:  every rich man or woman exists, literally: by the number of people that they made to accept being poor, or even working as slaves.  Where the government employees intervene, by giving the poor money/ they upset the natural balance of “I refuse to accept this anymore/ and reality comes to upset the rich man’s world too.”  And it does no good for anyone.  Instead of that, the correct method of business intervention is:   if you as a company worker make less than 10% more than the average worker in your community/ then you can     Safely organize/ unionize and protest for more money (the company will not be allowed to bring in others to break your strike):    BUT YOU WILL UNDERSTAND CLEARLY, IF YOU CAUSE THE COMPANY TO GO BROKE/ there is nothing left for you either.  Get more money by protest,  causing honest bankruptcy: and there will be NO unemployment compensation for you.  It was your decision/ and you failed, because of greed/ therefore the penalty is yours as well.  Open books are a demand/ and will be enforced by government employees.  But, for fairness: there will also be a community vote, that allows what you win by union bargaining to be sustained or not.  The community has a stake in its businesses, and thereby they too have a right and a reason to be interested in both sides:   and will determine a means of balance between employer and employee.  WHENEVER, the company management does not agree with the union representation within 2 weeks of talks/ it is the community that will vote on the eventual outcome between employer and employee: yes or no.  If no/ you go back to life at the original scale and terms for another year.  Don’t like it/ get a different job. Cause turmoil, during business hours, or on property;  after the community has spoken/ and you will be fired: in other words the decision is made, until 2 weeks prior to one year anniversary.
Things that are fair in government intervention, are not taking over business in any of its forms.  However the development and access to resources in all its various forms for the purpose of business and competition is fundamental to creating equal and fair opportunities for all.  Therefore all natural resources are subject to the understanding:   we the people have a say here.  We the people are the owners here, and we not only can/ but will prove that stewardship is required for you to operate on or use this environment that is ours. Not anything you want to do/ but distinctions that demand, taking care not to destroy what we value and protect.  Understanding the limit of possessions is dependent upon the people who are entitled to vote within your county, or state, or whatever is fair.  In other words: as a land owner, the people of your county can say NOT MORE THAN; giving them a chance to own as well as you.

Government is established for justice, equality, fair play, and protection of the people against all those who confront or attack them.  Government is entitled to anticipate the needs of the people, and prepare as best it can in advance of that need. Government is expected, to understand a need that is too great for a community to bear/ and support their efforts to rebuild: but with an emphasis on      Doing better/ so there won’t be a next time. Government is NOT entitled to tempt, manipulate, or control the people by offering gambling as a means to be wealthy: it is not.  If however the people themselves vote over 60% for gambling in some form or other/ then if provided by the state, that gambling will approximate a ten percent return for the state, and the rest will be returned to the people who gamble.  You get your money, BY TAXING their winnings. Up front/ no delusions, no hiding, no pretending it is something it is not: NO advertizing.  The state provides for the addict/ and their families at no charge to them.

 The consistent failure of government employees in all branches of discipline or honor/ the critical disrespect for life or people/ the absolute greed which controls every decision by graft or bribe or lust that is the government of this United States has little to do with creating a new or better society that functions for life.  A society for peace, understands the basic elements of survival are first: we must have oxygen to breathe {currently the amount of fire created by men/ coupled with the tragic loss of all large plant life (trees in particular) that provide that oxygen: means we are losing more oxygen than plants are creating.}   We must have water to drink, or we die quickly/ with endless war following the slightest real test of thirst.  Yet people are destroying underground water supplies/ using billions of gallons of water to create fuel ( to drive their cars to nowhere), wrecking thousands of years of water containment that cannot be replaced; and on and on.  We must have food to eat: yet people are destroying life in the ocean, and it will be gone literally extinct for all intents and purposes of humanity in two years or less (feeds a billion people, or did).  We must have stability in genetic structure nature brought us through thousands of years “with exceptional perfection”/   but now, men in their infinite stupidity believe they will be gods.  Take a look at you money, at everything you do:   want to give your body to any damn human being that wishes to experiment with it:    That is exactly what you are doing.  Want to give your future to any damn human being that wants to mutilate the life on earth like a toy/ or even more tragic realities:   find a brain/ DUMB ASS.

OF THE FEW things that government can do, is control the money supply, and remember that debts are supposed to be paid/ because “if you keep reaching into the drawer/ and taking stuff out:   BUT NEVER put anything back.  Soon, the drawer is empty, isn’t it!  Of the few things that government can do is control the education provided to the young/ by insuring they learn what is important to their lives, so none are targeted and trapped; a complete failure.  Of the few things that government can do is protect the people from threats: weapons of mass destruction, littered across this planet from one end to the other, “came from america”/    You are a disease to this planet.  Of the few things that government can do is insure that science does not have the opportunity to kill us all/   nothing could be less true, not only an absolute failure, but a cheerleader for death as well.  A disgusting mutilation of stupidity and disgust/ clearly identified in the very simple experiment at NIF the national ignition facility.  Don’t need no damn degree to know what an energy burst a 1000 times more powerful than all the electrical energy used in the USA over a year as stated in the article popular mechanics:    IT’S A DAMN BOMB.  Don’t need no damn degree to know, that bringing the same fire that is on the sun here to earth:   means we cannot control it, its atomic/ and everything here is fuel.  
What is government, if not a pitiful pyramid of fools? Stop being a jackass/ or your going to die.  Stop being insane, and take an interest in this planet and your life, or you go to hell and Armageddon (nature in chaos);   and you will not recover.

In the “never ending” saga of stupidity, it is hard to imagine a greater tragedy of liars assembled for hate, than we see today.  Truth is considered a sewer/ while shit flows everywhere.  Government is trying to solve bankruptcy by creating a higher credit limit.  Credit is however a solution: ONLY when it allows an investment for business purposes that conceives and proves it will be a blessing/ rather than a curse.  Nothing about a higher credit limit as is conceived of today, is a blessing/ ITS JUST TO KEEP THE SLAVES WORKING, by pretending the “rich” don’t have to give some of their stolen goods back/ don’t have to give some of the stolen lives back their time and effort.  Everything currently undertaken by US government is a lie/ everything used to prop up a lie, is nothing but a continued swindle.

Truth demands reality in honest and honorable terms, using respect to identify the value of a decision/ for the sake of peace, harmony, and happiness for life.  The “american government” uses lies to assert “we don’t have to pay/ to assume we don’t have to give back what they stole/ to demand, we will take everything we can get: let the others GO TO HELL”:    And the american public believes “aren’t we great”.  Insanity has swelled your head (got those damn big brains, you know)/ stupidity has infiltrated your soul: how blind could any generation be:   “Your number one: special beyond a doubt”.  And all say: “he can’t talk to us like that/, let everyone turn away, or kill him instead”.  Pride does that!  The desire for power assumes that lies will keep you alive/ LIAR, so long as someone can be warred against, will give you everything you need.  But lets review:   YOU are about to consume all the available oxygen on this planet.  YOU ARE consuming all the water you need for the immediate future/ polluting and destroying everything along the way.  YOU are mutilating genetic structure, confident that people will create the opportunity to play god for you:   yet not a single disease can you control, not a single pandemic can you stop, not the slightest degree of competency do you hold in the structural integrity of life.  And yet you allow liars and fools, to mutilate everything you need to survive/ everything you need to be happy and whole/ everything, and the future as well: gee, do you carry that big brain in a wheel barrow or something?  To damn big to fit in that little skull for sure.

The elemental need to redefine economic health for america in housing is very simple:   STOP BEING LIARS.  And go to court, establish respect as best you can/ let anything held by mortgage go to auction and establish with honesty the most fair play situation, that you can devise.  Within one year, life can be resettled, to begin again for all.  Stop the credit prison/ and release the prisoners, as is fair to all.  Be honest with your situation/ be real with life and understand truth.  Discard the old ways, and rebuild with new understanding and respect.  Anything less is a death spiral. Anything less, will bring civil war, as a testament to how much you have chosen to hate each other/ and this world.   Because it made you pay, for what you did to yourselves.  Foolish and blind, are not assets that build a future/ they are     Tragedies, that must be dealt with honestly.  Must be acknowledged as real/ thereby worked with as best you can.  Government, is either     In support of what the people need to survive and live in harmony with their world/ OR it is against peace and happiness for the majority, and for greed, lust, power, or pride.        Playtime is over/ time to grow up-------or you die, because that is the choice men have made.

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