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Friday, 17 April 2009

Assembling life, business, and hope

the essence of our reality, is as simple as truth.  Truth says very simply; that instead of continued competition/ there must be honesty, honor, and respect for life on earth.  In very simple terms, that requires the understanding of work shared “maybe 20 hours a week required”/ maybe more at some point in the future.  The rest of time, simply up to you. That means sharing the work, the education, the jobs, and more.  It means transportation and work close to home, for the masses/ not simply personal.  It means an environment that does not transport the problems from one place to another/ instead you work, you build, you inherit the benefits or struggles of what you did do.  That means simply, shared resources are required/ and limited possessions or income is going to occur;   because the resources of this world cannot survive anything less, the future will die. It is a world in many ways similar to thousands of years of human history, minus the wars, minus hopefully the famines/ but plus machines and medicines that will allow humanity to build a completely different world.  Not a different nature, a different human environment.  That would simply include the possibilities of freedom, that have truly never before been known.  Some will say impossible, because freedom requires resources to be happy/ but take a good look today at your world, and recognize very few are actually happy, because friendship is sold, for things.  Happiness is built upon acceptance and trust, culminating in a love that recognizes respect, and turns the environment of our home here on earth into the place where we live essentially for free.  Without competition to drive slavery, and people trying to be “kings or queens”, reality changes, and truth breaks free.  Giving to people the option of accepting each other, accepting life without fears, and honoring existence with a discipline presented by hopes that will never die.
Government is up to nations/ but that which is true to life, is the opportunity to participate in government by changing what needs to be changed/ identifying what needs to be learned/ contributing according to what we know is true/ and simply honoring life with the courage to do what needs to be done, for all living things.  The world is not about money/ only men are that.  The world is about life, and living, and needs for every creature being met.  If we share, if we care/ if we are disciplined and respectful of each life:   then we will be a blessing to this world that will never be defeated.

 Legislatures are not about laws/ they are about educating the people about law, and learning what is good or bad, and how to change this as a fact for the people in their defense of life and justice.  Not the selling of nations, not the rules for commanding people will obey, but life as it was intended to be. There are always differences in people, and as a consequence to that it is fair and wise to distribute the people accordingly.  Those who want to play loud rock music in one second of the city/ those who want to be or do something else in another part of the city/ or different towns.  Advertize, and make it known, “the rules of society will bend for this purpose here”/ but not over there. Instead of dependency, there will be small businesses or industry.  Instead of giant power plants, with large energy losses due to transmission of power/ there will be small plants incorporated into towns, so that any subsequent waste product like heat, can readily be used by someone else.  There will be no chemical plants that represent tragedy within a city/ they will be located only in appropriate rural area’s.  There will be no garbage dumps where anything can be recycled/ you will pay people to go pick it up and business will be required to use what can be used.  There will be fees for products that must not be wasted, or are too dangerous to be left alone.  There will be product information such as the skull and crossbones on all products that can kill/ all of them.  No mutilating nature.  Only the old shall work where hazards exist, such as asbestos removal/ or the application of chemicals; whereby the young are spared, so that they can live to old age without problems. There will be childcare at the schools always, and without additional cost.  There will be healthcare for children, as is medicare today/ but only for the child/ NOT the elder; it is the children that deserve this; if you failed the nation with your decisions/ WHY then should you receive extra, it is not fair; let a percentage of national product decide for the old.

This earth is our only home, there is no other/ it shall be cared for without question.  The sea is our friend, it produces substantially for us, and must not be abandoned. Love is the basis of all happiness, therefore it too must be respected without question/ and every opportunity to enhance and protect love shall be served.  People meeting people for life.  People learning how to interact in all manner and ways for their own benefit and for life an integral part of every education from beginning of life to its end;   we will work for friendship and care about each other.  That is our purpose, and if you love, then it is your desire too.  We cannot survive a greater population/ it is that simple.  Therefore as desirable children are, it is not enough to sacrifice everything, just so you can have more children than the earth can support.  It is    Simply unfair to every life on earth/ there are no excuses.  To accomplish happiness, it is fair and true that all children shall be taken care of by the government, where parents cannot.  It is fair and true that parenting shall have sufficient support, so there is no fear. It is fair and true to understand we all were children once, and it is our job even if not our child to help the next generation.

The lesson of my day today is;   not everything can be saved/ it is necessary to let some things just be wasted [ as was the case in tomatoes with some mold on them/ cut it off, and ate it anyway: a bad plan].  But stupid is, as stupid does, and sometimes the mind simply fails to engage in time to keep you from being stupid; tends to go that way, whenever what you do want (not wasting) interferes with the reality of what the evidence declares should or should not be done.  So the moral of the story is;   doesn’t matter how normally accurate any person is, there will be moments of stupidity, whenever want gets in the way. Just how it is/ therefore you need to speak up, whenever a situation or the consequence of evidence declares this is necessary/ people are all, “a bit stupid, at times”.  Happens everywhere, in everything.  Want, is an enemy/ truth and reality are friends. An interesting question is why does not truth and reality constantly decide/ or why can want ever enter into any decision at all?  The answer is then, that want does not decide anything/ it is a decision that simply takes over, when the mind is not working.  Didn’t think, just reacted to decisions already made. Therefore the internal decisions that you rely upon as a basic foundation for your own personal life, do affect you in ways that can spiral out of control.  For instance, in terms of ownership in a marriage, where the man has made the decision that “a person can be killed/ under certain conditions” the violation of those terms, can bring the reaction that fulfills that decision; its called want.  Therefore although the desire to protect another human being such as wife, from harm is a good foundation/ the demand of pride, that anyone who disrespects should die; can result in a criminal act, death/ and prison.  Because the truth of a decision by someone else is, its their decision/ not yours, and you may not judge, even though it is not respect. A lot of criminal and insane actions come from want/ violence is added primarily by pride, but stupidity is a basic and real product of want. What matters in life, is the foundation we accept as truth/ therein we describe our reality, and function accordingly to establish the desires of our heart. One of the simple truths of life is:   that whenever a want, or a temptation of some kind arises; it is absolutely necessary to treat these with caution.  In other words, “literally say to yourself, and mean it/ act on it: that I must be careful here/ that I must control myself here/ that I must look beyond this (whatever it is), and see, work for, hope for, and design the life that I will live here on earth.”  One of the signs of “personal environmental collapse” is the intentional hurting of oneself, or any other life. People who hurt themselves are literally following the orders of a “voice inside”/ they react, instead of understanding the reality here is not built upon their own decision/ they act then, based upon a lie that exists in a critical misconception of the mind.  The mind measures, it is not more functional than that. Therefrom the existence of a communication between mind and life translates some data that has been incorrectly stored, to your life occasionally “simply for you to destroy; doesn’t belong/ but you are the owner of the files, and that means you must throw it out”.  To believe “these little voices” are anything more than simple “errant files”/ leads to the various delusions and fantasies of the insane.  It is however a prevalent disease, across the world/ most however resist hurting themselves, as should all. Hurt no other life either, that is what thought, discipline, truth, love, respect, hope, dignity, integrity, and every treasury that is about life says.  This is tempered with the truth, that we must eat/ that other life forms are building blocks given to us as food, where that is appropriate and true.  That sometimes the insane, or the so badly damaged, must be allowed to die.  That war is a man’s way, and its result is kill or be killed. And that when reality demands, not room for us all; those whose lives contribute nothing of true value to society, shall be discarded for the sake of the rest.  Harsh and unfriendly, but true.  We all die, only time contributes to the illusion that this can be stopped.  It cannot; therefore what is real, regarding eternity is all that matters.

  A personal environment is the structure that consists of a foundation built upon decisions that will take the opportunities or possibilities of life, and build with them.  These decisions are the basis of desire when life has formed the heart (the honesty of who you are, the truth of who you wish to be, and the relationships that give you hope) and given you the opportunity or the possibility to understand the truth of what reality reveals.  Want on the other side of that equation from thought and discipline/ confronts the existence of life with pleasure and pain, representing life as one or the other, and thereby reacts with these impulses to establish a simple yes (I want this)/ or no, I don’t.  With desire and thought through disciplines, the possibilities are assembled, and life becomes an opportunity governed by truth and reality. With want, pleasure defines the relationship of specific things to want/ and pain relates the fact, that others do not want these things either; granting the environment “with power, you can create fear”.  The destruction of a life with hope, begins in the tragedy of power, whereby pride is assembled to crush the competition, that you may be ruler or god.  This is a failure of structure/ a collapse of the building process that is life; and the beginning of a demand for violence and waste/ through fear.
We all have wants, it is a simple truth of human life that some decisions are made based upon the lack of thought or discipline.  Instead of this work, for whatever reason the easy way is chosen/ and that decision will be based upon “the things we want”.  For instance, “I want not to waste the resources of life/ for instance, it is discipline and truth that must be applied, or I simply choose for love”.  These are not necessarily bad things; but in terms of actual survival and life as home, relationships that will grow and so on; what is truth and discipline are more important than love or a respect that is so narrowly defined.  Life simply assigned to love/ as time and people will clearly show you:   does become “walked on, and wasted”/ because too many people simply don’t care.  And the realities of this earth, are not based solely on an environment that can be defended strictly by love.  Love gives us happiness, and every hope that is a future for life. Love is the essence of freedom (a need that lives here), but not its foundation, as this is the exploration of all truth [and all truth, does not exist as love].  Therefore strength, acceptance of the price, discipline and work; are just a part of what is required to successfully survive.

The communication between mind and soul {thought and life formed as one} is a happiness revealed within the essence of truth itself/ that love is life, and freedom is the building of a love that needs no other defenses.  The communication between mind and heart; is the building of a life within the understanding that love will be the structure of this our relationship in life as time; how lucky we are, to find love, experience our truth together as one, and to express a destiny that lives inside us both. The communication between thought and the disciplines of a life here on earth, is tempered with the knowledge that mental existence must measure for the sake of reality here in time.  Not the measurement of people/ but that of risk and reward/ safety and the violation of honor, etc.  Life recognizes reality, based upon the focus created in the intensity you as a life, are confronted with.  But the mind measures, based upon the intensity of pleasure or pain, that the body is confronted with. The difference between these two, presents the basic communication that struggles to be heard.  Life attempts to discipline the body/ the body attempts to discipline the life choices inside/ the communication of thought intervenes as a relationship that you must form with either love or hate. The middle ground is removed/ no longer nature will take care of us, regardless of our choice.  Today if we don’t take care of nature, it dies, and so do we then. Just how it is/ no point in arguing about want or reality, it won’t change a thing. Only what is or is not true, can change this world or our future.

Of the various compositions in change that are required, it is simply true “you don’t shit in the middle of a busy street/ for countless reasons” do you?  No, you don’t/ and that means in the simple terms of our humanity in this day, that you don’t dump trash and poisons onto the fields and streams that are necessary for building and maintaining life.  Everything that cannot be recycled [EVERYTHING THAT CAN, must be recycled]/ but what is beyond that goes to the desert, or other areas wherein the least possible damage to environment can be expected; for the sake of life on earth/ not because these are not important too.  It’s a choice, and we must make that choice based upon what we know is least harmful to the vast majority of life on earth.  The better choice, is NOT to make these things at all.

Of various things that are important, is the fact that people NOT leaders shall bring forth the needs and solutions for their lives.  Looking at all solutions, and deliberately debating both what is necessary and good/ and what is bad and functionally simply a want that does not belong.  We are environments that extend from ourselves to those around us, to cities, nations, and worlds.  The purpose of a home, is to provide the relationships that give us happiness and support our lives. The purpose of a city is to provide the basic structures of integrated society, so that our needs are met, and our reality in building a life based upon choices can be defined; by cooperation and purpose.  The purpose of a nation, is to stop those who are too lazy, or for any other reason; attempting to steal what we have built.  A nation says: there is a boundary here, to stop you from bringing your problems to me/ or me bringing my problems to you.  But our reality as this world today is:   our world is in trouble, and ready to collapse.  Our world needs us all to cooperate and build properly for life, or we all fail/ none of us can live without this earth, its nature, or its ways without men in charge; not even one.  Therefore today, in the assembly of knowledge that is our reality and truth, it is absolutely necessary that we push down the barriers and help each other with our problems as a world.  But even so, among the most important is this:   if you refuse to control your population/ nothing else will matter.  Even if you “fix it all”/ you will still die.  Happiness is then required of others called friends;    Instead of “building your own friends/ as babies”.  You do have to stop wanting/ and you do have to earn the friendship of each other, that happiness and in the end love will rule this earth.  Life and thought, are one or the other:   either you will choose for love as the greatest participant in your life/   OR you will choose for hate.  It is that simple/ and we can no longer survive unless the true majority turn to love, removing hate from itself, so there can be peace and harmony.
Removal means, “primarily, NOT HERE”.  PUSH them into the desert or wherever you must, but remove hate from society, or it will destroy your future and every child that depends upon you now or forever.

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